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2.43% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 3: Practice the Scripture of No Beginning, Heaven and Earth Phenomenon!

Practice the Scripture of No Beginning, Heaven and Earth Phenomenon! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 3 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 3: Practice the Scripture of No Beginning, Heaven and Earth Phenomenon!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Lin An picked up the scripture of no beginning and prepared to walk to the training ground at the side.

Suddenly, Lin An's hand was quickly pressed down by an old withered hand. Elder Li Mulin stared at him in surprise and said, "Lin An, the scripture of no beginning is an incomplete copy! Ever since the dawn of time, no one has been able to master it! That is the consensus of the entire continent. I advise you to give up!"

Elder Li Mulin had a confident look on his face as he gazed at Lin An. The cultivation technique that he had chosen was famous in all the regions on the continent. This was because the success rate of mastering the 'Wu Shi Jing' was so low. The Juixiao Sect did not have any record of a disciple who had successfully mastered the cultivation technique. 

There had always been some outstanding students who had tried to cultivate the "Wu Shi Jing." Some had succeeded in building their foundation, but only one peerless genius had successfully broken through to the foundation establishment stage and formed his Jindan. At that time, he arrogantly declared that the "Wu Shi Jing" was the only Emperor Immortal scripture in the world! It was the path to becoming an Emperor Immortal!

Unfortunately, anyone who successfully used the 'No Beginning Scripture' to break through the foundation establishment stage had eventually died. 

This was because the probability of cultivating to the foundation establishment stage was already 0.0001%!

And the difficulty of cultivating to the golden core stage was a hundred times that of the Foundation Establishment Stage!

As for the nascent soul stage.

The difficulty of cultivating could be described as a thousand times or ten thousand times!

This was simply a cultivation technique that no one could cultivate!

No matter how powerful a genius was, they wouldn't be able to master it successfully!

And if Lin an announced the success rate now, everyone would probably have no idea at all!

Relying on a genius to break through to the foundation establishment stage, but by that time, it would be too late. Once the foundation establishment stage was formed, it would no longer be able to change the basic technique!


To the world, the "Scripture of no beginning"was a path of no return!

Elder Li shook his head in denial, and the strength of his hand that was holding Lin an increased by a few degrees.

Suddenly, a wave of pressure came over. Lin an pulled out his hand and said calmly, "I've already decided to use it. I won't choose any other cultivation method."

Elder Li Glared at Lin An with a dissatisfied gaze and said, "You're making a mistake!"

For this 'no beginning scripture'to appear in the cultivation method for the inner sect assessment, it was simply ruining one's future!

It was entirely elder Li's work mistake that caused this cultivation technique to appear at the assessment venue. If the sect master were to discover it, elder Li would definitely be reprimanded.

Seeing that Lin an had chosen the "Scripture of no beginning", elder Li instantly became dissatisfied.

However, Lin an's firm gaze told him that it was impossible for him to change the cultivation technique, so he didn't stop him at that moment.

In any case, Lin an was just a marginal figure.

It was better for him to choose the scripture of no beginning than other disciples with potential!

If it was another disciple with potential who chose it, he would be willing to take the risk and stop them, even if he had to pay the price!

At this moment.

The people next to him immediately looked at him strangely.

"Lin an chose the scripture of no beginning? Is he here to make a joke?"

"Speaking of which, there have been too many versions of the 'Wu Shi Jing'in the Cangyun continent! It's said that the last immortal emperor used the 'Wu Shi Jing'to build his foundation hundreds of thousands of years ago!"

"You believe this? This is just a story made up by the storyteller. I only know that whoever chooses this cultivation technique to build his foundation will be finished!"

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"Lin an chose the 'Wu Shi Jing'to show his face. In any case, he will soon be expelled from the Jiuxiao sect!"

The origins of the scripture of no beginning were too great, and everyone avoided it!

And Lin An, as an outer sect disciple, was actually trying to cultivate it now?

In everyone's eyes, it was something that would make them laugh their heads off!

As expected.

Xiao Muran saw that Lin an had chosen the scripture of changes, and his interest was immediately piqued.

He shook the middle-grade earth rank cultivation technique that he had already chosen in his hand.

Following that, Xiao Muran said in a strange tone, "Eldest senior brother! There are so many cultivation techniques on the table, and no one is competing with you. Why must you choose the scripture of No Beginning?"

Looking at the cultivation technique in Xiao Muran's hand, Lin an gave him a gloating look and almost laughed out loud.

Because the system once again gave him a string of characters.

[ Netherworld Thousand Hands: Earth rank middle-grade demonic technique. After cultivating it, you can release the Indestructible Netherworld mysterious hands. At most, you can cultivate it to the advanced stage of the Golden Core Stage. This is a demonic technique. The success rate is 100% ! ]

This was a demonic technique that could cause one to go berserk!

Anyone who cultivated it would have a success rate of 100% !

And the result would be that the demonic technique would be completed, and the person would also go berserk!


Lin An didn't intend to remind him, and let Xiao Muran fend for himself.

Lin an smiled. "Junior brother, if you want to learn it, senior brother is willing to give it to you. Use the technique in your hands to exchange for it. I can forget about giving you this 'no beginning scripture'!"

Using an earth-rank cultivation technique to exchange for a useless cultivation technique that he couldn't cultivate?

Lin An was certain that Xiao Muran wouldn't.

Thus, he was very willing to mock Xiao Muran.

As expected, after hearing Lin an's words, Xiao Muran's expression immediately turned ugly, and his gaze became fierce.

Lin an smiled disdainfully, turned around, and walked towards a quiet place.

The next step was to use this tattered "Wu Shi Jing"to build his foundation!

Not long after, Lin an sat down.

As the Foundation Establishment Pill entered his mouth, a warm current instantly flowed through his stomach, and before long, it gathered in Lin An's mind.

At this moment, Lin An's brain felt as if it had a fever, and it immediately became extremely hot. However, this feeling didn't make him feel uncomfortable. Instead, he felt a sense of clarity.

At that moment, lin an looked at the "Wushi Sutra"and immediately became lively. Many characters began to rearrange themselves, and each character floated up and began to float into his mind.

A set of cultivation technique named "Wushi Dharmakaya"appeared in his mind.

At that moment, Lin an felt that the entire space had stopped moving.

The wushi dharmakaya that came with the "Wushi Sutra"was practiced in Lin An's mind over and over again. Instantly, as if it was a memory, it was deeply engraved in Lin An's bones.

The hundredth time!

In an instant, thick spiritual energy and mixed fog began to gather in the Jiuxiao sect square.

Seeing such a strange phenomenon, everyone was shocked!

This was the sign of a successful foundation establishment. It was just that this time, it was too fierce. No one present had ever seen such an intense heaven and earth phenomenon!

"What kind of heaven and Earth anomaly is this? I wonder which genius has successfully built a foundation! This is definitely a peerless genius!"

The elders began to look at the foundation establishment disciples on the stage and immediately shook their heads. This might just be a normal heaven and earth anomaly, and it didn't seem like it was created by the disciples of the Jiuxiao sect.

On the stage, Lin an still sat there quietly, turning a deaf ear to everything.

The practice went on for the thousandth time! !

The sky instantly darkened. A second later, the sky suddenly became vast again! Slowly, auspicious clouds gathered on the square and began to turn colorful. Auspicious signs began to change.

Just like pictures, the mountains and rivers changed and history changed. Finally, it slowly turned into a whirlpool that covered the heaven and earth, and it grew bigger and bigger!

At this moment, everyone present was completely in shock. They couldn't even say a single word.

This kind of abnormal phenomenon was enough to change the color of the sky and earth!

Just what kind of Almighty was able to stir up the wind and clouds like this!

It wasn't just everyone present who was shocked. Even the various elders of the Jiuxiao sect who were in seclusion, the sect master, and the peak masters who had gone into seclusion, all began to cast their gazes over. They even personally came over.

Lin An was still sitting in the square, and his expression didn't change at all. Because, at this moment, he had already rehearsed the "Wu Shi Jing"ten thousand times in his mind!

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