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Darker - Inferno. - Chapter 3 by Nova_18th full book limited free

Chapter 3: Darker

In the Waiting room.


"I'm itching for more combat!"

The 560 Hunter candidates rested for a brief moment in the waiting room.

Some were rather more relaxed, meanwhile Cai was jabbing at the air and only looked forward to smashing others instead of taking the necessary steps for preparation of Part 2.

In a boxing position, her fists could make whooshing, and swishing sounds with the air pressure that surrounded her fists.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

"You're itching to pulverized these poor people."

Taking into careful consideration that he didn't know what would entail Part 2, but was certain to some extent that it still would be more physical conflict among candidates, Inoyva tried to tone down Cai's mood.

Whilst they talk, Inoyva's cousin from before approached with another person at her side.


"Why are you with someone of a higher level than you? Loser."

[Mixo Risse.]

Mixo's frolic attempt at humor wasn't well received as a joke, but as an insult to Inoyva's ears.

"Gain 10 centimeters, then you can come back and talk to me... shrimp."


Another meager joke wasn't well received.


"Shrimps are small, and tiny... just like you."

He edge out a dumbfounded grin and further took it to another level by faking a laugh.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha...!"

A blood vessel probably bursted with a twitch of her eyebrows. This showed that she wasn't happy at all.

"I'll disintegrate your..."


Their conversation is interrupted when Cai, who was finally impatient at hearing this taunt from one side to another unfold coughs.

"Cai, let me introduce you... to my cousin. This is Mixo, more like mini with that height..."


The persistent lad kept making jabs at her and it would happen that the kettle would boil to its limit.


"...And, Mixo, this is well... you obviously know her. She's an old friend of mine."

'Old friend? What are you? A pensioner?'

After introducing them, he still couldn't ignore the fact of a 4th party was standing among them.

'Who is she?'


Cai, casually waved at both girls with a welcoming expression.

Warm, and welcoming were words any one would think of after looking at Cai from a distance with her beautiful appearance.


"So, you're related to this tall glass of water?"

Cai starts off the conversation with pointing nonchalantly at Inoyva, being one of tallest teens of his time meant that it would be a perfect opportunity for ridicule.

"Yes, unfortunately."


Inoyva couldn't seem to find an opening to this weird and awful conversation about his tall self, and attitude.


"Oh and this is my friend, Nyiko. She might look like she's intimidated by your presence, and a somewhat geek... but, she's a good person."

Again, the considerate thought was understood as further ridicule.

An insult to the unknown girl's character and personality than an ordinary introduction.

"Woah! Woah! Why am I being painted as an anti social person, here?"

Mixo's friend fixes her glass into position, giving off a smart, but awkward appearance. However, her pretty face made up for her attire.


They would later rant on and on in the room with the other candidates around them.

But, another lad approaches them with only one question.


"Are you... Inoyva?"

The seemingly polite and jittery dude asked the tall glass of water, making a friendly expression on his face.


Inoyva reluctantly answered and thought of the constant trouble that was following him again with all these people 'confronting' him on the first day.


"Sorry to intrude, but my name is..."

'Is he serious? Does he want to fight? He approached me, but he's not even cloaking his Firepower emissions.'

"Attention! All candidates follow the escort to your left and gather outside, where you will await for further instructions."

The lad is interrupted as the start of Part 2 of the Entrance exam was about to start with more flare than the first part.

"Sorry, but we'll continue at a later time..."

Inoyva pats the unknown lad on the shoulder and moves forward heading to his group and out the door.


BETA Training Ground.

The candidates are escorted into a gladiator themed arena and they are once again greeted by the same two figures from Part 1.

"Greetings, once again. We'lll explain the rules of the second part of the Entrance exam."

"Again, you'll be pitted against each other, but unlike in the first part, this time, it'll be a 1 on 1 match."

The current number of candidates were 560, but as they would each have to fight for their place, the number would further be halved to 280.

"The 280 candidates left will be accepted."

Complete silence as they get their game faces on. Ready for battle, with victory in their thoughts.

"You'll face an opponent head on and the only way to win is to forcefully remove your opponent off this platform."

A podium in the center of the arena with the stands around it. It had everything an arena would have.

"Just like in Part 1, we advise you not to severely injure or kill your opponent, but... we ONLY ADVICE this."

"This time, you won't be disqualified for injuring or... KILLING anyone."


A cold sweat from the onlooking candidates reached the ground as they hear these somewhat evil rules.

"Wait, what...?!"

"Hey, I have a... question!"

Commotion starts brewing as the candidates are surprised and shocked by these vicious and out-of-the box statement.

"What the hell?!"

"How is that not against the rules?!"


"SILENCE! We'll not be taking questions at this stage..."

A cold stare pierced their hearts. The pressure of the Exams was building up even more.

"Furthermore, defeat your opponent with any means necessary. In this battle, you are obligated to use your Destroyer Arts with your other available abilities. That is all."

A chill runs through most of their spines while some were not so surprised. It seemed a few were not even fazed by these rules and almost like they were born ready.

DESTROYER ARTS: The ability to conjure and manipulate an Affinity. Fire, Scorch, Blaze, Explosion & Ash are the only Affinities being used in the world, openly.

And, through learning and practicing, a Hunter can perfect their usage, and be proficient with their techniques.

"Good luck."

A pin could be dropped, and heard in the vast arena. The Instructor stood near the platform with a poll in her hand awaiting the announcement.

"Attention! All candidates should look up at the monitor to find out which positions they are in, and the candidate that will be their opponent. First up: Mixo Risse versus... Sbu Stellar. The candidates mentioned, step on the platform."

'I'm first...'

"Wish me luck."

Mixo waves at her friends as she gets up on the tall, long and wide stage with nervousness.

"May... the best man win." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Her opponent greets her with a cheeky smile on his smile and extends his hand.


But, the extended hand is not acknowledge as she looks away as if she was disgusted.



With a loud roar, the Instructor shouts to kick start the first match up of the beginning of the new year.


"Flame Art: God Staff!"


Orange and red glowing poles emerged on each of Mixo's hands.

She steps forward and dashes.


"Flame Art: Star Armor!"


Her opponent blocks the attack with glowing Armor attached to his arms.

His confidence fades away as he sees that he got nipped on the cheek and was slightly bleeding.

'I thought that I blocked that attack completely.'

"Well, whatever, now it's my turn, Flame Art: Soul Blaze!"


He conjures a giant yellow and silver fire ball, sending straight towards Mixo.



But, Mixo effortlessly dodges the incoming projectile, and gets in position to strike again as she bends her knees, and with a spring in her step launches at him.

"That was beginner's luck. Flame Art: Soul..."

He is interrupted when Mixo gets in close. She kneels down and is only steps away from him.

Bam! Bam!

She hits his lower jaw, and solar plexus with her poles. The lad tries dodging, but his efforts are in vain.

It was pretty evident that close range was not his forte, as he becomes overwhelmed with a volley of strikes to his upper body.



She bypasses his defense with one great strike. Mixo hits him with all her might, and he immediately flies off the platform.



He landed on an uncomfortable cushion of bystanders, unconscious, and drooling from his mouth.

"WINNER: Mixo Risse!"

The Instructor with her a somewhat scary and loud voice shouts out while pointing her pole at Minn.

"Attention! Next up: Inoyva Risse versus Tenda Mulaudzi. The candidates mentioned, step on the platform.

"Good luck."

On the steps of the podium, Mixo high fives Inoyva. Her heart was pounding due to the adrenaline that was still rushing through out her body.


"Blaze Art: Roar!"

White flames with a diamond shaped appearance are formed in the air are launched at Inoyva at blinking speed.

"Flame Art: Straw Sword!"


Inoyva envelopes his feet with fire, and with beautiful grace, he dodges the attack stepping on the other side of the platform.


Then with a flick of his hand, he gets into a stance.

"Flame Art: Crimson Orb!"


Inoyva fires a giant Fire ball almost resembling a marble with a shiny, and reflective surface.


The fire ball explodes, making contact with Inoyva's opponent. His foe is only steps away from the edge of the platform.


'That was dangerous. I guess I should have not underestimated him. He doesn't look exhausted after firing that huge, but fast inferno.'

"Blaze Art: Tiger's Cry!"

White flames are assimilated into the air, forming a cat structure with a flash of light and is thrown at Inoyva.

The attack at hand was 3 times bigger than the previous one.

"Can I dodge this..? Should I...?"

With a dumbfounded expression on his face, an unimpressed Inoyva did not even flinch at the approaching attack.


The cat makes contact.

When the dust clears, only a shield like wall was in front of Inoyva blocking and almost divided the stage in half.

"Magma Art: Heaven's Gate!"

A shield that was comprised of Magma, and Earth.

This unknown defense looked like a tool shaped in Hell's depths with its overall red, and black appearance.

"Magma Art?"

Commotion on the stands as the candidates are bewildered by this new form of a Demon-god attribute.


The shield turns into ash, and disappears.

"Magma Art: Festival of Summer Lotus!"

Magma starts appearing out from beneath his feet from Inoyva's feet.

The liquid breaks off behind him, and he points at the opponent.





A terrifying sequences of explosion ensued as the small sized catastrophes make contact with Tenda.


When the dust settles for a second time, Tenda was off the platform, and on the ground with burn marks on his arms.

"WINNER: Inoyva Risse."

The crowd could not get enough as they roared with admiration of this heated bout.

"Attention! Next up: Dior Avalor versus Cav Ser. The candidates mentioned, step on the platform."


On the stands.

"What was that?"

An overjoyed Mixo asks Inoyva with stars in her eyes, and eagerness in her voice.

"It was an attack."

Inoyva answers nonchalantly, with a blunt and, almost uncaring tone of voice.

"Thanks for that, captain obvious! I meant the affinity! Magma Art? How do you have that?"

But, she's still not discouraged by being shoved off to the side.

"I don't know. I had it since I was born, just like any other person here."


He sits down with somewhat relief in his sigh, but Mixo still looked like she received more questions than answers out of that statement.

As the match ups progress, it was finally Cai's turn.

But, as fast as it started, it ended as fast when she wins with a one punch hit infused with Explosion Art attack.


The crowd could not contain themselves as the cute expression of her overwhelming victory caused her to release an almost perfect and cute smile.

On to the final match.

"Attention! Ripfumelo Nibla versus Hith Mor. The candidates mentioned, step on the platform."

"Hey, isn't that the guy that tried to fight with you at the gate?"

Cai recalls the encounter of the mongrel who acted like a king among teenagers and almost initiated a fight.

"Yeah, I can recognize that cocky bastard anywhere. He must be confident in his skills, and abilities, huh.



"Flame Art: True Wrath!"

Ripfumelo gathered blue flames in his hands, and fires them at his opponent.


His opponent's body was thrown from the explosion.

One step away from the edge, it looked like the battle would be over within a minute, but Hith moved forward and dashed at Ripfumelo.

"Flame Art: Sky!"

But, Ripfumelo with his precision, evades from left to right, and rears up his fist.

Ripfumelo rams Hith's lower jaw.


Hitting him with great force to the point of, Hith becoming airborne, and land on the ground.


But, without any mercy, Ripfumelo fires again to make it a done deal that his opponent is out.

"Flame Art: Tear Drop!"

Blue Flames shape on his hands, and envelope his right arm, whole. He fires consecutive shoots of Fire arrows at Hith.




Ripfumelo shouts out as Hith is being overwhelmed by the attack.

Only panting, and making an effort in dodging, Hith's attempt were to no avail.


But, with fury in his voice, the still undefeated lad stands up with determination on his face.

As he glares at his opponent with blood dripping from his head, and drenching his hair.

"Flame Art: True Core!"

He tries firing the attack at point-blank range.

Ripfumelo's flames shape into a Spear like missile, and with all his speed he aims for the heart.

However, a stray fire ball stops the flame barrage.



In the confusion, Ripfumelo looks up the stands to see the man that he challenged previously.

Only smoking was coming off this person's hand as he looked at Ripfumelo.

"You'll kill him... if you use that."

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