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44.44% Instant Mastery In Harry Potter (English) / Chapter 21: Chapter 21: The start of the 1970 World Masters Dueling Championship in France.

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: The start of the 1970 World Masters Dueling Championship in France.

Chapter 21: The start of the 1970 World Masters Dueling Championship in France.

Today was an interesting day for me as the 1970 world dueling championship began, since as the world dueling champion, I had my place reserved as champion and in addition to sponsoring the national competitions of different countries, they shook hands to promote the sport. Why did it generate a lot of profit for the host country and I did the promotions similar to boxing, but based on soccer and some differences. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In addition, I put categories by dueling ranges, for the children from 11 to 14 years old that would be the rank "Dueling Apprentice" could win the amount from 1,000G to 5,000G and then there were the adolescents who wanted to show their worth from 15 to 17 years " dueling rookies "who would earn an amount of 10,000G to 20,000G.

Then comes the category of adults, which includes the rank "Amateur", who can only participate three times and go up in rank or retire from the rank and can win a prize of 100,000G. Many galleons for fans who want to have fun and earn some money. Then comes the category of the "Semi-Professional" rank, which could win about 500,000G of the prize and then comes the category of the "Professional" rank, which would win an amount of 1,000,000G to 3,000,000 depending on the championship event.

Then comes the heavyweights the category of Duel Masters and this is where the rank "Duel Masters" show all their power. To reach this category you must win 10 championships at professional rank and be certified as a dueling master by your ministry. In this range you make you rich earned from 10,000,000G to 20,000,000G,

Now comes the category for the rank "Grand Duel Master", this is very difficult to win, since you must face in the arena of the world championship duel with 10 duel master and win your ascension, but if you succeed, you can win fame, glory and the wealth would be yours. You could make a living from this profession, because if you won a Championship in this category the prize would be 100,000,000G, so much wealth for all your efforts,

Now comes the category of kings, The rank "Dueling Legend" or as I like to call it "Dueling Tyrants". In this category it is difficult to move up, as it required fighting 100 Dueling Grandmasters at the same time and winning. Also mastering a spell in a thousand different ways and in a promotional fight, you could win a lot of galleons. About 500,000,000 for promotional fights and about 1,000,000,000G for championships. With so many galleons, fame, glory, wealth and your name would go down in the history books, your name immortalized. Such honor was something that made magicians crazy, what they were not very intelligent and they liked battles, but they did not know how to make a living with their magic.

In each category there was a champion to defend their titles and the magicians liked that there was a way to earn a living with his magic and was also good for the healers and the portioners, since they could gain experience and money, since each participant requires their own team to accompany them.

Now, why go through all this headache promoting duelists or battle masters. Simple, after the war of Grindelwald the magicians died and if it sounds sad, but the problem is that those who remained alive believed themselves powerful. When at that time they were only half strong, since they were at the top they did not want to be outmatched and so they discreetly banned some magic, leaving the general population weaker. Of course not an extreme case like in Great Britain, that Dumbledore is prohibiting everything, from what can kill him or can overcome it.

Using the money as bait, I plan to raise the people magic power level again. In addition, even though you can win a large amount it does not tell you the dangers and you should always be careful because in a duel you can die or be crippled and that is where your career as a duelist ends. Also the costs for potions and healings are not cheap at all. And that is why it is difficult to be a healer or a portioner, since the cost of ingredients and materials is very high. They really think it's easy to earn that money. You have to get certified first and that's a mountain of paperwork, unless you have a magical lawyer to help you with the procedures and paperwork. aside a magic lawyer, it is one of the best paid jobs there is and because there must study the magic law, which is an almost impossible task, because a magic law and it has its against magic law.

Here I was, in the French Quidditch stadium at the moment, watching a crowd of people from different countries and ready to spend their galleons. In addition, a modification was made to the stadium with runes to enlarge, so that the stadium was huge and could cover 3 million people, then food stores of all kinds from different countries came, among top quality food and there were even hot dog with dragon meat sausage, let me tell you it's amazing tasty with magic plant sauce. Brands of magical clothes, toys of the dueling champions and the clothes they wear for their duels. It was a paradise for any goblin accountant, because the first days of the Championship she made millions of galleons just by selling tickets and whether it was private boxes, public places and the best VIP seats, etc.

Now I will tell you my other purpose in participating in the World Duel Championship, I want to maintain my undefeated streak for at least 20 years in a row and promote the duel tournaments more, so that it is a respectable profession. Furthermore, it would have a blind and battle-mad fan base. It would be absolute by the time the Harry Potter plot begins.

In addition, being a master of dueling is not very appreciated in the magical community, since in times of war we are worshiped as idols and but in times of peace we are treated like plagues, I have lived it from the memories of my body. I was able to see this treatment in various countries and now with the influence of the economy, I am driving the profession of the masters of grief. Which aims to remove the mentality of sheep and put a pair of fangs. Furthermore, with the influence of galleons and a bit of cooperation here and there, the ministries have no choice but to engage and cooperate. Also, who does not want to cooperate when there are so many galleons for each country and who in their right mind did not want a piece of cake.

For next year I will try to establish the world federation of duels, it will be something great.

Suddenly in the middle of the stage a man appears shouting at the top of his lungs "Welcome wizards and witches from all over the world, to the most incredible event of the year, The World Master Rank Championship!"

People in the stands in a frenzy shouting cheers and rumbled in joyous applause,

"I will be your host, Arman Valir Lignum! Some could see the competition of promising young wizards and witches, where their young champions were victorious," says Arman in a cheerful way.

People went crazy in the stands animated, there were young, old and old wizards.

"Also our amateur championship tournaments, which was very animated and favored by the public, who won someone that nobody expected. Fuck because of that lucky boy I lost my bet" says Arman in a regrettable way.

The crowd booed and laughed at the unfortunate host, however, this was what the host wanted, because you could see him smiling.

"Ungrateful bastards laughing at my misfortune! Well then we witnessed our fabulous semi-pro World Championship debut and this time I won my bet. Ungrateful bastards haha!" says Arman in a very cheeky way.

The very lively crowd was yelling then booing the host, he even saw a couple of stun spells being cast at him, that made me laugh.

"Then for our enjoyment, we got to see the great battles of the professional world championship and the people who want to build a career, with a fabulous prize of wealth, fame and honor" says Arman with pride and confidence.

The audience in the stands cheered, some even whistled spells, others cursed their luck for not having participated and some even wanted to see how the duels unfold.

"Our lucky world champion of the professional rank, the beautiful Swede Alexandra Esmeralda and who won the grandiose sum of 2,000,000G" says Arman in a surprised and in love way.

The crowd cheerfully chanted the champion's name, until the host said a few words.

"Oh merlin, that girl is single! Oh merlin, this is my day to meet a beautiful young woman with many galleons! Arman this is your opportunity to woo a beautiful and rich lady!" says Arman cheekily.

The angry crowd cast various spells on the host, but he quickly dodged them and said.

"Now for our first duel of the round of the 16 most powerful duel masters in the world, a man who has proven time and time again that blood cannot impede your progress in the dueling world. Loud applause for the British champion, Filius Flitwick! " says Arman excited.

People went crazy, shouting that Filius had a couple of fans, suddenly a well dressed little man is seen, walking animatedly and enthusiastically to the platform.

"Now his opponent, a very strict man, disciplined and committed to being the best, Egyptian champion Azis Zaghloul" says Arman

To be continue…

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