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Read Immortal Monarch (Naruto x Xmen X Marvel) - Chapter 21 online

Chapter 21: Chapter 20

A.N. As long as you people keep on commenting and reviewing, you can expect the chapters to keep on coming.

"Hey guys, how is it hanging? Hope you didn't sleep last night because I was partying all night." Naruto entered the meeting room with Natasha stuck to him.

He loved cuddling so he had hugged her very lovingly. It had been so good that she had a hard time letting go of him.

The comfort it brought was out of the world and touched her heart strings.

"No sleep thanks to you." Tony replied while taking a sip from his bottle and looking at him with a raised eye.

He didn't think Naruto was such a ladies' man to even get Black Widow to act like that.

"I hope you are not affecting her mind with your powers." Steve asked as he had never seen Natasha act clingy to a guy before without it being an actual mission.

Natasha had separated from him and took some distance as she felt conflicted inside from acting like this so easily.

"I would never do that Steve, that's disgusting." Naruto shook his head and took a seat

"He hasn't used any mind control or anything. His presence just feels very nice when you have physical contact with him." Natasha clarified

"Remind me to never get close to you. I value my straightness." Tony muttered with a shudder as his alcohol addled mind gave him a very bad image of what would happen with a guy.

"Don't worry it doesn't have the same affect on guys and it only makes me you feel relaxed and safe by my side."

"Is that operating on the same principles of understanding you talked about?" Dr.Strange asked from his seat as he was also joining for this joint.

"Yes, so what is the verdict?"

"We are fine with you taking over if the people accept you. You will not directly control or affect the countries without earning the people's approval. You will only focus on that point and no meddling with the system. Is that okay with you? If not…"

"I have no problem with this arrangement Tony. This is an easy job for someone like me, do you think I took over my world by force or something. The people love me. I am their idol and their savior. They would do anything for me. Unlike you guys or anyone else, I invested a lot of my time and health in exploring the world and talking to people to teach them and understand them. So you see, I don't really mind doing it because I only have to act like usual and people will come to love me naturally." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Well, someone has a huge ego. I would love to see you win. How long is this operation going to take?"

"Give it a year or two, I think in manage in this time."

Tony raised his arms and looked at the others, "Well you do you, just keep within the limits and we won't interfere with your work."

"Naruto, if I wish to follow you would you mind?" Steve asked as Naruto had already agreed to the deal without any issue.

"How? Like normal follow or do you want the power to stand under me."

"If I accept your power, will I have to follow your every command?"

"No, you are free but when I need you I will call you. I will never ask you to do something wrong, trust me."

"I wish to follow you and accept your power." Steve muttered in a determined tone. Naruto had already shown him what the power increase would be like and it wasn't much. He won't become Hulk or Thor but he would have the power to easily fight against all weaker threats.

He would be granted chakra to compete on the level of the old Kakashi.

"Your friends don't mind?"

"He isn't leaving us so I don't have to cry about his cheating." Tony replied for them

"Well let's go out together for a meal to celebrate our union. How about it? Or do you prefer I cook for you?"

"Your cooking? I would like to see that." Strange said and Tony also agreed.

"Where are Bruce and Sentry?"

"Bruce is busy with his own things for now while Sentry is sleeping to recover from yesterday's ordeal." Steve answered with a sad expression as his friends were hurt and he was unable to help.

Realizing that he had ignored the mental issues of his friends had been a blow to his heart.

"Let's call them to join us as well. Hanging out and talking in a relaxed manner is good for your health instead of holing yourself inside a dark room or lab." Naruto said with enthusiasm and stood up while his senses focused on the targets causing them to appear in the room.

Bruce had been taking a hot bath so he arrived naked while Sentry was also naked because he had ripped apart everything in his sleep.



After having an enjoyable time and leaving the avengers full and drunk on his special wine, Naruto went to visit Gwen at the University before his meeting with the Fantastic Four. He also wished to inform Peter about the changes personally as he didn't want his friend worried about some phantom enemy.

He walked inside wearing casual clothes, black pants and orange jacket with normal boots as he didn't want to stick out but his aura just made people look at him.

His presence was powerful and demanded attention so unless he acted like an assassin, he was getting the looks.

MJ was sitting with Peter as she explained to him her new powers since she had followed him yesterday. They were both feeling relaxed and having a nice time talk with a lovey dovey environment around them. She was seated in his lap and Peter was holding her tightly.

MJ was lost in the conversation but stopped once they sensed that aura and looked towards him. Naruto just acknowledged her as he walked towards the different department.

'Hello Peter, I hope you are doing well. The things that your girl has told you are true. I was the one who gave her the powers and I also gave Gwen powers. I told her about Black Cat so if you want you can push through and get a harem my friend. Finally, Harry will become the new Green Goblin and he will help you fight crime from now on.'

'What? Why?' Peter was relieved that the source was confirmed but he was shocked by the last two things.

MJ knew about his affair with Felicia. It was a thing he had enjoyed but there was a lot of guilt involved. He regretted ever giving into the temptation.

MJ was everything to him and she had been there for him through all difficulties even though her life was threatened.

She deserved something more and he had been thinking of letting her go to save her from this dangerous life. Fortunately Naruto gave her the powers and now they could always stay together.

But how did Harry get involved in the Green Goblin business.

'Norman is dead and Harry would have connected him to you sooner or later so it is better for him to grow up and become a decent person. I showed him everything Norman has done and gave him some life advice so he should be joining you to repent for his family's sins. Don't decline his offer, you need help and the more people around the safer you will be. You should also focus on your friendship with him and work together in the business world. You got the ideas and he has the resources.'

Hearing this Peter was really shocked as he was unaware of Naruto's killing spree. It came as a shock to him that Norman was dead, just like that.

Even MJ could see the change in his expression and understood that he was locked in a conversation.

'Grow up Peter. Norman deserved to die for his crimes. He was an evil man that deliberately caused mayhem. You should be aware that the only reason he wasn't sentenced to death was because of his Business Empire and connections. I won't be killing any people for now since I promised the Avengers but soon this world will be mine as they have given me the green light to promote myself and gain the vote of the people. Once that's done, I will erase every criminal from this world and show you a proper system where such crimes will be permanently lowered into obscurity. Think about it and enjoy your time. We are friends Peter, so don't let it get to you.���

Naruto had already disappeared from view and these words were the only thing left. It was a short conversation and completely one sided as Naruto just wanted to inform of him some details.

'How did this happen? Why would they agree to something so crazy? Is this really okay?' Peter was totally confused now.

He couldn't believe that Tony or the others would give the okay for such an operation.

Looking at MJ and thinking about how Naruto had treated him, 'Okay, maybe there is a basis for this decision but how is he going to do this. This is a massive undertaking.'

"What happened Tiger?"

"What would you think if Naruto took over the world?"

"What? That's crazy."

"Yeah, same here but it seems he is going to do it."

"For real?"


"Wow, no fighting involved or is it going to be another massive battle."

"He is going to win over the people."

"Then what's the problem. Don't you have problem with the system here and in other countries, this might be the solution to that. I trust him as he doesn't feel like a person that would harm people."

"Right, may be this is something good. Oh yeah, Harry is going join us as well. Maybe I should go and talk to Dr. Connor since we are already recruiting people to work together."

"I don't mind. It was sad seeing Harry waste away so this might be a good way for him to regain his youth."

"I hope so" Peter muttered as he got up and the couple walked towards Connor's lab. He was the Lizard because of a serum that he had been researching and had gone berserk few times.

It had calmed down after a few beat downs but there was always a risk of relapse but with Naruto's words, Peter got thinking and deciding they could use Oscorp resources to improve the serum and gain full control.

They could even sell the safe version so it wouldn't be a loss to the company.

"Oh Yeah, Gwen became his girlfriend." MJ said as she tapped her head since it had almost slipped her mind.

"WHAT! He is married you know."


"To Gwen" Peter and MJ ran towards the direction Naruto had gone to.


"How's my girl doing?" Naruto said sweetly as he hugged Gwen from the back as she was looking at her schedule

"That surprised me! I didn't think you would visit." Gwen muttered in a surprised tone as she enjoyed the contact, it just felt right

"I never lie to anyone. I keep my promises so that my word always carries weight." Naruto explained as he enjoyed the hug, she was just so huggable and he loved cuddling

There were few oaths he had taken and would never back down from them.

To only kill a certain people.

To always do good for the people.

To always stay happy and enjoy life.

To never lose hope.

To never give up on others.

To guide everyone to the right path.

Naruto had already given up on being merciful but every other oath could apply to him. He promised to always be the shining beacon to the people, to never lie, to never harm an innocent, to never lose hope and to always stay happy.

These oaths also had an effect on his personality so he was always positive more than ever and he enjoyed it, now he had actual reasons for his happiness so it wasn't hard for him and it came naturally to him.

"Really? How does it feel?" Gwen had realized that she didn't know much about her partner during the time she was away from him so she was curious about him. She only knew he was not human and had great powers. He was a good person and it was great to be around him.

"It feels good because I do not mind. I am a good person, of course there are people that may see otherwise but the standard definitions of good are on my side." Naruto replied as he walked beside Gwen and she held his arm

"Hehe, right. Can I also do it?"

"You can but this oath can never be broken, breaking it means falling into confusion and a sign of a weak personality. It was a sign of a loose character. You will begin to doubt yourself if you break these oaths but if you keep them, they will strengthen your powers that I have bestowed upon you." Naruto said in a calm tone, he had already experimented on death row criminals so he knew that it caused this problem and even caused the body to compress from the inside and slowly grind to nothing in serious cases.

You stayed alive through the process and felt everything.

'What kind of oath can I take?' Gwen thought but couldn't find anything that she was confident about and it made her feel weak

"Relax my little fairy. You don't have to take big oaths, not everyone can be like me nor can I be like you. Everyone is unique and only sometimes do people have similar beliefs or an opinion, being same as others is not fun. You can choose to never lose hope because I am here for you, hope is my second name." Naruto said as he held her chin, his voice soothed her spirit and as she spent time with him the world disappeared

"How do you do this?" GWEN asked as she felt that he had the answers for everything, she couldn't even deny that she could believe him on the hope thing

"It's naturally because I believe it to be true and show that, I emit that and let others understand that I am the right person and that hope is never lost. I truly care for others, be they strangers or not. I am the King of the world and I see my citizens as my family, in the truest sense. It just happened and here we are as my words just carry my love for people."

Gwen listened as she took in more of the information about him. His ideas were strange and even though some politicians had said something similar, she felt the truth in his words.

"What about when you have to choose between your real family and them?" Gwen asked unconsciously as she let her curiosity get the best of her and covered her mouth but the words had passed

"No one can make me choose and to make sure of that I covered all bases. But I am sure you want to hear how I actually feel then I would choose my family. In the end I am just a human and love is not always equal. I think that's enough about that, we should take it slow and enjoy easy going topics or you will be stressed out." Naruto whispered into her ears as he gave her kiss on the forehead

Gwen felt better as she was satisfied with his answer, even though she would want a hero to save everyone but this dilemma showed how much he was willing to sacrifice.

If he was willing to let his family to die for strangers then did he even love them because you can't love strangers more than your family nor did he let them die because he believed the strangers had more value.

Then it becomes even more complicated and goes in the direction which would make him not the right person to be saving people as he would decide people's value.

This also showed Gwen that he wasn't an all knowing entity but a human that loved excessively.

"One more question, why did you accept my confession? Someone like you doesn't suit someone like me."

Naruto looked at Gwen, into those blue eyes with a gentle expression, "Never say such things, I am not one of those people that look down on others. I like you because of your intelligence, beauty, kindness and my desire to save you from tragedy. I will not say that I love you the most but I consider you more than a friend and only the future will tell where that would go. You see, I am married to many women already and I love them all differently."

"Is this real?" Gwen felt happy at first but felt hurt hearing those words at the end.

"I will not lie to you. I am selfish and I cannot enjoy a life with just one woman by my side. I do not wish to constrain myself when I do not have to. It is an emotional thing but also physical, you need to that I can never get tired. You will never survive a true sexual experience with me if I do not anchor you're your mind and body. My body can go on for eternity if I wished to indulge in lust but I prefer these kinds of dates. There is time for sex and there is time for just enjoying life while having short talks and other activities. I won't mind if you wish to let go of my hand but Gwen…is it really so bad? Do you not enjoy my presence, my words, and my touch? Try it out and see before you decide to let go or it will be regret for both us. Won't you try?" Naruto held her chin, making her look into his eyes.

His gentle voice and serene expression melted her, affected her greatly, "Will you really love me? You won't throw me aside after breaking me."

"You watched too much porn. I never let go of what is mine. I am a possessive person Gwen, once you decide to follow me you will never let go and neither will I."

"Kiss me"

"As you wish my little spider" Naruto muttered as he lowered his head and kissed her pink lips, slowly and slowly Gwen melted into his embrace.

The couple was lost to the world as their mouths moved to taste each other. Gwen was in a world of pleasure. She had kissed before but this was beyond anything in her imagination. Nothing in her life came close to what she was experiencing.

If Naruto didn't let go, Gwen would have wished to continue forever. It was so sweet and comfortable. Like their lips belonged together.

"Slowly you will get used to it and this is just a small taste of what is to come. Now I need to be going so enjoy your classes." Naruto smiled as he gave her peck on the cheeks and disappeared.

"Gwen, where is he?" Peter asked

"Pete, she is acting weird." MJ shook his arm and pointed Gwen

Gwen was smiling and touching her lips while looking completely drunk.

"He left"

"What did he do? No matter, Gwen he is married."

"I know and I am okay with that. His kiss was just out of the world." Gwen answered as she closed her eyes and relived the pleasure.


"Let's just watch over her and let her decide, she is a big girl Pete."


A.N Hope you enjoyed and comment

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