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20% Inseparable Family / Chapter 1: Trapping Her Stepfather

Trapping Her Stepfather - Inseparable Family - Chapter 1 by T_L_Tate full book limited free

Inseparable Family Inseparable Family original

Inseparable Family

Author: T_L_Tate

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Chapter 1: Trapping Her Stepfather


My stepfather, Dan, is the best man I've ever known. He is kind and patient…and I'm ashamed to say, he's quite the hottie! Physical attributes aside, I truly love that man. Which is why leaving him to go to an out-of-state school is so difficult. You might be asking, what is this girl's fascination with her stepfather? The answer is simple; he is the only parent I have and a great one at that. My bio-dad left my mom when she became pregnant with me at the ripe young age of 17. I've never even met the guy. For the longest time it were just she and I. She worked crappy jobs to make sure we had some type of food on the table and a leaky roof over our heads. I worked hard to--as she put it--stay the hell out of her way. All that changed shortly after my 12th birthday when my mom brought home a man who had been a regular at the restaurant she waitressed at. Apparently he came in every night she worked and would only sit in her section. He was one of those guys that would leave generous tips. Looking back I don't know if my mother ever actually cared for Dan or if she was just turned on by the Audi he drove and the fancy clothes and accessories he wore.

I remember the exact moment I met him. It was rare enough for my mother to even acknowledge my presence. Of course, that was assuming she wasn't telling me to hurry up and move out of her way, and if I asked her a question she would tell me to shut up because my voice irritated her. Or my personal favorite was the ever popular and consistently replayed--you ruined my life! Yeah, my mom was no saint, but what can you do? She was the only mom I had. But when Dan first came to our ramshackle one-bedroom apartment I was studying advanced algebra and eating a measly meal comprised of crackers and cheese, and for an added flare some of the crackers had ketchup instead. When he came in I quickly covered the Spartan meal with the flap of my book.

He took one look around before he even noticed my slight form and I could see the questions and angst in his eyes as if he thought, who could live like this? I took one look at him and my stomach started to flip. I didn't know why. I had talked to boys and had even kissed two by then, but just looking at his Adonis stature made me feel…funny. My mom put on her biggest (and most fake smile) and ushered him in the apartment like she was showing him the damn Taj Mahal. Before she introduced me she gave me a glare that basically said; if you don't play this right I will shred your fucking soul, or something akin to that message.

She swept into the room, bringing with her the stale smell of overused bacon grease, sweat, and intense desperation. She wrapped her arm around me and introduced me as her brilliant and loving daughter, Caitlyn. And I dutifully played my role as the loving daughter by wrapping her in my arms and telling her how much I missed her, I held on a little longer than I should have, but what can I say…it was the first time she touched me in years, other than to swat the back of my head. I wanted to get my money's worth.

Then she introduced Daniel (his friends call him Dan) Sharp. One look into his gorgeous brown eyes made my heart melt. And I swear to this day, when he smiled his teeth dinged like it does on those cheesy TV shows. His smile was so warm, and his eyes were so kind I was mesmerized. I just stood there dumbfounded as he held out his hand waiting for me to shake it. When I didn't, my mom gave me a subtle jab in my rib to get me moving. That was when I realized I had stopped breathing. When I managed to move, I extended my shaking hand and once again dared to look into his eyes. I was afraid I had upset him and knew if I did I might as well pick out my own cemetery plot right then and there, because my mom would kill me. Instead he looked at me with a bemused expression in his eyes and as he took my hand he bent down to kiss it. It was soft and swift, like you would see on the romance channel, and up until that moment I thought it was a completely ridiculous and antiquated gesture. However, I practically fainted I was swooning so much, my lithe frame shaking like a new born bird. He stood back up and said it was a pleasure to meet me.

A pleasure? Me?

That was maybe the nicest thing an adult had ever said to me and he said it only after just meeting me. I remember the sounds of his rich baritone washing over me and calming my nerves making me imagine the sounds of low bass drums mixed with the rolling sea. Swept by my wild emotions I'm pretty sure I curtsied, yeah I curtsied like a damn 16th Century courtier.

After that my mom told me they were going to go out for a date and she brought him back to show him who the most important person in her life was. I supposed she was referring to me by that statement, but my mom was not the sharpest tool in the shed so she probably confused the definition of important with nuisance. But again I played along. She practically bounced into the shower to get ready while Dan; he said I could call him Dan, and I were left to make small talk. I had to constantly remind myself to breathe and was unable to look him in his beautiful brown eyes, so I made very small, small talk.

He was sitting next to me and I returned to my homework. When he asked what I was doing and I explained I was stuck, trying to solve a linear algebraic equation. I assumed he would get tongue-tied and leave it at that. Instead his eyes lit up and he asked if he could help. Surprised, I tilted the book to him and scooted over slightly. He leaned over to me and the smell of his cologne was enough to send me into an ecstatic orbit, but I maintained. He looked over the problem in silence for almost two minutes. After he was finished, he leaned back and didn't say a word. I assumed he was stumped and was trying to put on a good show for the little kid. I appreciated him trying though and wouldn't hold it against him, my mom never tried to help me. Clearing his throat, he turned to me and asked if I wanted him to teach me how to solve it myself, or if I wanted him to give me the answer. I needed to feel close to him again so I asked him to teach me the answer. He was a patient and concise teacher. Within only five minutes he lead me into finding out how to solve it myself, and never once did he give me the answer. I was overjoyed because I had been working on this problem for an hour before they showed up and could not make heads or tails out of it. I was relieved, so relieved in fact that without thinking about it I reached over and gave him a hug.

I quickly regretted it. I just met him and I was being overly familiar. But he hugged me back and smiled almost as if he was proud of me. I smiled back, proud of myself. Shortly after my mom came out of the bathroom, dressed in her most man-catcher dress and heels. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then they left.

It was in the morning that I saw her next. Her hair slightly tousled, and she had a faint smile playing across her face. She was glowing. But things were back to normal between us. Without Dan there she didn't even acknowledge my presence. So just like normal I got dressed, packed a lunch, and headed out the door to school, careful to make as little noise as possible on my way out.

For the next few months my mom continued to date Dan. He didn't come around that often, and that was okay I was used to being alone anyway. But then one night after dating for 5 months he came over with dinner. As we all ate around the tiny Formica table, Dan looked at me and cleared his throat. Nervously, I looked up at him to see him smiling from ear to ear at my mom and he reached out to grab her hand…her left hand. When I followed their hands I saw the biggest diamond in existence resting lopsided on her ring finger. I almost started to hyperventilate, but I kept it in check. Dan looked back at me and said, "Caitlyn, we have something to tell you." I could only sit there stunned and mummer a quick, "Mmhmm".

"Your mother and I are getting married! I hope you will have me as a part of your beautiful family!"

His smile was mystic and it somehow calmed all of my nerves. And at that moment I realized I couldn't think of anything better.

That all happened 6 years ago. Four years after their marriage my mother left Dan. She never told me why, and I didn't get as much as a goodbye.

I was shocked. I had always known that even though Dan was attractive, the reason my mother wanted to marry him was because of his money. Dan owned his own successful computer-programing firm, with a sprinkling of small electronic stores across the state. He was very well off.

I never heard them fight, not even in the hushed tones adults try to use to pretend like their teenage child couldn't hear every hushed and angry word. In the summer between my freshman and sophomore year I came home from summer computer camp and she was gone. I didn't get a call; she didn't even leave me a note. For all intents and purposes, she abandoned us both.

After Dan told me my mother had left, I looked at him in disbelief. I knew the terms of their marriage included an ironclad pre-nup, so I couldn't understand why my mother would leave when she wouldn't get anything from him. As the news sunk in, my stomach dropped with the sinking realization that he married my mom and became my stepfather. But he was not my real father, now that mom was gone, I would be kicked to the curb next. I had come to love this new house, my new school, my new friends, and most of all my new stepdad. My mind reeled with thoughts of what I would do. I saw news stories about girls my age living on the street, and they did not end well. Shaking my underdeveloped frame, I asked him if he was kicking me out. When he delivered the news about my mother he was rather stoic, but at the mention of me leaving, tears appeared in his eyes and he said, "Caitlyn, just because your mom and I are not together does not mean I am not your father. You are as much my daughter now as ever. If you would like to stay, I would love to have you". With that he pushed my fears aside and held me tight as I wept.

That night I wept and sobbed, sobbed and wept. We sat on the couch all night as he held his arms around me and shushed me, telling me everything would be all right. I think he misunderstood my weeping as desperation of being abandoned by my mother, but it was not that, it was gratefulness that my stepdad was such an amazing man.


Now I'm 18 and getting ready to head off to my Ivy League school across country. I would be sorry to leave Dan, but he was so thrilled when my acceptance came that he was practically ushering me out of the door.

"So sweetie, are you all packed?"

"Almost!" I called down the stairs.

"Okay! Listen, I'm going to go pick up the moving truck and I'll be right back. Do you want to do pizza for dinner tonight?"

"No while you're gone I'll throw something together."

"Okay, but just remember al-dente does not translate into mushy!" He said laughing.

Irritated, I responded "Yeah, yeah. Man you are never going to let me live that down are you?"

"And why would I? I didn't try to feed you overcooked pasta that seemed dangerously close to oatmeal for your special birthday dinner did I?"

I heard the door shut with his bell-toll laughter fading into the evening.

Okay so I wasn't the best cook. But why should I worry about that? The dorms will have cafeterias so I won't need to worry about it. Plus, you don't need to be a four-star chef to make a sandwich, which is what was on the menu tonight.

As I finished packing the essentials, I happened past my dressing mirror. In my reflection I saw that the skinny 12 years old that Dan was introduced to, who was replaced by a gawky and uncoordinated 16 year old when my mom abandoned us, had finally began to show signs of a womanly transformation. All of my girlfriends had gone through puberty in the early part of high school, making me seem like a forever-child in comparison.

But finally it was my turn.

My skinny figure made room for a womanlier figure. My waist stayed thin while my hips got slightly wider. The small bulbs of my chest expanded into a modest handful. And my taut backside had just enough curve appeal to be considered a lethal weapon. My green eyes made a striking contrast to my olive skin and long raven hair. Even though my body was still developing that did not stop me from showing off this summer in tiny bikinis and having a wild summer fling. Even though I was a late bloomer, it was nice to finally be a woman in more ways than one, if you catch my drift.

Sweaty after packing and stacking boxes so it would be easier to carry to the moving truck, I decided to go take a shower. I let the hot water wash away the weariness of packing, letting the hot water flow over my neck and shoulders and cascade across my back and bust. Once the water had done its job I decided to reach for my body wash and began to lather soap all over my body. In the process the water made contact with the tip of my nipple in the most delicious way.

"Oh!" I said surprised by the sudden electricity the water caused to run from my nipple to my clit. Then that familiar sensation started to build, starting with heat rising in my stomach and moving down until I knew my sex would soon be dripping, needing to be sated. I knew I shouldn't, Dan could be home any minute. But I couldn't help myself.

I started by moving a hand to my erect nipples and pulling and twisting them. It felt so good that the simple act knocked the air out of me. My nipples had always been sensitive. While my left hand stayed on my tit my right hand moved down to play with my button. I started to rock my hips back and forth as I picked up speed, my soapy fingers tracing circles around my clit, all the while pulling and twisting my nipple. I began to imagine a faceless and nameless man power-driving my tight cunt. I knew I wouldn't last long, I could feel an explosion building up quickly. I reached lower and inserted my middle digit into my wet sex and immediately started to gasp for air. I had one hand on my tit, my palm on my clit providing constant pressure and friction, and a finger in my box. All of these sensations quickly brought me to climax. I felt my body tense as the waves began cascade across my walls, suddenly as if I was possessed by lust I started to pinch harder, push down harder, and move in and out faster. For one delicious moment I felt like I was floating the only thing that mattered was getting off. As the first contraction rocked my body, my mind gave a face to the man who was having his way with me, at first I was shocked but being in the throes of lust I didn't care enough to stop.

The man was my stepfather, Dan.

As another wave hit me, I began to moan louder, and then another wave hit, and then another and another. Each time I got louder and louder. Still I knew I wasn't finished, there was something still building behind the shadows of my orgasm and I knew it would knock me off my feet, and I welcomed it. It approached and suddenly, BAM!

"Oh shit! Oh my fucking god! Yes, yes, yes! Your cock feels so good Dan! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking my cunt forever!" I was lost in my desire and I didn't know if I said the words aloud or if I just screamed them in my head. But one thing is for certain; I had never came that hard before. The fact that I did it while imagining my stepdad was a bit concerning. But I rationalized it by saying he was the last guy I talked to and objectively he is an attractive specimen. Satisfied, I finished my shower…after I got my breath back.

Looking at the clock I realized I was in the shower longer than I should have been. "Shit, I was supposed to make dinner!" I put on a pair of panties, yoga pants, and a low-cut halter and rushed downstairs. As I made it into the kitchen, Dan was coming in the back door.

"Hey Dan! Sorry, I took a long shower. I didn't have a chance to put anything together. I'll hurry up and make something."

Dan smiled and for a second I saw his eyes flicker across my body. His eyes darkened with a look I had never seen. The attention made my depths get hot and made my nipples hard. "Stop it stupid! He is your stepdad!" I instantly regretted not wearing a bra; as I knew my nipples were standing at attention.

Clearing my throat I nervously said, "So what do you want to eat?" I figured I owed the guy more than just a sandwich. He stood there for a brief moment with a surprised expression strewn across his face. He shook his head slightly and smiled.

"Don't worry kiddo! I figured you'd be tired from all that packing so I went ahead and got a pizza."

"My hero!" I laughed. And just like that the short moment of awkwardness was gone. I skipped over to him and gave him a light peck on his cheek. His brown eyes widened in surprise as he held his hand to his cheek.

Bemused I said, "Well lets eat!"

That shocked him out of his momentary stupor and he smiled brilliantly. I swear the man could light up a whole building with his smile. He held up the pizza and proudly announced "I hope you're not too old for Hawaiian-style!"

"Nope! Not at all!" I chimed as I greedily opened the lid to the box and started munching on a piece of delicious yet somewhat cold pizza.

Oh well, they can't all be fresh out of the oven I guess.

We sat at the table eating pizza and enjoyed each other's company. Then I headed to bed. I took off my clothes and underclothes and threw them in the laundry basket, changed into my pajamas and dreamed the dream of the very satisfied.


The next morning I awoke to the light of dawn. Normally I would sleep in past 10 on a Saturday, but today was moving day and I wanted to help Dan load the truck. The man had done enough for me; the least I could do was help load my crap in the moving truck.

As I waddled down the stairs into the kitchen, I didn't see Dan anywhere. It was strange because he was always up at 6:30. He would get up, work out, shower, dress, and start breakfast. But he was nowhere in sight.

"Well even that man needs the occasional late morning" I mumbled. After pulling out the carton, I poured myself a glass of orange juice. After swallowing that down, I went back upstairs to get dressed for the day. As I passed Dan's bedroom I noticed the door was cracked. I approached the door thinking I would close it so my moving around didn't wake him. That's when I heard Dan's voice; I peaked through the slit in the door. The unbelievable sight before me froze me in place.

"Yeah baby, take daddy's cock down your tight throat! Suck daddy good baby!"

I was frozen. I don't know what shocked me more, the fact that he was clearly fantasizing about me, the fact that he had my panties from last night pressed tightly against his nose, or the fact that his substantial and very hard cock was being pumped back and forth throughout all of it. I was shocked, but mesmerized by the scene in front of me. I instantly felt my pussy start to moisten. I opened the door a little wider. Not wide enough that he would know I was there, but wide enough to get a better view while I watched him stroke himself to completion while inhaling my aroma. I started to play with myself as I continued to watch him stroke his pole and listened to him talk dirty, his thought about me. As he got more into it my body got hotter. I began to respond to his dirty talk in my mind. It was the most perverse thing I had done up until then.

While pumping his hard rod he breathed into my panties, "God baby, that little hole is so tight. Daddy just wants to pound your little pussy until you can't stand. Is that what you want? Do you want daddy inside you?

<i>Yes. Oh God yes!

</i>"Do you want me to slide in you slow or ram my fat cock into you until you scream?"

<i>Take me daddy. Fuck me. Make me your little bitch.</i>

"I can't believe I have never thought of fucking you until now."

<i>Me either.</i>

"That hot little body is made for me. Isn't it you little slut?"

<i>It's all yours daddy. You can have me whenever you want.</i>

"I'm going to fucking cum in your tight little cunt! Do you want me to blow my load in your cunt?"

<i>Yes daddy. Please soil my pretty little cunt with your spunk!</i>

"I can't hear you, you little bitch! Say it louder! Tell me you want that jizz!"


"Argh!" Dan tensed and continued to pump his swollen cock. I kept playing with my clit, ready to blow, but determined to wait until he came. I didn't have to wait long.

He took my panties from his nose and placed him over his cock as his hot spunk erupted. At the exact moment that I saw the first juicy wad come out of his tip, my body exploded in the most fantastic way. My knees quivered, so bad I would have fallen if not for the wall I leaned on. My pussy tightened so much I was worried it would snap my hand off. My vision was hazed with stars. It was a marvelous experience, made all the better by getting off with Dan.

"Fucking shit Caitlyn! I want you so damn bad!"

It took all of my self-control to not push that door open and ride his handsome face until his dick sprang up to fuck me into my place. But I knew now what I wanted more than anything. I knew I had to make it so that he could not turn me down and I would only get one crack at him.

I continued to watch him as a look of pure ecstasy swam across his face. One last shiver and he removed the cum-soaked panties from his rod and looked down at them. He sighed as a new emotion, disgust, filtered across his face.

"What the hell is wrong with me? She is my daughter."


"I need to get this under control."

And suddenly I knew exactly what to do.

I quietly went back into my room and waited until I heard the door to the laundry room open and close and then the door to his room shut and his shower turn on. Then I opened the door and rushed to the laundry room and collected my soiled panties. I then put on my most revealing top, sans the bra, and my sluttiest pair of jeans that really highlighted my ass. And as I refined my plan as I continued to doll myself up. I headed downstairs and started making breakfast. I'm not the most graceful cook, but bacon, eggs and coffee are akin to pouring a bowl of cereal. I knew I could handle that much. When the coffee was done brewing and the smell of bacon wafted up through the large house Dan appeared in the kitchen. His hair wet from his shower, and his face still flush from his powerful orgasm.

I turned and smiled, "Good morning Dan! Did you sleep okay?"

He froze momentarily as his eyes took in the sight before him. He blinked several times as if he were trying to wake himself from a hallucination. "Uh, yeah. Yeah I did thanks."

He walked over towards the kitchen table. After he sat down I placed a hot cup of coffee with a small canister of cream on the table. I made sure to set it right in front of him, while I stood on the opposite side of the table. The acted forced me to bend over, ensuring my bosom took up his vision. I knew the shirt would dip down to show my hard nipples, just as I was sure he would secretly enjoy the show. I practically felt wave after wave of lust hit me as he glared at my exposed skin.

I wanted to seduce him, to trap him. The problem was I was getting more and more turned on by his stares and his glances. I felt the familiar fire welling up inside of me. From the look in his eyes he was feeling the same.

Good step one was easy. Make sure he lets his guard down, and then get his engine running. Time for step two.

"Dan?" I said to get his attention.

He smiled and stammered, "Y-yes? What did you ask me?" He must've just realized that I caught him looking at his stepdaughter's tits.

"If you slept okay."

"Oh! Y-yes I did. How about you?" He poured cream into his coffee and started to stir it, the act seemed to calm his nerves.

"I slept just fine. The only thing is I was worried that I didn't pack enough panties." At the mention of the word panties he shuddered, I delighted in his reaction.

"Oh--oh yeah? How about everything else? Are all your electronics packed?"

He desperately tried to change the subject. But I wouldn't let him, he was mine and I was going to have him. Whether or not he fought back was up to him.

"Yes that's all fine. But you see I went looking for my favorite pair of panties. You know, they're pink and lacey. They offer just the right amount of appeal and comfort." I saw his pupils dilate. I smiled inwardly and continued. "Anyway, I wore them in a rush last night and forgot to pack them up. I put them in the laundry to be washed and I realized if I want to take them I would need to wash them this morning." Suddenly Dan's fists clenched, his eyes were now fixated on his coffee. His cheeks began to turn red.

Close, a little more and I think I can break him.

"When I went into the laundry I found my panties���" I paused to add a dramatic flare. When I didn't continue he responded with a mixture of nervous irritation.

"Y-yeah? And?"

And now for the coup de grâce.

"And you see what I found were my panties in quite the sorry state", I pouted.

With slow but deliberate movements I pulled the panties out of my pocket and sat them on the table in front of him. Making sure the wet and sticky blotches where he came most were faced up. My lacey pink pantie was the perfect backdrop. I inwardly smiled at his reaction, yet stood before him with an air of indignation and waited for him to break.

It didn't take long.

"Oh my god! Caitlyn I am so sorry! I don't know what came over me. I know it was wrong! And I swear to you I have never done it before. But I, I just couldn't stop myself. I tried but I couldn't. I am so ashamed of my behavior. I am so very sorry."

I felt bad for the guy. This was clearly tearing him up, but if I wanted my plan to work I had to take it a step farther.

Time for step three.

He sat there with his head in his hands, mumbling how sorry he was. I walked up to him and gently placed my hand on his powerful shoulder. He slightly shuddered under my touch. I reveled in the power I had over him in that moment.

"Dan, look at me." I intoned with as serious a voice as I could muster. He slowly lifted his head to look into my eyes. His eyes pleaded with me to forgive him, I knew I had him then.

This is going to be fun!

"Yes Caitlyn."

"I don't really know how to respond. I feel betrayed. I trusted you. You have been my stepfather for 6 years. How could you do this? It's like I don't even know you. Do you have any idea how victimized I feel right now?"

"I know sweetie, and I swear I will do whatever I can do to make it up to you. I am so sorry!"

Hook, line, and fucking sinker!

I stood there for a minute, my body pantomiming anger and disbelief. On my face I slowly displayed first a quizzical expression, and then a speculative expression. My dramatic talents where not lost on him. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he saw a glimmer of hope that I would forgive him.

"You said you would do anything right, Dan?"

"Anything sweetie, I-I mean Caitlyn."

"No matter what I ask of you?"

Without hesitation he said, "As long as it is in my power to do, I will do it."

I let out a heavy sigh and turned my back to him and took one step away. Sometimes you just need to play with your food before you devour it.

I turned to him and ordered, "Fine. Close your eyes and don't move a muscle."

Surprised at the strange request, Dan shrugged his shoulders but did as he was instructed. I approached him and bent over to whisper in his ear.

"I want you to fuck me in my tight little cunt, daddy." As I said this, his eyes shot open and his face snapped over to me, disbelief shining in his gorgeous brown eyes.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk, daddy", I said sweetly as I held his face between both of my hands. ���I told you not to move a muscle. And I would say you just moved several muscles. You need to be punished."

I crushed my soft pouty lips onto his powerful mouth and drank in his essence.

At first he struggled slightly, but when it was clear I would not let him go he stopped struggling, presumably so he wouldn't hurt me. I knew that with his powerful body he could move me any which way he wanted. I appreciated his restraint.

After a brief struggle he started to kiss me back. His mouth taking possession of mine. He drove his tongue in my mouth searching, seeking, and conquering my preciousness. His power drove me wild; I was practically soaking through my jeans. Then, as if a light turned on inside his head, he pieced it all together and pulled back.

"You knew! You were watching me!" I didn't know if it was surprise or lust that added to the cadence of his baritone.

Sweetly, I fluttered my lashes, tilted my head down so I was forced to look at him through my lashes. I knew this would turn him on. "I didn't just watch, I fucked myself outside your door as you pulled on your magnificent cock and wasted the delicious looking sperm in my panties." His eyes bulged and I continued, "Next time put that hot load to" I slowly moved my hand across my breast, down my tight stomach, past my navel, finally placing my hand down the front of my jeans on top of my pussy. His eyes followed my hand the entire time. I decided to give him a little show. I rubbed my clit and stuck a finger in my slit, sawing back and forth a brief moment for emphasis. Then I slowly removed my hand and seductively placed my dripping finger in my mouth and sucked my juices off of it, the whole while keeping eye contact with him. "Mmmm sweet!" I smacked my lips and ran my still wet finger across his lips, smiling the whole time at the brashness of my actions.

He started to shake, as a hungry light took possession of his stare. He pulled his lips back from his teeth, but this smile was not the mega-watt smile I was used to. This smile was filled with longing, with hunger, with need. It felt like I was facing a hurricane head on and I loved every second of it.

In one smooth and quick motion he stood up, picked me up and draped me over his shoulder and began to walk. The act of being picked up and handled so roughly made me yelp. But if we are being honest, it made my pussy a little wetter. I wanted this man to take me, to ravish me, to use me so that my tight folds were molded to his cock. I wanted to be so full of his spunk that I never forgot his taste while I was away at college.

As we ascended the stairs, I felt like a child being carried by this godly man. I could feel his tight bulging muscles press into my stomach as he carefully walked up the stairs. I would have thought the feeling of being handled this roughly would hurt, but instead I only got wetter. I started to run my hands down his back, starting with his broad shoulders and moving down to the small of his back. Once I got to his firm buttocks I had to lean forward a little to squeeze it. I gasped as I felt his muscles move beneath my hands.

This is going to be way fun!

I was both happy and surprised to see the room where he took me was his own. He slowly lowered me onto the bed and immediately was on top of me. His strong hands started at my knee, he worked his way inside my thigh, his fingers massaging arousing circles up my leg. Goosebumps formed on my skin the closer he got to my sex. I started to rock my hips into his hand, willing him to edge closer and closer. As his hot hand reached my prize, he suddenly pulled back.

Shocked and horny I squealed and tried to pick my head up to beg him to keep touching me. He pressed his lips to mine more forcefully, the force of which held my head in place. Suddenly I felt the buttons of my jeans come apart with a distinct, Snap! Slowly, as if to pay me back for my earlier trickery, he unzipped my jeans.

By this point I was practically screaming into his mouth, the anticipation was so powerful. He slowly reached down into my pants. At first I thought he would go inside my panties, but instead he rested his hot hand on top. I was disappointed. I was afraid that I wouldn't get to feel his powerful hand working my sex.

I wasn't disappointed long.

He instantly found my clit underneath my panties and started to apply pressure and friction, pinching and toying with my sensitive button. I rocked harder and harder into his hand while wrapping my arms around his strong neck and tried to steal more pleasure from his mouth, my tongue battling his tongue.

Holy shit! He's going to make me cum so fast!

The taboo situation we were involved in helped increase the eroticism of the moment. I knew I wouldn't last long.

"Please." I breathed into his mouth.

He leaned back to give me room to articulate while still working my clit. "What was that honey?"

Desperate for him to touch me directly I didn't care how horny and pathetic it made me sound, embarrassment went away the moment I finger-fucked myself outside of his door.

"Please, I want to feel you inside. I'm begging you; make me cum with your body inside me. I need it so bad!"

For a moment I thought he would ignore my request, his face frozen in awe and desire. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I felt his hand move up and under my panties. The combination of his burning flesh and my sensitive pleasure box almost sent me into orbit. But I had to wait; I had to have him inside me while I came.

He spread my lips and played with the outside of my hole. Teasing me with his middle finger, while his thumb danced along my clit. I couldn't take it anymore; I started humping his hand, desperate to have him inside me. He held his hand still and let me finger-fuck myself using his hand. He released my mouth and kissed down my neck, across my collar bone, up my neck again until he reach my ear lobe, which he promptly placed inside his mouth, nibbling and sucking.

"Don't move."

I had never heard his voice so gruff before, his velvety baritone giving way to lust as he whispered those words into my ear. I froze. Sweat and desire flowing from my body.

Slowly, he inserted his digit into my sex; I shuddered as he bottomed out, while getting deeper than my desperate humping could ever get me. At first he just pushed in and pulled out, getting me accustomed to the thickness and listening to me breath harder and harder as his mouth continued to take possession of my neck and my lips. Then I felt him curl his finger upward as he searched for that precious spot. When he found it, I nearly jumped out of the rest of my clothes.

Damn this man knows how to touch me!

He started to work that spot while applying more and more pressure to my clit. Then it happened. An orgasm so powerful, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It felt so amazing I started to wail on his body, crashing my fists down on his back and raking my nails across his shoulders. He just held me tighter.

If there was such a thing as an out of body experience, I had one at that moment. I felt like I was ascending towards a meta-realm that was comprised only of my pleasure. As I came back down to the world I realized I was convulsing with pleasure. I opened my eyes and looked in awe at my stepfather.

He just smiled and said, "Breathe."

I had forgotten to breathe. As air rushed back into my lungs my hunger for him grew. I pulled him down on top of me and started to kiss him as hard and as lustfully as I could, given my much smaller size but powerful libido. He removed his hand from my pussy, his middle finger dripping with my sweet essence. He lightly dragged it across my clit as he exited my panties, causing another spasm to assault my body.

He pulled himself away from me. I reluctantly released him. He stood back up and offered his hand.

Ever the gentlemen. I wonder if you're going to be this nice to me when you're pounding my tight snatch.

I accepted his hand and stood up. I helped him remove his sky blue pullover, delighting in the way his muscles moved as he lifted his arms above his head.

For a guy in his late 30s, hell for a guy my age, he has one hell of a physique. I'll need to be sure to send his personal trainer a thank you card after this.

I moved my hands down the front of his body, descending the mountain that was his chest while enjoying the curly chest hair that made him seem even more manly. I brushed my fingers over his tight abs; it was fun to count out all eight of them.

Why have I never noticed how much of a god this man is? Why isn't he cockier? If I had a body like this I would show it off every chance I got!

When I reached his belt buckle, his hands shot out and held my wrists. Surprised, I looked up at him. I could tell he was battling some pretty intense emotions.

"Caitlyn, please take a moment to think about this."

"Think about what?" I said as innocently as I could manage, while slowly getting down on my knees.

His hold on my wrist lessened and I was able to resume trying to remove his belt.

"God knows we have gone too far, much farther than we should have ever gone. If you…if we do this then there will be no turning back for us." I would have felt bad for him, except for the fact that I was eye level with his impressive manhood and it was straining against his slacks. I could practically see the veins of his cock dancing along with his heartbeat. I knew he felt that he had to keep up this front, and was struggling between being a good stepfather and a horny man. A stronger woman may have released him. She may have let him return to his carefully constructed world where she was his stepdaughter and not his…what phrase did he use earlier...oh that's right, his little slut. That strong woman was nowhere in sight. I wanted his hard cock jammed into my mouth. I wanted the control of knowing I could make this god-like man whimper under my touch.

Looking up through my eyelashes I put on my most innocent face and said, "Daddy those sure are some weak words coming from such an impressive…man!" I emphasized the last word by wrapping my hand around the outline of his girth. His breath quickened.

"Daddy, I want to make one thing very clear to you. I am not a little girl anymore. With a mother like mine I don't think I ever was. I'm 18. Chronologically, I am a woman, and I know what I want. I want this hard thing shoved in the back of my throat. I want you to fuck my face like it's your last day on Earth. I want you to fuck my cunt like you own it. Because let me assure you Dan, you…do!"

Throughout my speech his eyes, which were conflicted earlier, were now fuming with overwhelming lust.

"Fuck Caitlyn. You make me do such bad things!" He said while helping me remove his pants and his boxers. Once released, his cock quickly sprang to attention.

"Wow, that is one lovely cock Dan." I didn't realize I said that out loud until I heard him chuckle.

"It's going to be even better jammed into your tight hole Caitlyn."

Damn I need to have this!

On the tip of his cock was a small bead of pre-cum. I started by licking that off without using my hands while holding eye contact throughout.

"Yeah that's right baby, take it nice and slow."

Next, I took his heavy balls into my hand and gently massaged them while working from the base of his cock to the tip with my tongue. I was leaving later that day and wanted to imprint his flavor and shape into my memory.

Once I was sure I had licked the entire circumference of his cock I moved back to the head, which had another bead of pre-cum. This time I held on to the base of his cock with my free hand and smeared his pre-cum all over my lips.

"Holy fuck girl! That's so damn sexy!"

Spurred on by his reaction I opened my mouth and took his head inside. It stretched my mouth to it's limits, but I was determined to take as much of his length as I could. Slowly, I started to bob my head back and forth, taking a little bit more of his cock in my mouth each time. When I started to gag I pulled off and realized I had only made it down half of his length.

This won't do.

I looked up at him and pleaded, "Daddy, will you help me?" I noticed that calling him daddy instead of Dan made his pupils dilate.

He hesitated, "A-are you sure?"

"Mmhmm, I want this monster in me", I said while I absentmindedly stroked his member.

"Okay stand up and remove the rest of your clothes." He reached down to help me up.

As I shimmied out of my shirt, I removed my jeans and panties as he removed his few remaining layers. I marveled at the way the man moved.

God! He is even sexy when he takes off his socks. How is that possible?

"Lay on the bed and turn on your back with your head hanging off the side."

I did as I was told. When I was in position he approached, cock in hand, his eyes dark with lust. I was bearing it all to him and wasn't ashamed.

"Say it", he said flatly.

Confused I responded, "Say what?"

As quick as lightening he smacked his cock across my cheek. I was shocked, my mouth hung open. My hand started to move towards my pussy. I thought the blatant disrespect would piss me off, instead my pussy started to cream. I liked it.

I needed him to do it again. I wanted him to place me under his control.

"Say it."

"I don't understand.���


"Say it."

"Just give me your cock."


"Say it!"

"Please, give me your cock…"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Say it you little slut!"

I came a little when he said that.

"Please daddy, jam that fat cock down my slutty throat!"

A feral smile played across his lips, "That my girl. Take this cock you've wanted so badly!"

He forced himself into my mouth up until I started to gag. Then he pressed forward a little more. I couldn't breathe and started to push on his legs, my body desperately trying to create some space to maneuver, but to no avail. The animal had taken over him. And he was focused only on conquering me.

When I began to fear that I would pass out from lack of oxygen, he back out of me completely, a trail of spittle sliding across my face and dangling from his erect cock.

"It will get easier. Just try to breathe through your nose." It was strange to hear his fatherly tone while he was definitely not behaving in a fatherly way. Strange…but sexy.

"Okay", was all I could sputter out as he descended onto me once more. This time I was ready and I put his advice into action.

Once he reached my gag reflex he paused while I got it under control, then he pushed deeper, and deeper until he hit the back of my throat.

Looks likes this is as far as it goes.

And then I felt a pop!

"Holy fuck this feels so good!" He was riding my face while playing with my tits.

He kept pushing forward, he kept violating my throat and I loved every moment of it. I started to squirm as he pumped harder and harder into me. He was the master of my body, and all I could do was let him have me. I reveled in the release of control. It was freeing.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum Caitlyn! I'm going to come all the way down that tight little throat! Swallow it all you filthy cum slut! Swallow my load!"

As the first jet of cum shot into me, my pussy started to contract. As he deposited shot after shot down my throat I came. Not as powerful as the first, but satisfying all the same.

I felt him begin to soften inside me and then he pulled out. Spent.

I rolled over onto my stomach just watching him as he caught his breath. Our eyes met and I smiled. I spun around so that my pussy was right in front of him, my ass hanging off the bed, and started to play with my button. He smiled, and then knelt down in front of me. I didn't need to ask what he was doing, I knew. I felt his wet tongue trace a line around my slit.

Slow, so slow. He took his time, working me up. He used his fingers to spread my lips apart. As his warm wet tongue fucked my hole I began to rock on his face. He was driving me mad. I could feel my juices gushing down my legs, over my ass, and onto his comforter. I didn't care, this felt too good. I rocked back and forth on his tongue harder, my engorged clit rubbing against the nub of his nose. He moved up to my clit and sweetly kissed it while sticking his digit into my box, curling and finding that sweet spot.

He started sucking and licking my clit. Then he moved his other hand to the top of my sex and peeled back my hood, exposing my sensitive nub to the world. That is when the real magic started. He gave my clit the gentle tongue lashing it deserved. My hands instantly went to my breasts grabbing, pulling and twisting my sensitive nipples.

Colors flashed across my vision, as my mind went white. I came, and I came, and then I came a little more. The entire time Dan kept punishing my clit like the bad girl I wanted to be. I came down slowly, panting, trying to figure out where the hell this had been my whole life.

If his tongue can do that to me what will his cock do? I might die!

Air entered my lungs in sweet strained breaths. I looked down between my legs to see Dan watching me, waiting for me to be ready. I nodded. He stood up and placed the tip of his newly hard manhood against my opening. He looked back up at me with an eyebrow raised as if to say, Last chance to back out. I just smiled. He shrugged. Evidently, my smile was a clear enough answer.

As his cockhead entered my cunt I was surprised by how stretched out I felt. Once his glans was fully inside, the rest of his girth continued to invade me. I had never felt so full.

"Holy...shit…fuck…damn!" I screamed as he penetrated me. Clearly, I lost the ability for intelligent speak.

He thought to tease me while his length and girth continued to stretch me beyond capacity, "Don't you know something other than four-letter words?" He worked his hard cock in and out of me slowly, allowing me to adjust to the monster that he was.

I glibly replied, "Not while you're putting that monster into me!"

"Humph!" Then he pulled back out. I felt my walls cower; afraid of what I knew was coming next.

He then jammed his full cock inside of my depths. The initial feeling was painful, but as he sawed in and out of me, the pain gave way to pleasure. I hooked my feet behind his powerful ass trying to keep every glorious inch of him inside of me.

"Oh my god Dan! I'm yours, only yours! Fuck me Dan, fuck the shit out of me!"

"When did you get such a dirty little mouth?" He smirked. "So you want to be fucked you you little whore? I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you until you can't walk to class because your knees are too wobbly."

Yes! This is what I want! God your cock is tearing me up!

He started to pound me in earnest. I loved it. The feel of this strong man taking control of me made me feel elated. The fact that Dan was the best man I knew and that I loved him dearly just made this moment that much more special.

I started to cry.

Ashamed of my reaction, I turned my head to the side and continued to moan and scratch his back.

Drip! Drip!

I felt cold drops on my cheek that couldn't have been for perspiration. I turned my head to look up at Dan.

He was smiling but tears were rolling from his eyes down the tip of his nose and dropping on my face. When our eyes met, he smiled his mega-watt smile. My heart melted. I knew that he understood exactly how I felt. I knew he felt the same. We didn't need to connect with words. I was so happy that I could share this experience with the most important person of my life. That happiness almost made me forget about the severe fucking I was receiving.

Dan did not forget.

He pile-drove into my tight snatch. Molding my pussy's walls to his shape. He kept pounding me over and over. I reached my hand down and started to play with my clit. I could tell my building climax was going to blow the previous ones out of the water. He knew I was close. He leaned forward and roughly whispered in my ear.

"If you want to cum you little slut you better tighten that pussy and milk my cock first understood?"

"Yes sir!"

I squeezed down as tight as my abused snatch would let me.

"Yeah that's it baby, squeeze daddy's cock." He wrapped a hand around my throat applying pressure while continuing to violate me.

"Do you want that juice?" He growled.

"Yes daddy!"

"Where do you want it you little bitch?"

"In my pussy daddy!" The verbal degradation and lack of oxygen had my head spinning. I rubbed my clit faster.

"Oh fuck baby! I'm going to unload all of my spunk inside that tight little channel!"

"I need it daddy, I need it bad!"

I felt his muscles in his ass clench before I felt the first hot spark of his cum shoot from his swollen cock. My muscles started to clench and pulsate, milking more of that hot sticky juice from his balls. My orgasm started off small and continued to build and build until it felt like someone stuck my toe directly into an electrical outlet.

Every single pore on my body was alive with energy. Anywhere his body touched mine, felt like pure electricity. To call it overwhelming would be an understatement. His lips on my neck made my toes curl. His muscular hips rubbing my thighs as he drove himself in me made my lips pucker. His fingers around my neck made my knees wobble. This man was controlling the entirety of my body and I loved every minute of it.

He continued to empty himself in me as I felt spurt after spurt of his hot juice crash against my cervix and invade my womb.

God I hope I get pregnant!

I had no idea where that thought came from. I had never given childbirth any real thought, but in that moment I would've given anything to carry this man's child. The thought of him fertilizing me almost made me cum again.

It seemed like he came forever, but with one last powerful thrust that shook my entire body he let out a warrior's roar and held himself within me up to the base. I could feel his body shudder and his cock twitch as the last waves of his ejaculate cascaded into my waiting womb.

After he was spent, he showered me with sweet kisses and even sweeter words. The bestial Dan was gone, replaced by the gentle and patient Dan. The transformation almost gave me whiplash. But it didn't matter to me; I loved both of them. Once I felt him soften within me he rolled off my body and held me as if I was the most precious jewel on the Earth. We laid there, listening to our thumping heartbeats and shallow breathes. Finally, I had to ask the question.

"So, now what?"

He laid there for so long in silence I thought he fell asleep. I was preparing to ask the question again and nudge him so he would wake up. Instead he turned his head to look into my eyes, he smiled sadly and said the only words I did not want to hear. "Now we clean ourselves up and get you to school. I have high expectations for you Caitlyn."

He then kissed me on the lips, deeply and longingly. Then he kissed me on the forehead, rolled over and got up and walked into his shower. I watched as his muscles in his powerful back moved like a stalking lion and his tight buttocks flexed as he took each step, eventually making it into his master bathroom. He closed the door without even looking back at me.

And with that our torrid and painfully short affair ended as abruptly and unexpectedly as it began. I let out a sigh and knew he would try to go back to how things were but I would never be able to reach that place. We had ascended to a higher realm, a place where gods and dreams danced together. Now we were supposed to go back to the drab reality we lived in for so long.

Frustrated I mumbled, "Now I know how Dorothy felt when she traded Technicolor Oz for black and white Kansas." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sighing, I picked myself up off the bed and went into my own shower to clean up, get dressed, and then leave the one person I actually loved. Before I left I turned and took a look at the room, the messy sheets, the smell and taste of sex in the air, the wet blotches from where we had sweated and came. I would remember each and every aspect of this moment. I was sure I would never have this experience again.

Once I was satisfied that I had imprinted this moment into my memory I turned around and walked away. Leaving my desires, regret, and my love behind.

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