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Chapter 20: Chapter 19

A.N Hope you guys comment and review what you are reading. The story still doesn't have a rating meaning not enough reviews. If you want a story to continue to properly, you got to say something. I really can't tell what you guys think of this story since no one has reviewed it yet. Come on guys just one proper review would make me really happy.


After delivering Susan to her room without making any noise, Naruto walked the streets of New York lost in thoughts about Susan, Rogue, Jean, Avengers, Otsutsuki and more.

There were many issues plaguing his mind.

He was enjoying the play with the girls but the constant threats were not fun when they could cause collateral damage. Fighting was fun when other people didn't die.

Naruto didn't mind taking away Susan from Reed at all because it was a bad relationship and he was interested.

But the issue was still the Elder, today he is supposed to meet the Ghost Rider with Strange and meet the Fantastic Four soon.

All these pieces were weak but they had intelligence and combined together they could fight of big threats.

These kinds of things would stress a man out but Naruto took them easily and casually with no pressure as that would only make things worse.

Naruto was walking by a bridge when he came across two college girls; this attracted him because he could see the sign of tragedy on one of them.

'Death and Disgrace' Naruto thought, the senses were vague as unlike Shion's he didn't really care much about seeing things, he was okay with finding out and just needed a clue.

Being a nice guy with the additional encouragement of them being hot and smart looking, Naruto walked towards the girls sitting at the river front bench.

"Hello girls, why do you look so sad? Maybe I can provide assistance" Naruto said in a gentle tone as he stood in front of them

"Excuse me but who are you?" The Blonde girl questioned as she looked at Naruto while her red friend held her hand to give her support.

"Naruto Uzumaki, the miracle man and also known as a sage. I couldn't help but notice that you gave off negative feelings, your life must not be going well. Talk to me and I will help with no cost, it is a free service as I like to help people in need when they are in front of me." Naruto said as he sat down between them, he had to be pushy so as to help them avoid the tragedy.

The voice was enchanting and the aura made their worries becomes muted, as they questioned if it will be okay to ask and get help from this stranger.

But finally the red head gave in she felt she needed outside help right now as he relationship was getting terrible and she was always getting attacked by some villain.

"My name is Mary Jane Watson mister Naruto, I have been plagued by villains for some years now and my relationship has been going downhill. What help can you provide?" MJ spoke as the aura affected her to speak her heart out, to achieve understanding

"I am Gwen Stacy, I just wish for my friends to be okay and right now things aren't going well." Gwen spoke in a calm tone as she remembered Harry's drug addiction and Peter's Spiderman gig along with MJ getting attacked

"Is that so? For you I have an offer, an interesting one." Naruto said with a smile

"What is it?" MJ questioned, she wasn't sure if the man could help her but she felt everything would be okay when she was in his arms so she was relaxed after so long

"In another universe, you are spider girl. My offer is, do you wish to become that so that you don't have to worry about villains." Naruto offered as he spoke in a calm manner while both girls in his arms were being healed of the damage done to their bodies

'Become like Spiderman, should I?'

��Then do I also become a hero or just use it protect myself.'

'Is he trying to trick me?'

'No, he isn't it.' MJ thought as she felt Gwen's grip

"I want it, are you sure there are no conditions attached?" MJ asked as she looked at him

"No conditions, it is just a trifle. Look it's done" Naruto said as he tapped her forehead

MJ felt comfortable as the energy entered her body and changed the molecular structure, her body shivered in delight and loss when it was over.

'Is that what Peter feels like?' MJ thought as she stood up, she could feel the difference as her senses had become stronger and new knowledge had been put inside her body

"I gave you some fighting knowledge otherwise the power would be useless also here is the costume, if you want to choose that path." Naruto said with a chuckle and threw the black and white suit to MJ

One of his abilities that he developed through his mastery of space and time was the ability to peer into the alternatives though sometimes he had hard time especially when he looked at himself or Hinata and Sasuke. But after meeting the alternative he realized they were just strong enough to block him out.

MJ looked at the costume in her hands and to Naruto, "Thank you, I will do my best to repay this debt." She said in an emotional tone as she finally felt some hope in the relation and her life, now it didn't depend on others and she could intervene with her powers.

"For your boyfriend issue, just tell him that you have the powers and all will be right. Also stay by his side or bad girls might get him. Have you seen that sexy cat that's after him? Sorry but he already tapped that so I suggest fighting together with him as a team and if you can also accept the cat into the relationship. It will be better for all of you." Naruto said and MJ looked at him in surprise

'He knows Pete is Spidey.'

"What? You want me to share my guy with another girl and that he had already slept. That slut, Let me get my hand on him and we will see how hot and bothered he is." MJ could believe Peter would do something like this, she trusted him and he got seduced by that sexy lady.

"Were you that kind of character?"

"I was just getting it out my system. I don't know how to deal with this except punch him a little and forgive him after making him promise not to do it again." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Give my words a thought, more people together that care for each other will lower the chances of getting hurt and I feel sad for the cat. Peter also likes her but his feelings for you, keeps him from accepting her advances."

"I will think about after talking with Peter. Gwen thanks for your time, we will talk tomorrow and I will always be grateful for your help Naruto." MJ said as she gave him a hug before she ran away, heading towards her destination.

"Is this all right for you? Don't you also feel something for Peter?" Naruto asked as he held Gwen as they both sat on the bench

"Mine is just a crush, her's is true love and Pete loves her back unconditionally so I am happy that you solved the biggest problem between them. I guess I will be seeing the spider couple soon." Gwen chuckled at the thought, she was really happy now as her friends worries had been taken care of.

"I really like people like you, such a nice girl you are. Thinking of your friends before yourself is one of the best qualities in my eyes." Naruto whispered into her ear

"Thank you, I am happy to hear that." Gwen said in a friendly tone as she felt relaxed, her worries gone

"A beauty from the inside and outside, has no one taken your fancy yet?" Naruto said in a teasing tone as he looked into her eyes

"Would you like to try going out with me?" Naruto said in a not so serious tone

'What is this powerful magnetism?'

'Am I really attracted to his looks and demeanor or is it some magic?'

'It feels so hard to resist, this feeling of safety and serenity.'

'His presence just brightens the day; I understand why MJ had problem letting go.'

'His touch is addictive, it makes you wonder what more would happen if we went further.' MJ Pondered carefully as she was lost in those blue eyes

"A platonic relation as a starter is that fine with you." Gwen offered as she was still pure and had never slept with anyone

"I didn't think you would accept and it is definitely good with me, I love to be loved and I love to love. So sleeping with someone isn't really all I care for. I won't deny that I am a sex addict and would love to rock your world but time is necessary, we haven't known each other for long and it is our first meeting." Naruto said in a happy tone as he hugged her with both his arms and made her Spider-Gwen

"What was that?"

"I felt that you might need it, it is better to rely on yourself sometimes instead of waiting to be saved."

"I am happy that you said that, I really don't like being the maiden that is saved all the time. I just didn't want to be selfish and ask for it." Gwen smiled in a beautiful manner to show her joy at the gift

"How about we fly around the city for our first date?" Naruto asked as he stood up with Gwen attached to him, the affect was strong on people with no clear relation and especially now when Naruto was feeling really happy. His emotions amplified others and destroyed the negative emotions inside them, giving them hope

"I would love to try it out." Gwen replied


"It was so amazing, I never felt so free like this before. I wish I could do this again." Gwen said in a joyful tone as she looked at Naruto

"As you wish, I will grant you the ability to fly with no cost." Naruto said as he flicked her forehead playfully, even though he said no cost to her but it was a cost to his chakra whenever she utilized flight. He didn't really care as it would never even be enough to be counted as a drop in the ocean called his chakra reserves and he was already planning to mark her so this was a stronger connection

"Really, it won't be bad for you or something?" Gwen questioned as she was unsure and didn't know anything about powers

"I am sure and you don't have to worry about getting hurt, as when you sleep the knowledge how to fly and fight should mix with you perfectly. Every fighting experience from your Spider Gwen side will be added to you and some from my own. " Naruto explained as he hugged her, she was not resisting and didn't show any sign of leaving his embrace either

'I just love to hold people like this. I don't know why it feels lonely now when I am not holding someone in my arms. It's the best feeling ever even my boredom gets relieved somewhat.' Naruto thought as he enjoyed the warmth

"Naruto, can we go now before we forget?" Gwen enquired as she managed to remember what she was here for, meeting her friend Harry

"Yes, let's go. We can enjoy cuddling later and yes, I enjoy this more than anything." Naruto replied and informed her of his liking as unlike him she won't know him if he doesn't speak

"Harry, you look awful. Do you want to kill yourself so much?" Gwen said in a worried tone as she saw her friend lay on the ground completely lost to the world, showing signs of having taken drugs

"Gwen, you came back" Harry muttered with difficulty as his body was failing him and he was unable to get up

"I am here, I brought help. You will be all right now and we can all be like we used to." Gwen said in a soft tone as she helped him into a sitting position

"Drugs certainly are something. I am not really used to such situations or ever actually come across them before." Naruto said as he got down and touched Harry, he didn't need to but he preferred contact.

His finger tip shone with golden light which spread across Harry's body clearing all impurities in his system and putting him to the ideal condition. Harry felt so comfortable that he wished he could stay like that forever but when he saw it was a guy, he pushed away in a hurry and cleared his mind.

'I wish I could bleach my mind for thinking something like that.'

"Thank you friend, I feel better than I ever done and I don't feel the craving either." Harry spoke clearly like he had never been in a terrible state.

"You are welcome; I put a counter measure in your brain so you won't make such wrong decisions or get addicted when you are forced by someone. So now you are free and can live a healthy life, you can thank Gwen for that or I wouldn't have known." Naruto said in a friendly tone,

"I am so happy Harry finally you look like the old you." Gwen said in an excited as she hugged Harry who enjoyed the contact and Naruto didn't like his thoughts, they were not pure.

"Thank you Gwen, for not giving up on me." Harry said as he patted her back and enjoyed the smell

"I have a request if it isn't too much can you help my father, he seems to have a mental problem and it's getting worse." Harry pleaded as he turned to Naruto, it was a sincere plea but he also wished the guy would change his father for the better.

"I know what you desire and it is a simple thing. Take this pill and have him take it or just mix it up into a drink and he will be the healthiest and best father in the world." Naruto said in a confident tone as he created a pill with a thought, it was a product of Yin-Yang creation of all things technique

Norman was already dead and this pill would actually transform Harry into a proper hero as he will get the memories from his father's side.

This was to help Peter with his crime fighting since they were friends now.

'I will check with him tonight.'

"I will definitely pay you back for this, even if it takes all my life time to do so I will achieve it. This favor you have given me is something irreplaceable to me so please could I know your name." Harry asked as tears of joy dripped from his eyes all the bad thought seem to vanish and bright days were calling

���Uzumaki Naruto Gwen's boyfriend so if you want to contact me you can find me through her or somehow as I am a wanderer." Naruto said as he picked up Gwen and hugged her shoulders, he was a very possessive person and didn't like when someone with wrong intentions touched his lovers

"I will do so, for now I can't wait to do this so please excuse me." Harry didn't mind as he didn't love Gwen or anything. It was just contact with a beautiful girl after so long made him think unsavory thoughts.

"He would have died with regrets just like you. You have some sad friends Peter. But luckily I am here to make it all better so now you don't have such signs over your head." Naruto said as he held her close and she shivered from the knowledge that they were supposed to die

"Will Pete be okay now?"

"Yes, MJ is there so he should have support and if something big happens I will probably interfere so he shouldn't die." Naruto said but he didn't promise to help for the small things as they were the consequences their choice and price has to be paid, if they can't clean up their ass then don't play hero

"I am so glad we met you, I don't even want to imagine such a life please don't let them die."

"I don't want to feel the pain of loss, let me always feel this warmth." Gwen said in an emotional tone as she buried herself in his chest

Naruto patted her head delicately and promised, "I will never let anything bad happen to you, you will always be safe until I carry breath in this soul of mine." He said as he kissed her forehead, she was like a child fluttering in the wind of change and needed support. She reminded him off Shion and Hinata in some way and this request seemed to feel more personal than he thought it would.

"You should go to class now as its already afternoon."

"When can I see you again?'

"I will be there when you call for me. I am always connected to you so you can even talk to me telepathically."


"Really, now go and enjoy the normal side of life." Naruto whispered as he gave her a kiss on the cheeks and she vanished like sand blowing in the wind.

'I wonder how she will feel after knowing about the others.' Naruto thought as he walked the streets when he sensed someone coming towards him.


Natasha Romanova also known as Black Widow used to be a brainwashed minion of Russian and Chinese forces. Trained as a spy from birth, she certainly lacked in the emotional department but had found love and freedom.

Freedom from her masters with the help of the Avengers and love in the shape of Hawkeye. She was free but didn't know anything else but kill, sabotage and spy.

Even her love was finished as the man decided to move onto another woman, leaving Natasha as they didn't suit each other. Natasha couldn't say anything as he had saved her and taught her everything, he was the reason that her current self existed.

She had been lost for weeks but finally decided that peace wasn't for her kind, and took a missions from SHIELD and joined the Avengers.

"Man, you guys are annoying? Can't you feel the love in the air?" Naruto muttered as he pushed Natasha against the wall as he thought it was one of those spies again.

"Oh, I didn't think I would see such a beauty after me. Lucky me!" Naruto smiled as his body covered Natasha and blocked her path as his hands were placed on the wall

"Pardon, I am just here to invite you to the tower for the meeting. We have discussed about the topic and want to tell you about our decision." Natasha held back her instincts to attack as she replied calmly since the man in front of her was a monster in human flesh. His powers rivaled their whole team but more than that, his presence calmed her depressed heart.

She didn't know whether to dislike him for doing it or thank him for helping her.

"Is that so? Good news I hope and what about you? You are looking sad my lady, would you like me to extend an ear to your plight?" Naruto's gentle and soothing voice even affected her powerful mind as she considered talking to him about her insecurities and listen to what he has to say to make them better.

"Are you not already busy with other arrangements?"

"Haha, I am but I can always make time for people in need. I do not wish to see you drown in the sea of depression any longer just because I wanted to meet someone else. You can talk to me Natasha and I will help you get through it all. Your friend Sentry is also going to be talking to me so you can say I am a qualified therapist with great credentials. I don't think you need more proof than my words." Naruto held her daintily chin and touching her face.

Natasha looked into his eyes and felt the emotions inside. They were palpable and made her waver, she had never seen anyone care for her this much in her life.

Everyone wanted something from her, her skills, her expertise, her knowledge, her beauty but from this gaze she could tell that he didn't mind if she gave him nothing.

He just wanted to help her just because he wanted to. It was something no hero actually tried doing at all.

They didn't go out of their way to help people fight depression or any mental problem, not even their colleagues.

Sentry and Banner had mental issues but none of the Avengers had reached to them. They just expected them to fix themselves.

'Only when someone else offers help do I realize how broken we are.'


A.N Hope you enjoyed

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