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19.51% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 24: Lin Chen is here, The Competition Begins!

Lin Chen is here, The Competition Begins! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 24 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 24: Lin Chen is here, The Competition Begins!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

The next day.

Early morning in the dew.

It was very lively in the Jiuxiao sect.

At this moment, the teams led by the elders of the various sects had already set off from the main peak and were rushing towards the Golden Cloud Peak.

Every year, the inner sect competition would be held on the Golden Cloud Peak which was controlled by the sect master. This was also to highlight the status of the Golden Cloud Peak in the Jiuxiao sect, and at the same time, it was also a performance of the strength of the Golden Cloud Peak.

At this moment, golden firmament peak was very lively.

In front of golden firmament palace, there was a huge square. Smoke lingered around it, and the spiritual energy was very dense. It felt like water would be squeezed out if one touched it. Everywhere was full of vitality.

As the disciples of the various peaks arrived, the Golden Firmament Square was bustling with noise and excitement.

"Have you heard? Xiao Muran, who is standing next to elder Liu, is already in the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm!"

"He successfully entered the late stage of the foundation establishment realm in just ten days. This person is indeed extraordinary!"

"However, there aren't many geniuses like Xiao Muran in the Jiuxiao sect. Only eight of them have appeared in ten years. Only under the leadership of clan leader Dugu Xin can he have such achievements!"

"It seems that sect leader Dugu has too high a requirement for his disciples. Even Xiao Muran isn't qualified to enter the ranks of personal disciples!"

At this time, when there were more people, they naturally began to discuss the recent situation.

Everyone was very curious about what stage the other senior and junior brothers were talking about, in order to know themselves and their enemies, so that they could advance and retreat in an orderly manner in the upcoming Grand Competition!

As more and more people came here, the elders, disciples, and even the peak masters of the various peaks had already arrived ahead of schedule.

This was how much importance they placed on the inner sect competition!

And those disciples who had entered the inner sect ten days ago had all gathered in this square.

Some of them even had excitement in their eyes. This spirited expression and fierce temperament were completely different from ten days ago.

Some of them had a worried look on their faces and their brows were tightly knitted. They seemed to be much more dispirited than before.

And the reason why they had such different expressions.

Actually, the reason was very simple.

The Smiling Man was an inner sect disciple who had achieved a breakthrough. The increase in his strength and the breakthrough in his cultivation made them full of confidence at this moment. They were preparing to amaze everyone in this competition and wanted to be in the limelight!

As for those disciples who had a worried look on their faces, because of their talent, their cultivation did not increase much. This caused them to feel great pressure in their hearts. They were afraid of losing face for their divine peak.

Following that, the sect master of Divine Peak issued a punishment!

At this moment.

A fairy with an otherworldly immortal aura appeared on the square.

This person was dressed in blue silk clothes. She was tall and slender, and her black hair covered her hips like a waterfall. Her brows were filled with an otherworldly immortal aura. It was as if a fairy had descended to the mortal world, immediately attracting the attention of all the disciples!

"This must be the legendary senior sister fairy!"

"Zhang Ling 'er!"

"I've heard of her! She's the number one genius acknowledged by the nine cloud sect in recent years. Her temperament is extraordinary, and it's not something we can touch!"

Zhang Ling 'er was the number one genius of the nine cloud sect in the past fifty years.

She was the personal disciple of the peak master of Purple Cloud Peak!

The moment she appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of the disciples below the stage. Without mentioning anything else, she was just too beautiful!

Although in terms of appearance, Zhang Ling 'er was still quite a distance away from the peak master of Bixiao Peak, Qian Yi.

Fortunately, the two of them had completely different temperaments. Zhang Ling 'Er had a pure and innocent appearance, and her actions and manners were extremely refined!

On the other hand, Qian Yi was an existence with a peerless beauty. It was just that...

It was just that her strange behavior did not leave a deep impression on people. A large part of the reason was that Qian Yi's status was too high, and people did not dare to get close to her.

Subsequently, not many people could savor her beauty in detail.

The gossip was over.

It was about the current Zhang Ling 'Er.

In the inner sect disciple competition 50 years ago, Zhang Ling 'Er won the first prize with absolute strength!

Since then, the resources of the Jiuxiao sect began to tilt towards the purple clouds peak. In fact, they even faintly overtook the golden clouds peak recently. It could be seen how much the entire sect had nurtured her!

And Zhang Ling 'ER had come here this time because of one person.

Lin An!

Ten days ago, after hearing that Lin an had cultivated the no beginning scripture to the foundation establishment stage, she was still in seclusion within the sect. She was extremely curious.

And everything was about seeing before believing. If she hadn't seen Zhang Ling 'er with her own eyes, she wouldn't dare to make a hasty conclusion.

Following that, she had come here today for one purpose.

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To confirm whether Lin an had cultivated the scripture of no Genesis!

Now, Zhang Ling 'er stood on the high platform. Although she was still a disciple, in terms of treatment, she was already on equal footing with ordinary elders. Naturally, there was also a special place for her on the high platform.


Zhang Ling 'er swept her gaze across the countless inner sect disciples below the platform.

She didn't see Lin An's figure in the crowd!

This made her a little disappointed!

On the other side.

Qian Yi and Lin an were looking at each other as they sat, drinking the immortal spring and eating breakfast. It was very satisfying.

Qian Yi had already said earlier that there was no need to rush to the inner sect grand competition.

Because she knew that those who could arrive early all had one purpose, which was to gather intelligence and show off to each other.

So, as long as they arrived at the Golden Cloud Plaza before the grand competition officially began, it would be fine.

It was a complete waste of time to go early.

At the same time.

The entire Jiuxiao Sect's elder in charge was already prepared to head to the front of the stage.

When he saw that the elder in charge had already taken a step forward.

Now, all the disciples began to quieten down.

The elder in charge was the person in charge of the various matters of the Jiuxiao sect. He was the number one person after the sect master and a peak master. He also represented the supreme authority of the Jiuxiao sect.

As long as the elder in charge made his move, it meant that the inner sect competition was about to begin.

At this moment.

A trace of doubt flashed through the crowd.

"What's going on? Why aren't the people from green clouds peak here yet!"

Hearing this, the disciples below the stage and some elders on the stage began to frown as they looked over.

There wasn't a single person in that area of green clouds sect.

The inner sect competition was such an important matter, yet green cloud peak actually didn't have anyone coming!

This was nonsense!

"It can't be! I knew it. Lin an definitely didn't make a breakthrough. He probably didn't have the face to appear in the inner sect competition!"

"I think it should be green cloud peak. They should be afraid!"

"After all, that peak master had offended so many people previously. It's normal for them to not dare to come to the inner sect competition!"

"That's right. I'm sure everyone knows that apart from getting an excellent result in this competition, we also have to teach Lin an A lesson!"

As he spoke.

The elder on the stage glared fiercely at the disciple who spoke.

That disciple hurriedly covered his mouth.

Although everyone tacitly agreed that they had to teach Lin an A lesson and make green cloud peak lose face.

However, saying it out loud in such an occasion still made the elder displeased.

It was good that everyone knew about this in their hearts!

There was no need to say it out loud!

At this moment.

There were only a few breaths of time before the inner sect competition officially began.

The elder in charge knew that he couldn't wait any longer.

He immediately came to the front of the high platform and was about to announce the start of the competition.

Below the platform.

In the exclusive arena of Bixiao Peak.

A burst of black and white flames suddenly appeared on the empty ground. The instant heat wave swept over the surrounding disciples who were a few meters away, and they all covered their faces and retreated.

Qian Yi brought Lin an and appeared on the arena. She had no scruples about everything around her, and she was even stingy with a lazy glance.

At this time.

The elder in charge came back to his senses. After taking a deep breath, he immediately shouted, "The inner sect battle arena! ! Start on time! !"

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