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Read Immortal Monarch (Naruto x Xmen X Marvel) - Chapter 19 online

Chapter 19: Chapter 18

Ororo and Naruto sat in the garden over a cup of tea in the morning. It was slightly cold outside but the fresh feeling of nature made it all better.

She looked at the man that had been the talk of the city because of his powers and deeds. He had fought the Juggernaught, Sentry and Magneto, defeating all of them at the same time.

This was feat none of them were capable of achieving.

He had the greatest powers she had ever witnessed except maybe Galactus but she was not able to tell the difference.

She had never talked to him in the two days he had been here but she had heard a lot about him. He was a kind and gentle person to talk to.

He was a monster when teaching.

He was sadistic and playful.

He was like the shining sun and made everything positive with his presence. Ororo couldn't deny any of those as she also felt good in his presence.

It was his natural aura that calmed everyone especially for her as she had connection to the world and could also see energy, and feel it.

He was always radiating warmth and from the smile on his face, he knew what he did to others.

"I am happy to receive the attention of a beautiful lady like you but you seem to be busy so I will get to the subject at hand." Naruto said as he winked at Ororo and give her a smile. He found the woman attractive from the inside and outside.

She had interesting powers and a powerful personality.

Just like he had said, he was a very sinful man. He loved beautiful ladies with interesting tales and powers.

He wanted to love them and receive their love in kind.

He wanted to relieve them of their pain and make them achieve a higher state.

It would help both parties. Well, he wouldn't mind if it didn't go that point either as friends was enough as well.

"Thanks for the compliment and sorry for staring. Your presence is quite unique and made me loose myself for awhile." Ororo said calmly as she placed her hands beside the tea and looked down before looking up.

"I get that a lot but its fine since you enjoyed it. Now I want to talk about you, I have gathered info on all of you and know about your powers. Ororo, do you know how to use magic?"

Ororo understood why he was asking as she was part of a magical bloodline and it was a valid question.

"I only have some rudimentary knowledge on this subject because I have been focused on my mutant powers and lack of a teacher for the magical arts. Are you going to suggest teaching me magic?"

"It's good that you are a smart girl. That's what I was getting at you have good magical potential so it would be a shame to waste it. We can get some classes from Dr. Strange and if you problem with him, I will accompany you."

Ororo took in those words and took a sip from her cup, "I trust the doctor but I am unsure if he has time to spend on teaching me."

"Don't worry about that, I will handle it and you need this. Your power increasing means that your survival chances increase and you can better protect this world."

"It seems the descriptions weren't wrong, you are really a nice person Naruto. I will definitely repay this favor in the future."

"Don't talk like that, we are friends and colleagues. I don't need anything in return except your happy smile."

"I won't feel about just taking it for free so you can ask me anything later. But for now I have some questions, you know about my powers."

"Yes, weather control. Are you going to ask about alien weathers and see if you can replicate them? You can change the weather to the extremes so I believe that should be possible and you are wondering what else could you do."

"Yes, all of that."

"Haha, smart girl. Well I have been to countless planets during my time, there were winds that could cut space, there were winds so hot that they melted steel, there was red lighting that was faster than light and extremely destructive, and there were extreme negative temperatures that even the sun would freeze over. There also the diamond rain and such. You can check them whenever you want from this device. It will show the exact scene I witnessed and even give you the feeling so you can understand it."

Naruto explained as he passed over a crystal to Ororo with the memories inside so she could replicate them.

"Thank you, I needed something like this to improve my powers."

"Saved that golden smile into the library and if you are feeling so happy about it, why not go on a date with me. We can have some fun and relax after a job well done."

"Excuse me, aren't you married?" Storm looked at him with a pointed look. Before coming to here she didn't have such concepts and wouldn't have give a thought but now she had lived here for a decade and monogamy had become a norm.

"I am so what's the problem with that. My wife already knows and I have more than one wife in the first place. Polygamy is normal to me and my wives are okay with it plus I wasn't inviting you to something like that. It was just as friend's kind of invitation."

Hearing his response Storm felt embarrassed at her reaction, "Sorry about that, I thought you were trying to cheat on your wife. I don't mind the polygamy since it's your choice but I can't accept cheating."

"No way, I would never lie to my lovers. I love them too much to hurt them like that."

"I see. I won't mind going on a date since I got nothing planned for today."

"Good, I will come for you at 4."

"That's fine."

"Then see you later Storm, have fun teaching the kids." With that Naruto disappeared from sight

Ororo looked at the empty seat and took in the conversation. He was a nice guy and a ladies' man. That's what she got from him.

She could see why women might be attracted to him and even found him handsome as well. He had that raw feeling and the gentle aura that attracted her gaze.

'Am I really looking at a married man?' Storm didn't have much experience in romance and had never been in a proper relationship.

She imagined it would happen sooner or later somehow but never imagined the somehow being this.

'He isn't bad so let's see how it turns out.' Storm thought as she didn't mind testing the grounds.


Naruto appeared in the skies of New York and looked over the city to decide where to go when suddenly he felt danger.

Someone had locked onto him and it was an unavoidable attack.

"Come at me" Naruto roared as his chakra cloak appeared and manipulated space to protect the world around him.

There was so explosion but Naruto was sent crashing as a force hit him but there was no damage since he canceled out its affect.

The enemy had used a space attack on him and intended to erase him but Naruto could also affect space so it was balance out.

'Otsutsuki Elder, coward won't even show himself.' Naruto understood it was the enemy he was looking for and the enemy was testing him while hiding in the shadows.

Naruto checked the space but the enemy had left no traces so he couldn't track him.

'I really need to find the hide out soon. Maybe work together with Strange and some others to mess up the spatial forces around the solar system to find any pocket dimensions connected to here.'

'Seems like an idea, you should check it out.' Kurama chimed in as he opened his eyes because of the sudden attack.

'No, let's wait a bit. We need to get to know other useful pieces first. I am worried about the damage we might cause, so we need to get help from the people of this world.'

'One of your targets is down there, you lucky man you.'

'I know, I am just lucky sometimes.' Naruto smiled as he smashed into the beach water below.

Naruto cleared his eyes from the water to see that he had crashed into a beautiful being.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, it was not on purpose." Naruto said courteously as he looked at the woman in her bikini, with blonde hair and a curvaceous body

"Sorry for attacking you, I thought you were assaulting me. My name is Susan Storm, who may you be?" Susan asked as she couldn't remember anyone dressed like Naruto

'Is he a mutant or an alien?'

"Naruto Uzumaki, you don't need to be so wary I am not a threat. I am here to explore new areas as I have seen everything in my world and help this world combat some threats. What about you, why is such a gorgeous woman such as you alone?" Naruto said with a smile as he dried his clothes with the use of chakra

"Thank you, would you like to hang around for a bit?" Susan asked with a smile, she couldn't tell if he was actually enamored with her looks or not but she wanted to see how he would react around people to decide whether he was a threat or not.

'And he looks good; he must have worked out a lot to gain that body.' Susan thought as she didn't feel much guilt about it as her so called boyfriend had proved to be an asshole, taking away every part of her in the team and even took the lead as spokesperson when she was the one suitable for it.

She was in a terrible mood today as Reed had been ignoring her since they started going out officially. There was never a proper moment between them and he was always stuck in the lab.

She liked his intellect but that didn't mean Susan didn't want a normal romance.

Susan was checking Naruto to see if he was threat and partially trying to make Reed jealous.

"I would be honored to accompany you for the day." Naruto replied calmly, he quiet liked the woman in front of him as she gave of the feeling of being selfless and she was just too damn attractive.

He could sense her problems and even felt her dark futures. Naruto didn't like the idea of her having a child with Reed as that child was too powerful and unpredictable.

'Sorry my man but you are a terrible lover, so don't fault me for taking her away.'

"Then let me help you, as I can see that I ended up injuring your leg." Naruto said as he took her hand and dragged her up in the air, as his hand touched her leg gently

The golden chakra touched her leg and spread to her body; it gave her warmth and made her feel safe. It gave her a peace of mind and allowed her worries to melt, and pleasure she never knew.

Seeing the blissful face of the woman in his arms Naruto felt his heart beat up as well but he didn't wish to take advantage.

"Are you okay now?" Naruto let her leg go and she floated beside him with his powers

"Yes" Susan muttered in calm tone but inside she felt the loss of the touch which made her feel embarrassed at her act

'What was I thinking?'

'And what was that, it felt so good.'

Naruto looked at Susan as she fell silent, he knew it was the affect of his chakra on people since the day he incorporated ninshu he could connect with people. So his chakra represented him, it was filled with love and hope which was endless in his heart especially now it was filled with another thing, Lust.


"How is the food?" Susan asked as she sat in front of him, they had both walked around and gone to a café

"It is similar to what I have tasted before and I believe we have even better food than this, would you like to try it out at some later date." Naruto replied in a gentle tone as he took a bite from the sandwich

"That's a wonderful offer; I cannot wait to try out new cuisine." Susan said in a friendly tone, the walk along the way and his demeanor had shown his kind personality

'He is not evil from what I see but only time can tell, if today was a special case or not.'

'But he is definitely good company, I feel so relaxed around him.'

'I don't think I have ever felt that.' Susan thought as she looked at Naruto's face, she wondered what those scars were as she took a sip of tea

"These are birthmarks, not scars. I can't get permanent damage as my body heals itself to a perfect condition. What about you? What are your powers? I felt like I got hit by a force field, so are you some kind of psychic?" Naruto enquired, he wanted to get to know new things and he wanted to know how it worked without chakra

"Astute observation, yes my ability is within that field."

"What about you?" Susan was intrigued more and more, the man was very observant even though from his demeanor it looked like he was overconfident

"Elemental manipulation and cloning, I am a leader so I have to be many places at once so I can send a clone to do my job." Naruto replied honestly without going too much into detail, just the surface of his most common skills

"That is really something enviable; I wish I could make a clone sometimes. Life would so much easier with such ability. You said Leader of a different world, is it a place I could visit and what kind of place is it?" Susan continued as she became open with him and she believed he wouldn't decline

"I can't really tell as we all have our own opinions but from what I can tell my world is a lot better in many ways. It is peaceful and has high level tech everywhere not just the few, though it is still lower than this world's hidden tech. Right now it is not possible but after a month or so, I should be able to make contact and if you wish I would definitely love to show you around." Naruto said in a gentle tone as he stared into her eyes which attracted him so much

"I will be happy to do so; an opportunity to see another world doesn't come by every day." Susan replied in a courteous tone as she realized his gaze, it was hypnotic and she was getting affected by his aura of hope that attracted people to his side

"Sis, what are you doing?" A young voice came from the side and she looked back to see her brother Johnny alone as he his girlfriend had broken up with him because of his hero tendencies

"Johnny, I am just enjoying time with my new friend." Susan said in calm tone

"Hello, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. You sure are a lucky boy. Your sister loves you a lot." Naruto spoke in a friendly tone as he stood up to shake hands

"Nice to meet you and thank you, I guess." Johnny said as he closed the distance and whispered

"Are you trying hit on my sister? If anything happens to her, I will make sure you pay." He delivered his threat with an attempt to burn Naruto's hand

"Don't worry; I will never hurt her like some men. And I like you as well, little brother but keep your powers in check as sometimes I do not like to be tested." Naruto replied in a friendly tone as he applied a little force which caused Johnny a lot of pain

"Boys, separate" Susan interfered and separated the two

"Hehe, no need to look so worried. It's just typical male bonding; we are going get along well as I like Johnny a lot. His power is really interesting." Naruto muttered with a chuckle

"Yes sis, no problem. I like the guy, straight forward like the way I like it." Johnny also supported that friendship as he put his arm around Naruto's shoulder even though Naruto stood taller than him

"You guys are truly a mystery, it looked like you were about to fight." Susan exclaimed with a sigh as sometimes she just couldn't make sense of these relationships

"That's what most men ask about woman but for now I am quite busy so I won't disturb you two."

"See you later Naruto" Johnny said as he flew away

"Nice brother you have" Naruto said as he turned back to Susan

"Sorry, he can be really overprotective sometimes. Are you hurt?" Susan said in a worried tone as she grabbed his hand

"You know I really like you and from the first time I looked at you, these things you do tempt me a lot." Naruto said as he grabbed her chin and made her look up into his eyes Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Do you wish to try?"

Susan felt really conflicted, right now her relation with Reed was shaky as he didn't show any concern for her or even acted as a lover and here someone who she could visible feel his love and affection. It was so real and powerful but she was not a little girl, "I think it is too fast, let us get to know each other a little bit more."

"As you wish, I will always make time for you so that we can get to know each other more. It's getting late today and you must have work so a parting gift for you to remember me by." Naruto muttered in a tone filled with his love and covered her lips with his, slowly but surely she melted into his embrace.

She felt pleasure and warmth like never before, it was so enticing and it called for her surrender but she wanted to still play hard.

Naruto let go of her after kissing her thrice, her knees had gone weak from the pleasure and she had wet herself for the first time not even when she had sex with Reed she felt such pleasure.

"Sorry, I think I over did it. I will deliver you home as it doesn't seem you are in the right state." Naruto said with concern as he looked at the drunken woman, it had been some time since he broke a virgin girl so he forgotten how they reacted when he tried.

Naruto was interested in the Fantastic Four and would have met them normally but this encounter with Susan changed everything.

He didn't want this toxic relationship to continue and he found Susan attractive enough for his attention. Finally he didn't want their child to be born so this relationship had to be broken.

But he was going to take proper steps and avoid making Reed angry or it would leave a bad taste for all of them.


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