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10.56% Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate / Chapter 13: The Operation of the Non-Initiation Technique, A Cultivation Base that has Advanced by Leaps and Bounds!

The Operation of the Non-Initiation Technique, A Cultivation Base that has Advanced by Leaps and Bounds! - Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 13 by Langya Shu full book limited free

Chapter 13: The Operation of the Non-Initiation Technique, A Cultivation Base that has Advanced by Leaps and Bounds!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Lin an carried Qian Yi to the bedside.

He gently placed Qian Yi on the bed.

Turning his head to look at Qian Yi's close-fitting clothes, lin an muttered helplessly, "Why didn't you tidy up my clothes? What kind of master did I end up with?"

After muttering to himself.

Lin an picked up Qian Yi's underwear, folded it, and placed it on the side of the bed.

Then, he lay down on his bed.

Looking at the bamboo strips on the roof, Lin an instantly fell silent.

He had completed the 100 small cycles of the scripture of no beginning today. Even if he stopped cultivating now, the spiritual energy vortex in his Dantian was still spinning, and the spiritual energy rain was still pouring down in his body.

In other words, as long as he circulated the minor cycles, the little gold figurine in his dantian would continue to cultivate. It wouldn't be long before he would be facing a breakthrough!

Upon discovering this, Lin an was pleasantly surprised!

Now that he was at the middle stage of the foundation establishment stage, he could definitely try to break through to the late stage of the foundation establishment stage within ten days!

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When that time came, it would be the inner sect competition, and there would be an extra layer of assurance.

Everything was within his grasp!

Because he had just completed his foundation establishment today, coupled with the fact that he had cultivated 100 small cycles, Lin An's mental strength had already been exhausted, and he urgently needed to rest.

Not long after, Lin an completely fell into a deep sleep.


It was ten in the middle of the night.

Everything fell silent.

In the bamboo forest, only the sound of the stream could be heard.

After Qian Yi was drunk, she woke up from a deep sleep.

This time, she slept very soundly and didn't lose any sleep because of Lin An.

A veil away, Qian Yi saw that Lin an was sleeping soundly. He looked very cute.

"This silly kid is too much. He didn't even take advantage of me. Isn't he beautiful?"

"Then I'll let you off easy this time. Who asked you to be my first disciple!"

Although she said that, Qian Yi wasn't someone who would lose her mind.

If Lin an wanted to take advantage of her while she was drunk, he would definitely be punished.

Fortunately, Lin an didn't make any unnecessary movements after he put her on the bed.

However, his personal clothes were held in this kid's hand, repeatedly teased, and even folded neatly.

This made Qian Yi laugh in her heart.

Immediately, with a wave of Qian Yi's hand, these undergarments were kept into her storage ring.

Rings with spatial abilities like these were not rare in the Cang Yun continent.

The reason why she didn't keep her undergarments properly was entirely due to Qian Yi's carelessness.

She really didn't expect to pick up a disciple who had cultivated the scripture of no beginnings!

He pulled away the veil.

Lin An's face was completely exposed in front of Qian Yi.

He was currently sleeping soundly.

Very soon.

Qian Yi pulled away Lin an's blanket and then peeled off his clothes. Lin An's abdomen was completely exposed in front of Qian Yi.

Qian Yi carefully examined it, deep in thought.

At this moment, Lin an was in a deep sleep due to the exhaustion of his spiritual power. He didn't notice anything that his master had done.

A moment later.

Qian Yi's jade-like hand pressed on Lin an's lower abdomen.

Instantly, the temperature of Lin an's abdomen was transmitted into Qian Yi's palm.

This made her blush instantly.

She didn't expect that the first time she was intimate with a man was actually her disciple.

Very quickly, Qian Yi mobilized the spiritual energy in her body and transmitted it to Lin an's dantian through her palm.

In Lin An's sleep.

As Qian Yi transferred her spiritual energy, Lin an felt a warm current slowly flowing into his body.

It made him feel very comfortable and he seemed to sleep even deeper.

This feeling was as if he was bathed in sunlight, and the warm feeling instantly spread throughout his entire body.

The vortex of spiritual energy in the Dantian in his stomach spun even faster. A light breeze and drizzle blew, and the little gold figurine also became more solid.

Qian Yi's consciousness entered and soon arrived at Lin An's Dantian.

She only saw.

The huge vortex floating in Lin An's Dantian.

It had to be said that the foundation establishment vortex of a person who cultivated the no beginning scripture was much larger than that of an ordinary foundation establishment cultivator.

Just like Qian Yi herself, because of her constitution.

When she reached the foundation establishment stage a thousand years ago, she was several times larger than an ordinary cultivator!

The cyclone in Lin An's body was five times larger than his own!

He had a life-level divine body!

In this world, there were all kinds of special divine bodies!

Those who could possess a divine body were favored by the heavens.

Just like Qian Yi's life-level divine body, it was ranked in the top five among all divine bodies!

There were many benefits to a divine body, and one of the benefits of a life-level divine body was dual cultivation.

And the so-called dual cultivation of a life-level divine body was not the type of cultivation where a man and woman could obtain new power through merging. Instead, it was the dual cultivation of a life-level divine body and the spiritual power of another person.

In other words, as long as Qian Yi and Lin An's spiritual power were merged.

After that, as long as Lin an obtained spiritual power or Qian Yi obtained spiritual power, the other party would be able to enjoy a portion of the new spiritual power of the other person and would not lose their own spiritual power!

This was basically a win-win divine physique.

It was a pity that after so many years, Qian Yi had not found a single person she liked. She was not willing to allow others to touch her, even if it was just spiritual power!

She did not expect that this disciple of hers would benefit from this.

Otherwise, Qian Yi would only be much stronger than she was now!

"On account of you taking care of me today, I'll let you off easy today!"

As Qian Yi poured in a large amount of spiritual energy, the spiritual energy of the two of them instantly fused together and revolved along with the spiritual energy vortex in Lin An's body until they merged into one.

Very soon, after the vortex had gathered, it turned into waves of light spots and revolved around the little gold figurine.

Not long after, Qian Yi's forehead was covered with fine sweat.

The vortex in Lin An's body accelerated and even began to absorb Qian Yi's spiritual energy. At this point, she didn't plan to continue.

Her disciple's physique was mediocre, but because she had successfully cultivated the non-beginnings scripture, the spiritual power vortex in her body was more than five times bigger than when she was at the life-level Divine Body Foundation establishment stage. The amount of spiritual power required was too much. It could be described as a huge amount!

This was like a wooden bucket. If the bucket was big enough, it could hold even more water!

The legendary ancient cultivation method of the non-beginnings scripture was indeed extraordinary!

At this moment, Qian Yi had to admit that as long as Lin an could continue to use the [ Wu Shi scripture ] to break through, his future achievements would be limitless!

Perhaps she would be able to gain some benefits from her disciple!

After she stopped.

Qian Yi helped Lin an cover himself with the blanket and left the bamboo house.

"Next, let's prepare the pills that my disciple will be cultivating!"

"I haven't refined pills for hundreds of years, I wonder if I'm Rusty..."

What she didn't know was that the little golden figure in Lin An's body opened its eyes after she left...

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