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92% Immortal Monarch (Naruto x Xmen X Marvel) / Chapter 23: Weapon of Flesh

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Chapter 23: Weapon of Flesh

A.N This is a story that i wrote last year so enjoy it until I write the new chapter.


The world is filled with mix of light and darkness, for every good there is evil in this world. Humanity is cursed with selfishness and can never let go of that greed.

A world where people look away from the darkness and live without care not understanding that this is what enables evil to succeed in this life.

For evil to succeed, it only needs the good people to keep silent.

One person can never change much and if there is no support even the good will go towards the grey as there is no need to sacrifice themselves for people that do not understand and are not willing to fight for their own rights.

"What do you want?" A man with white hair and weak body spoke as he tried to sound calm and clicked the button beneath his desk for security

"Death to all your blood line" Naruto Uzumaki known as Hand of Death spoke with a dull tone as his eyes focused on all the weak spots of his target.

The man was panicking now as he heard those words and saw those blood red eyes through the white blank mask

"Security, security!" The man started screaming as he fumbled with the desk and took out his gun, and started shooting the enemy but the bullets just vanished as they touched the man

He was like a wraith, a ghost that had come for him.

"Futile resistance" Naruto muttered as he unleashed his dark aura over the man, filling the men with despair and dread as he screamed in horror

As the targets eyes were filled with extreme terror and he had let his body waste leak, Naruto destroyed his heart with a single tap of the hand.

After finishing up the man, Naruto walked outside the room and as he walked the mansion it was filled with silence and horror.

Blood and organs everywhere, bodies ripped apart and their intestines or bones ripped out of their corpses.

It was a scene from a nightmare and he walked the corridors with loud steps, his footsteps the only noise in this large place other than the slowly breathing of two individuals.

Naruto stopped near a closet and opened it to see a beautiful woman staring at him with a little boy by her side.

"Please, please!" The woman spoke with tears and dread

Naruto's hand extended towards her face and as she felt some hope, she felt the body in her hand go cold.

"AAHHHHHH" The woman screamed in horror and snapped as her child was killed in her embrace, before she could do anything her skull was cracked by a single hit by his palm

As he brain matter leaked out.

'Mission complete' Naruto touched a seal on his body and sent the report as his mission to annihilate the family of a politician while giving a message to the rest of these people was finished

He was hand of death and every time he appeared people died in terrible ways. He was born for this purpose, the weapon of the Uzumaki clan and their ultimate prodigy.

Naruto was born as a product of selective breeding for the best results and trained as killer from the start; he was born and trained to be a weapon from the beginning.

He had no parents, he had no family, and he was not human but just a weapon for his masters. His name was just a cover for the normal world while in the underworld he was known as Shinigami or BK205.

"Madarchod!" Neal Shaara muttered in disbelief as he saw the scene of carnage outside the mansion where bodies had been mutilated and the premise was wrecked

'What is happening? A second case like this in one month and no clues. I need to ask for help.' Neal was a mutant in India , he was lucky that not many super incidents happened in his country but it also meant there weren't many heroes so this case was out of his range and he had no one to turn to except the Avengers


The world had come a long way from the past where people fought wars with magical powers. The history had been changed and the chakra users were few in numbers but they controlled the world from the shadows.

Few clans had survived the last war and people had forgotten, and mutated to their previous form where chakra was not part of their systems.

This change was pushed by Hashirama Senju and was the cause of the clans demise as it had taken action completely against the nature of the world but the man was crazy and had succeeded.

Though in the end, he had lessened the destruction in the world, he could not erase the darkness and bring total peace. The clans that survived lived a life of luxury and total control; they had minor feuds with each other when taking missions but didn't fight like the old times.

The Uzumaki clan had been feared by many in the past because of their arts and because of their connection to Hashirama, they had almost been destroyed. They survived barely and held great hatred for the rest of the clans from Iwa and Kumo.

This pushed them towards a dark path and Naruto was the result of those actions, he wasn't alone as they created a team for him.

He was the Hand of death and his squad The Hive as they had no emotions and followed the commands to the point without a word.

Each clan lived close to its territory but their main base was not in a country that was on the map, it was usually on some islands and the Uzumaki Territory was in an a pocket dimension that could be entered through some locations in Asia and North America, which were part of its territory.

They had many legal businesses plus control of politics and research but they also dwelled on their main business, death dealing like they did from the beginning. It was in their blood and they couldn't deny their desires to create violence.

They could easily control men with their powers but these days, mutants and so many powers had appeared that it would be caught and they would be in trouble as there now existed beings that could rival their powers and even go beyond it.

In these centuries they had learned how small they were and tried to go beyond these limits. Hashirama and Madara had been legends but these two fighters had long been surpassed and the shinobi hungered to surpass the sage of six paths as to them, he was the pinnacle of their race.

After countless research, this generation had been given that honor as they had received the potential to surpass the sage as the previous generation had already stopped but achieved power close to the sage.

"KG 001, your next mission has arrived." Naruto was meditating in the room of darkness, where no light could enter and the environment was suffocating and reeked of the demonic realm. It was the ideal place to train the dark arts.

Naruto opened his eyes and stood up to look at his subordinate KG 005 also known as Yamato, a young man with brown hair and a product of DNA splicing from the Senju clan.

'Eliminate Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and terrify Harry Osborn' Naruto read and the paper burned to nothing, leaving a seal on his hand


'Eliminate Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and terrify Harry Osborn' Naruto read and the paper burned to nothing, leaving a seal on his hand

Yamato didn't say anything else as it was not in their programming to make small talk, they were to the point and always efficient.

He walked away with a blank gaze towards the training area for the squad, awaiting further instructions.

As Yamato left, Naruto was covered in his dark aura that clothed him with his equipment. It was a simple dark looking armor that was specially made for his use and was of the best quality exceeding everyone except the elders.

Naruto walked outside the room as teleportation was impossible within the Uzumaki stronghold without permission and he had not been given such instructions so he walked towards the teleportation zone.

The teleportation zone was present within the warriors region where only the clan warriors took residence and even that was divided into ranks according to power.

As Naruto walked towards the destination, people got out of his way and many people avoided even looking at him.

'I can't believe such an abomination is allowed to live here.'

'Shh, do you want to get killed.'

'Man, I wish Lord Naruto would look at us with that look.'

'I wish he would train me. He is so awesome.'

The reception towards Naruto had always been mixed, there were people that abhorred his existence as he was unlike a human and did terrible deeds without an ounce of emotion, and it was very clear to them as an Uzumaki can sense emotions.

While the new generation looked up to him, he was the star that shined brightly and their motivation. It was the reason that such a weapon was allowed to walk with a normal people.


"Naruto, please stop."

Naruto had entered the building where the teleportation circles for different destinations were present but stopped as he heard the voice.

He didn't stop because of feeling s or anything but because it was within his programming to listen to his superiors and this woman was within that list.

Shion was a woman of beauty and grace with intelligence shining within those eyes as she looked at him with care. She was part of the upper cast of the society in the Uzumaki clan since she had the ability to see the death of someone close.

Before most high level missions, she would talk to him and give him instructions.

Naruto stopped and walked over to Shion as she beckoned him to a private room.

"How are you feeling today?" Shion asked gently as she held his hand and sat down on the sofa while making him sit

Naruto looked at her with blank gaze, "I am doing well, how about you? Will there be any death in this mission?"

Naruto said these words without any meaning; they were just programmed into him and forced by Shion. It hurt her when she heard such a tone.

Shion was trying hard to help Naruto become a human but it was an impossible task with how strict the clan is with their weapon. If she did anything too direct then Naruto would strike her down according to the defense protocol.

Shion smiled happily, "I am doing very well as there will be no death involved. Here eat this, I made it personally."

Naruto took off his mask as he took the cupcake and ate it while Shion looked at him.

"How was it?"

"Below the nutritious requirements of this body"

Shion looked at him with dull look and laughed, it felt like he cracked a joke but in the end he was just answering what was within his coding.

"I will do better next time so come back safely."

"Affirmative" Naruto replied as he slid back the mask and walked away as Shion followed behind

'Master, how did you even allow this to happen to your son? This seems impossible, I am losing hope that we can ever save him. Is there anyone that can break through this coding and show him the way?' Shion clenched her fist as she remembered her master and wished for a miracle to happen as unknown incidents were popping up everywhere


"Dad, why do I need a bodyguard and especially these guys? They look damn creepy with those red eyes." Harry Osborn spoke in an annoyed tone as he stood in his father's office

Norman Osborn, one of the most intelligent and richest people of the known world, was not feeling very powerful today.

He had been informed that assassins were dispatched against him. This wouldn't have been much if they were normal people but it was one of the old ones with power.

'I really shouldn't have messed with that clan. Crazy bastards won't let go without leaving a message even if I beg for mercy.' Norman thought as he looked at his beloved son, his only family

"We have no choice, I made a mistake and it could cost your life. So deal with it for a while before I can find a solution. Also keep away from your friends as they might get involved." Norman relied with a calm voice as he didn't wish to make his child panic

Harry was used to seeing his father in a commanding position but this time he felt something was amiss and hearing his words made him feel that his friends life might be compromised because of them.

"Okay father, I will stay home." Harry said as he walked away thinking of bringing both MJ and Peter to his house to protect them from the storm


"Spiderman, your life is in danger. Call the avengers or your city might be bathed in blood." Spidey almost fell to this death from the sky as a voice spoke inside his head and a dark vision of despair was painted in his mind

He was sweating something terrible as he stuck to a building and remembered what that scene looking like; it was one of the crime scenes that had been on the international news.

'Why me?' Peter questioned as he didn't remember with some psycho like this but then he remembered


Peter narrowed it down to two situations; it was either someone after the Osborn's or someone just hired some monster to end him.

'I will need to call him.' Peter thought as he took out his phone

"Sir, I need your help. Death is looming over my head." Peter muttered

"What have I said about being so cryptic?"

"Learn to get better?"

"Good, now do better on the next call as this was too direct."

"It is serious."

The call became silent for a moment.

"It's the mysterious killer abroad, he is coming here."

"Are you sure?"

"I got a warning from some unknown entity but I am not willing to take a risk as I can't handle this problem."

"I will be there in an hour and we will discuss out strategy." Tony replied in a calm tone as he understand the danger approaching and felt happy that Peter was being so responsible

'He has learned a lot in these few months.'


"Shisui, why warn the human about the threat?" Itachi Uchiha, one of the strongest fighters of the Uchiha clan at the age of 25, asked his partner and best friend with curiosity

The duo stood atop the bridge and watched the cars go below them. Shisui didn't turn to him and spoke in a calm manner, "It's a gut feeling Itachi. I think the threat might be too much so thought of using the Avenger's for something useful. This way we can analyze the Uzumaki clan's unknown fighter and the Avenger's."

Itachi nodded his head as he took in the words, the idea was feasible but it jeopardizes their reputation as it would seem like the Uchiha clan was afraid of someone on their personal territory.

"I trust you." Itachi replied without showing any resistance as he was someone that liked peace and would love to avoid any deaths so he didn't really care much about the so called reputation

"This is why I like you so much bro. Anyone else and they would start crying about ma reputation, ma honor." Shisui said in a jovial tone


While the duo were on look out Naruto arrived after Tony had already arrived in the city along with some help. Plans had been made and the required people were under protection.

Naruto meshed into the crowd with normal appearance that wouldn't standout as he scouted the area to get a real time update on the situation and targets.

He found the targets in the house of Norman Osborn along with some unexpected guests. Naruto looked around a bit more to see if there was anything else and walked away into the shadows.

'The target has contacted Tony Stark and is under his protection. The mission has been leaked, do I continue? What shall be done about Tony Stark?' Naruto communicated with the headquarters for orders and to deliver the information

He also required permission to handle Tony Stark as the man was well connected and was not someone that Naruto could destroy as collateral or even harm slightly according to the protocol.

'Follow through with the mission and permission has been granted. You may do the best you can to Tony Stark without killing him and destroying his mind.'

'Affirmative' Naruto didn't question and accepted his orders

His eyes pierced through the vast distance and obstacles as he analyzed the whole mansion one more time.

Without any noise the mission began and the whole area around the mansion was covered with his power and became his domain.

It looked normal from outside but the inside was a different beast as Peter and the other saw the world plunged into darkness.

They could hear ghastly wails, the sky covered horrendous nightmares and the screams of terror.

"It seems our guest has arrived." Tony muttered, he didn't think the enemy would be so flashy and it made him worried as it meant that the enemy was very confident

Tony aimed at the sky from the window and saw his blaster fizzle out as it got close.

'I guess I can't waste power on trying to escape.' Tony thought as he walked towards the kids and prepared his defense system

Naruto arrived in the grounds outside the Mansion and walked like he owned the place. The guards noticed him and before they could voice anything, they had been diced into pieces and ripped apart casually.

Everywhere he went the people died and the land was corrupted as the darkness affected it, the soil and nature died along with air that was polluted with death toxins which could affect weak humans.

Naruto walked along the path towards his targets while letting them hear the screams of despair of the people they couldn't save and even showed them the images. Tony was unable to even intervene as he couldn't leave the room and watched as his attacks were neutralized with ease.

But even then the man didn't give up and continued to analyze this unknown power so that he may get a chance now or at a later date.

As Naruto was getting close, he somehow came across as unexpected situation. One of the guards inside the mansions actually charged at him.

It was surprising but Naruto didn't feel such things and attacked as usual but the prey didn't die.

Naruto stopped and looked at the collateral, 'Wolverine from the XMen, contacting HQ. Seizing the adamantium prototype.���


Naruto had been programmed to collect anything useful for the clan and Adamantium was one of them. The Uzumaki clan had already collected vibranium but had been unable to collect this masterpiece because it was in the Uchiha territory.

Now they had decided to test the waters and see the growth of the clan, it was time for the Uzumaki clan to conquer the world and rule over all shinobi.

"Hey you crazy fuck, have a taste of this." Logan dashed at Naruto but Naruto didn't care about his words nor had interest in testing his might against the mythical metal as he started moving again while Logan was devoured by the void

Logan couldn't even resist as he was sent to the void, a pocket dimension of Naruto's creation.

"Damn, I hate these fuckers so much." Logan cursed as he looked at the dull and dark looking world he ended up in

It reminded him of the underworld and fortunately he had pressed the emergency button before engaging the foe so the XMen had been informed of the danger.


"Logan was taken down. I can't locate his signal." Tony muttered as he looked at the door and the foe walking towards them

'We are really being looked down upon.' Tony thought as the foe didn't even wear much, just simple armor with a short sword in one hand and a white mask to cover the face

Their safety was more important than the house so Tony let it rip with a full power beam at Naruto. Tony expected Naruto to block it but the man had walked passed it and attacked him.

Naruto slashed Tony multiple times before he could even react, destroying his armor completely and held him by the throat.

"How are you doing Mr. Stark?" Naruto asked as he looked into his eyes while Peter and the others watched with terror in their eyes as they were paralyzed completely from the terrifying atmosphere and aura

Tony felt his breath get stuck inside his lungs and his blood go cold as he heard the voice. He had never felt such fear in his life. It was insane and all his knowledge had never prepared him to face such a monster that utilized such tactics.

"A price of foolishness Mr. Stark, please utilize your logic board next time." Naruto muttered as he threw Stark towards the window while shadows plunged at him to break his limbs

"I thought I was going to die." Tony muttered as he landed on the ground while Naruto resisted the attack by the unknown assailant

'Scarlet Witch' Naruto retrieved the information but it was not very useful as the clan didn't have much on magic as the Sorcerer supreme was an obstacle of great power

"Sorry, it took was just very difficult to analyze his spatial powers." Wanda muttered as she appeared outside the room, floating in air

She had to analyze the spatial powers or else it would be impossible to attack Naruto and escape. Wanda never thought it would be so difficult and learned a lot as she challenged her limits with this task.

"Why don't you get lost now, Ghost?" Wanda muttered as she blasted Naruto with a charged attack while protecting everyone else in a barrier

Naruto easily dodged the move according to his expectations but found himself falling to the grounds outside the mansion, dragged by the attack.

'Unknown enemies present, presumed Uchiha clan executives.' Naruto communicated with the HQ as he landed on the ground without a scratch as he looked at Wanda with his eyes that bore into the sole, stripping the target of all secrets

'Mission complete, deliver the adamantine sample to the lab.'

Wanda also believed that the attack had missed and her next attack was already launched but somehow he got hit by the first attack.

'The reality had been rewritten. What kind of powerful being was backing us up and could I have overcome this beast?'

"Wanda, did you take him down?" Tony muttered as the world returned to normal

"No, he left." Wanda replied as she also teleported back to her home to take in what happened


"What do you think?" Shisui asked

"About?" Itachi looked at him as they walked the streets of NY

"Could you have beaten the Ghost?"

"Not enough information, he was unlike the hot blooded fighters and efficient to the fault."

"I don't think I could have beaten him. He was not serious and was covered in seals." Shisui muttered in an unexpectedly serious tone


"Just kidding, let's celebrate with a party." Shisui chuckled as he dragged Itachi towards a club


"MR. STARK!" Peter screamed as Tony suddenly collapsed to the ground, his legs exploded into a gory mess

The blood floated in the air writing a message, 'How are you feeling Mr. Stark?'

Tony grit his teeth as he tried to stop his screams of pain, fortunately Peter put some anesthetics into his system quickly.

'Bastard, I thought we got him.' Tony thought with difficulty as he regretted not having Wanda check them all before leaving

"Stop crying" Tony muttered as Peter held him with a pained look filled with guilt

"MJ and Harry, they are not responding." Peter replied with his body still shaking from fear as he looked into Tony's eyes

Tony looked towards the kids and saw them slumped to the floor, shaking and screaming.

"Fucker, I won't let him get away next time." Tony swore as he held his communicator to send signal to his back up suit and inform the team


On an island not so far away from NY, a facility under the control of the Uzumaki clan existed beneath it to hide from any eyes.

"I can't believe this, a human actually stayed sane after going through torture by our monster." The head of the lab spoke as he saw an unconscious Logan and checked his signals

"You can stay for the day just in case and you don't have to wait for any answer from HQ. We sent the information to the Uchiha clan as a test." The Head said as he looked at the weapon since he would not move without instructions for some time before some protocol took over

"Affirmative" Naruto replied as he walked towards the entrance and protect the research facility from any threat

"BK, I authorize you to operate with full power." Before Naruto left he heard those words and the seals on his body glowed with an ominous shine before going dim

"Boss, do you think it is safe?"

"He is just a puppet, what are you afraid off. Get to work before I make your dream come true."

The head could understand their worries as Naruto was the perfect weapon; he had surpassed the power of the imaginary Sage of six paths. According to the data on his current status, his physical strength alone was enough to shatter the moon at full strength and could blow the planet with his strongest move

This was good news but also a source worry as they were living on an edge, if the weapon somehow gained sentience then they will be fucked or if someone actually took over his body.

'That could never happen, we have the best skills and all of the research of thousands of years has been used on it.' The head shook the thought away and got back to work as they were researching on the best metal for their new line of weapons, the vibranium was not enough


The XMen had been given information of what took place and were in high gear to rescue their team mate. The Uzumaki hadn't come across Charles so they didn't have the proper defense against his searching capabilities.

It was difficult enough to incapacitate him but Charles was able to find Logan and sent the strongest members with haste.

"Take this task with seriousness and cautiousness. The foe has spatial powers and is extremely powerful so Jean, Cyclops and Rogue will distract him while Night crawler and Kitty will rescue Logan." Charles explained the roles as he showed them the result of what took place

"Professor, we will come back safely" Cyclops replied as the Leader and led them towards the jet

"Hey guys, what made you so serious?"

"Logan got captured again but this time the guy is very dangerous." Kitty replied as Ice man met them on the way

"Can I come?"

Cyclops didn't have to think about and nodded as he was a very powerful mutant, "You will support us in blocking the threat."

Iceman smiled and followed behind feeling excitement while the rest were feeling dread especially Jean, she felt something different about this mission. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'What is this feeling inside? I will talk to Charles after we are done.' Jean decided as she boarded the jet

While all this was taking place, in the main city of the Uzumaki Clan, Minato Uzumaki was sitting inside the training room of his mansion.

A mansion with the best of the Uzumaki clan, rewarded to him along with many other gifts for giving them the perfect weapon.

He had been young and blind, Minato never thought his clan would ever do this to his child and now all he had were regrets.

Minato was lucky that the girl whom was a perfect match to him to make the best children was someone whom he fell in love with. Kushina Uzumaki was the daughter of Clan Lord, with the gift of the Advance Adamantine chains and a talent for barriers.

Both Minato and Kushina were one of the best fighters of the clan, feared by outsiders as the Yellow Flash and Red Death.

Minato stabbed his right leg with his dagger like usual that was filled with the curse of enhancing the pain. It was his way of punishing himself along with not having anyone in this large mansion or even thinking of having another child.

He had been forced along with Kushina to train their child, torture him and make him the best without ever teaching him anything about being a person.

They were forced to endure as their blood child lived like a machine with no thought of his own. Minato had never felt so weak before but he was forced to endure this travesty or face death with no result.

'If everything would have been right then Naruto would have married one of those adorable girls of my friends or even Shion that poor little girl.' Minato thought as he remembered his rivals from the Yamanaka and Hyuga clan

"Sigh" Minato stood up as he was done moping around, finally things were starting as he expected. This clan had gone crazy and would go to war; this was the best opportunity for them to free Naruto from this curse

'My child, wait for this pathetic father of yours to save you.' Minato thought as he couldn't even voice these thoughts as he didn't trust anything, the walls could have ears.


'Threats approaching from the sky' Naruto communicated as he opened his eyes

"Mutants, hmmm. Capture them; it is time we start on these alien species." Amado, the head of the outer research center said as he adjusted his glasses

"Affirmative" Naruto muttered as he disappeared and appeared in the sky before the jet

Before the XMen could react dark hands captured them and dragged them through the jet. Cyclops didn't wait for the foe to talk or follow through as he released the strongest beam ever towards Naruto along with Iceman who spread himself apart and froze the area around Naruto

Rogue absorbed the hand and flew with her power that was absorbed from Ms. Marvel, and attacked with power blasts.

Jean followed finally and everyone fell as the dark hands receded while the world went dark, which was part of the information they received so Jean reacted quickly as her powers were reacting to Naruto.

"Go quickly!" Jean said as she threw Kitty and Night crawler towards the water below

Rogue intercepted Naruto by getting close so he was forced to concentrate on the threat as he received the command to let duo go and fight these mutants in a subdued manner so they can record their capability.

Naruto let the weak beings pass through his domain and caught Rogue by the hand; he held both her hands and stared into her eyes.

Rogue didn't expect this reaction and smiled, "Got you!"

"Rogue, get away from him!" Jean screamed as she felt her heart feel dread

Rogue didn't head her warning and sucked on his power, and Naruto let it flow as he had the capability to resist such a weak attempt.

As a drop of power invaded her body, Rogue's body started convulsing as it had touched on something unholy.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH" Rogue screamed in horror as her body was burning from every cell, she couldn't think right. Her body was filled with power but it was destroying her from inside

"Rogue" Iceman shot at Naruto while Jean helped Rogue before she started laughing like crazy

"Hahahaha" Rogue's eyes were filled with insanity as she flew above the atmosphere and started bombing Naruto with large elemental beams while shutting down the spatial barrier

Cyclops saw the scene and knew that Rogue was in pain but he didn't have a choice, "Support Rogue, we need to hold him down."

Naruto blocked all the attacks to check their powers while attacking the other three with a chakra slash with his blade called Soul Reaper, the strongest blade with the power of extreme Yin (Darkness).

Cyclops was hit and flew down to the ground as he blocked the attack with his beam while Bobby was also sent flying far before he could stop while his body bled from the damage.

Jean was the only one able to block his attack and able to attack him back, "Who are you? What do you want from us? Have we not suffered enough?"

Jean's emotions were getting to the forefront as she stayed in this horror zone and seeing her friends get incapacitated.

The foe didn't reply and sent a ball of rotating energy towards her that she blocked with her barrier as she was unable to dodge.

'He is playing with us. We can't win.' Jean was losing hope as she understood that they were being tested and there was no escape

"NO NO NO!" Jean screamed as she rushed towards Naruto and decided to attack his mind, her psychic energy glowed a dark purple with a phoenix behind her as she dived into his subconscious

The seal that was supposed to protect from the best of the best that couldn't even be breached by any Uchiha, Yamanaka or even Charles had been broken.

Even though it was the first level, it was supposed to be impossible for anyone on this planet according to the data of the Uzumaki's and with the breach warnings blared in the HQ that sent them into frenzy as they activated the defense protocol.

'Obliterate without care'


Jean entered into the mind, she was expecting some kind of normal or abnormal scene but the scene was a complete horror show.

She didn't know what kind of man could be so warped that it defined surface consciousness in such a manner.

Jean didn't have time to wander tough this level to understand her foe and pushed through to get deeper so that she could incapacitate him but she was stopped.

Jean became cautious as she the man without the mask, his real appearance.

He had golden hair and blue eyes, and his age was similar to theirs so around 22 or so.

Jean did find his appearance attractive but what caught her attention were the eyes he could finally see the real from the fake.

'They look artificial.' Jean thought as she saw the gaze and it reminded her of the robots that she had fought many times, soulless

"Please stop this madness…" Jean couldn't continue as she felt the world pulsate and the feeling danger skyrocketed

She found her breathe get stuck and the eyes of the foe glow with a dangerous red.

"I can't allow this" Jean gritted her teeth and pushed her power, she felt so full with energy that it looked like she was going to blow from over charging

Jean was covered in energy and it fought against Naruto's full strength, she pushed through him with difficulty and entered deeper into the consciousness while on the outside the island had disappeared and death was spreading in all directions.

Rogue had lost control of her body and was hit once that caused her whole body to almost explode from the impact; she was on death's bed while Ice Man was completely destroyed from flames hotter than sun.

Jean entered the deeper world and found a child version of Naruto; he was just sitting in the darkness with soulless eyes. He had no expression and just stared quietly.

Jean was shocked at what she feeling and seeing. The person that was causing them suffering had suffered things that she could never imagine.

"What kind of monster would do this?" Jean covered her mouth as she saw the child and walked closer

'Will helping him bring some change to the situation?' Jean thought and hurried as she felt the enemy approaching from behind

"Hello little one, could you help this big sis?" Jean said in a sweet voice as she hid her worries and dread while picking up the child

"Danger, danger" A warning voice was ring in the world as Naruto appeared and took out his sword

'Activating Star Breaker' The sword came out of the sheath and slashed at Jean with blinding speed surpassing the speed of light multiples using the powers of space, time and death

Jean knew she was going to die if that hit her, "Whatever you are please save me!"

Jean screamed as she heard the voice of giant bird that covered her in its light and blocked the attack. The attack agitated the beast as the roared at Naruto in anger while its light flickered; the attack seemed to have eaten at its existence.

'I need to quickly do something with the kid.' Jean thought as she held up the kid and looked into his eyes

"Sorry but I need to do this for my friends" Jean muttered as she pushed her feelings into the child and he blinked, he looked Jean and then started crying

The world started changing and it fluctuated, the cry of child Naruto and the clash of monsters sent Jean back into the real world.

On the outside the adult Naruto was crying and it sent fluctuations throughout the world that were causing it to break and die slowly.

It sent alarms across the globe but it was the opportunity for Jean to escape with her team and she hastened without looking back as this was temporary.

She was barely hanging on with her body breaking down from the damage and the power fluctuations. Jean quickly took Cyclops, Rogue and as she didn't find Bobby, hurried to the lab where the enemies were distracted and saved Kitty, Night Crawler and Logan.

'I will save you, Naruto.' Jean promised as she felt sympathy for the child and responsible for giving him emotions

"Today was certainly something; I never thought someone could break through the defenses." Amado muttered as he took out a smoke to relax his nerves while watching Naruto get covered in darkness and seals that shut his inner mind down

The child was getting chained within the mind as the coding infiltrated his soul to erase the outside influence, returning him to a blank slate.


"Master, there is good news." Shion walked over to a waterfall under which a female with long red hair could be seen floating in the center, meditating

Kushina Uzumaki opened her eyes that were filled with regret and pain; she had lost her shine long ago and could only live in self pity until something could change.

"Shion, what could it be? The war started?"

"No, Naruto cried! Naruto actually cried!" Shion said in excitement while crying tears of joy, she was happy even if it wasn't her that caused it

"How? Those seals make it that he has nothing making him human. He shouldn't even be able to cry." Kushina flew towards Shion and asked with nervous fervor

"Someone infiltrated his mind and injected emotions into his consciousness." Shion explained the situation and waited for Kushina to say something

"I see, we need this girl. She might be the only one who can save him and we need to hurry or else she will get assassinated. The seals should be updated and stronger now that they would have understood her powers." Kushina said in a quiet voice, she had to push down the joy and hope bursting through

It was something she had dreamt of for so long but now that it was here, she didn't know if she should try as they might end up getting killed by his hands.


The HQ was filled with movement as today something dangerous had taken place and it could have been their deaths.

The weapon of flesh had almost destroyed the world around them, millions had died in his outburst and lands had shifted.

So much damage to infrastructure and to human life had happened within minutes that people had almost suicide in despair from the voice.

Many villains and heroes had gathered at the situation after Naruto had returned back to HQ, and the Research lab had been moved to another location.

The Fantastic Four were one of the people that arrived on the situation and were reading the area to see what happened.

"What do you think happened here?" Johnny asked as he flew around the place and found nothing, plus it felt uncomfortable flying in this area and he had to avoid those holes in reality

"I can tell that it was someone with the ability to control the spatial forces and death, which leads me to the new threat that Tony shared with us." Reed replied as he read his report about the activity in the environment

"What should we do?" Susan asked as she looked at the reports with worry, it had been a difficult job to protect the people of the city and they had seen countless deaths as it was out of their capability to tackle such area of range

"We will discuss with the Avengers in capturing this threat or else we might be seeing the end of the world." Reed was just not feeling right after seeing so many dead that his thoughts had turned pessimistic

Even the usually cheerful Johnny wasn't in the mood to mess around with Ben and make jokes about the enemy.

As the team was leaving, forces of evil were also observing the situation.

Dr Doom has checked the area as well; he was very much interested in this power and felt excitement. The same could be said for Magneto as he felt joy at seeing that it affected the humans while only affecting slightly to the mutants, these were the weak ones of the specie.

The shinobi forces had also observed the ground zero and Minato was thinking of operating with Inoichi along with his daughter to enlarge the hole that Jean had made.


In the HQ of the Uzumaki clan, the Uzu Lord had come personally to handle the situation. Asura Uzumaki the current Lord and father of Kushina was feeling angry at the incompetence of his men.

"Amado, do you any excuse for this?" Asura sat in his seat as Naruto lay on the table with machines attached to him

"It was beyond our expectations that there was someone that could break the natural mental barrier of BK along with the protection from the armor."

"Is that your excuse?"

"No, it was my fault as I gave the orders but through it we found a source of power greater than anything ever existed. Even greater than the so called Ten tails of legends, a beast that made our weapons energy level seem like a drop in the ocean.

Our device could easily sense the power double the size of the sun but it broke within seconds as it grew too fast. We are lucky that the woman retreated or we would have lost the weapon completely." Amado replied as he showed the reports of everything that took place from their devices and from Naruto's mind

Asura seemed to calm down as he looked over the reports and a smile formed on his face, "Interesting, good enough. Amado create better adamantine and focus on finding a way to capture this beast."

Amado knew that this was what would happen, "As you wish, my lord".

Asura stood up and signaled the men to pour their chakra into Naruto, these men were the elders of the clan and all of them chakra beyond the range of even Hashirama of Prime.

The chakra of ten people gathered inside Naruto and recharged the seals and grew his powers while installing new skills.

'The strongest mental barrier'

"You shall retreat once you sense the woman, leave everything at once." Asura installed a new order that could not be changed by anyone except him

"Bring the mask" Asura muttered as they finished the process


"Fuck that old bastard!" Kushina screamed as she broke everything in the room

"Kushina, calm down" Minato said as she held her from behind

"Calm down! Calm down! How? The scum just increased the difficulty to insane levels. The armor was bad enough but now the mask plus the sword and even Naruto's own power to use a mental technique. Even the girl can't do anything anymore as she would die before she could even pierce through the third barrier." Kushina pushed him against the wall and looked into his eyes, looking for hope

"Kushina, we don't have to finish this at once. We can take it slowly and study the barriers before breaking them down.

Plus that might not be the limit of this woman as from her data; there was no mention of such power. But we need act quickly or else she might get assassinated so let us not lose hope like this." Minato hugged her and gave a kiss to calm her nerves

Kushina could only hope that a miracle could help them as even this plan didn't seem to have much chance of success.

"I will trust you"


The atmosphere in the Xavier institute was depressing as they grieved for the loss of their friend and prayed for Rogue's recovery.

Jean sat beside Rogue and Cyclops as they were still unconscious in the infirmary while her mind was filled with many thoughts.

The thought of Bobby, her new powers and Naruto, she couldn't focus on anyone thing.

"Jean, you don't have to take on this alone." Charles said as he entered the infirmary, causing Jean to stand up by habit

"Professor" Jean muttered with a pained expression

"Talk to me and we will find a solution together" Charles said as he held her hand and made her sit

"I want to know about this power that has awakened inside. I don't know but it feels like it has a will of its own. It seems very dangerous but I need it if I want to fight such threats.

That's not all; I feel I need it to save that child. The enemy that fought us was a human that had his humanity taken away and we need power to save him or else he will continue to be a threat to humanity." Jean explained as she shared everything through her mind, everything she witnessed

Charles was quiet as he took all the information, this case was something he had never come across. He had seen brainwashed individuals but complete programming was something even worse as it seems to be done from the day of birth.

"You don't have to fear the power and embrace just do not let it control you or change you. Try communicating with it, if you feel like it has a conscious.

As for the child, I do not mind if you want to save him but put it on hold." Charles said as he held her hands to provide her support

Jean nodded and turned around as she heard movement, "Rogue, please stay still."

Rogue had woken up and was trying to move but she couldn't make any big movements and slumped down.

"I saw it; I saw how they control him. They put seals on him and these things are like codes on his soul and body. His name is Naruto and his memory resets every day except for the names of the people that he needs to follow command of, which is engraved inside his soul along with everything.

They are probably going to send people after us since you touched their weapon." Rogue muttered with difficulty as she closed her eyes, they hurt along with everything

The information alarmed the duo as they hadn't thought how dangerous it could get.

"I really should have expected this. I will talk with the Avengers while you two rest." Charles said as he started moving

'I have really gotten used to the peace.'

Rogue didn't say anything else but she couldn't help but keep seeing that world of darkness, with nothing.

'I could never imagine such a thing but now that I have experienced it slightly, I almost broke.' Rogue thought as she remembered Naruto and that dark energy that remained within her system, she was lucky that Carel Danvers persona fought against the threat inside her mind

"I really don't want to face him." Rogue muttered and Jean felt the fear in those words, it made her understand that it will be her selfishness if she tried to save him because it could end everyone's death

While such things were taking place on earth, in a far off planet hidden from humanity existed beings of power and they were starting to wake up from a dream.

A planet big as Jupiter called the Sanctuary where the beings known as the Tailed Beasts lived in peace and tranquility.

The Planet satisfied each of their demands and they lived without any problems but peace for too long brings boredom to beings used to action.

"Kurama, I have news." The sand rose from the ground forming a giant beast known as Shukaku

Kurama had been asleep in the clearing of a large forest that reminded him of Konoha and opened his eyes as he heard his brother.

"Didn't I say not to interfere with the humans?" Kurama muttered without getting up as he towered over his brother, he was the strongest of the bunch and his size showed the difference

"You know I am not like you guys. I can stay like this forever so you should have expected this but let's focus on the important manner.

Our vessels of the alternative future are living happily with their families."


"Except Naruto, I can't find him. There is no trace of his existence, his chakra filled with hope and kindness that could be sensed across the world is gone." Shukaku continued in a serious tone

"I hope you are not joking?" Kurama stood up and glared at Shukaku as the environment changed from the pressure given from the beast

"Do you think I would joke about Naruto? He is the one person that we all care about; he is like a brother to us. The only person that reminded us of Father AND HE IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN. DID WE MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE BY ABANDONING THE WORLD."Shukaku was feeling anxious, he felt that they had just given upon their brother and their father's chosen one

In the old times, the Sorcerer Supreme had given them knowledge on the countless futures. They had seen the outcomes and had become attached to Naruto as he was one across all times on their side. The chosen one, the hero of the world but it seems majority of the future's led to a dark childhood without parents and death at a young age so they chose the one thing that negated all the futures.

The Tailed beast moved away from the Planet and took home far off at the edge of the solar system with the help of the Sorcerer Supreme. They had lived here for thousand years and grown powerful that it made their previous forms little children in front of an elephant.

"Shut Up, do you think I don't think of these things? I could only pray that he was happy as our presence could once again destroy any peace. We may be powerful but the people down there have grown stronger as well and there are too many of them plus they can always seal us after outnumbering us. We can't harm the world and the scum down there can never be trusted without Naruto ruling them." Kurama slapped Shukaku for making his worries surface, sending him crashing against the nearby mountain

The loud roar and the awakening of Kurama's power attracted the rest of the siblings.

"We are going home, Naruto needs us." Kurama announced as he activated the device given to him by the sorcerer to contact him or his successor


The next day, all of the avengers had gathered to discuss about the new threat. They had received information from the XMen and the Fantastic four so they were in the know of everything up to date.

"Why think so much about it? It is just a weapon so it is better to seal it away instead of trying to save it. That would only cost us to sacrifice out lives and I am not willing to fight for a machine." Tony said as the room was quiet after everything was put on the table

"Tony, shut up. Never speak like that again. How could you abandon a child? Or did you not hear that it was a child inside?" Steve was already feeling terrible from all the news and his words lit the spark

"So you want our people to die on the off chance of saving the kid. Is that it? Did you not hear how dangerous the kid is, none of us have the capability of fighting him." Tony fought back as he showed the news of the damage caused

Wanda kept quite as she couldn't add anything, the man was too strong for her to handle.

"Why not call, Strange?" Hawkeye asked as he couldn't handle his friends getting close to fighting each other

The room quite down again as none had thought of that as it had been some time since they actually works with the man.

"I will call him" Tony coughed and called his phone

"I knew you would call, Tony but I am kind of really busy with another world ending threat at the moment so I won't be able to come. Don't worry I am sending nine guest from far away that can help you with the task." Strange muttered and Tony saw the room light up as nine individuals appeared

The call cut off and Tony stared at the people, "Relax, these are our new allies."

"We are the previous guardians of this world and we are willing to provide assistance in return for finding our friend." Kurama muttered as he stood in front of the rest

"What can you do?" Steve asked as Wanda stared at them with her mouth agape as she sensed the sheer power from them and she was alone as Thor also felt it, his warrior instinct was warning him of worthy challengers

"I can destroy this city with mere flick of my hand and control all elements. I can heal people and even power up my allies. Good enough, now who do we have to take down?" Kurama replied with disdain as he looked at the human

"Wow, this guy's the full package." Hawkeye whistled in appreciation

"We are trying to capture this man." Tony replied as he showed the picture along with the rest of the data

As the screens floated in front of the group, they couldn't look away as it was Naruto.

"Naruto, where is he?" Kurama reacted emotionally as he captured Steve and looked into his eyes trying to find the answer

"We don't know but he will definitely appear as he is the weapon of his clan." Thor replied as he placed his hand on Kurama's shoulder

Kurama let the man go and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Naruto was turned into a weapon of the worst kind that had no humanity from the beginning and he was killing people all around for many years.

"Brother, relax. We will save him." Gyuki held him from behind as Kurama was feeling nauseous

From the reactions of the leader, the Avengers could see that their target was the person they were trying to find

"It seems we have the same target so I believe we won't have any problems." Tony muttered, he had changed his mind as Strange was a trust worthy person and if he thought they could help then he was ready to go through with it

"We will give our best in capturing him but I need to meet this girl. If she has the ability to help him then we need to see how we can help her get better." Kurama muttered as he knew Naruto might capture them to use as power, he was part of that clan and that woman's son

The Avengers now had strong allies but they could all feel that they were being looked down on but could only ignore it for now.


In a dimension filled with nothing but sand two individuals could be seen fighting, one was a woman with long blue hair covered in light green energy while the other fighter was a man with black hair covered in ethereal armor of purple color.

"Did you hear?" Sasuke Uchiha, the strongest Uchiha to ever exist muttered as he fought against his rival

"What?" Hinata Hyuga, the inheritor of the Tensaigan muttered in a calm manner as she changed the direction of the slash by Sasuke and attacked with right

Sasuke blocked the move with a chakra shield and moved away to relax the tension as he received the news.

"We now know the appearance of the weapon of the Uzumaki Clan. It can be seen as a challenge since they showcased him so clearly." Sasuke muttered as he cancelled the Compressed Susanoo since they had been battling for the whole day

"Even if he is strong, we can take him down with our team. We are invincible in a group." Hinata landed and took out her bottle to drink some energy drink

They were part of team of five, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata, Sasuke, Gaara and Lee. They were among the top ten to exist and were used to working together for a decade, making their team work beyond exceptional.

"Then you think we should accept the mission to capture him?" Sasuke asked suggestively, he was testing her out

"No, we will wait for more information. Let others test him out and they will do a good job." Hinata replied and both understood that the heroes will go after Naruto without rest as he had done more damage than any villain before and without any resistance

"We really think alike, how about becoming my bride and make the perfect child." Sasuke muttered with a chuckle

He had to dodge a golden beam as he finished those words.

"Keep dreaming, I would never accept you as my husband. Plus you already have two; do you really think I would accept that?"

"Just kidding, relax you cherry girl."

"I will tell Sakura" Hinata muttered as she smiled at him and walked though a portal

"Shit" Sasuke said as he felt betrayed, now he was not getting it for a week


Everyone had thought that Naruto would be out of action for some time but only the next day he had arrived at the prison for villains with the task to reap their souls and get their knowledge.

It was so unexpected that no one had been able to react before the deed was done and the place was cleared of life, and this time there was no playing around as the 100's of km had turned to dead land.

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