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Chapter 1: Going Home

This is my kiss goodbye

You can stand alone

And watch me fly

Nothing is keeping me down

Going to let it all out

I'm going to say right now (right now)

By Madilyn Bailey & Sam Tsui - Set It All Free

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. Please fasten all seatbelt as we prepare for landing."

The voice sounded over the intercom as the seatbelt sign started to flash. I can't believe I am here after so many years of being away, Katy thought as she buckled up. She then lean over to peeking out the window, below she saw the Statue of Liberty. Katy sighed as she leaned back into her first class seat as she thought about the last time she was in New York. It was five years ago right before she was signed.


"Hey monkey, this is our year," her mother said as she did Katy's hair as she was preparing to go on stage. "There are a lot of music people in the crowd. If you put on a great show we will bag one of the good ones and that is our ticket to stardom."

"Yes Mom, I try to do my best." Katy's 12 years old reassured her mother as she looked up at her in the mirror.

"There is no try about it. It's all or nothing." Her mother retorted in an aggressive tone. Katy shook her head in agreement as to not angry her mother.

"Okay my darlings, its show time," her father said as he barged into the room. "Ah Pumpkin, you look so pretty." He complimented as he stood behind her chair with his hands on her shoulders.

"Of course, she looks pretty. It will help to promote her to the audience." Her mother said as put the finishing touches on Katy's makeup. "There, you are good to go." Her mother added as she finished.

"Baby Girl, this is the start of your dreams." Her father said to Katy as she walked towards the door.

"No, Daddy. It the start of our dreams." Katy smiled at her father one last time before she go through the door. The last thing she saw was her father returning smile before the door closed.

End of Flashback

Who would have thought that was the last time she would be so happy? Katy thought as she came back to the present.

"Miss, we are letting off persons off the plane now and we were asked to let you go first, so there is no delay," a flight attendant lean down as she whispered.

"Oh, thank you." Katy replied as she stand up and reached overhead for her carry-on bag. She then walked down the aisle as the other passengers were starting to get up. She walked through the door and smiled at the attendants who were there as they said goodbye to her. Katy walked in to the airport and went through customs without a hitch; it helped that she was in disguised but still.

She went to the lounge were she would wait as an airport personnel collect her luggage. Katy was sitting there for a few minutes when her luggage was brought to her. "Thank you," she said to the attendant.

"If it not too much to ask, can I get your autograph?" The attendant asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sure, just don't tell anyone," Katy joked as she signed her name in the book the attendant handed her.

"Thank you, I won't tell anyone." The attendant said smiling, "Good bye." The attendant waved as Katy watched him go.

"That was kind of you." A voice said behind her. Katy twirled around, only to see her beloved grandmother Glen Lyn McNoir. "Are you just going to stand there?" Granny Glen asked as she watched her granddaughter gasp at her.

Katy came out of her shock as she ran to hug her granny. "What are you doing here? I thought that Dad will be picking me up?" Katy asked as she held her granny at arm's length. She hasn't changed a bit... well except she has more wrinkles around her eyes, Katy thought.

"Your Dad couldn't make it so he asked me to." Granny Glen replied as ran a hand down Katy's face, she couldn't believe how much her Katy have grown.

They hugged once more then break away to get the luggage, 'Let's get out of here, there are a few persons who are very anxious to see you.' Granny Glen said as they walked towards the lounge doors. It didn't take them long before they were in the car leaving the airport and on the road.

"So darling, I didn't want to say anything back their but why are you dressed like that?" Granny Glen said as she maneuvered their way through traffic.

Katy looked down at what she was wearing. It was an old, battered hoodie; that have seen better days and a washed out tight, ripped jeans and a Yankee baseball cap. "It the best I could do at a late notice but it worked."

"Well, you looked great," her grandmother reassured her. They continued to catch up as they may their way through the rush hour traffic. They talked about everything from what they been doing from the last time they seen each other to present.

"So, why the sudden change in scenery?" Granny Glen asked.

"Granny, that's not something I want to go into right now. Maybe later, okay?" Katy said as she shut down.

"Okay," Granny Glen answered as she take note of how tense and withdrawal her granddaughter has gotten. They drove in silence for the next ten minutes with Granny Glen looking forward and Katy looking out the window as buildings rush by as they head out of the city into the suburban.

"Your father said that you want to go to school," Granny Glen said as a way to break the tension that was formed between them.

"Yes, it's going to be my last year of high school and I didn't want it to be with a tutor like the last couple of years." Katy answered as she turned to look at her grandmother.

"That good," granny Glen said nodding her head. "It would be good for you if you have one at least one normal high school experience."

Granny Glen turned on to a street that have some really big houses with gates. The houses were really uniquely beautiful; they all have different style and colour scheme. Granny Glen pulled up in front of a big gate with the word 'McNoir' written on it in calligraphy. She pressed a button on the dashboard and the gates started to open. She drove through and started up the winding driveway, she stop in front of the giant angel fountain in the middle of a bed of flowers with a Greek style mansion across from it. She jumped out as the front door was thrown open as a number of people rushed out.

In total there were five persons who came out to meet us, three males and two females. Two of the males were black with chocolate colour eyes, while the other was a white, tall male with blond hair and blue eyes. One of the female was a white woman in her forty's with brown hair and grey eyes while the other was a young girl who was carbon copy of the older woman. Two of the males Katy recognized; one was Alberto McNoir, her grandfather and the other was Desmond McNoir, her father. Her father still looked the same with his bald head and ever present smile. And her grandfather was a little bit grayer since the last time she saw him.

Katy stepped out of the car as her father reached two feet from her. They both stopped and looked at each other, than they both smiled and rushed in to each other arms.

"Daddy!" Katy exclaimed as she hugged him as tightly as she could.

"My baby girl, you have returned," her father said in a tear-filled voice. She looked up and saw tears in his eyes.

"Sorry, it took so long." Katy said as tears ran down her face.

"Better late than never, Pumpkin." Her father replied as he kissed the top of her head.

"Now, now. Give others a chance to welcome my beloved granddaughter." Her grandfather said as he pulled her from her father. "Mi Amor!" He hugged her.

"Abuelo! I missed you so much," Katy said.

"And I you, Nieta"

"Dad, you can let her go now. I have someone for her to meet." Katy's father said as he walked towards the persons Katy did not recognized. "Pumpkin, this is Abigail Dawson, my girlfriend and her son and daughter Jackson and Isabel James." He pointed to each as he said their names.

"Katrina, it's great to meet you, you can call me Abby. Your father haven't been able to shut up about you since he found out that you are coming." Abby said giving Katy a hug. "As your father said, these are my children Jax and Izzy. Jax is 17 like you and Izzy is 12." Abby walked over to the tall male and the young girl.

"It's great to meet you all," Katy replied as she turned to her father. "Dad that a great step up from the she-devil you married." She said smiling cheeky at her father.

"Pumpkin, be nice. That she-devil give birth to you." Her father walked passed shaking his head with two of the suitcases. "Jax, you mind giving us a hand."

"Sure," Jax said as he walked over to help.

"But it true!" Katy exclaimed as she took up one of the bags and walked to the front door behind Abby and Izzy who each have a bag.

"But that does not make it right." Her father retorted.

"Fine you win." Katy conceded. "But don't get used to it."

"I wouldn't think of it." Her father smiled at her, "It good to have you home, Pumpkin."

"It's good to be home."

"Katy, when you're finished packing, we will have dinner. I cooked a delicious meal to celebrate you returning home." Abby Said from up front.

"Yeah, It good to be back." Katy whispered.

gabriel_mindley gabriel_mindley

First Abuelo is Spanish for grandfather while nieta is granddaughter.

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