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Chapter 4: First Day

Hey look out for that moving van

Driving down our streets

You better lock up your man

Before he meets the new girl in town

By Brittany Snow - New Girl In Town

Alarm. Alarm. Alarm

The loud ringing sound of Katy's alarm jabbed her from her deep sleep in surprise. She quickly rolled over and switched it off to stop in annoying ringing. Katy sat up in her bed as she rubbed the remaining sleep from her eyes and stretched. She then looked at the alarm clock for the time and saw that it was 6:30. She rolled out of bed to start get ready as school started at 8. It was her first day at Radford Academy...well her first day at any school to be specific.

She walked to her ensuite bathroom to shower and do her other regular morning routine. Twenty minutes later, she walked out of the bathroom in a towel and when in to her closet to finished readying. It did not take long since it was uniform she was to wear. Radford uniform consist of a high-waist dark blue and white, pleated skirt that was an inch above the knee, a white blouse that was to be tucked in, a dark blue, butterfly bow tie and a fitted, dark blue blazer with the school crest on the left side or a dark blue, V-necked sweater that was made with wool, but Katy when with the jacket for her first day, and white, above ankle socks with black flats. As far as uniforms go, it was not a bad ensemble since it was fashionable but still appropriate for school.

Katy walked out of her closet after she was fully dressed and when into her bathroom to do her hair and make-up, she opted for a natural look with eyeliner, face powder and nude lip balm and a high ponytail. After she was finished she put on her wrist watch and earrings to complete her look.

She took a last look at herself before sauntering into her bedroom, she gazed at her bedroom clock and saw that 45 minutes have passed since she woke. Katy grabbed her leather, floral pattern school bag that she packed from the night before as she walked out of her bedroom and went downstairs for breakfast.

Katy strode into the dining room to see that her family was already at the table. She greeted them as she took a seat beside Izzy, since they have grown closer since the family dinner on Friday and putted her bag at her feet. She scanned the table and saw that there were pancakes, stripes of bacon, eggs; scrambled and omelet, toast, coffee and fruit juices; apple and orange. She chose the omelet with toast and bacon with some apple juice. The family settled in silence as they eat but it was a peaceful silence.

Katy glanced up as she finished to see that so was everyone else. Her eyes met Abby's, she smiled. "Are you ready for your first day?" Abby took a sip of her coffee.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Katy smiled nervously.

"Don't be, I will be with you until you get your bearing." Jax promised as he smiled reassuring at Katy.

"I would appreciate that." Katy gazed down at her hands and caught a glimpse at the time, it was thirty minutes after 7. "Oh, look at the time." She said pushing away from the table to stand and snatched up her bag.

Jax did the same as he too needed to go, "I'll drive today."

"Have a nice day, you guys." Everyone else wished them goodbye as hugs and kisses were passed out.

They strolled out of the room and made their way out the front door. As they went down the stairs, Katy saw a dark blue BMW parked in front of the fountain.

"Is that yours?"

"Yep, it was a birthday gift from my father."


They both got in and putted on their seatbelts then drove off. They drove in silence for a few minutes, before Jax had enough of the silence he leaned over and turned on the radio. It was connected to Jax's phone bluetooth and a song started to play 'The New Girl in Town' from the movie Hairspray.

"Why do you have this on your phone?" Katy chuckled as the first notes were sound.

"Because of Izzy, she watched the movie for the first time and was hooked. She putted it on there so she could listen to it when we go anywhere." Jax shrugged as if it was not a big deal.

"That really sweet of you." Katy smiled at him as he looked over at her.

"She's my baby sister, I would do anything for her." Jax stared ahead again.

I wished I had a younger sibling, Katy thought sadly. She hummed to the beat of the song as they continued on their way.

Before long Jax drove in to a parking lot and parked. They sat for a moment as Katy got her first looked at her new school. The parking lot was very big and was divided in to two spaces; one for the staff and the other for the students. There was students all over standing by some very expensive cars, whether by themselves or in groups. Beyond the parking lot, the school building rose up four stores and curved around the parking lot. The building was Greek like in architecture and was made with white marble and a lot of glass windows. It was beautiful.

But that was expected since it was one of the most private school in the country. Only the richest and most influential persons can afford to send their children here. It also have one of the best academic and athletic programs which allowed the smartest and most athletic of persons to attend through the help of scholarships and grants. It was also guaranteed a spot at some of the most covet of the ivy league universities worldwide but only if you worked for it. It was one of the best schools in the states.

"You're going be fine." Jax promised as he opened his car door to get out.

Katy did the same, "I hope you are right." She said to Jax as he came to stand beside her.

Before they could say anything else a voice called out, "Jax!" They turned to the voice.

They saw a group of seven strolled over, there were three girls and four guys. The group stopped in front of them. "Who's this?" The same voice asked, it belong to an average height, lean build, dark, shaggy hair boy. You can see that all of them were wondering the same from their curious faces.

"Guys, this is Katrina, my stepsister." Jax wrapped his arm around her shoulder as Katy gazed up at him in surprise that he called her his sister. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Since when do you have a stepsister?!!" the same shaggy hair boy asked in a shock voice.

"Since my mother's boyfriend daughter came to live with us." Jax replied in a depleted manner. He turned to Katy and started to introduce the group, "The one asking so much question is Heath, my best friend."

He then pointed at a girl with long, jet black hair and caramel skin-tone, "And that Chloe and her boyfriend, Zayn." He pointed at a blond male, who has green highlights and a lot of piercings and tattoos on his body.

Then he pointed at a pair of boy and girl twins that were identical with their brown hair and chocolate complexion, "These are the Wulford twins, Harry and Henrietta. And Henrietta's boyfriend Miguel," he indicated at another white boy but this one has brown hair with blue eyes.

"And last but not least, Marianna," he pointed at a short blonde hair girl with blue eyes. Marianna smiled shyly at Katy and gave a small wave. "And that is my group of friends, Katy."

"It's nice to meet you all." Katy gave them a shy smile before she turned to Jax and asked, "Where is the office? I need to get my schedule and other stuff."

"Oh! I almost forgot, I'll take you there." He turned to his friends, "See you guys at lunch." They all said bye as Jax and Katy walked off.

As they started up the steps leading to the school entrance, they heard the sound of a bike. They turned to look.

A black motor bike drove into the school parking lot and literally everyone, staff and student included, stop to look. The rider turned off the bike and swung his leg over the bike to stand on the sidewalk. He removed his helmet and Katy was breathless. He was so handsome. He had a dark complexion, black, curly hair and under 6ft. He was so good looking and from all the other girls' reactions, Katy was not the only one who thought so.

"Let's go before the bell ring." Jax voice brought Katy back to reality. He took hold of her hand and pulled her towards the doors. Katy took one more look behind her and her eyes met the bike rider's eyes. He aimed a small smirk at Katy as she was pulled through the doors.

Wooooow, Katy thought as she putted her hand over her racing heart.

gabriel_mindley gabriel_mindley

I would have to admit this chapter was a little hard to write because never went to school where I don't know persons. So I'm not sure if I have present the right mindset. Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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