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Author: Abadom

4.72 (177 ratings)

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One chap every Sunday and Tuesday with the possibility of a bonus one on Thursday.
A man who lost his family due to an accident dies from overwork trying to prove himself to society.
He gains a second chance in a parallel world studying and researching for decades in order to find a way to travel to other worlds, only to once again die alone, overworked, alone and bored, achieving nothing.
In the end, he achieved power, respect, and fame, but he still wasn't satisfied.
Yet destiny has something reserved for this hardworking man.
Will he now achieve his dreams in a world of magic and Gods, with a power from another world? Or will he be shunned for being different?
I have a Patr30n go take a look! You can access advanced chapters there!
https://www.p@tr3on.com/AbadomWriter or this one if you are having trouble https://www.p@t3eon.com/AbadomWriter?fan_landing=true

And the Discord Server of course

The first chap will be more about exposing the world of Bioshock and how Plasmids works and setting up the storyline for the future.

I am not a writer, I do this for fun and you are reading this for free. The minimum you can do is to just leave a reasonable opinion, please don't hate mail me.

Work in progress.
R18- In the medium to far future
Slow romance
Gore- In some fighting scenes
Intelligent Mc
Fastpaced- At the start
Medium-paced, it's neither slow nor fast.
And more to come if I feel like adding them.

I don't own the cover image, the world of Danmachi and Bioshock, or the characters apart from the Ocs.

Thank you for reading!

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It is only 7 chapters in but I gotta say it is going awesome so far. The MC doesn’t become OP instantly which is a plus from me. In many other books, The MC becomes invincible in the first chapter but I enjoy reading growth type books and this one is great at it. Keep up the good work author, you are doing great!

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I know I'm pretty late with my review but here's my honest opinion. The writing quality is quite amazing for a fanfic of this specific series (trust me I saw too much cringy stories about this series) “So it's a five stars for me in this category.” For the story development however I still can't predict it's development as of now so I can't truly rate it accordingly, however as of now I like it's development. “So five stars in this category.” However for character design it's still pretty fantastic as of now because of his background and history. I also find it interesting for him to slowly unravel some secrets in his previous lives. “So it's a five stars for me in this category.” For updating stability However I'll have to rate it slightly lower because the updates are random, however it's not unbearable nor is it annoying so don't stress over this too much. “For this category my rating is 4.” For the World background I'll have to say pat yourself in the back cause trust me your background is so fantastic! “So my rating for this is 10-.... Ah right I forgot it's only up to five... I really want to rate it higher but meh.” All in all I'll have to say great story and be proud of yourself because it has so much potential! However Author Kun don't think that you can troll me again... Cause I'm now prepared for your trolls author Kun I'm prepared for trolls.....

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Good novel, Solid worldbuilding and the MC actually thinks about what he does. MC has a good personality and its fun to read things from his POV. Characters from DanMachi are written as they should be with no alteration to their personalities, or how they act. All in all the novel is really good and the author has talent and there is no bad grammar when he writes chapters 10/10 cant wait for more chapters :D

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Honest?... Well, it needs to be edited, again. The grammar on its own its fine, but its full of syntaxis and redaction issues. not to mention the author uses ' to on almost every line. Next is the mc, author tries to make it seem to be an extremely, genius level of intellect, but fails spectacularly at it. MC arrives to danmachi world but because author did not want to write a mc under the age of 18 fighting in the dungeon, he made the MC waste 18 F whole years before deciding leave his family and go to orario... Its a complete waste of time. Next is powers. MC seems to have all bioshock powers and he says... lets train this powers for 2 years before going to orario. But its hard because he has very low mana since he has no falna..... MC should have gone to orario when he was 12 or earlier. Hunt, increase his magic stat while training, as putting more magic stats, means he can cast more bioshock spells before faiting.

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No beta mc=> check No cruel psycho Mc => check No collectable but sensible harem => check No cringes=> check MC with brains and brains =>check Unique=> check What more do you need for now.

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So. I don't usually review, and I tried to be unbiased with ratings, since the problems are difficult to place. Sentences are pretty simple, more like a half-effort summary most of the time. The idea is well - it's nothing special, though it seems cool in theory. The thing is, it's unreadable. You get more POV changes in one short chapter than mosy fics have through their whole length. And that's every early chapter. I couldn't stomach more than 10 chapters. Every other sentence is a POV change between 1st and 3rd person. Sometimes it switches to another person, with barely any indication. As for the rest: stability no idea, probably ok. Story and world background are average, since it's a fanfic. A little bit of originality at the start, but from a brief look into later chapters indicate standard Danmachi stuff you saw in every other fic, with slight personal spin at most. Characters were rather flat, uninteresting, and forgettable. The only reason it's a 3/5 because I don't want to hate on this and give you the benefit of doubt that the characters get better later, or that it's only OCs that are like this.

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Great read and highly recommended for new readers to try, But I don't like hestia and how the author kinda lied that he wouldn't have the mc join her familia I skipped my sleep just to see who's goddess's familia he's going to join(The waiting is killing me lol) and got an unpleasant surprise so I didn't finish the chap and just dropped it there, And I kinda can't trust the authors word anymore even if i decided to continue reading and got paranoid when i remember the author saying the mc wouldn't cuck himself on one of his comment on the same chap fearing that he would actually gonna get cucked in the future(However unlikely that is?) Anyway that's all sorry for the rant just wanted to vent my frustration a bit

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This review is a bit early but I think its going pretty well. He provides a good amount of background and information and shows everything in a good planned out manner thats seems to balance the story and background amazingly well. If this is representative of how the story will be this will be in the future, this very well may be a smasher.

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This should give you official rating~

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I love this fanfic because unlike other Auther is doing his homework and he make foundartion of story so good and so detail so for me this is number 1 gem of this wed

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I read this too early, I don't know what to do now and can only wait for each chapter to release. Pain. .

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Overall, it is very boring, it became a chore to read with the long and drawn out internal monologues and lengthy explanations. The power scaling is a mess, the character interactions and the characters themselves are plain and uninteresting, and the pace is incredibly slow. A slow pace is not necessarily a problem if it weren't accompanied by some major pitfalls. Firstly, the development of the characters' relationships are poorly conveyed and the general dialogue format is very shallow and unpolished. Dialogues between the Mc and other characters always come off as aimless and very impersonal, always maintaining the level of casual banter or small talk one would have with an acquaintance. This is highlighted by a striking lack of detail and emphasis given to non-vocal character communications, something I attribute to the story's strange narration style, as body language and facial expressions aren't explored above a primitive application. Secondly, relationships are developed at an extremely slow pace as well. As a result, everything aside from the occasional fights feels very mundane, aimless, and passive. I personally find this very boring, I cannot stand a slow paced story with so little character development, especially when everything aside from that is the Mc doing chores, ceaseless internal monologues, and the author's constant fights with his power scaling. The power scaling is sloppy, the Mc kills an armored level 3 berserk floor boss at lvl 0 and then loses to a lvl 3 human at lvl 2. Onto the main character's character, I find it extremely disappointing. I will keep it short, but he certified that he would win the war game with 100% certainty just to get beaten by a lvl 3. If the lvl 3 hadn't forfeited without fighting for some god forsaken reason like he did, then not only Hestia, but he himself would have become a sx slave due to his unrestrained arrogance, All self inflicted as he himself provoked the situation. Nuff yap bye.

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I don't leave reviews at all. But to see a Author that is open to criticism and Perfecting their work. Its rare and great thing to see. Its not often You get to see such great deals in a Author these days. Authors that are always willing take in criticism and Grow off it is truly a great thing that to many Authors don't do.

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Good and an interesting danmachi fanfic👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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Interesting, fun and exciting. The Plasmids were really well used, the mc and the other characters are really doable and cool. Thanks, I'll be waiting for more! (Google Translate)

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as alpha and fellow reader that's will come asking stupid questions about harem then I m asking for you all , thank to me later so author this novel it's harem ? Meh I didn't care about all girl cause I only care about ais ,ryuu and Artemis other than that you can reject but well up to you And if you asking me ais or Artemis ,I choice Artemis . In movie when she die make me emotional and then she become my waifu even she die huk huk ಥ‿ಥ

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Overall ranking 3.4* ---------------------------------------------------------------- Writing Quality: Really good, you dont have to use your brain to decipher what author means, not really a lot of mistakes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Stability of Updates: 5* - often ---------------------------------------------------------------- Story Development: 2* - The story is quite interesting for first 80-100 chapters but after that it becomes really boring, Silver (the MC) seems to do the same thing again and again and again, author introduced at first like few females who are clearly into relationship (Hestia and the other goddes i forgot (Astrea or something i think) and then barely metions this romance. Romance is clearly lacking in this story and the story itself lacks something that would keep me entertained, reading it a lot of times feels like a chore. -------------------------------------------------------------- Character Design: 2* Silver (the MC) is quite a good character, but i absolutely hate how passive he is in a lot of times. (poachers for example, romance, ishtar). Girls are a lot of times just skimmed through -------------------------------------------------------------- World Background: there's some kinda weird world but what about it in 180 chapters we've seen it only like 3-5 times so im giving it a 3*

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This fanfic is well written and enjoyable. The mc is someone who makes smart decisions and plans ahead, he is kind but also ruthless when he needs to be. The characters are fleshed out and have personality, the way they interact are like actual people with real backstories and feelings. Overall if you like DanMachi as well as an epic mc that actually thinks ahead of his actions, then read this. Trust me it's worth your time

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Muy interesante historia, aunque el comienzo fue para mi poco popular, le dio el entendimiento a lo demas. El patreon no acepta mi tarjeta, asi que si puedes tener Ko-fi, podria ayudar un poco. Gracias por los capitulos.

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Be not afraid of special chapter which are "out of the timeline" but will later surely be fused with the main story... When I see it's not a true chap I'm always a little bit disappointed but you dont leave us and always make a superb chapter with fillers or romance and it give so much happiness, excitement and joy... I love how you introduce in your novel the situation, the emotions and the action. The MC is not oblivious to women and not desperate nor a pushover and his "future harem" seems very good but not forced all cause at the start he didn't even want it. The MC is powerful for his level and can easily beat adventurer with more level than him (without falna was capable of killing the boss just before the safe zone and can generally beat a level or two higher than him) but the difference deepen with time cause he always max his stats to SSS and even if it takes much more times, he still is even more faster than the "sword princess" in leveling up when she didn't even max all of her stat to more than A I think. Also he have "plasmids" power which are very original and versatile. He's smart extremely good looking, not arrogant nor overwhelmed by his emotions while being a lot knowledgeable because he have a photographique memories. But one of the thing I prefer is that his backstory is very full/complete and I was very taken by how profound, emotional and well written it was. Thx for writing such a good story and don't ever drop!! The only thing I'm afraid of is if the author will not make the special chapters canon or how he will fuse them with normal chapter, I would love if he give me some information about that!

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Author Abadom