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CHAPTER 2 - IN THE EYES OF THE KILLER - Chapter 2 by Phantoms_are_true full book limited free

Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2

"Hey good morning baby.", words were so offensive that the moment it registered to my ears, I decided to fasten my pace.

I started walking as fast as I could before a gentle breeze overtook me and the next thing I knew, the guy who was so persistent to make a move was now in front of me. I fake a smile, trying really hard to make my way away from that place but the guy's blocking me whenever I try to insert myself through the space of his body and the hallway. I am now late and this guy's pissing me off.

"We'll have a party later. Do you want to come with me?", my eyes widened.

Is he really thinking I'm sort of an easy girl who will go with him without me even knowing his name?

"I'm Brent. Is that all you need to know?", he said

"Do you even think I want to know you?", I said.

I saw him smirked and three guys suddenly showed up behind me, two of them held me by my wrists, drawing me closer to the guy who's in front of me.

"Hey, let me go!", I said, resisting to get in touch with the guy.

The guy in front of me both has a piercing on his nose and lips. He had his hair dyed with blue on top and black underneath. His eyes are filled with fire and it even scared me more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Let me go!", I screamed.

My wrists hurt and I kneeled to the ground as I resist them. The floor isn't really fine. My knees hurt as they touched the ground.

It was when a certain guy in a neat, black coat went popping up of the stairs which is almost about two meters away from us and ran towards our direction. Now what? Is he gonna add to my problem?

"Hey! Leave the girl alone."

When the men saw him, the fire in their eyes suddenly shut down as if the fuse was suddenly turned off. Their lips became pale before they could even run away.

I keep an eye of them as they run away so fast, vanishing quickly as they turned left when they reached the corner. I was in full confusion when I felt a piece of cloth in my thighs as I was still kneeling on the ground.

I looked back and saw the guy covering my thighs with his coat he was wearing earlier. Our uniform's a skirt so I felt comfortable when he did that.

He is now wearing a white long sleeves with a black tie and is lending me his hand for me to stand up. I accepted it quickly and he assisted me. I suddenly felt my knees were burning that as soon as I was able to stand up, I immediately leaned my back on the wall.

"You're knees are bleeding. I should bring you to the clinic."

I pressed my hand on his shoulder for I tried stepping up once but it didn't work. He suddenly turned away from me and sat down with his fingers assisting his weight.

"You can wrap your hands around my neck, I'll carry you to the clinic."

I do as what he commanded. He even assisted me by holding my thighs gently before he stood up and walked carefully up to the clinic. Tears are running down my eyes. I don't know that this set up will bring me back to the past. My past that I keep holding on, hoping one day, I could be as happy as I used to be before.

"Am I hurting you?", I heard him asking.


"I thought you were sobbing.", he answered.

"Oh I'm sorry. Something registered in my mind."

"Sorry about that. We're here. They'll be treating your wounds."

"I think I can walk after that. Thanks for the free ride.", I joked.

He laughed and it was cute. His laugh is the softest voice I ever heard, aside from my mother's of course.

He made me sit down and he even talked to the nurse for me. I never thought a gentleman still exists.

A few minutes passed by and I wasn't able to notice the time coz I was busy ignoring what the clinic nurse was doing with my knees earlier. I know I am late but what can I do? I can't even take three steps at a time.

I get up and pushed the curtain away so that I can see my way, going out of the clinic. I was shocked when someone squeezed my hand that was holding the curtain and the same guy who helped me in the hallway appeared in front of me, helping me out in walking.

"Are you alright?", he asked.

"Feeling better. No, getting more numb." I laughed with my own joke.

I saw him smiling as well but is eagerly helping me out.

"We're not taking the stairs right?", he asked again.

"Yeah. I can manage going to my room. You don't really need to bother this much."

"Guys are dangerous out there."

"But they're scared of you."

"They were."

I paused for a while, remembering how my mom used to take care of me before. She is also doing the same thing. She usually holds my wrists, she was behind me, counting from one to three before I should take a step. He is doing almost the same now.

"It still hurts?", he asked behind me.

"No. I just remembered something.", I snapped out of my imagination.

"You always remember something when I'm assisting you. Are you broken?"


"Broken as in brokenhearted? You and your boyfriend just broke up?"

"No! I never had any boy friend."

"So what is it then?"

"I used to be blind before.", his eyes widened, looking straight to my eyes.

"You have beautiful green eyes.", he complimented.

"I got it from a dying patient. I never had the chance to see her for she was cremated."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Is that what you remembered? Your donor?"

"No. I actually remembered how my mom used to take care of me before."

I initiated a step forward and he followed me, carefully taking a step so that he may not step on me.

"I missed the way she took care of me.", I continued speaking.

"Because you now can see, she's not taking care of you the same way as she used to do before?"

"She went missing. It's already four years."

"Again, sorry about that. Should I say, you really are an unfortunate person?"

"Yeah I knew it from the start. That's my friend Rain over there, running towards us."

"She's pretty, same as you are.", his second compliment of the day.

"Thank you for saying that she's pretty. I think you should say it to her directly, she often mistreated herself."

"That would be off. She doesn't even know me and I'm gonna tell her she's pretty?"

"Well you just said that I am and I don't even know you."

"Pretty reasoning you got there. I am Josh."

"I'm Lucy Brielle."

"Lucy! You messed up.", Rain said after she approached us.

"Like I always do Rain.", I answered.

She held my hand and pulled me away from Josh.

"Thank you for assisting my fiasco.", she even said to Josh before I rolled my eyes on her.

"Hey, Josh told me you're pretty.", I said and she let go of an awkward smile, as well as Josh.

"I actually said the both of you.", Josh answered.

"Yeah? Thank you?", Rain said

"You're welcome?", Josh mocked Rain by doing the same tone she used.

"I guess I'll see the both of you around.", he smiled, looking at me.

"Sure. Thank you.", I smiled from ear to ear.

Rain then turned me away from him and assisted me to our room.

"I never thought you'll be interested with someone.", Rain uttered.

"He just helped me out and is even more careful than you are."

"Whatever. But that guy is handsome with his mullet hair."

"With that, I am thanking my donor for the eyes."

She laughed and made me sit down beside her. It's already second subject, I guess. I should pay attention to what the professor's gonna say or else I'll be called again to the front like what he did to me a week ago.

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