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79.62% Instant Mastery In Harry Potter (English) / Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Profit and Mischief

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Chapter 40: Chapter 40: Profit and Mischief

Chapter 40: Profit and Mischief

G= Galleons … S= Sickles … K= Knuts …

Max's point of view

Hello friends, it is me, Max, your favorite fictional protagonist and I am currently in a room with the old goblin Gornuk and there is also the king of the goblins nation Ragnuk XIV.

"How are the profits going?" I ask with a smile.

"We have never stolen so many witches and wizards! … Ahem… we have never done such a good business with wizards and witches "the old Gornuk shouted excitedly, but suddenly he realized his words and corrected them.

"Hahaha, you can't blame us, young tyrant and it's because this business is so lucrative" says the goblin king Ragnuk

"Yes young tyrant, currently we have collected more than 450,000,000G with 7,000,000S and 38,000,000,000K" says the old goblin Gornuk excitedly.

N / A; that being a lot of money.

Certainly, it is more or less what I had estimated and asked "How were the underground gambling?"

"Excellent, my sixth son Ragnok is taking care of the matter, he has just passed a summary and the earnings cover more than 700,000,000G with 150,000,000S and 13,777,111,666K" says the goblin king Ragnuk, clearly while everyone they enjoyed, the goblins and I, we had to be aware of the accounts and earnings.

A / N: Tsk you bastards.

"How were the grocery and beverage sales?"

"It is going great, young tyrant and currently the earnings are astronomical, but we will have a summary of the earnings soon" says old Gornuk

"How was the negotiations with the French ministry?" I ask

"We reached an agreement to give him 21.07% of the profits we generate, the French magic ministry is very excited and since he will practically earn a lot of money doing nothing" answers the goblin king Ragnuk.

"Hmmm… spread the word and spread the deal we made with the French magic ministry with the other ministries. Also have them see us in a way that we lost a lot of profits in this deal" I say seriously

"I like the idea, we can use the old strategy of looking like pitiful beggars and that we lost a lot of money, just to make the French Ministry of Magic feel more comfortable with the deal" says the old goblin Gornuk.

"Hahaha, that idea is fabulous, but we have to be careful when we divulge the information and because the other ministries want a piece of the cake" says the goblin king Ragnuk.

"So that nobody complains we will give them 4%, for having announced the championship in the other magical ministries and we look for a way to gain more political influence in those countries" I say with a smile

"We will do it, young tyrant. Anything else you want us to do? " asked the old goblin Gornuk

"Yes, there is another thing, gather resources secretly and it is because the future will be another war, we must prepare in advance for the matter" I say seriously, clearly I am anticipating the debacle of the demons.

"So we will young tyrant" says the old goblin, without questioning my request.

"Will there be another war, young tyrant?" asks the goblin king Ragnuk

"Yes, there will be in the future goblin king, approximately in the year 2018 and the magicians who do not join us will be the ones who will suffer massive casualties" I say seriously, clearly I was thinking about the matter of my granddaughter Iris with him boy James. Obviously I must calculate and change the future of my granddaughter, well it all depends on the circumstances ...

Oh dear granddaughter your beloved grandfather would not allow it, obviously someone wants to make fun of me with this magical romeo and juliet shit ... Oh maybe ... leave your education outside Andromeda and Cissy with that I'm sure it will be a different witch.

"How did you find out about this matter, young tyrant?" asked the goblin king Ragnuk

"One of my descendants, traveled from the future with a time turner to warn me of the matter and I will not go into details, since the future they saw can be changed by my actions" I say seriously.

"Well, I'll talk to the council elders and the goblin nation will trust you, for this matter of war" says the goblin king, clearly I had earned the respect of these boys.

Suddenly, a cruel thought crossed my mind and with a cruel smile I say "Let's also promote and spread the name of old Aberforth Dumbledore, let's make him look like a great magician and businessman worldwide"

A / N: Astute… hehehe

"Why would we do that young tyrant?" the old goblin asks, clearly he didn't want to waste resource on that.

"Well, I've always known that old Albus is an envious man and what better way than to show it, that we use his brother Aberforth" I say with a cruel smile, I was thinking of a plan to screw old Albus' patience. Hehehe

"Explain to us to join in the fun," says Goblin King Ragnuk with a smile. Yes, the goblin king Ragnuk hated old Albus, because many goblins died because of him and the goblin king Ragnuk had not forgotten what happened at that time.

"The plan consists of several steps, first; We promoted Aberforth. Second; we bought all the supplies of lemon and the lemon candies in all of Britain, started selling them in the taverns of old Aberforth…. Hahaha… just imagine her face… hahaha…. going to buy the lemon candies ... hahaha ... at his little brother's taverns ... hahaha ... it will be priceless ... hahaha" I say laughing, clearly it would be fun to see old Albus trying to buy.

"Hahaha ... I can imagine it ... hahaha" says the goblin king Ragnuk laughing

"Hahaha ... me too ... hahaha" laughs the old goblin Gornuk

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! All three laughing to tears.

A / N: hahaha ... just thinking about it also makes me laugh ... hahaha.

"Oh young tyrant ... hahaha ... I will supervise this task myself ... hahaha" says the goblin king Ragnuk, clearly this would be a lot of fun for him and he would take revenge on poor old Albus,who would suffer at the hands of the goblin king.

"Haha ... if you need help king ... hahaha ... let me know I'll help you gladly ... hahahaha" says the old goblin Gornuk, clearly he would also like to see old Albus suffer.

"Well, let's get to work on the serious issues" I say, interrupting my laughter and ask "How are things with the magical city Helligdom?"

"It will take us approximately four years to gather and search for the resources you requested, young tyrant" says the old goblin Gornuk.

"Try to shorten it to two years or at least three years and don't worry so much about the money, Grandpa Gornuk," I tell the old goblin seriously.

"I understand, I will try to do it as quickly as possible and will have it ready in less than two and a half years" says the old goblin Gornuk.

"You really plan to do what you are planning to do, because if you manage to do it and I do not doubt it, then the magicians will have many possibilities in the future" says the goblin king Ragnuk

"I'm planning much more than that" I say with a bright smile.

"You must have many things to do and I have to talk to my wife Rita" I say seriously

"Sure, ah the youth of these days" says the old goblin Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hahaha, it's fine young tyrant, we'll talk later and I'll keep you up to date on the lemons issue ... hahahaha" says the goblin king Ragnuk laughing as he walks through the door.

The old goblin Gornuk closes the door, leaving me alone in the room or so it seemed. Why?

"Rita, you can now transform into your human form and you have not yet stopped your bad habit of snooping into your husband's affairs," I say seriously.

From one corner of the room, a small blue beetle can be seen and suddenly it enlarges, becoming Rita

"Husband, I did not do it with bad intentions and it is because I was looking for you a husband, also the matter of lemons is interesting" says Rita trying to make me forget the matter that was snooping.

I raise my hand towards Rita and with a powerful suction or telekinetic force, I drag Rita towards me. I place her lying on my lap… Oh yeah… you can already imagine… hehehe.


Oh yeah a good, hard slap on Rita's ass.

A / N: oh shit.

"Kyaa ... husband ... I'm not sorry ... I won't do it again" says Rita with a smile, it was obvious that this witch was a masochist.

PLAFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Oh Rita, you have been a very bad and naughty girl, I must punish you properly so that you do not do it again in the future" I say with a smile

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Tell me Rita, how have you been a bad and naughty girl" I say with a playful smile

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Punish me Husband, I've been very naughty" says Rita, clearly her inner masochist was waking up.

A / N: for some reason that I can't explain, I'm very envious.

PLAFFFffff! … Kyaaa… PAFFff!

"Husband, Rita has been very naughty" says Rita seductively.

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Oh dear Rita, you have a nice ass," I said, stroking her ass.

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Husband, stop ... ha ... stop ... ha ... I'm ..." says Rita gasping with excitement

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Ha ... I'm ... ha ... I'm running ... haaa ,,," says Rita panting

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

PLAFFFffff! ... Kyaaa

"Haa ... I cum ... ha ... ha ... ha" says Rita reaching orgasm.





A / N: buuuu… Tsk wanted more xxxx

If it's been a few minutes after my S&M section with Rita.

I am currently enjoying a delicious meal with my wife Rita.

"Tell me, what did you want to tell me?" I ask him with a smile

"You are evil husband, my butt still hurts you know and I wanted to tell you, if you would accept Tatiana as a wife" says Rita. Clearly, she enjoyed his pat on the butt, but she was being innocent and pure with me.

"You have already decided and why ask me now" I say

"Why did I just want to confirm it," Rita says with a big smile, as she runs out the door.

Ah yes, Gellert Grindelwald was right to hate Paris. Obviously since we arrived in paris, my wives are more liberal and perverted, which makes me love and hate paris too.

A / N: I don't know about you, but I love paris

To be continued in the next chapter

A / N: as always I thank everyone who continues reading my novel

Thanks for the support.

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