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6.5% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 8: Qian Yi Accepts a Disciple?

Qian Yi Accepts a Disciple? - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 8 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 8: Qian Yi Accepts a Disciple?

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

At this moment, it was as if the entire sky was filled with the fragrance of wine.

It made one feel intoxicated.

The woman in front of him was dressed in silk and silk, ethereal and otherworldly. She was so beautiful that it was impossible to describe. She was like an empress who had descended to the mortal world.

The wine gourd hanging on her waist was actually a different kind of amorous feeling.

At this moment, she was standing in front of Lin An, blocking his path.

When this scene fell into Lin An's eyes, he was instantly shocked.

Now, he no longer had time to exclaim that this woman's looks were extraordinary.


The string of success rate runes caused an endless wave of shock to rise in Lin An's heart.

This was enough to shock people!

The peak master of Bixiao Peak, Qian Yi!

Lin An's success rate of becoming a personal disciple under her name was 100% !

What was even more terrifying was that Qian Yi had multiple identities as an alchemist, array master, and armament master.

Moreover, the seventh rank was enough to be called a grandmaster!

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She was enough to be called a rare all-rounder in the Cangyun continent!

Such a powerful woman actually appeared in such a small sect like the Jiuxiao sect. This made Lin an feel that it was somewhat inconceivable.

Everything seemed extremely surreal!

Ever since Qian Yi suddenly appeared here and stood in front of him, Lin An's eyes had never left her!

This woman brought all sorts of surprises.

Without a doubt, if he could become a disciple under her name, Lin an could quickly become a powerhouse!

What made Lin an even more confused was that the success rate of him and Qian Yi becoming dao companions was 80% !

This was a little unbelievable.

According to common sense, in this world where strength reigned supreme, the difference in strength and status would prevent the two immortal cultivators from becoming Dao Companions.

But now, the probability of him and this absolute-eyed woman becoming dao companions was actually so high.

This couldn't help but cause Lin an's mind to run wild.

At this moment.

Seeing the sudden appearance of this beautiful woman, everyone instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

This woman's beautiful appearance was truly rare!

In everyone's eyes, this was the first time they had seen such a peerless beauty.

However, what was extremely incompatible with her overall temperament was the gourd that emitted a strong wine fragrance from her waist. At the same time, her bare feet were also spotless.

Just as everyone was curious about who the newcomer was...

Just as Lin an was racking his brain to enter Qian Yi's tutelage...

Qian Yi smiled.

"What's Your Name? Do you want to enter my tutelage?"

As Qian Yi said this, everyone present was shocked!

Could it be that this beautiful woman was here to take in a disciple?

The people who were taking in disciples in the Jiuxiao sect were definitely the inner sect elders of the Jiuxiao sect, or the peak master.

Along with the rumors among the disciples earlier on.

It must be the peak master of Bixiao Peak who had not appeared for thousands of years!

The fragrance of wine filled the air. Qian Yi stood proudly on the square barefoot and stretched out her jade-like hand to block Lin An's path.

If this person wasn't the peak master of Bixiao Peak, who else could it be?

The disciples who were still in shock started to come back to their senses and were immediately curious.

Initially, all the inner disciples of God Peak did not accept Lin an and were only short of announcing that they were expelled from the sect.

Furthermore, Lin an himself wanted to leave.

Now, a beautiful immigrant woman suddenly appeared and said that she wanted to accept Lin an as her disciple.


No one was envious of Lin An. In fact, they were even gloating in their hearts!

Not to mention anything else, it was only because the peak master of Bixiao Peak was too infamous!

In the past thousand years, she had never occupied a peak and had never taken in a single disciple.

There was no one else in Bixiao peak other than the peak master!

It could be said that the divine peak had lost!

From the fragrance of the wine, it could be seen that Qian Yi was the legendary drunkard. Beneath her beautiful appearance, she had a terrible temper!

What kind of bright future could bixiao peak have?

At this moment.

All the disciples had already calmed down the shock in their hearts and turned to gloat.

However, no one actually dared to show it.

No matter what, Qian Yi was still the peak master of Bixiao Peak and had a high status. Such a new disciple didn't dare to show any disrespect at all.

With the difference in status, no one was allowed to mock her on the surface!

But in their hearts, it wasn't the case.

It was also at this moment.

There were already other peak masters who came before the two of them.

"Qian Yi, what brings you here? What a surprise! It seems like you're here to take in a disciple?"

"I see that your bixiao peak is overgrown with weeds. If there's no one to take care of it, you really need a servant disciple!"

"An inner disciple? Forget it!"

Qian Yi's gaze didn't shift away from Lin An. She didn't care about who it was at all.

She only said indifferently, "I, Qian Yi, don't need others to ask me about my work!"

Qian Yi's words had already left her mouth, and the way she looked at Lin an became unquestionable.

Hearing this.

The expressions of all the peak masters at the side instantly became ugly.

This Woman's hot temper hadn't changed for so many years!

All the peak masters shook their heads.

Lin An was only at the middle stage of the foundation establishment stage, and there wasn't any cultivation technique on him to build his foundation. Perhaps it was an unknown low-level cultivation technique.

As a faction that was famous throughout the entire Jiuxiao sect.

It was fine if he didn't want such an dishonest disciple, but now the peak master of Bixiao Peak actually wanted to take in a disciple?

All the peak masters instantly felt ashamed.

It was also at this moment that the sect master of the Jiuxiao sect, Dugu Xin, appeared in front of them in an instant.

"Qian Yi, are you sure you want to take this person in as a disciple?"

Qian Yi didn't reply to the sect master Dugu Xin's words, and just like how she treated the other peak masters, she still didn't turn her gaze away from Lin An's face. "Of course! You haven't answered my question yet."

Qian Yi smiled gently, looking extremely charming. She couldn't hide her charm.

From her point of view.

There was a familiar aura in Lin an's body. She had only seen this aura once in her life, but it had remained in Qian Yi's heart forever.

A thousand years ago, Qian Yi was only at the golden core stage.

During one of the trials, she met a young girl who was also at the Golden Core Stage.

However, she could not win even after a hundred battles!

After that, Qian Yi became friends with that young girl. After a short period of traveling together, Qian Yi discovered something that she did not understand.

That was, even though they were both in the aurous core stage, she had no chance of winning!

Qian Yi could not find any reason to do so!

This left a deep impression in Qian Yi's heart, and it could even be said that it had been engraved in her heart.

From then on.

Qian Yi's potential was completely unleashed, and her cultivation level rose without limit.

There were already very few opponents now!

And Qian Yi finally understood that it was that extremely unique aura within the young girl's body that had directly crushed all opponents of the same cultivation level!

And after many investigations and gathering information, Qian Yi had also confirmed the final source of this unique aura.

That was the scripture of no beginning!

That young lady didn't know where she was right now. Was she alive or dead?

If she was alive, what realm would she be at now?

Until today, she once again felt that extremely familiar aura.

It was on the body of this young man in front of her!

Lin an had already deeply attracted her. She had to have this person!

Therefore, Qian Yi had to take Lin an in as a disciple and use this to find out the secret of the scripture of no beginning in her future life.

However, there was no doubt that Qian Yi had no ill intentions towards Lin An. She only wanted to know the truth.

"The success rate of becoming Dao companions with her is 80% !"

"The probability of her becoming my dao companion is 100% !"

"The probability of becoming a great grandmaster is 100% !"

The success rate given by the system was absolutely correct!

Although he didn't know why this beautiful woman chose her, it wouldn't do him any harm!

Lin an calmed down and looked at Qian Yi with certainty. A clean smile appeared on his face.

"My Name Is Lin An. It's not impossible for me to enter your sect, but I'm not interested in miscellaneous disciples!"

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