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First Quest ! - In Another World With Chat Group - Chapter 10 by 5gojosa full book limited free

Chapter 10: First Quest !

[Sub-Quest # 1 released!

Quest : To steal 2 Special Class tools from China Jujuitsu Users Area.

Lead time: 3 months

Bonus: Random Bonus and Random Coins

The World: Jujuitsu Kaisen

Number of participants: 1 ]

Koru paused for a while and then started shouting: "You must be kidding !! This is a group chat system. Shouldn't the mission be something that requires us to go to another world to save it all ??? What do you mean steal 2 special class tools ?!"

Luckily, koru had already put up a barricade, so no one heard him shout. After he cursed koru several times and regained his calm, he entered the chat group.

The group was silent.

[ Koru: "... Did you get a quest or am I the only one ? ]

No one responded. It seemed as if koru was talking to himself. In fact, this silence made koru a little scared.

After minutes of silence, Kazuma replied and messages began to explode in the group chat.

[ Kazuma: "Damn it !!! What is this broken chat system? !! Don't the missions of this type of system require all of us, for example to rescue Konoha from Ochimaru or to kill Kibbutsuji Muzan? What does it mean to kill 10 giant frogs within a week ??! ]

He reacted like Koru when he saw the mission right !

[ Rin: 10 frogs ? Shout at just 10 frogs ?? Tsk Tsk you weak and coward ! My mission is to give a servant a injury that makes him almost dead! Hell! I'm just a little witch. How am I suppose to do that ?!"

[ Kazuma: Do you think it's easy huh? Try it then! I look forward to seeing your figure covered in frog saliva as you run away with tears streaming from your eyes HAHAHA ! " ]

[ Rin: You !! You pervert, just die !!" ]

[ Yato: Fortunately my mission is not as difficult as you are, but it requires me to find 1 blessed ship...I just have to improve my tongue and I will accomplish the mission ... I guess." ]

[ Fubuki: My mission is impossible !! How will I kill a 5 tiger level monster alone ? I am not my sister! ]

[ Sinbad:To think that I am the only lucky one! My mission is to exterminate the so-called chimera ants from his father's reel, exterminate only ants ! I must be so handsome that even this chat group does not want to harm me. ]

Silence !!

A few minutes later koru wrote:

[ Koru :...what? ]

Sinbad didn't feel anything wrong so he confidently said again:

[ Sinbad: Chimera ants! Oh I'm really lucky! ]

The rest of the missions were lackluster compared to Sinbad's.

[ Kazuma: If you are lucky, then no one in this life has any luck. ]

[ Koru: I think our quests are really wonderful ! Your fortune is bright like a firefly at night sinbad ! ]

[ Rin: What's wrong with you? What are the chimera ants? ]

[ Yato: Yes, what is that? Your reaction is completely different than before, guys! ]

[ Kazuma: What don't you know? There is no man of culture here! ]

[ Rin: Not everyone is a lonely Hikikomori NEET and disgusting as you!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_50949092313982455">!_50949092313982455</a> for visiting.

[ Kazuma : "As I already said, I am not a NEET !! ]

Koru uploaded several volumes of Hunter X Hunter and sent it to the group chat.

Sinbad had a bad feeling when he saw Koru's letter before, but when he saw the set of folders, he made sure he felt bad.

Sinbad read the volumes and soon finished with them, his face turned ugly.

[ Koru: Good luck! You can, we are with you! ]

[ Fubuki : Why is Sinbad's mission the only one in a different world ? ]

[ Sinbad: Yes ... why? Do you want me to exterminate these monsters? Please! Even the Vanales do not have the ability to cope, especially these monsters. ]

[ Kazuma: Thinking about it, Sinbad, you are the strongest person in the chat group. I don't know much about your world, but you must have a great position ! ]

[ Koru : Sinbad, have some courage! You are a damn Glitch ! In the entire MAGI world no one has more than 4 metal vessels and you have 7! In fact I would have filed a complaint with the system if it gave you a quest in the MAGI world because even your followers could do it ! ]

Sinbad found koru's point of view logical, then nodded and wrote:

[ Sinbad: But uh, that would be really hard ! ]

[ Fubuki: Koru-kun , what's your Quest ? ]

[ Koru : "Steal 2 Special Class Tools.]

[ Rin: This means that everyone's quests depend on their own level. This means that Kazuma is weak like an insect. ]

[ Fubuki: Right ! It's just a frog, isn't it? I can press it with my Mind power to death. ]

[ Kazuma: Why does it seem like you agree to bully me ? ]

[ Yato: Guys, it says on the quest, it's a Sub-quest. What does that mean? ]

[ Koru : I think the sub-quest are in our own world, and the main ones are those that require a trip to another world...]

[ Kazuma: i Agree with you . But why? ]

Koru did not have an answer. Even this confused him. It seemed that the sub-quests were intended to develop the strength of the chat group members, but the main purpose?

[ Sinbad: All right, I'm going to prepare for my mission so bye.]

Yato: "Me too! Goodbye."

[ Sinbad is Offline ]

[ Yato is Offline ]

Everyone left after a while because they had to prepare for their missions. Even koru was no exception.

"But man stole 2 special-class tools from the China region ..." koru was in a headache just thinking about it.

After all, this is not a joke, if his identity is discovered during the theft, this may cause friction between Chinese and Japanese Jujuitsu users!

(A / N: Until now in the manga there are only Japanese jujutsu users so I'll make the rest of me ~)

Stealing it is very risky!

"Three months is enough ..." koru started sewing his own plan which he thought was good.

Thanks to his "The Visionary" ability, he will be able to sneak out well and not even the strongest person in China will be able to catch him.

So first he will sneak in to collect information, then he will make some noise and of course he will steal in the process, then he will run!

What gave koru a headache was exactly how he would steal.

His ability would enable him to sneak out, but he would not be able to imagine himself looking hidden and stealing in the process.

Let's say, for example, that he entered a bank vault with his hidden appearance, he would have to imagine himself "hiding" so that the cameras and sensors would not catch him, right?

If he chooses to steal in the meantime, his focus will not be on "concealment" but on "theft," and thus his concealment will dissipate.

This is the biggest drawback of "The Visionary"; Its user will only be able to focus on one thing!

Koru shook his head and decided to think about it later.

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