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8.13% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 10: Shock the Audience, The Old Monster of the Jiuxiao Sect!

Shock the Audience, The Old Monster of the Jiuxiao Sect! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 10 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 10: Shock the Audience, The Old Monster of the Jiuxiao Sect!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Looking at the figures of the two people floating away.

The pressure also gradually dissipated.

Everyone in the square immediately felt a little more relaxed and finally let out a sigh of relief.

Qian Yi gave people a feeling that she was too overbearing!

With her presence, everyone's arrogance was instantly extinguished!

When everyone saw her figure disappear and the scene fell silent for a moment, the people on the stage finally had the courage to start discussing.

The people below the stage looked at each other.

Chattering voices could be heard.

There were too many questions in everyone's hearts, and they had to spit them out.

"Is this the peak master of Bixiao Peak? Just where did she come from? Such a person simply doesn't fit in with Jiuxiao sect!"

"This peak master is really too powerful. It seems that the other peak masters don't dare to provoke her! Could it be that I chose the wrong sect?"

"How could I have chosen the wrong sect? Even if the peak master of Bixiao Peak is very strong, as a disciple, I would definitely not choose Bixiao Peak!"

"She has never appeared on normal days. Today, she suddenly came here and conveniently took in a personal disciple?"

"Also, I didn't expect that there was a peerless mighty figure hidden in our Jiuxiao sect. He was able to disperse Qian Yi's sword Qi with an aura from so far away. He must be at the Void Training Stage!"

"That's right, he should be an old monster who has secluded himself from the world!"

At this moment.

All the disciples present couldn't leave.

No one had expected this.

Today's inner sect disciple assessment had such a situation!

In the previous inner sect assessment, there hadn't been such a situation like today for hundreds of years.

All of this was because of the appearance of those two people!

Lin An and Qian Yi!

The various peak masters were also stunned.

The scene from before was still lingering in their minds.

The Sword Qi was swung out from Qian Yi's hand. That instant's aura made them feel the aura of death.

If Grand Elder, who was in seclusion at the main peak, had not made a move, they might have died here.

After all, an expert's perception of danger was extremely strong.

If they made a move, they definitely would not be able to block that sword qi!

At this moment, the peak masters on the field felt as if they had just passed through the gates of hell!

While their hearts were palpitating, the peak masters also rejoiced. They looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

"Fortunately, Grand Elder made a move. However, everything is fine now."

"That Madman Qian Yi suddenly made a move on us. There has never been any respect in her eyes. After all, we are the peak masters!"

"Don't provoke this crazy woman in the future. She doesn't have any qualms about doing things!"

"That's right, she's definitely a lunatic!"

However, while they were talking, they felt a surge of emotions in their bodies at the same time.

Immediately after, a tingling pain spread throughout their bodies. They stood on the spot and instantly started to Twitch. A chill spread through their bodies, and their foreheads were covered with fine beads of sweat.

In an instant.

These peak masters shouted at the same time and spat out a large mouthful of blood!

In an instant, their bodies seemed to have lost the support of their spiritual power, and they began to sway unconsciously.

If it weren't for the several hundred years of cultivation, if it were an ordinary inner and outer sect elder, they would definitely have collapsed and fainted at this time.

And as peak masters, under the gaze of everyone present, they spat out blood, and they couldn't even stand steadily.

Such a thing was simply driving them crazy!

This was undoubtedly a shameful matter!

The faces of the peak masters immediately flushed red, and their emotions quickly collapsed. A sense of humiliation filled their hearts.

And the changes that occurred at the scene caused all the disciples to be greatly alarmed.

They originally thought that the matter would be over once the sword Qi was blocked by the mysterious aura.

Now, even if the sword Qi was blocked, the aftershocks of the Sword Qi had also shaken the group of peak masters until they spat out blood.

They had actually suffered internal injuries!

Just how powerful was this strength to be able to achieve such a degree?

Could it be that Bixiao Peak was the strongest existence in the Jiuxiao sect?

Or was it just because the peak master of Bixiao Peak was a madman who had no scruples?

The peak master of Zixiao Peak wiped off the remaining blood on his mouth. His eyes revealed a fierce expression as he muttered,

"In ten days, there will be a competition between inner sect disciples! On the battle stage, I will definitely make Qian Yi lose all her face!"

"Today's humiliation will be washed away with the results of teaching disciples!"

"Qian Yi has never taught a disciple before. Moreover, Lin an is a piece of trash that no one wants. What kind of results can such a disciple achieve with such a Master!"

"That's right. When the time comes, we will target her together and make sure that she will never be able to leave the stage!"

After the peak masters adjusted themselves, they looked at each other and smiled. It was as if they had already seen the day that Qian Yi and Lin an would fail.

After an inner sect disciple entered the sect, they would have ten days of focused cultivation time. During this time, the Master could activate the talent in the disciple's body according to the actual situation of the disciple and then determine the path of cultivation in the future.

And after ten days, the Jiuxiao sect would organize another assessment.

However, this time, it was no longer to let the disciple stay in the inner sect. Instead, it was to tilt the resources in the sect according to the actual results of the competition.

This was because cultivating an outstanding disciple required too many resources.

Only a talented disciple was worthy of receiving more resources!

And for the inner sect of the Divine Peak, the benefit of an outstanding disciple was to receive the entire sect's tilt in resources.

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Just like the genius Lu Bixiu who became a personal disciple a few years ago, because his performance in the inner sect competition was too amazing.

After that, Lu Bixiu alone received 10% of the sect's resources!

One had to know that there were at least a few thousand people in the entire sect.

And Lu Bixiu alone took 10% !

This was enough to prove the strength of others, and also to prove that in the sect, true geniuses were the focus of attention.

Therefore, the more outstanding a disciple was, the more they would be fought over between the main peaks!

Everything was for the sake of long-term development!

And now.

A already down and out Bixiao Peak, coupled with a peak master Qian Yi who had no teaching results, and a useless disciple that all the other divine peaks didn't need.

This kind of arrangement had offended almost all the peak masters today.

The inner sect competition became a target.

As long as they came to the inner sect competition stage, Bixiao Peak would be targeted by all the main peaks, and Lin an would be surrounded and attacked by other disciples.

The final result was that Bixiao Peak would not get a single cent of the resources, and they would even be liquidated for dragging down the sect.

"All Disciples, listen up. In ten days, the inner sect competition of the sect will be held!"

"This will be a real battle, and it will be the sect's first test before you enter the inner sect!"

"In the next ten days, your teacher will begin targeted cultivation. You must seize this opportunity and speed up your cultivation. At that time, fight for your sect!"

An elder who was in charge of the outer sect announced.

The peak masters of the main peaks on the stage all looked at the group of disciples.

There was no expression on their faces, but there was a stern look in their eyes. The meaning was too obvious.

When the disciples present saw the look in their peak masters'eyes, they understood what they were going to do in ten days!

Today, their peak masters had lost face in front of everyone.

In ten days, they would definitely earn back what they had earned.

All the reasons were on Green Cloud Peak. As long as he seized the opportunity to attack Green Cloud Peak, he would be able to gain the attention of the peak master. Then, on his path of cultivation, he would be able to tie up the Great Tree of the peak master and ascend to the heavens in one go!

And everyone's target was Lin an!

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