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Chapter 6: Good For Nothing

Anyone, please send me anyone

Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone, oh

Anyone, please send me anyone

Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone

Demi Lovato -Anyone

Lorelei's screams was so piercing that everyone stopped what they were doing and look over. A few persons snickered at her misfortune, but stopped as her furious gaze move over them.

All the while, Katy was paralysed from shock. She was broken from her trance when Lorelei's shrieking stopped. She rushed forward.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to... It was an accident." Katy flustered as she tried to remove her lunch off Lorelei. The more she wiped, the more panicking she gets.

"Get off me," Lorelei pushed Katy back as she frowned in embarrassment. Katy wasn't expecting the push so staggered back and lost her balance.

Jax who was watching all of this played out rushed forward and caught Katy. "Are you okay?" Jax asked as Katy gets her bearing back.

"I'm fine," Katy smiled at Jax.

Lorelei stood there watch as Jax and Katy seems to be in their own little world while she was the one who need the most comfort. The more she watched, more this intense feeling boiled up in her. She exploded when Jax smiled at Katy.

"You stupid retard," Lorelei screamed at Katy. "Don't you have eyes to watch where you are going."

"I'm sorry," Katy apologized.

"If sorry work, why would we need the police?" Lorelei scoffed.

"Lorelei, you don't have to be mean about it. It was an accident, Katy is still getting used to the school as she was homeschooled." Jax scolded.

Seeing how defensive Jax got for Katy only made Lorelei even more upset. "Then she should have stayed where she was. No one wants her here," Lorelei spat. "She is just a good for nothing."

'Good for nothing... good for nothing... good for nothing...'

Those words kept repeating over and over in Katy's head as she remembered other times she was called that by her mother.

"I can believe I have a good for nothing daughter like you. You make me sick." Her mother said to five years old Katy when she made a mistake.

"Mommy, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... Don't be angry at me..." Young Katy pleaded, "I will be perfect I promised." Katy clung to her mother's leg as she went to walked out of the room.

"Don't go, I will be perfect... don't go."

Don't go... don't go... don't go...

"Get out of my sight, you good for nothing," Lorelei said breaking Katy out of her trance.

Katy blinked a few times as her eyes became tearful. Her eyes rotate over the cafeteria as persons started to laughed at her. She started to feel overwhelmed by their mockery, she spined around and run out of the cafeteria.

Lorelei smirked as she watched Katy's back disappeared through the doors. She then moved her gaze to Jax, only to see him glaring at her while shaking his head.

"I can't believe how much you changed, you disappoint me," Jax said to Lorelei as he turned his back on her to go after Katy.

A sharp pain pierced through Lorelei's heart as she watched Jax walked away from her... again


After Katy left the cafeteria, she just kept running as Lorelei's and her mother's words kept repeating in her head. She blindly ran up and down the hallways and stairs without knowing where she was going. After a few more minutes of running, she collapsed in a deserted hallway.

Tears continuously run down her face as she drowned in sorrow and pain. Panting as she was short of breathe from all the crying, she tries to calm down. But the more she thinks, the harder it is to calm down.

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming towards her, "Hey, did you hear? A girl just spilled her lunch on Lorelei," A voice said as it approached.

"Yep, Lorelei creamed her; she ran out of there crying." A second voice laughed, " How embarrassing."

As the voices drew nearer, Katy stood up and rushed into one of the rooms along the hallway. She leaned against the door and peeked out through the glass panel of the door as the owners of the voices walked past.

After their footsteps faded, Katy sighed in relief as she collapsed against the door. A minute later, she looked up and observed the room. Katy realized she was in a music room that was pack with instruments.

She walked closer to get a go look at the different types. Katy ran her fingers over the drums and guitars but it was what in the middle of the room gave Katy a pause.

There sits a grand piano. Katy slowly drew near until she stood in front of the keys. She gently ran her fingers across the keys as a feeling of nostalgia rose in her heart. Katy pressed a few keys releasing a melodic notes. She took a deep breathe as she took a seat. She caressed the keys like a lover reunited with a love one after a long time.

"I wonder if I can still play as well as before," Katy thought out loud. She flexed her fingers and then placed them on the keys. She took a deep breathe than began to glided her fingers over the keys.

As her fingers moved, beautiful notes followed. Katy started to relax more and more as she play more, before long Katy was last in trance. In the span of a few minutes, she played one of Mozart's and Bach's classic pieces as she smiled sorrowfully.

I missed this, Katy thought as she finished another piece. She paused for a moment as she took out her phone to play a song that touched her recently. It was Demi Lovato 'Anyone'.

Katy fingers glided over the keys as she played the opening notes of the song then she began to sing.

"I tried to talk to my piano

I tried to talk to my guitar

Talked to my imagination

Confided into alcohol

I tried and tried and tried some more

Told secrets 'til my voice was sore

Tired of empty conversation

'Cause no one hears me anymore"

Katy remembered all the times she smiled when she was dying inside. The more she played, the more she started to have flashbacks of all the things she did over the years while her soulful vocals filled the room.

"A hundred million stories

And a hundred million songs

I feel stupid when I sing

Nobody's listening to me

Nobody's listening

I talk to shooting stars

But they always get it wrong

I feel stupid when I pray

So, why am I praying anyway?

If nobody's listening"

When she first turned to alcohol to drowned out the pain.

"Anyone, please send me anyone Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone, oh

Anyone, please send me anyone

Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone"

When no one listened when she said that she feels suffocated.

"I used to crave the world's attention

I think I cried too many times

I just need some more affection

Anything to get me by"

Katy was so lost in the song and her memories that she didn't realized that tears were rolling down her face.

"A hundred million stories

And a hundred million songs

I feel stupid when I sing

Nobody's listening to me

Nobody's listening

I talk to shooting stars

But they always get it wrong

I feel stupid when I pray

Why the fuck am I praying anyway?

If nobody's listening"

When her mother's trade her happiness for fame and fortune.

"Anyone, please send me anyone

Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone, oh

Anyone, please send me anyone

Oh, Lord, is there anyone?

I need someone

Oh, anyone, I need anyone

Oh, anyone, I need someone"

When everyone who befriended her did it to gain something from her.

"A hundred million stories

And a hundred million songs

I feel stupid when I sing

Nobody's listening to me

Nobody's listening"

When nobody was listening even when she was crying out for help.

As the last note faded, Katy broke down in tears as the pains of all she suffered over the years dwelled up in her. Nobody was listening me, she thought as she grabbed her chest in pain.

But unknown to her, there was someone listening. Above in the alcove, stood a silhouette looking down at the weeping girl.

The silence prolonged except for the soft sound of Katy's crying, as the two broken soul wallowed in darkness of their own heart.

gabriel_mindley gabriel_mindley

The first thing I will say is that we need to be more mindful of ours when we talk to others because the tongue is mightier than the swords and you don't know what others are going through so be careful with your words.

Secondly, I want to give thanks to Demi Lovato for an amazing song that fit the mood of this chapter perfectly.

Last but not least, get ready to meet our male lead. I will introduced his story in the next chapter so stay in tune for more.

Also remember to rate each chapter.

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