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Chapter 52 - In MHA with Star Platinum - Chapter 52 by blazuki full book limited free

Chapter 52: Chapter 52

The finals came quickly. Only one person was between me and the car. We were standing on the lines, while the teachers were fixing the ring where we are going to fight.

Shoto Todoroki took a glance at me, as we would go and fight very soon. "You're the last one in my way."

I crossed my arms and smirked at the Ice guy, despite the fact that he can use a fire – though, I wonder why he never uses it.

"Well, just for the small blood donation you gave, I'll be gentle to knock you out without making you bleed too much."

"Don't count so much on It." he uncrossed his arms and walked forward.

I did the same when I heard Midnight calling us.

As I walked, I turned my head to the stadium. There were many people presented here. Number one hero, number two hero, the rest of the teachers, and mom.

She was sitting in her place, and I could tell, thanks to Star Platinum's vision, that she was really excited and anxious.

I gave her a smile and jumped to the ring, before looking at my foe.

Todoroki cracked his neck as white mist flew out of his body. Cold guy, wasn't he.


The referee announced. Todoroki instantly aimed his hand forward, and ice spread from his leg covering the ring and heading toward me with great speed.

Shoto could create ice and use it to fight. However, something like this was nothing to Star Platinum.

Except that I may catch cold.

"Ora." Star Platinum clenched his fists and started punching the ice, which covered my view from seeing Todoroki. This guy, I admit it, has the most powerful Quirk I had seen in UA. But that where it is going to stop.

"Oh, look at that, the Ice is stopping in front of Lee before falling." Present Mic made a strong yell, explaining his point of view. Too bad that he couldn't see my Stand Power.

"Well, let's watch and see," Kan said, "I'll bet on my student."

"Me too." I heard Aizawa replying.

"How much?" Kan seemed to be want to bet.

"I'm going to win either case, don't waste your money."

As the ice was getting destroyed in front of me, I let a chuckle after I heard Eraser Head.

He was surely considering me student, for having some scarf techniques from him. Whatever, I hope that Kan won't consider that as cheating – like cheating on your barber.

"Why are you smiling?" Todoroki said, placing his hands on the ground. My footing was freezing swiftly, almost freezing me as well with his ice.

I breathed, channelled Hamon so I wouldn't stick to the ice, and jumped to the side.

It had been some time when we'd been fighting, and his ice Quirk seemed to show its limits. Shoto was freezing as well. Weird, as I remembered, he could unfreeze Ibara with fire, generated by the half which has his red hair.

"Why are you not using your fire?" I shrugged my shoulder. I didn't understand why someone won't use his full power unless this was a challenge or a game to him.

Todoroki paused after hearing my question, took a deep breath, and let a sigh.

"So I can prove that I can be the number one hero without relying on my old man's Quirk."

"Excuse me?" I questioned. Did he say his old man's Quirk?

"Yes, he is just right there," Shoto said, clenching his fist. His eyes showed both coldness and emotions as he looked there. "I'll have to defeat you, using only my mother's."

I was confused as well. In my whole life, other than the legend of All For One, and the Nomu I had seen, I've never met someone with two Quirks. Maybe one Quirk with multi characterizations, but not two. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Whatever the kid seemed to be sad as he looked at the side.

I decided to follow his eyes. There, I saw one man, standing on the back of the audience and crossing his arms. His hair was red, eyes blue like mine, and he had a beard and moustache of flames. I could tell who's as only a man under a rock wouldn't know him. He was number two hero, the person who tries to take All Might's place, but always fail. Well, you can't compare a harsh hero to someone with Charisma like All Might.

Anyway, I understood that Shoto is his son since the Flame Hero has the same name.

I turned slowly to Shoto.

I understood, for a teenager like him to show hate to this guy.

For a teenager to say that he's two Quirks, and to hate his old man, this meant one thing.

"Are you like the Nomu we fought at USJ?" I asked after a pause.

No normal human has two Quirks, it was a well-known fact. But I don't know about Nomus. Maybe Shoto is a result of something that would be considered a fictional science back to my original Earth. But I live in a world where I have Hamon and a Stand, so everything is believable.

"What the?" Todoroki took a step back, staring at me with wide eyes. "I'm a normal born person."

I titled my head. How can he say that after he shamelessly stated, 'I won't use my father's Quirk, but my Mom's.'

He let a sigh and lowered his head. He then lifted it and stared at me, coldly. "I have only one Quirk…" He said and seemed to pause as he was thinking deeply about something.

'He is messing with me, isn't he?'

Whatever, this took too long. I squatted as I fused myself with Star Platinum, then I dashed with a blinding speed. In a blink I appeared next Todoroki and gave him a slight punch on his abandon, making him fall on his knees.

"What's with this stupidity of yours?" I didn't believe that he had pushed my imagination so far. And here I thought that he wasn't a normal person.

"What do you mean?" with both hands on his stomach, he struggled to stand up and created some ice to attack me. I easily dodged by jumping to the side quickly – A move I had learned from some ninja-like man.

"What a pain."

I stared at Shoto whose skin had more white layers by now. He looked to be feeling coldness.

"Stop messing. Tour Mother's Quirk and father's? Yeah Right." I appeared next to him and lifted him from his collar. "You are either mocking me, 'because each person has one Quirk." Then, I gave his face another punch, making him bleed a bit. I don't like mind games, so I didn't feel a bit sorry for him.

"Not father's Quirk, nor mom's" Shoto lifted his eyes, feeling the beat, and started murmuring, "It's my Quirk."

"Still messing aren't you." I was about to give him the final punch.

But in a surprising moment, his left side lit up with flames, and the ice layers on him have melted. He was hot that I instantly threw him away, since that what human's instinct do – avoid fire.

Still, I didn't feel any burn when fire touched me – probably because I threw him away.

But even though I threw hard out of the ring, he quickly created some ice and used his fire to push him back to the ring.

His eyes seemed to change all of the sudden, and he was six meters away from me. Despite the fact that red and white mist was leaving him, he was still within my range.

"One Quirk, right." He aimed with his hand forward, fire lighting and ice dancing around him. "I am me, not someone else."

"Listen, I'm not here to give you therapy." I said, "Think about that outside when you get time in your home."

"I'll win."

Despite that he seemed to prepare for a final move, or that he finally found his identity – I don't know what's with him – I didn't feel sorry that I'll knock out his hopes.

"Yare Yare."


"Lee, Kick his ass!"

Julia screamed in a language that the people around didn't seem to understand. She stood up and cheered up for her son.

Now she has seen it. The ice fire kid was within her son's range, and she knew that Lee can knock him out instantly.

Although Lee is going to take her favourite car, something else made her fired up.

Shoto seemed to have a fireside. This made her flinch for a second.

She wanted to see a Quirk like her son's defeat a Quirk like fire. She would feel satisfied if she sees that.

"Take his down! GOOD GRIEF HIM LATER!"

However, someone else was excited more than her.

"Shoto!" He descended to the fronts and lifted his arms. "You finally accepted your fire."

Julia turned her eyes to see one man with moustache and beard of flames. A man with a height of 195 cm and a muscled build.

She knew only one insecure person enough to hide that his beard was incomplete.

He was looking forward to the ring and yelling, which made her realise something.

"Enji!" Julia said instantly.

"Huh, Julia?"

The flames guy turned his face and looked at her blonde hair before looking at the green eyes. He flinched for a brief and their eyes met.

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