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Chapter 51: Noisy Explosion - In MHA with Star Platinum - Chapter 51 by blazuki full book limited free

Chapter 51: Chapter 51: Noisy Explosion

Bakugo felt an exploding rage as he looked at Lee. This guy, at first he thought him as just as a stepping stone, toward his goal of being number one.

At first, after the interactions they had, he had learned that this guy can be only strong because he has a Quirk that he can't see. That maybe had been Lee's advantage during the entrance exam, which gave him the power to class first.

But after the USJ incident, he had realised that there is more. Lee was powerful to deal with many villains alone. Other classes may think that Lee got defeated and bled out, but the ones who were present at the USJ incident didn't think so. It was clear that Lee was equal to Nomu, and could even kick the leaders of the villain on himself.

Bakugo had always lived the life looking from the top. Because of his Quirk's potentials, he was treated as the higher person, which was a good feeling, to be honest. But as he got to the USJ he realised that there are more people on his way.

Not only there is that ice-fire guy, but Lee as well now.

'There are walls that I must climb.'

Looking at the first match, there was Shoto fighting Ibara. The match was quickly done. As it seems, despite that Ibara's vines were powerful, enough to pierce the solid ground, and even make their way through the ice walls, and she wasn't Todoroki's match.

But as it seems, the coldness got the best of her.

Ibara's veins froze very quickly, even when she hid them beneath the ground. In the end, one of the vines connected to her hair froze.

Todoroki had an amazing Quirk, to use both fire and Ice, yet he seemed to be only relying on Ice.

Bakugo decided that once he is done from Lee, that if his strategy worked, he'll force the Ice guy to use his fire.


After the end of the first match from the semi-finals, Shoto touched Ibara's hair and used his fire Quirk to undo the freezing.

She gave him a thankful bow and went to her seat.

It was finally my turn to fight that Bakugo.

I wondered if the rude kid has yet to learn how to talk to people respectfully. Whatever he is just an extra stone on my way toward my future car.

"Bakugo, Lee, go."

Midnight waved her whip and announced the beginning of the second round.

I got up while Bakugo was glancing at me. He was so silent that I didn't know what had changed within him.

What do they call this, the calm before the storm?

Well, I'm the storm here.

We got into opposite sides of the ring.

Bakugo glared at me with his red eyes.


Once we heard the permission from Midnight, instead of approaching, Bakugo jumped back and used his explosions to get far away from me.

Nice strategy, I'll give him that.

Putting his hands on the ground, Bakugo yelled, "Die!" Then, a strong explosion hit the ground.

The ring shook violently that I felt like it was an earthquake.

The bricks of the ring flew up, covering my vision and heading toward me.

"Die! Die!"

The Blondie yelled as he seemed to aim his hand forward, and making strong explosions. The big stones in the air headed toward me in result with a big speed.

This moves, shooting the rocks, were my trick, right.

Poor guy. Even if he shot with a rifle, it won't be enough. But this would be a good exercise.

Taking a deep breath and channelling Hamon to my hand, I hit a rock. Ever since I got the power up from levelling up, I have yet to test it on a real thing.

"Ora Ora…"

The rocks were smashed with my Hamon energy. But the big share wasn't mine, as Star Platinum was hitting the rest with a crazy rush.


The audience was cheering up while the commentaries were fired up. Kan seemed to yell something.

When the dust of the rocks was about to fall, I had a final rock to deal with. I only extended my hand forward and Star Platinum smashed it into dust. But the Blondie wasn't in my sight. Boom. I heard an explosion behind me, and I almost turned.


"You fell for it, your back is exposed." Bakugo let a smirk as he appeared behind Lee, few meters away from him. His arm was extended, hand on his arm.

That was his strategy. Blind Lee and get behind him sneakily before making a strong explosion.

Now it's time for his final move.

Once he uses it, he will get a strong backlash for using such an explosion.

It may reduce his chances for the second round, but recovery girl should take care of it.

The next move is strong enough to kill a person if it hit directly. But knowing Lee, Bakugo wanted to make use of the shockwave of his explosion. So, he may surpass his aura.

The moment Lee turned his head, Kachan made a smirk and veins appeared on his arm.


With a strong roar, an explosion left his arm and swallowed Lee. To Bakugo, that was painful as hell.

"What the…. Is this even allowed?" Present Mic said, not

"Look well."

Once the explosion calmed, Bakugo looked forward to Lee, expecting to see him puking blood from the strength of his shockwave.

It would be time at least to brag about his victory.

But still, he was in no better condition, since his arm is hurting for breaking his limits.

It's okay, all is a price for becoming number one.

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Julia was about to rush at first to help her kid. Just how could they let such a messy kid like Bakugo enter a heroic school?

However, seeing that Lee crossing his arms while Bakugo was looking dumbfounded for him let her rest back with a chuckle.

She along with the audience saw Lee floating above the dust unleashed by the explosion.

That's right, if her kid wanted something, nothing would stop him.

Seeing how Lee is rubbing his ear, she felt sorry for the Blondie.

If there is something that her son likes to do, ever since he was young, is to pay back.

Even if his foe had a quirk, as long as he touches Lee, Lee would payback.


"You are looking in the wrong direction."

Bakugo all of the sudden heard the familiar voice.

Lifting his head, he saw Lee descending down from the air as he had never got hit by his explosion.

His heart started to beat faster.

Bakugo didn't believe that his risky move didn't work.


My ear was whistling.

The explosion was strong enough to make my ear suffer from taking it close.

I hate noisy things. Does this teen know what it feels to hear such noisy blast? I bet he doesn't. So, how about I let him know that.

I landed behind Bakugo, and he turned to me, extending his hand, ready to explode me.


However, as soon as he aimed his hands at me, Star Platinum aimed them back to his face, and he hit blasted at himself. Because of his Quirk, he didn't take much damage. But I believe that his ears were damaged.

I took a step forward, opened my arms both, and clapped both of my hands on his ears.

"Damn it!" Bakugo held both of his ears while showing painful expression as he fell on his knee.

I only felt satisfaction now.

But despite this, Bakugo took his courage and dashed at me.

"It's over."

I said. Star Platinum stopped his movement and held him from his collar.

"I won't lose."

Kachan seemed angry. He was presenting and didn't like to lose. But I have a car waiting for me. I didn't care if he wants to be number one or two or anything. Since he is on my way, I'll cast him away.

"It's not for you to decide."

Star Platinum threw him away gently, and by gently, I don't mean the humane standards.

Bakugo flew backwards so hard that he hit the wall, and then he fell down, unconscious.

After clapping my hands, I was announced as the winner.

I then looked to who was looking at me. Shoto gave me a challenging glance as he crossed his arms. Well, he is my foe at the finals.

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