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78.57% In Harry Potter with the Celestial Forge / Chapter 9: First Day in Class and Meeting Moony

First Day in Class and Meeting Moony - In Harry Potter with the Celestial Forge - Chapter 9 by Damon_Jager full book limited free

Chapter 9: First Day in Class and Meeting Moony

I will have to send a gift basket or something for Andromeda for teaching me the silencing charm. because Christ on a cracker Rona and Neville snore no loud. Like I'm pretty shore that Ron has sleep apnea.

I and my way down to the common room. Hermione is sitting their with a contemplative look on her face . Till she sees me and calls me over.

"So are you going to tell me what that sound was or are you going to make me wait hmmm"

"Write to Tonks if she says that you can know till then you will have to wait."

"Speaking of Tonks she told me that you were making a robot and armor for her"

"Yeah, it turns out that I have a natural talent for making things and yes I did make a robot, in fact I made 4; 3 scanner bots and a scrapper bot to clean up after me. If you want I'll go and grab the scanner one, I was going to have it map out Hogwarts and scan the library so I'll have a copy of all the books here with me"

Her eyes go wide for a second as she just stares at me and grabs me and starts to says that muggle technically can not work around magic and I must be teasing her. I run up to my trunk and retrieve the two other scanner drones and set up my terminal.

Turning on the they both beep excitedly.

"Alright it's time to work, first I'm showing you off the Hermione and then I'm setting you guys off to work deal?"

".- ..-. ..-. .. .-. -- .- - .. ...- . --..-- / .-.. . - .-..-. ... / ... .... --- .-- / --- ..-. ..-. / .- -. -.. / --. . - / - --- / .-- --- .-. -.- .-.-.-"

"Alright I like the enthusiasm"

Walk back down Hermione is shacking in her seat with paper and pen as she is so excited to see the robots and ask questions.

"Before you flood me with questions let me explain what these girls can do. First their purpose as their name is to scan an area to map, then once that has been scanned they go back and catalogue what was found, the computer system then proves that informative and ties what was scanned to an ID tag. For what they are made of it is a solid stainless steel frame, vacuum tube circuit board, with a bunch of more technical aspects that I won't go into now and yes you can access the database. So questions? Comments? Concerns?"

She just sit their dumbfounded at the floating eyebot just petting the thing mumbling to herself about how this should not work.

".. ... / ... .... . / .. -- .--. .-. . ... ... . -.. / .-- .. - .... / -- -.-- / ...- .. ... .- --. . .-.-.- / .... .- .-. .- .-.. -.. .-. ..--.."

"Yes she is impressed Scanner 1"

Hermione just nods and continues to examine the eyebot who seems to enjoy the attention.

Once she snaps out of her nerd induced stuper she asks about the computer saying the thing looks ancient and it does not have a mouse or OS system. I nod and tell that if she wants I will get Tonks to send some coding books and her and me can make one together. She excitedly agrees, we spend the morning together while Hermione is trying to beat Tonks score in Atomic Commander.


Hogwarts breakfast is nice in that their is an abundance British style breakfast food. Which I won't say is bad it's just bland as all git out. I will have to get Tonks to buy me some southern style cook books, was Paula Deen around in the 90s?

Anyway the morning meal progress like normal. Till the Newspaper arrived and absolute silence set upon the hall.

( Harry Potter has found his match.

"I bring exciting new people of the wizarding world our Boy-Who-Lived has found his match, One Nymphadora Tonks she is the daughter of Andromeda Tonks Nee Black. But fear not woman of Britain our sources tell me that young Mr. Potter is the holder of nor less than 8 noble houses, So keep your options open Mr. Potter and Congratulations are in order"

The rest of the paper goes into detail about a fake story of how we met and feel for each other immediately. the article ends with a Image of me and Tonks at the station.)

Silence of the hall lasts only another couple of moments. till its broken by a caphony of whispers and voice asking questions of if they have a chance to get with me and a lot of jealous stares from guys.

While this chaos was happing around Britain, Andromeda and Amelia executed their plan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

First, Amelia receded the kiss on sight order for Sirius and cut a deal with the Minister that we would make him look good in the trial.

Second, a team of Auroras made their way into the Gryffindor common room for a rat sleeping on the bed of Ron.

lastly, Sirius and Andromeda walked their way into the Ministry Of Magic. But this was not known to the students and public of Britain.

"SILENCE, now we all may want to congratulate Mr. Potter and his Fiancé but we have class to attended."

Dumbledore says in his grandfatherly tone


The first classes that I had where DADA and Runes.

My first class was Runes. Canonical Harry never did anything with runes. Hogwarts focused on Nordic runes they are a all rounder rune style. They could be used in Wards, enchanting, rituals etc. but their are hundreds of rune styles or sets out their.

The Celtic rune sets is a ritual set where it main purpose was to affect the land in some way blessings or curses.

Egyptian rune sets is most used in wards. Form keep out certain people to warding entire countries from invader.

But that is high skill stuff.

The current Professor for runes is Professor Babbling. Babbling is the youngest of the professors at Hogwarts, she is a vertical average looking woman that has some kind of middle Eastern ancestry.

She has a rather pleasant personality. She gave us a general over view of runes and what they are used for. She also showed us a simple rune light used in lighting buildings. It remind d me of a simple circuit.

DADA was a simple class it was a simple introduction and test of what we knew based off the past couple of years. Which is not much because the past couple of years was taught by the Dark lord with a stutter and then a fraud.

Monny is actually a really good professor. He was kind and had a jovial air around him.

Our meeting was set after our first class.

"So Moony are you ready to talk. Because I have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Like why did you not come and find me, why didn't you even write to me, once I came to Hogwarts. And don't say your Furry little problem because I already know about that and I don't care. You left me Moony I remember everything since I was born, you coming over and reading to me with mom, me riding on Padfoots back while mom and dad rested. You left me Moony, I didn't start to remember everything till recently. So what is your answer. At least Padfoot couldn't get to me. But you, you just left."

"Harry.... You have to understand that how Werewolves are seen by the public. They would have tried to Take you from me and Dumbledore said that you were safe. And wait what do you mean you spoke to Padfoot, where is he Harry he betrayed your parents. He is trying to get you one his side"

"No, Moony he is innocent. It was Peter he was the keeper. If the plan worked out today Sirius should be a free man by the end of the week"

He just slumps down in his chair, in a mix of shock and regret. I just pat his shoulder and say "Find Me when you are ready Moony"

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