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Chapter 16: Chapter 16

The battle between Kurama and Sentry was clearly one sided because one side lacked skills in fighting and manipulating space.

Kurama, Naruto and Hinata were the worst kind of match up for most people because they could become intangible.

Hinata and Kurama might not be able to damage Sentry too much or not at all but Sentry couldn't even touch them if they were careful.

Someone like Strange would be needed for this to be an actual fight as the Sorcerer supreme could cancel it out.

Of course there was another way, like using so much physical strength in one place that space fluctuates causing the intangibility to get affected but Sentry didn't know that and Kurama already knew about this problem.

Having all his powers compressed into human form, Kurama was at his strongest individual form. It was a lot weaker than when he was with Naruto as the blonde troll had perfect control, added his unique chakra and nature chakra to the mix.

The fusion was the strongest form that Kurama knew and his individual power felt nothing compared to it.

Regardless of such power, Kurama easily handled Sentry in a fight and hit him with powerful moves. With each punch or kick Sentry was hit by compressed chakra explosions that had higher power than the beams used before.

Each explosion rattled his insides and he was hit over and over until his mind was completely taken over by rage.

In this world they were the only ones so Kurama enjoyed beating him up and using all his moves. It would have been better if the foe could fight back but at least Sentry was improving so Kurama let him get a few hits in.


Watching this battle were the Avengers at the top of the Stark Tower. They had felt the joy of seeing Magneto get played but then this happened.

Naruto was messing with them and he was juts inviting trouble by angering Sentry.

Tony knew about the mental problem and was afraid of it acting up before they got any countermeasures ready.

"You know, you guys are one of the reasons for his downfall. Friends don't fear each other or doubt you and they pull you up and make you comfortable.

You guys make each other uncomfortable especially you, Tony." Naruto used his multitasking ability to divide his mind in two and used a wind clone to converse with them

Hearing his words they almost got ready to fight to save their friend but the words stung deep. They couldn't deny them especially Tony as his eyes had looked at Hulk.

Bruce was also one of the cases where they discussed his rage induced destruction and treated him like a monster.

Whenever something became too hard and dangerous they would let fear set in and the choices become limited.

Tony was even planning to throw Hulk into space if one more incident took place like last time where he almost destroyed a city in rage.

Countless people had died in the battle but millions more would have died if they hadn't been able to send Hulk crashing out of the city.

The Avengers were a team but many times Tony took decisions and thought of things that only enemies would imagine.

He was not a very friendly person when things reached a limit and he couldn't imagine a better way.

Tony was the type to believe that the end justifies the mean, it didn't matter what he had to sacrifice if the end was good enough.

It was directly opposite of what Steve believed and it is the reason they always get into arguments as both of them are very headstrong while the others didn't have much opinion about these things.

"You are speaking like you know us, Naruto. I thought we just met yesterday."

"Are you trying to keep yourself calm? Heh, did it hurt. I thought you didn't have a heart in there but I guess I was wrong." Naruto teased as he flew around them like the wind passing through them

"Naruto, what are you playing at? Let Sentry go, his condition will worsen." Steve stepped up and asked in a pleading manner

"Relax Steve, do I look like a bad man? I am the most innocent person you will ever meet. I wouldn't even kill a fly. Now as for our friend there, this is to help him." Naruto replied as he sat on Steve's shoulder while becoming a chibi version

"Haha, I love this. How do you like me now? Feel the pain!" Kurama's excited voice could be heard as he beat up Sentry and they looked at him

Naruto laughed at the scene, "Oh sorry, what was I saying. It's to help my brother and your friend. He has built up too much stress and his head must be filled with negative thoughts so this battle is an outlet for all of it.

He has never really fought in a battle where he was allowed to just let it all go so we are forcing him. There is no danger and if anything goes wrong then I will handle it personally. Or do you guys have any genius plan to help him? You did cause him to feel worse by showing fear so it was a matter of time he broke from the fear."

"Why should we believe you? From what we have seen, you are likely to kill him if he went berserk." Tony asked as he showed him the videos of what he had done

"Because I trust him"

"Strange?" Steve looked towards Strange as he appeared out of thin air like always

"Did he hit your head or something? You want us to believe a murderer." Tony asked pointedly

"Whoopsie" Naruto said playfully as he flew to Strange's side

"Did you do it?"

"Yes, they were some trash so I took them out. I give people second chances but it depends if the criminal has regret or not and If he has the desire to repent or not. For these two qualities I have developed the proper skills and I can tell with a glance if a person is good or not and if a criminal deserves another chance.

If you look at the videos carefully, you will realize many of them were caught by the police and only some of them were killed."

Naruto explained to them properly and now it was their choice how they took this news. He was a man of principles and never compromised on such things.

He was never willing to let evil roam freely under his watch.

He had yet to take out super villains because the heroes took those seriously and managed to counter them. It was a fun game to watch but on the other hand normal scum were allowed to slip through this net.

The problem wasn't heroes as not everyone was able to take such responsibility of giving out punishments. This could always blow up in their faces but it will also blow up in their faces if they don't start to take actions beyond the law.

Hero isn't someone that serves the country or anything but someone who does the right thing. Or you can just be the hero of a country or a war hero and those heroes aren't actually good people but people good for their country.

A country isn't always good as it takes decisions that are inherently evil just for its benefits.

Naruto understood this fact and he knew they also understood this fact but were willing to look the other way.

It was the reason Hinata called them cowards.

Listening to his voice they could tell he was serious, Strange wanted to tell him to stop and let the justice system handle it but those eyes told him that this wasn't something he was going to stop.

They had talked yesterday and Strange knew that Naruto was a man of his words.

He loved people and gave up his time, energy and health for them.

But he disliked people that spread chaos, he disliked it when people were in pain and he would do anything to fix that problem.

The man had journeyed the world for answers and spent time searching it for everywhere, and this was where he landed.

Humanity was selfish and freedom without punishment will only lead to chaos.

Strange had heard him explain this yesterday over tea how he disliked killing but in the end he had to do it because those people deserved to die for what they had done.

It was a warning to others and a show of his powers but Naruto understood that if he was gone then it would collapse so he made sure people knew that the world was his domain.

It didn't matter if he was there or not, punishment would be given so a automatic system was designed to tackle the problem along with the fact that there was a team of enforcers with these particular skills.

Now his presence wasn't necessary. Naruto loved that people needed him but he worked hard so that people could deal with their own problems as he couldn't always be there for them.

Strange didn't know what to feel about hearing that Naruto had killed millions but he was curious about his world.

He wanted to see the results with his own eyes so Naruto let him see what he remembered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was a beautiful world filled with energy and Strange could see that majority of the people were in good spirits unlike the dull looks of majority of this world.

Seeing this, he was tempted to let Naruto try his hand in this world but that was not his decision.

"You can read their minds so why not just submit evidence to the authorities and let them carry out the punishment."

"Too slow and there is not guaranty that justice will be served. Now that I am here, why not let me handle it. I will talk to the authorities instead of you servants and get it handled properly. Now let's get back to the topic at hand."

Strange and the others looked at him with suspicion as they were expecting him to take over their minds.

"Chill, I don't like mind controlling people. It's not my style and you can follow me when I am going, so stop pissing yourselves and act like adults."

"Sigh, well let's talk about that tomorrow. Now Sentry's case is under control, I agree with Naruto here and if anything happens, I will help out. But….there is a bigger problem."

Tony saw Naruto's evil smile and understood, "No, don't tell me."

"Come on Tony boy, you know what it is."


"Because it makes sense, why would your planet attract so much nonsense but not the Otsutsuki even though they live here, don't you think that would be kind of a delusion? I already expected it when I saw you guys but you guys are really slow, I guess that's why you have problem handling emergencies."


"Okay okay, I won't criticize them at the moment."

"Just as you expected, our planet had a visitor long ago and most likely they are still here hidden from sight. You already know what they want so we don't need to wonder about their goals. We all need to work together to locate the tree and eliminate it before it sucks the planet dry.

We need to find them before the event starts or it will be too dangerous for all of us."

"I have seen the data but it didn't mention anything about the tree being invisible and how could we not know about it. I can agree that the visitor might have come but the tree thing might have taken place yet." Tony muttered as he thought about the situation and wished to rink away his stress

"Man, did you forget what you were watching just moments ago. I can control space and it's something inherent to them while I actually had to learn it.

The fact the people here are so strong and the fact that its invisible means that the people in charge are very high rank.

We might have dangerous battle on our hand, a battle that might devastate a few solar systems."

"You are joking? Please tell me that's a joke." Steve was shocked at what he just heard, it was a scale beyond his imagination

"I wish that it was a joke but you have to realize that low level members can destroy planets so a high member can easily do the same to stars."

"What are the chances of the battle causing high casualties?" Bruce asked as his mind was working overtime

"Who knows? Do you know?"

"I can check but it won't be accurate as the future changes every second and there are millions of possibilities."

"There is your answer Bruce, are you thinking of reaching a new level? Do you want me to help? I am very good at making people angry and taking hits."

"Thanks for the offer, I will think about it."

"Okay, what do you want from us?"

"Nothing really, just be on the lookout and help in the battle if needed. I never actually planned to get any help, it's just a good fortune that you guys are available though only Sentry, Hulk and Strange are useful among you guys in a direct fight and Tony can play support.

Sorry my man but this is beyond your league so you can handle the human problems like usual or do you want power." Naruto said nonchalantly and got close to Steve

The man had a similar mindset to him, meaning a very nice guy so Naruto was willing to take him as a herald.

Someone that would inherit some of his powers and fight on his behalf as Naruto enjoyed watching others fight and increase the number of competent people.

'Well think about it as it isn't urgent or anything. Now I am going back home as it's getting late so good night and sweet dreams my new friends."

With that Naruto disappeared and Sentry appeared in his place, without any injuries but knocked out. He had been fighting for a full hour now at such insane speeds that it felt like a life time.


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