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Chapter 60: Stop. - In MHA with Star Platinum - Chapter 60 by blazuki full book limited free

Chapter 60: Chapter 60: Stop.

*Bonus chap*

It was a big surprise when I was drawn out of the good mood of my crush kissing my face again by an expected guess.

What was worse, he had Reiko, who sits beside me at class, as a hostage, and he was using her as a navigation card.

"Now Mr Angle, would we have a normal negotiation, like rational people."

Kurogiri said. I could feel him sneering as he grabbed Reiko from her tied hand. She seemed to be weak somehow.

Looking at her, I clenched my teeth. She had a scratch or two. But then I kept a calm face. My face can be a mirror to my thoughts, so I needed to make it hard to read.

"You teleporting fag…fog." my mom said, clenching her fist, "and it's Ms Angel,"

I could tell that she was considering jumping toward Kurogiri while trying to increase her speed.

However, that would be a risky move, as she may be teleported to a dangerous location.

I silently made Star Platinum pat her, to stop, and she looked at me, "Lee…"

"Be careful, he can teleport us with that fog…" I said, glaring at him and Reiko.

"Good thinking Mr Lee. If you did that, I'd tell you that I had something in the air prepared for you." Kurogiri said, before holding Reiko "During the exam, I couldn't help but notice how this girl was staring at you. Does she mean something to you?"

"I am a handsome person," I said, looking at Reiko. Although I considered acting that I didn't care may help, villains are dirty playing people. Even if you show carelessness about the hostage, this may push them to get rid of it considering it dead weight.

"Is there a better hostage?" But it was the only card I could play.

But honestly, seeing that Reiko was staring at me, I could see that she was afraid, even if she didn't show it.

Kurogiri, that bastard. My body shook for a brief as I clenched my fist. A yellow aura covered me.

It's not like I'm considering sacrificing myself or anything so heroic. But just by picking up a friend to blackmail me, had provoked the emotions inside of me.

"Hoho." Kurogiri sneered, "Why is your aura making an appearance, then."

That's right. I played cold outside, but my Hamon made a yellow aura around me, clearly showing my emotions.

"Because I want to kick your ass." I was about to take a step forward, but Mt Lady put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "All Might and the others would arrive soon. All Might should have enough speed. Let's just stalk him with words, and we may get a chance to save her."

I stopped for a brief. Mt Lady gave me a rational solution.

Now, let me think of how can I stall this dark fog guy.

Kurogiri faked a cough as a fog portal appeared behind him. "I would go back as soon as they come, would you hear my offer, Mr Lee."

"Sure," I let a deep breath out of my mouth, then, I started to walk forward, "I need to be close if you want me to hear from you."

"Step back," he said, taking a step back.

Kurogiri continued. "I know about your range. Once you get ten meters near me, I and this girl would be Master's guests."

I stopped and felt more anger raise within me. I had no choice but stopping 12 meters away from him.

"Just tell me what you want."

I was pissed off that it started to take over my thinking. I needed to think of a solution. I can't trust a villain like him – as I am their initial target. Either way, following him to the end would either harm me or Reiko, or both in case.

Since these villains started to get on my people's side, I needed to deliver a strong blow.

"Now Mister Lee. Since you are paying attention. I would suggest a deal where we both could get into a solution that satisfies both of our sides. How about this. At some time…."

Now, as Kurogiri opened his mouth, I began to think. I can't trust the villain with any promise he gives.

I need to jump, use Star Platinum's speed, and grabs her. Then, everything would be easy once I'll get that bastard.

Kurogiri didn't notice that Star Platinum had fused with me now.

Now, this was a risky move. Once I jump, I may move in a speed where I won't be able to see a thing.

But I needed to grab her. Once I move, I'll separate from the stand the moment I jump. It'll allow Star Platinum to grab her in a split of a second.

"Hoho." Kurogiri stopped stating his suggestion, "I know your language body. I'm only telling you this now."

He sneered. "I'll say goodbye for now and contact you later."

Then, he slowly started to sink back into the portal. Reiko was being pulled back by him, as he seemed to be going to take her.

Shit, my strategy is becoming useless now. I needed to do something.

Looking at that girl, I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep well if I let a friend like her go to the villains' side.

She was a lovely person with the potential to be a great hero. I can't let her get hurt and involve in this because of my body language was clear to Kurogiri.

But there is no time to think.

… Faster

Unconsciously I extended my hand forward and made a strong jump. Kurogiri was still sinking slowly in his portal as I approached.


Each millisecond that had passed, the movement of Kurogiri felt slower.

It was the same feeling which I had when I fought with three Nomus. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Stop Moving

That was my utmost desire at this moment.

Seeing how that Reiko was about to be swallowed, as I was only three meters away from her, made that feeling become more of urge.

My momentum stopped all of the sudden. Reiko stopped being pulled back. Kurogiri was still half sunk inside his dark mist portal.

The super speed I had moved at earlier had stopped and I was floating.

'What's going on.'

Turning my head, I saw Julia, my mom, was already next to me and was extending her hand to get Reiko.

My mom had used her Quirk already without me noticing. Wait for a second, she wasn't moving.

I was stunned as everything was frozen, but not in temperature.

I was floating, but I could at least move my fingers, and even direct my walk. it was my power to move here.


Did this mean that gravity didn't work? Each force in the universe work when given time. But with no time, how would they work.

Time! Don't waste it.

Realising what happened, I made sure to act quickly, since I knew that any delaying because of the surprise could waste this chance.

blazuki blazuki

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