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26.01% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 32: Opening of the Treasury

Opening of the Treasury - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 32 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 32: Opening of the Treasury

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

After the presiding announced that the first place belonged to Lin An, no one in the arena raised any objections.

The scene remained silent.

Naturally, the only outstanding issue was to decide on who would secure the second and third place positions. 

This was because Lin An had eliminated Qiao Zifeng and Xiao Muran in the early rounds.

Unfortunately, the remaining disciples from Golden Firmament Peak and Cang Xiao Peak weren't very good either. They couldn't receive the remaining rewards. 

At that moment, the faces of the two peak masters were extremely cold and stern.

They had never expected that the God Peak faction they had formed would encounter such a situation.

However, the two peak masters remained defiant! They had no more disciples left in the inner sect tournament, so they naturally couldn't compete with the disciples from the other peaks.

Their only mistake had been trying to outshine Lin An!

They had been too stubborn, but they had soon discovered that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

The other sects were now in an advantageous position simply because of the two peak masters' obsession with defeating Lin An. 

Although the rewards for the second and third positions weren't as good as the rewards for the first place, they still carried a lot of weight.

But now, there was no hope at all.

As for Lin An, since he had recorded two consecutive victories over great geniuses, he was excluded from the rest of the tournament. 

No one dared to step forward and challenge him.

The other inner sect disciples below the stage revealed envious looks in their eyes.

Lin An had fought two geniuses, and he had defeated his greatest challenger with one move!

Was this the strength of the Bixiao Peak?

The inner sect disciples now had a different view of Lin An and Qian Yi. 

Could it be that the Bixiao Peak, a mountain peak that only had two people, was the strongest force within the Jiuxiao Sect?

No one knew.

However, several disciples were now thinking about joining the Bixiao Peak through a written test.

In Qian Yi's eyes, such a person was undoubtedly a joker!

If Lin An hadn't cultivated the 'Scripture of No Beginning,' she wouldn't have taken him up to be her personal disciple. 

At that moment, Qian Yi looked at Lin An with warmth in her eyes.

The disciple who slept and ate with her had not only made her feel at ease, but he had also made her feel proud.

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Such kinds of emotions had not existed in Qian Yi's heart in the past.

Lin An was like a spring breeze in the night, gently blowing through and bringing about a revival to everything in Qian Yi's world!

Following Lin An's success in winning the tournament, he would receive his reward after three days. 

Since Bixiao Peak only had two members, there was nothing left for them to look forward to in the tournament. 

Immediately, a burst of flames erupted.

Lin An grabbed Qian Yi's hand and disappeared from the spot in an instant.


Three days had passed since the inner sect disciples' tournament. 

Over the past few days, the situation in the Nine Cloud Sect had changed drastically.

Everyone had learned to ignore the howls coming from Golden Cloud Peak for three consecutive days. They had been clear at first, but they had later become increasingly hoarse. In the end, the inner sect disciples from the other peaks could no longer recognize Xiao Muran's voice.

The howls had made the hearts of everyone on the surrounding main peak tremble.

Xiao Muran, the arrogant genius, was now a cripple. The entire Golden Firmament Peak could not bear the humiliation, and Xiao Muran had completely collapsed.

On the other side, at the Cang Xiao Peak, Qiao Zifeng had kneeled in front of his peak master's loft for three days and three nights. In the end, because of Qiao Zifeng's exceptional talent, the peak master had spared him and arranged for him to use the black jade intermittent ointment.

In time, Qiao Zifeng would regrow his broken arm.

Nevertheless, Lin An had greatly affected his cultivator's Dao heart. In the future, Lin An would become Qiao Zifeng's inner demon.

All the other God Peaks were shrouded in a cloud of worry.

The two members from Bixiao Peak were the only ones who enjoyed their time outside. In the early morning, the peak was shrouded in a thick fog, and it looked like a real fairyland,

Apart from the fact that Lin An had defeated two geniuses with a raise of his hand and won the inner sect competition, he had also satisfied Qian Yi's expectations!

He was now on the verge of receiving the resources from the sect and opening the sect's treasury. 

Lin An had already woken up early, but Qian Yi was still lazing around in her bed.

Lin An had decided to practice a minor cycle from the 'Scripture of No Beginning' in the bamboo forest.

He had thought that he would experience a few titanic battles in the inner sect competition. 

However, Lin An had been disappointed since the geniuses he had faced were so weak that they hadn't aroused his desire to fight. 

For this reason, Lin An was still in the late stage of the foundation establishment stage.

After circulating one hundred minor cycles, he felt his realm loosen up, and he was  excited.

After his brief workout, Lin An recalled all the basic alchemy pillars that Qian Yi had taught him. Afterward, he began fusing the black and white wisp flames.

He spread out his hands, and two tufts of flames immediately burned fiercely.

Once Lin An cultivated the 'Scripture of No Beginning,' the morality demon sealing technique was activated.

The two tufts of flames moved closer to one another. However, when they made contact, they bounced off each other in an instant.

Suddenly, a powerful energy erupted. This energy was much stronger than the power of a single flame.

The two flames seemed to repel each other, and neither seemed willing to submit to the other.

Lin An would have to think of a way to merge the two flames later. He completed his cultivation and made his way to his master's quarters. 

'It's time to go to the sect to receive the reward!'

Qian Yi had already told Lin An that he would have to attend the ceremony at the Golden Cloud Peak.

'Master, you are too irresponsible with your disciple's daily life! It seems like you don't care about your disciple's other aspects other than training!'

Lin An shook his head and smiled. He understood that Qian Yi had to be hard on him. If she hadn't insisted on his training, it would have been embarrassing for him to lose out on the rewards. 

Moreover, he also had the success rate system which was beyond everyone's understanding!

In this world, there was nothing that Lin An could not see!

When he entered the bamboo house, he saw Qian Yi lying lazily on the bamboo bed. Her posture was beautiful and enchanting.

After calming his heart's palpitations, Lin An greeted Qian Yi and left.


On the Golden Cloud Peak, there was an empty space in front of the Treasure Pavilion.

Several disciples had already gathered in the square. 

Among them were the second and third-placed disciples from the inner sect tournament.

An elder had led them to the Golden Cloud Peak.

The reason why the elder had accompanied them was because they needed someone to serve as a reference.

The elder had cultivated for a longer period of time than they had as disciples, so he had a clear judgment on the quality of the rewards. With the elder's help, the disciples would be able to obtain the best rewards out of the gifts that had been offered.

Not long after, everyone frowned when they saw Lin An appear alone.

The Bixiao Peak master was still too lazy.

She didn't care about her only disciple!

Soon, the elder in charge appeared, and the crowd approached the Treasure Pavilion with their eyes filled with anticipation.

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