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50% Impenetrable Love / Chapter 2: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Impenetrable Love - Chapter 2 by bk_raven full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 1


"Evelyn…!" I heard a loud soothe girl-voice squeaking across the passengers departing 'arrival' area divided with the silver railing and the passengers' lane alongside of the exiting area.

I searched across the crowd, scanning for cool, strawberry-blonde, golden eyed, thin nose girl, my best friend- Jessa Park, in this rather bright overcrowding place and found her along with my close friend, Isaac coming towards me with my cute, jet black-haired, adorable hazel-eyed, straight faced, six year-old son, Noah.

She suddenly wrapped me in her bear hug, cheerily giggled in my pale- blonde, platinum hair, "Welcome back, girl!!" Even having a child, I'm still a girl in her eyes, which should be exactly opposite in our content.

I returned beck my smile and then tightly hugged my son.

"I missed you, baby!" I exclaimed with all my joy of seeing him after a year. Leaving him here tore my heart, but I knew this was safer place than somewhere I had to go. I wonder if many things changed within this one year.

"I missed you too, mommy!" he said returning the hug, which was something I didn't expect. I thought he will resent me for what I did, but here he is, giving his striking- adorable smile, which is precious than anything else. .

I'm almost at the wedge of tears, when I heard the solemn voice saying "Welcome back, princess." Halting my tears up. Isaac, green eyed, slender nose, squared- jawed prince- charming faced never cease to blow butterflies with his smile.

I smiled and turned to Noah. That thick jet-black hair always reminds me of him. I wonder how he is now. Is he still the same? Is it the same thick hair, round messy grey- black eyes, sole prefect jawline I always dream to sleep? His laughter and sweet whispers still echo in my ears for I know that he's the man I can't have. Vivid feelings still stayed strong because of that hope, he might still be mine, but… thinking about that day… erased everything possible blink of desire I had.

"Mom?" Noah asked me blankly with puzzled face and it took me a moment to comprehend that I was staring at him for quite a long time.

"Charming, isn't it? Though you missed only a year, boy did quite grown up." Jessa grinned. I looked inquisitively towards her, for what must she understand that I'm a girl and my son's boy. But one knowing her wouldn't feel amuse than the one who'll be dumb-folded for choice of words. Seeing that my son takes after him was something they weren't aware of, and a reminder of me that the time has come for the truth to be out.

I weakly smiled at the memory.

Suddenly a gentle touch on my hand interrupted my thoughts and kicked in my reflexes. Jolting away was something easy for me but was quite surprising to them.

"Woah, easy princess. Just tucking the luggage up." Said Isaac looking amused and with the hint of hurt by my actions.

Although, I'm pretty close to him than anyone else for we both grew up together, I'm not surprised to see hurt in his eyes because of the reflex I developed for few years. Knowing that it did hurt him for me reacting like this left us in awkward silence.

"Sorry about that." I tried reducing the awkwardness between us. Thinking too much as soon as I stepped here isn't working well with me.

Before he can reply, "Hurry up!" cried Jessa who just got Noah in the back seat, not knowing the situation out here.

I gaze upon him and tucked his sleeve to move him from the car's trunk and pushed him into passenger's seat.

"Uh-uh, nope, not in the hell, you'll be riding as soon as you came, princess."

"Well, that's the plan, cowboy." I grinned and combed out the keys out of his pocket. He smiled when I unknowing called him with his nickname I kept when we were kids. I blushed slightly.

He started to protest but we both knew that I won't back off without a fight and as hell, he can't win. He finally gave up and got into the seat.

And then I got into the driver's seat, checking upon Noah from the mirror again. It's just like I can't take my eyes off him. Looks like one year staying away from him did a thing to me. Butterflies in my stomach died down when I started on the engine and rode across the scenery along the airport road. Because right now, I have a long way to catch up things with my son.


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"You're finally here!" exclaimed my mother. Clearly she saw me just a couple of hours ago. Though I wanted to say that out, I know it'll get worse when it comes it her mood swings.

"Mother." I replied casually.

"Oh, still haven't refined your cold look, didn't you? How will you ever get married when you scare off the girls with that stare of yours?" she accused. God, not this again, why the hell is everyone's concerned about my marriage when I personally am fine without one. Although she was the one for me, but yeah fate's turned its back at me.

"Don't sigh and give me that look, Ethan Williams." She was about to start her lecture when my father interrupted in between.

"Now, now dear, you need to leave your son be for you to get grandchildren don't you?"

"Why you always get his back whenever I go get something straight with your son don't you?" she countered back.

"Ah dear, you are thinking too much-" I took my stand to leave them in their own world, which was quite frequent when it comes to the future Mrs. Williams, something I always tend to overlook.

When I gazed upon the grand hall coated in purple set roof with a huge golden- grey chandelier hugging the majority of the room, white jasmines centered every table with a soft- red podium at the beginning covered at the sides with the grand stairs. The wealth of the Williams can be seen to be displayed within the hall.

"Fancy to meet you again, Ethan." cooed a high- pitched female voice behind me. I turned to look upon the brown eyed, crimson burgundy- where the cut's lined above mid- thigh- wearing woman. Strong scent sweeping across made me irked up.

Trying not to sound annoyed, "Well, Nice to meet you too, Emily." I coolly replied with my poker- face.

She smiled seductively and before she can answer back, "Well, if it isn't the workaholic showing up finally!" said an annoying voice.

I turned back on her without an ounce of hesitation, "Good to see you too, asshole." I grinned.

"Fucker." He said in a hushed voice while hugging me.

Knowing that I shouldn't click my voice up more, I excused myself from her and moved away with Cole.

"Don't tell me you're getting laid with Emily." He asked after checking that we are at a good distance from the hall, ending up the balcony.

"No." I took out the cigar and placed it in my mouth and began smoking.

"Still thinking about her?" he asked and I could only stare the night sky above. Lights outside screamed into the night, when the gala was above to begin. Screeches of cars, chattering of the hall weren't so audible and was silently blank when everything in my head was her.

Thinking about her was the only thing I could do now after that day, it's almost felt like my life ended though I know I'm at fault too. Distracting myself couldn't do much because I'm too grew up on her scent, and I need to fucking know what happened no matter what.

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