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100% In The Spotlight / Chapter 8: Seth

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Chapter 8: Seth

In the alcove, the dark figure watched Katy weep until she stopped. He watched as she wipe away her tears and stood up. She rested her hands on the piano while bowing her head as she took deep breathes.

She stood like that for a few minutes but was interrupt by the ringing of her phone. The figure watched Katy looked at the caller ID while the phone continued to ring without making any move to answer.

But on the last ring she answered, "Hello."

"Katy, where are you? I can't seems to find you anywhere." Jax panicking voice was audible in the silent room.

"I'm fine, I'm in one of the classroom. I needed a breather for a while." Katy replied.

"Okay, I'm coming to get you. Meet me in front of our homeroom," Jax instructed leaving no room for objections.

"I'll be right there, bye," Katy ended the call as she straighten up her appearance since she didn't want Jax to worry and tell their parents.

After deeming that she was presentable enough she left the room. Still not know of the presence above watching her. As her footsteps faded, the figure finally moved into the light. It was Seth.

He never thought that coming to his regular hide out would resulted in him discovering such a talented person. He leaned against the balcony as he reminisce about her beautiful voice.

"If I'm not mistaking, she the new girl who is hangout with that Jax dude." He thought out loud as he rubbed his thumb across his bottom lip, "I wonder what secrets she is keeping to cry so sorrowfully."

"Dude you have your own problems to worry about, let a only a random girl's," His conscience reminded him.

Seth sighed as he stood up to his full height of 6ft, he turned and slowly made his way out of the alcove. He descended the spiraling staircase, on the last step he walked towards the piano. He softly run his fingers over the piano has he remembered how the girl's voice made him felt at ease.

He stayed like that until a chilling ringtone pierced the silence. He took out his phone and answered but before he could say anything, the person on the other end began to speak.

"Make sure you are home early for dinner," the voice commanded, "I have something to discuss with you."

"Yes sir, I will be on time." Seth reassured and as soon as he gave his confirmation, he heard the dial tone in his ears. Not even a hello, Seth thought shaking his head.

He made to put away his phone but then his phone rung again. Seth looked at his caller ID and smirked as he answered.

"Did you missed me?" a voice inquired.

"No, why would I missed you?" Seth said in a cold tone but there was a small tinkle of happiness in his eyes as he leaned back against the piano.

"Hyung, don't be like that," the voice whined through the phone. "I have been gone for the whole summer and you haven't called me once, you are too cruel. You're the worse brother ever," the voice ranted while Seth just listened.

After the voice rambled on for a few minutes, Seth interrupted, "Did you called just to whine in my ears?" Seth asked in an indifferent tone.

The person on the other end wasn't shock by Seth's indifference since that was how he was since they were kids. "No, I called to say that I'm back... I'm at the airport right now "

"Do you want me to pick you up?"

"No, just meet me at the regular spot in an hour or so," the voice rejected Seth's offer.

"Sure, see you in a bit," Seth replied as he ended the call.

He straightened up as he started to walk out the door. At the door, he paused for moment looking back at the piano before making he way out. The year might just be interesting, he thought as he visualized the image of Katy playing the piano.


About an hour later, Seth pulled up in the parking lot of an under 21 club, he got out of the car and made his way into the building. As he walked in, all the employees he passed greet him as he made his way to the VIP lounge.

In the lounge sat an Asian boy, as soon as he saw Seth he jumped up and shout, "Hyung."

The boy ran and made to jump on Seth but frozen in place by Seth's cold stare. "Hyung," the boy said in a more silent tone as he drew back and straightened up.

Seth looked at the Asian boy in front of him, he is typically slender, with clear skin, stylish ash blond hair, and distinctly feminine facial features; such as high cheekbones and pink full lips. He looked slightly like a girl but simultaneously retains a male body.

"Taeyeong, I see you change your hair again. Did you get your heart broken again?" Seth asked as a way of greeting.

"No, I just want a change," Taeyeong said angrily as he took offense.

He folded his arms and turned his back to Seth, he walked to the couch and took a seat. The corner of Seth's lip turned up a faction at Taeyeong's reaction, he took a seat opposite of Taeyeong. He leaned over and picked up a glass of pomegranate chile mojito mocktail the waiter put in front of him. It was one of

the club signature drinks as they don't serve alcoholic beverages.

"Why are you so late coming back? You missed the first day." Seth said after he took a sip of his drink.

"Oh, right as I was suppose to leave there was an emergency that needed my attention before I came back." Taeyeong replied still giving Seth the cold shoulder.

You couldn't tell by just looking at Taeyeong but he is a talented hacker and businessman who will take over his family business; the PK Corporation owned and operated by the Park family of South Korea. He is the beloved sole heir of the Park family and the only male descendant of the last two generations.

"I see everything is under control since you are here. How are grandpa and uncle doing?" Seth asked.

"They are doing okay... They asked when you are going to visit them again?" Taeyeong replied as turned to face Seth finally dropping the attitude, not surprised at Seth address of his father and grandfather.

This was how they always been since they were children; no matter how much Taeyeong said he was angry at Seth it never last long. He and Seth were sworn brothers as they known and been in each other life since their diapers days. There is no one who know them more than each other.

"Soon, may for the holidays." It was unusual for Seth to spend the holidays with Taeyeong's family as he is more close to them than his own family.

They both descended into silence after that as Taeyeong observed Seth. He seems more absent minded than usual.

"Did something happened between you and your father?" Taeyeong asked as the only time Seth acted so silent is when he and his father has an argument.

"No, not yet... I'm meeting him after I leave here." Seth sighed and take another sip of his drink. "He have something to tell me and mostly likely it will end in an argument."

As long as Seth could remembered he and his father always clashed. It didn't help that their personalities were very much the same, neither willing to back down. Only when they are talking business, they don't fall into an argument.

"Well if that's the case, let us not waste this time on unpleasant things and enjoy ourselves," Taeyeong raised his glass to toast Seth as a way of lightening the mood.

Seth raised and clung his glass against Taeyeong's, I will just accept things as they come, Seth thought.

gabriel_mindley gabriel_mindley

Sorry for the delayed, but here is the awaited chapter. We finally get to meet our male lead.

Creation is hard, cheer me up! VOTE for me!

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