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Chapter 13: Not a game

"Begin!" Hippolyta loudly announced as the Amazons under her rule raised their fists and cheered. They were now full of excitement and lust for battle.

Aron who were somewhere in the crowd, can feel the waves of battle intent that came from each and every amazons. He, for a moment, was stuck in a daze seeing and feeling thousands of battle intents around him. This is the first time he come across a battle intent this strong.

(A/N: I can even smell people that would complain on "why is he stuck in daze?! He has OP powers!" From a mile around.)

Yes, Lulu also releases her battle intent every time they sparred, but this? When all Amazons around him releases their own battle intents, he can't help but shiver as his hair stand on its ends.

But he wasn't shivering in fear, but in excitement instead. Aron himself notice this and was confused. Yes, he was indeed the type of guy who likes challenges sometimes, but he never felt this kind of excitement and desire to battle before, well atleast not this strong. While he was stuck in his thoughts, the system answered his doubts.


[Answering the host, it's because of host's bloodline, zenkai boost, affecting you]

"Huh?" Aron asked confused.

[Host, you never know this, but the reason on why saiyans has such a huge desire for battles was because of their bloodline ability, zenkai boost.]

Aron kept silent as he listened attentively to his system's explanation.

[Well, only a handful of saiyans were well aware of the influence the zenkai boost in their blood can bring. The reason why majority of the saiyans were all battle maniacs was because of the zenkai boost in their blood were kind of influencing them to engage in battle so that it can put itself to use. The zenkai boost was just like any other cell if you call it]

[Just like the red blood cell for example, their job was to deliver oxygen from the lungs and into all parts of the body. The zenkai boost was also the same, it want to do its job, so it trigger the saiyans intent to battle, making it stronger so that it would engage itself to battle and make the said zenkai in use]

"So... can it affect the way I think?" Aron asked, he was kind of worried as he can't risk himself to be controlled by his own power and make some stupid decisions.

[Incorrect host, you would indeed feel excitement in battles, but you would at most be like the saiyans in Universe 6. Because they never grew up to conquer planets, the saiyans in Universe 6 were kind of normal and peace loving race. While the saiyans in Universe 7 were all raised to destroy and conquer planets, so the zenkai influenced them greatly.]

[The same could be said to you host. You grew up in a civilized and peaceful world except for what you experienced in the past, but still, you don't need to worry about that. The zenkai's inluence really is not that strong, it still depends on you, whether you want to engage in battles or not]

(A/N: This were made up, but let's just go with this reason on why saiyans were all battle maniacs.)

Aron raised a brow and nodded in understanding. He's pretty much like a saiyan now, except he didn't have the S cells and a tail.

Meanwhile in the platform. Hippolyta, seeing her fellow sisters getting too excited, sighed as she raised her hand and signalled the amazon behind her. The amazon behind nodded and tapped her staff in the surface of the platform twice.

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Aron was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the staff tapping the platform. As though it was influenced by something, everyone in the arena can hear it clearly. Looking around, Aron can see all the amazons ceased on on what they're doing when they heard that sound as they all put their attention back to their queen.

He looked up and set his gaze to the platform. He can see Queen Hippolyta and her royal guards behind her. They were all beautiful, except for that woman behind hippolyta.

She appears to be a cave woman wearing a greek garb, she also has a staff on her right hand that she use to call the attention of all the amazons before. Aron set his gaze at the cave like woman with confusion in his eyes. 'She looked familiar'. He thought.

The "cave woman" can feel Aron's gaze, so she turned in his direction and can see the confusion in his eyes. Their eyes locked into each other, but after a while, the cave like woman nodded in greetings as she shifted her attention back to the ongoing speech of her queen. Aron also nodded back at her as he also listened on what Queen Hippolyta was about to say.

Hippolyta, seeing all of them calmed down, announced yet again. "Before we oficially start, there's one thing that need to he announced... Sisters, for this competition, someone wishes to compete against us". The amazons, after hearing that, shifted their gazes at Aron. Some of them can be seen frowning while some of them has curiousity in their eyes while the others kept a neutral expression. All amazons kept quiet as they looked at each other while waiting for their queen to continue with what she wanted to say.

Hippolyta stared at all the Amazons below as she paused for a while to let what she said sink in to them. After a while she continued. "Last month, we encountered an "outsider" and allowed him to live here until today". Hippolyta looked at Aron when she said "outsider" while aron himself just gave the queen a wry smile as he scratch his cheek.

Hippolyta squinted her eyes while looking at Aron's direction but she immediately cut off her gaze as she continued. "He came from the Man's land, where men rule the world and runs it". When hippolyta mentioned the man's land and the men outside, some amazons immediately frowned while some has hatred written in their faces while the young amazons continued to listen.

Aron can feel hatred lingering in the air, but for some reason, he can feel the majority of the amazons not directing this hatred on him except for a few. He didn't know that because he and the amazons encountered each other everyday for the past month and trained with them, spar with them and hunt beasts with them. Some of them come to appreciate him and they can't bring to hate the little boy after all of that, even though he's a man. Or they really didn't consider him a man to begin with.

Aron keep his expressions composed as he can still feel some few amazons directing their hatred on him, but he ignored them as he listened to what Hippolyta was about to say.

After a short pause, hippolyta continued. "He originally came to Themyscira to challenge us and make himself improve through battles. He said that he would fight with his honor on the line... But all I can see, for the past month, was a kid playing with his skills everyday. A total far fetch to what he said about fighting with his honor on the line". The amazons glanced at his direction while Diana seems a little bit worried and Lulu was currently adorning a frown on her face.

Aron also frowned as his intent on holding back in every spar/duel was because he want to train his taijutsu, but looks like the queen didn't like that. He never thought deeply about his words and he unconciously provoked and somehow insulted the queen.

He tried to recall his words that day and in the queen's perspective it really looks like he did not hold true onto his words. He sighed as he really didn't chose his words that well.

Hippolyta stared at his location for a bit but still continued. "Now is the day where all willing amazons would compete to see who can be the strongest. A place where WARRIORS would be fighting with their honor on the line!" Hippolyta said as she yelled the last part while staring at Aron.

She continued again but now with a provoking and threatening tone. "This is not a game! I cannot let a kid participate in a battle if he only meant to play with his skills! You are in a place where warriors live! You being a kid would never be a reason for YOU TO PLAY WITH THE WORD HONOR AND TAKE IT LIGHTLY! WE! THE AMAZONS! Would NEVER ACCEPT THAT!"

"HA!" As though to support their queen's statement, all Amazons stomp their feet and gave a shout of agreement. Even Lulu and Diana seems to agree a bit.

Aron can actaully feel pressure around him now, this is the first time he encountered this kind of situation and he doesn't know what to do. But even though he don't know what to do, his eyes were still clear, no signs of anxiety or panic can be seen in his eyes as he stared directly to where Hippolyta is.

"If you don't have what it takes to become serious, then you can leave now. We have no need of some kids playing warrior here". Hippolyta stated clearly to Aron.

Aron kept silent for a while as he thought of many things in his head. On why he wanted to become strong in the first place, or why he accepted to go to themyscira, or on why he chose the wishes he have now. He realized many things in that instant.

He also realized that he actually spared a little to no effort on becoming stronger ever since he arrived in this world. He only trained passively, not seriously. Yes, his mother and Lisa told him to live this life to the fullest and become happy. But how is he going to be happy if he actually don't have enough power to protect those he love from a certain SPOILED GOD?!

Aron seems to remember the reason on why he chose DC in the first place. It's not only because it's his favorite comics. No! He has more reasonable reason on why he chose it along with his wishes. Arriving at those thoughts, Aron smiled.

Hippolyta seeing Aron being so silent felt a little dissapointed, she sighed and was about to announced that he's not welcome here anymore when Aron suddenly started floating.

All amazons stared at his figure floating as Aron slowly flew to where hippolyta is. The royal guards behind Hippolyta raised their guard as they put their hands on their sheated swords but hippolyta raised her hand to stop her royal guards as she let Aron land in the platform.

Landing on the plarform of the arena, Aron stared directly at Hippolyta as he smiled and bowed a little. After that, he stood up straight and said to her. "I thank you, queen Hippolyta, for opening my eyes". Hippolyta kept silent as she stared at the boy who does not speak like his age and observe his actions.

After saying his thanks, aron turned to where all the amazons are, as he stared at them seriously and loudly decared. "I. ARON. NOW SWEAR TO MY VERY EXISTENCE THAT I WOULD NEVER TAKE THE WORD HONOR LIGHTLY. I WANTED TO BECOME A WARRIOR WORTHY OF RESPECT! SO NOW I SWEAR TO FIGHT WITH ALL I GOT AS A FORM OF RESPECT TO EACH OF YOU! SO GIVE ME A CHANCE AND I'LL PROVE TO EVERYONE! THAT I! CAN ALSO BECOME A WARRIOR!" Finished saying those words, aron can feel that his very existence were somewhat tied onto something but ignore it as he stated those words with clear conviction behind his voice and totally meant what he just said just now.

(A/N: Swearing wouldn't affect the MC in any other way, so don't worry.)

Hippolyta behind seems a bit surprised but composed herself immediately as she stared to where her daughter was and saw her smiling gently to the direction of Aron. She sighed and shook her head as she asked Aron. "What now?"

"I humbly request queen hippolyta to let me participate in this competition against the amazons. As I just sweared now with my very existence that I would make each and everyone of you acknowledge me not as a guest, or an outsider, but hopefully, as a fellow warrior". Aron stated seriously.

Hippolyta was a bit surprised by the boy's action and she has to admit that she has to commend his conviction and stand in this matter. She looked around and saw her sisters eyes showing awe to aron as they admire his courage even when he was pressured by all of them. Some were a bit neutral and some were still a bit hostile to him but all in all, hippolyta herself has now a favorable opinion about him. She smiled a little as she stared at Aron and said.

"You better not bring shame to yourself and better take this seriously. If you want to be acknowledged by us, then you need to win our respect first. And to get that, prove yourself worthy. You now has my permission to participate in this competition". She said to aron.

Aron bowed and said. "I thank you for this ooportunity, queen hippolyta".

Hippolyta nodded at aron as she then turned to her fellow sisters and announced. "I! Your queen! Hippolyta! Officially announced the commencing of the competition! Of power and might to begin!"

""""""WOOOAAAHHH"""""". All amazons cheered in agreement as they all raise their fist, they were all now very eager to fight after witnessing what happened earlier. While Aron himself was currently adorning a smile to his face while looking at Lulu who gave him a thumbs up and to Diana who nodded at him while smiling gently like the proud big sis she is.


(A/N: Sorry if some of you find this chapter unsatisfactory as I made it while half asleep, I also can't find the right words to some sentences as I feel light headed. Really busy with my studies now and only has this time to make this one chapter so do forgive me. Peace.)

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