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Read Immortal Monarch (Naruto x Xmen X Marvel) - Chapter 14 online

Chapter 14: Chapter 14

Rogue felt the rush of adrenaline from being an invincible being in front of mortals, the enemy that would have crushed her a week ago was like a bumbling child.

The hero she thought was very impressive seemed so slow and weak through her new eyes.

'I need to focus, don't let the power cloud my mind.' Rogue remembered Naruto's words, he had mentioned that his powers were large but came with an arrogant mindset that could be the undoing of an unskilled user

The Rhino screamed in pain as he held his jaw, he had just been sent flying again but this time gotten real damage.

"It Hurts!" He screamed in rage as he glared at Rogue, breathing loudly but even he had his limits and fear was setting on him as the girl looked towards him, those eyes carried no mercy

"Hey hey, stop. That's enough; the big guy is down for the count already." Peter came to the rescue of the Rhino while capturing him with his new sticky webs

Rogue looked at him and then to Rhino, 'the heroes are inefficient, they can beat the villains but the system doesn't deal with them right.'

Rogue had asked Naruto about it and this one of the things he mentioned, this villain would escape if she let him go like that.

"Okay, I am done." Rogue muttered as she appeared behind Rhino and tapped his head, a seal was carved into his skin

"Do anything evil and you will understand true pain?" Rogue left those words as she left the scene

Peter massaged his head; he was starting to hate speedsters, and walked towards Rhino.

"Okay big man you going to jail and since the chick might have just cursed you with some magic mojo, I hope you change into a good man." Peter advised as he patted the Rhino's shoulder like a good friend and left the scene as the authorities came to take in the villain


Deep underground in the snowy mountains, a facility was being maintained where individuals with powers were being held in prisons designed appropriately.

In this prison, there were two such individuals that could be menace to the world. One such individual was a large buff man, the size of an elephant. He was the step brother of Charles, Cain also known as the Juggernaught.

To help Magneto, Pietro and Wanda decided to carry out this task. It wasn't difficult since the institution held the prisoners but had barely caught most of them personally so with such powerful villains, it was an easy job.

"Juggernaught, Charles has been enjoying his life a lot. Rich and powerful so sad that his brother is just a prisoner." Pietro muttered sarcastically, pissing of the man as he was freed from the liquid metal prison holding him down.

He couldn't even move his body before and it seems the master was angry with his methods so the power was a lot less than usual for this long or else no prison could hold him down.

Hearing those words brought to his mind the brother he hated so much, that smile and joy that should belong to him.

"AHHH" Juggernaut screamed as he broke the final hold and his crimson armor appeared, he glared towards the kids looking at him

"Where is he?"

"The same place" Wanda replied

Juggernaut thought that was enough and started moving, he plowed through the walls and the mountain like an unstoppable force.

"I will watch over him." Pietro muttered as he followed from behind, he wanted to see how the blonde bastard was going to deal with this.


The night was beautiful and the couple dined under the moonlight after a day of work. They didn't get tired unless they actually used their chakra too much but kept up the act with the fear of losing their humanity piece by piece.

They were having a nice meal on top of a platform floating far above the clouds and enjoying each other's presence. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hinata sat in his lap and they fed each other mouth to mouth, their honeymoon phase had restarted and now that training wasn't occupying him, Naruto's desires were raring to go.

His desire was fully on display and Hinata enjoyed it very much, it made her happy that he continued to love her very much even though it sent her to unconsciousness every time as he was insatiable.

"Dear, a threat is moving towards the people."

"I know, Kurama"

"I will handle it. It's been too long since I fought with my own body." Kurama said in a excited tone as his body entered a portal and arrived in a pocket dimension of Naruto's creation

It was a sand planet.

He wasn't the only one transported here as Cain ended up running into the portal that appeared in his way along with Sentry.

"A beauty at hand and a battle to spectate, this is the life." Naruto said in a relaxed manner as his hands became naughtier

"Ahn" Hinata's moans were like music to his ears and he kissed those inviting lips again


Magneto was not a simple man; he was cautious and always ahead of his foes. Juggernaut maybe strong but he knew that Naruto possessed unknown skills and speed that would keep him safe from the giant's hands.

As such when Juggernaut had been running towards the mansion, Magneto had decided to give the Avengers a visit.

Magneto was smart but arrogance blinded him and seeing Naruto's personality, he expected him to act similarly and not have made connections properly.

He never expected that Naruto had already made contact with the Avengers or that Naruto would go out of his way to move the battle to a different place.

It was evening and the sky was filled with chilly winds, the Stark tower was shining like always when the top gate was broken apart like tissue paper. This aggressive action sent alarms off inside the tower and many iron bots attacked the intruder but were powerless against the force of Magneto.

He looked at the toys with a calm grace, they were nothing to him and he sent them back into the tower. The impact of the bots colliding with the building destroyed parts of the structure.

"Why are you here? No, what are you doing?" Tony asked in a very annoyed tone as he appeared in his suit that had resistance to Magneto's powers

"I am here to play with you children, is that so wrong?" Magneto replied with a smile and pointed towards Tony, which sent him hurling back into the tower

Tony did not like that one bit as he saw the elderly man play with him but he was not distracted by his actions and analyzed carefully the reason.

'He is acting very suspicious.' Tony thought as he crashed into the wall

Tony looked through the satellite to find anything unusual happening and found Juggernaut running towards the city from his prison.


"Sentry can you handle this." Tony contacted with their ace and sent him the data

"On it, deal with Magneto or I will come back soon." Sentry replied while Tony concentrated on his foe that was attacked by Hulk

"It will be over soon."

Magneto smiled at them, "I will not allow you to intervene children. My friend Naruto intends to have a good battle so please stop."

His words confused Tony as he had met Naruto, he didn't seem the type to cause damage or even fight without a cause.

'Is he trying to bait us into a fight with him? Hehe, this is just funny.'

"Hahaha, oh man this is just too funny."


Sentry flew towards Juggernaught when he found himself flying through a portal and appearing in a world filled with sand.

He couldn't see any life on this planet.

'Where am I?' He had noticed the portal so he knew he had just arrived in a different world by just looking at the sky, it only had one star.


Just as he was thinking about things, Sentry found the world shaking as giant golden fox with nine tails appear causing the sand to spread out in the air.

It was like a mountain and from its expression he could tell that it was intelligent.

Sentry decided to spectate as he wanted to see what it wanted and found that it was targeting Juggernaught.

'Is it personal or what is the purpose for this?'

Sentry wasn't a fighting maniac so he could never think of that purpose. Kurama was happy to fight as it allowed him to release his stress and use his powers, his body felt rusty not fighting for months.

In this decade Naruto had been one of the most constant foes for Kurama so he was used to losing everyday and to counter those losses he fought other foes, where he won and built up experience.

This decade had given him more fighting experience than all his life combined.

Of course the best improvement came from the fact that Naruto also trained using him so Kurama also gained that experience.

In his strongest state Kurama would take a human form exactly like Naruto as Naruto was what defined strength for him, he was the man that had covered him in this color and brought life to this dull world.

The giant paw came down like an avalanche at speeds that would rend the world apart if Kurama wanted but with control nothing of the sort happened and his claw crashed into the unstoppable force.

Kurama felt that his attack did nothing as there was something blocking the damage and Juggernaught just had his direction changed.

"Interesting" Kurama showed his teeth giving a wide faced grin that looked very much evil

Cain stopped as he realized that he had arrived in a desert, he was too stupid to notice another world.

There was a giant monster attacking him and stopping him from getting to his brother.

"How dare you try to stop me? I will kill you." Cain screamed as he locked onto Kurama and ran towards him

Cain was not a mutant like his brother Charles but blessed by an immortal being called Cyttorak. Cyttorak was a magical being of immense power that lived in another dimension, a higher tier being of unimaginable power.

In his military days Cain Marko had been on a mission with his brother when they found the lost temple of Cyttorak and Cain took ruby from an idol.

On the ruby were scripture he could read and from that forth Cain had been chosen by his Cyttorak. He became the human Juggernaught but his powers could fluctuate according to the mood of his immortal master.

But the power made him practically invincible, nothing could ever damage him and even if the universe exploded he would survive.

Invincibility didn't mean he was impossible to handle, he was stupid and his attacks weren't at the level of his defense.

There were times when his unstoppable force was used against him since he had trouble stopping once he started the dash.

But here he didn't have much choice since street fighting wasn't going to handle a monster of such size.

Seeing him coming, Kurama's tails lashed out but were pushed aside before thousands of smaller golden tendrils appeared from underground to pierce him.

Just like usual nothing got to him and he ran through them.

"Is that so, try this." Kurama was enjoying this toy and locked on as he focused energy on his mouth, and released a beam

The beam had been charged and extended beyond the planet but the target just ran through it.

'Wow, he is showing no effort at all.'

'Do you want me to break the link?' Naruto asked as he could sense the link to the immortal master of Cain

Cain might be unstoppable but he had a sever weakness to mental attacks. It was the reason his brother had been the one to take him out and imprison him.

That helmet might help with Charles but Naruto was another picture and he easily read through him like an open book.

The link was to a strong being and this might anger him if he broke it but Naruto was never afraid of scum, he would never make compromises especially since the immortal monster might not even have the ability to leave his dimension.

'No, let me enjoy it.' Kurama smiled as his eyes turned towards Sentry

'Oh' Sentry noticed that gaze and he saw that the fox released more beams from its tails, half of them were focused on Cain while half came at him


While Kurama was having fun, Naruto summoned Magneto and Mystique with a thought as his head lay on the thicc thighs and Hinata's hands brushed his hair.

Appearing in the air without any resistance shocked them but his presence gave them a fright and anger.

"Sigh, I was giving you a chance Magneto but you treated me like I was one of them. You are just an evil old man, no matter how you justify it. Your pride led you astray and made you choose the wrong options every time.

Since I was feeling a little bit merciful and sympathetic about your situation I gave you a chance to choose properly and help your people but this was your choice." Naruto said as he showed them the screen

"Disappointing, really disappointing. I thought you were a smart person. Why did you think your life was untouchable, did you actually think I would let you live?

I don't make compromises with anyone. I give second chances to people that haven't gone too far off the line and regret those decision with the desire to change for the better. I have never allowed any being to live that has never regretted those actions.

You do not regret those decisions and you do not regret this decision. Let's see, if I hadn't interfered than about 20, 000 people would have died and billions of property damage would have happened but this is no consequence to you because they have nothing to do with you." Naruto's voice came from all around them and they felt none of the warmth it usually carried

It was not the normal Naruto but the Immortal King that gave out the cruelest of orders without any hesitation.

"I will take care of your people." With those words, Magneto was no more

He had struggled with all his power and the danger had even stimulated his genes to a higher level but the power to affect the electromagnetic spectrum were cancelled out by Naruto's connection to the world

Magneto was just a thief that took what he wanted while Naruto was the lover, there was just no comparison between them and the fact Naruto had more energy to overpower him sealed the deal.

Mystique never imagined her friend dying like this and closed her eyes with tears as she felt the pain from the loss, and the fact that she would never talk to her son.

"Open your eyes Raven and join us to see this show. I will let you handle the group and place your people on an Island far from others. This island will be protected by my powers so you can live without any worries and it will have everything you will need."

Mystique felt herself land on a platform and she heard his calm voice again that affected her pained heart.

Clearing away the tears she nodded and sat down in a corner, afraid of angering him.


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