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89.09% Infinite Ladder / Chapter 147: Chapter 147 - The Land of Pleasure

Chapter 147 - The Land of Pleasure - Infinite Ladder - Chapter 147 by Nonameavailable full book limited free

Chapter 147: Chapter 147 - The Land of Pleasure

Jay woke up in the morning, hearing the sounds of the buzzes of the insects, chirping of the birds, light of the sun.

He tried to move around his body but paused in the mid-action. His eyes glanced down at the two, who had their bodies wrapped around him.

Amedee was naked, with her breasts being squeezed by his body, her thighs rubbing against his.

On the other side was Calen, having taken off her top, hugging his arm tightly as she slept like a baby.

His gaze moved downwards from her neck to her breasts. Unlike Amedee's enormous breasts that wouldn't even fit his large hands, Calen's were more modest.

But it was her body, her toned body, that attracted him more than Amedee's soft body.

He closed his eyes, looking away before he did something stupid.

Just when he thought he got away from all the peeking, Amedee opened her eyes, leaning forward, whispering, "you can look more. You have my permission."

Jay's hand slid through her back, his lips taking her, kissing her, "I don't want to get killed."

Amedee stopped between the kisses, narrowing her eyes, "but you can...and I might be able to get something out of it. After all, it's been ages since I last tasted her."

Jay glanced towards Calen when Amedee's hand brushed against his chest, her voice tempting him, "do it...if she didn't want you to...she would have opened her eyes and stopped me by now. She wants this as much as I do...I can promise you that."

Jay closed his eyes, sitting up - he opened them, glancing back at Amedee, "if so, I would like to hear her say it. Without that consent, it doesn't feel right."

Amedee raised her body, supporting her head on her palm, her elbow on the bed, "you are a God, you know. You can have more fun without caring about the little things." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jay leaned his head back, feeling the weight of his hair, "it's because I am a God that I need to be more responsible. If I don't, then I am not different than beings that I seek to kill."

Once he got up, taking his clothes, and walked away to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Calen opened her eyes, slapping Amedee's waist, whispering, "what the hell was that?!"

Amedee chuckled, rolling her naked body on the bed, tangling the bedsheet around her, "what? I thought you wouldn't mind. You seemed to be enjoying sleeping in his arms!"

"That's different!! I was...I..."

Amedee smiled lightly, "I know. You were sad, weak, and needed some support. And that's fine, but you said it yourself, this is a Land of Death, not a Paradise. That weakness will get you killed. And personally, I think that you haven't had any in decades. You might be the first to fall prey to the creatures of Acacia."

Calen became downcast, "I'll be fine. Moreover, he's your boyfriend."

Amedee blinked, turning on her bag, "I wouldn't call him that. I don't know what this is, maybe it's the attraction? Infatuation? I don't know what it is. But I think I like the idea of being with him. If possible, I want to stay with him. I want to raise Mina with him."

She chuckled, "but for some reason, I don't feel jealous. Maybe it's because Jay's a God, or maybe, it's because even though he doesn't realize it, the one he truly loves is the Goddess. Or maybe, it's like being a devotee. You don't become jealous when some other devotees pray to the same God that you pray to? Who knows, it could be any one of those, or maybe something else entirely."

She shifted her body closer to Calen's, caressing her cheek, "above all, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I don't want to see you get hurt or fall prey to the creatures of this land. That is why I hope...before we move out, you are satisfied. It's not about love, like, or pleasure. It's for survival."

Calen closed her eyes, a smile on her face, putting her hand on Amedee's hand, "and that is exactly why I won't. Not for survival. Is that any different from prostitution?"

Amedee let out a troubled sigh, pouting, "do the two of you have to be so stubborn?"

Calen held Amedee's hand, "I know if you were in my place, you'd do the same."

Amedee pouted, leaning forward, putting her forehead against Calen's, "idiot."

Calen's gaze turned towards Amedee's lips. Her mouth leaned forward when Amedee's fingers stopped her mouth, "don't even try that. Not without his permission."

Calen chuckled, getting up from the bed, "you are as submissive as always."

Amedee grinned proudly, "I call it loyalty."

In the bathroom,

Jay stood under the shower - his hairs were floating in the air as he cleaned them with his telekinetic powers. Having long hair was an annoyance when it came to cleaning. Luckily he had the telekinetic powers that helped him clean them.

He glanced towards the door, seeing a naked Amedee strut in with a grin on her face, "cleaning your hair? Why don't you let me?"

Jay smiled at her, "they are too big - it would take too much effort."

Amedee chuckled, stepped in the bathtub, running her head on his back, "I can handle big things."

Jay narrowed his eyes, a smile hanging on his lips as he let down his hair, feeling Amedee's hand on them, "even when you say that, you are worried more than anyone else."

Amedee looked at his hair with downcast eyes, cleaning his hair, "it's a good thing that Lowe and Besotir are not here. Those two men wouldn't have lasted for one night. And then there is Sese, who has always been an outcast - she longs for a connection. Calen hasn't had any in decades - Maeral and Tisha are innocent children curious about such things. Sadly, our little group is weak to the pleasures of this continent."

Jay narrowed his eyes, "you are more perceptive than I thought."

"I am a beastmaster, observation, contact, and taming - that is my job. I am good with those things," Amedee chuckled.

Jay glanced towards his left; his line of sight passed through the walls, falling on the third room of this floor. He gazed at the bed, seeing Maeral sitting up on the bed, his eyes looking at the beautiful girl with long black hair bobbing her head up and down.

Suddenly, the girl stopped, looking in the direction where Jay's sight was coming from.

Maeral gazed at her with a loving smile, "is there something wrong?"

Tisha smiled beautifully, sitting up, with her knees spread, rubbing her fingers through her stomach, moving upwards, "nothing, big brother. Do you like it? The view of my body?"

Maeral smiled, "you know I find you the most beautiful in the world."

Tisha moved forward, holding his, lowering her body, sliding it inside of her as she cupped her own breasts, "Yes!! I need you to fuck me, big brother. Fuck your little sister fuck her until she can't take it anymore!!"

She raised her fingers, licking it, as her body moved up and down, as her big brother's thighs slapped against her hips, as she felt the pleasure course through her vein. She gazed in Jay's direction, with a delighted grin in her eyes, "fuck me."

Jat blinked, taking his sight away, letting out a sigh, "you don't have to worry about those two innocent children." He couldn't care less about their incestual love. What brought his attention was the fact that she recognized his sight.

Since he was born, no one has been able to look through his sight. Even when he was just born and peeked at Seth, "that girl...she's talented...more than I thought."

Her doll-like appearance was deceptive to her true nature.

Amedee put her head forward from under his arm, looking at his face, "Oh, why do you look so happy?"

Jay glanced down at her, leading her forward, brushing his hand against her wet, dripping body, "well, having someone as talented as her on my side. Of course, I am happy."

He picked her body up, penetrating her body. His hand rested on the wall as he moved his hips, feeling her warm inner walls, kissing her. His eyes glowed again, "it's like watching live porn."

He glanced down at Amedee, who was too busy moaning to even hear him, "this land...does seem to have that effect. Bliss. This will be fun."

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