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Chapter 19: Yoongi's Back

'Thank you,' Seokjin out breath.

'What is that?' as Hoseok dodge the attack.

'I don't know but it looks like it's not from here.'

'Hoseok we need to get out fast!' Seokjin screams as they look at holly,' I don't think Holly is going to handle the entity easily. As he finished his sentences a sudden rumbled had yet again and black smoke had engulf all of them inside, when suddenly they were transported in another place with holly trailing behind them.

They suddenly land in front the gates of the valley of the death.

'Hyung… look,' as the two demigod was confused,' we're in the valley of death.'

'Yes… it seems like Yoongi had send us here by mistake,' Seokjin stood up gracefully,' he could have landed us somewhere else then here.'

They look around when a sudden thud had made both of them screaming, and as realization it was only holly. But she was not standing up, instead she was sleeping.

Hoseok was the first one to run to her as he crouches beside the Cerberus.

'Hyung!' realizing that holly unawake state had both of them panicking,' she's not waking up,' Hoseok checks for pulse.'

Seokjin's blood ran cold, at the worst thing that could happen, when a sudden movement he had seen made his heart pumping yet again. He suddenly ran beside Hoseok.

'Seok I think that – I think she's moving,' Hoseok look and yes there were conformation that a sudden twitch had made them breathe in relief.

'That's good –'Seokjin suddenly stood up –'that's good she's okay now we need to find the rest. I don't where to start but I think that –'

'Hyung… I don't think holly is alright.' Hoseoks voice trembles making Seokjin frown and it was for sure, she's not really fine.



No… it's not possible, you couldn't believe what is standing in front of you

Is that Holly? It couldn't be, right? How did she become like that?

Dragging Jungkook with you somehow both of you manage to lose the Cerberus amid the empty city that Jungkook was telling about, it was gloomy sure the colors brought comfort but it was the same as a deathly town.

'How the- that is not Holly is it,' Jungkook asked as he saw your form out of breath. You shook your head as you also hope that sweet Cerberus was not the one who was attacking you both just now, as simple as it is, it doesn't talk.

'Jungkook I don't know about that she looks like she's possessed and we need to find Seokjin and –'you were about to continue when a sudden screech had made your blood ran cold.

'Little girl… where are you hiding with pretty boy? Where are Tweedledee and Tweedledum,' you were about to refrain from laughing at how the Cerberus manages to call to demigods as a reference from Alice in the Wonderland if you were not being chased and was possibly killed in the process?

'We need to get out of here and figure out what is happening with Holly because I don't think we can handle it much more,' Jungkook said worriedly,' gosh… where is Yoongi hyung when we need him.' Jungkook was mumbling yet again.

'Jungkook can't tame her? She must have liked you,' you asked the demigod who was dragging you into a hiding place.

'That's not Holly y/n, my Holly is not sinister like that, something must have taken over her and I don't how –Jungkook excuse a moment as he took a breath and search that holly was not in sight, somehow that should be relieving, but not in this case –'how she's like that, she was fine with Hoseok and Jin hyung…'

He was sulking at the thought of the Cerberus he's so fond of, seeing him sad made your heart tug a bit, she was a sweetheart and it must pained Jungkook too see her not being her old self.

'Jungkook she- we know she meant no harm she must have been possessed or something maybe we could –'a hand suddenly grab you and your eyes widen signaling Jungkook when Jungkook was about to throw something he looks back and relief.

Seokjin signal you both to quite down as again you hear a loud piercing scream and signaling you both to follow him, both of you nodding at him you follow them.

As you enter a hollow building you were holding Seokjins robe as your figure tremble afraid to see. Ushering you both inside you gasp to see Hoseok was lying in a dirty bed, his abdomen was bleeding and it seems like the demigod is out of breath, his pale complex made you tremble.

But he was a demigod? Isn't he supposed to heal himself…?

Jungkook was even more surprise and tears suddenly he quickly goes to his hyung and crouches beside him as he held his Hyung's hand.

'Hy-hyung….' Jungkook was trembling as he saw his hyung was injured, Hoseok's pale face was enough to build a rage into Jungkook's face, you saw his face and reluctantly held his hands as you saw his eyes flicker from brown/golden to reddish/black.

You were afraid to interfere so watch beside Jungkook as Hoseok opens his eyes and looks at you as he manages to pull out a strained smile at you signaling you not to worry.

You've never seen this side of Jungkook and you didn't want to see them again, but right now you can't have the demigod go out lashing out on the poor possessed Cerberus.

'Jungkook please control yourself,' you try reasoning at the demigod who had his whole face turn to the other side,' your hyung is lying at his deathbed, he needs you right now and please don't act so reckless it's not anybody's fault.'

Jungkook looks at you as he exhales and nods his head as he looks at your hands that were warp in his forearm, he grabs your hands in his and held you for a hug and kisses your forehead.

Seokjin who saw what happened could only smirk and looked back at the situation outside.

'I promise and I'm sorry- you're right Hobi Hyung needs us.' Looking back the demigod who was bedridden smiled at the two of you as he reached out his both hands for you both to take.

'Hoseok… are you alright?' asking the demigod you looked at him concerned when suddenly Seokjin scoffed.

'If his alright he wouldn't have been bedridden,' Seokjin looks at you both,' He was slashed in his abdomen and blood came pouring out, I don't know how much he will last and how long it would take him to heal and I don't know if we're able to find anything that could help him right at the moment, Holly seems to be possessed with whatever was catching us below Yoongi's lair.'

As Seokjin explains the current situation how he had ended up here like Hoseok, you and Jungkook's face frown at the new information.

'But… how did it happen, Yoongi Hyung kept the place sealed he wouldn't just open the underworld by accident, could he?' Jungkook was confused, one thing he knows about his hyung is that his quick-witted mind would not endanger anyone, he would always see his hyung perform enchantment to seal the gates to the underworld in fear that a monster or lost souls would get out, it was a burden his hyung had to carry as his father is no longer Hades god of the underworld.

'That is what we thought too kook, but it seems like it's not a monster or a lost soul from the underworld, Hades might not be a good father but he did teach Yoongi the way to seal those gates and I know Yoongi is not the one who would just leave the gates unsealed.'

Looking confused at the conversation you asked,' Wait there's gates of the underworld all this time?'

Seokjin smiles and reassured you,' yes, and it's connected to the underworld, why do you think Yoongi is there, it's like a second home for him, not too far from the underworld like a portal, Persephone, Yoongi's mother, had built the portal for him so he could go back here as much as he wants,' he took a seat and continued,' Yoongi could have sealed it for good but he wanted the last place for a reminder about his mother so he had carried the burden for a century to be entrusted to seal that gate now and then.'

'But as our hunch, that monster that came out from there was not from hell itself, it must have come up from another place and had stumbled upon Yoongi's place, otherwise, Yoongi would have sense something, hell us demigod would have sense trouble under our nose.' Hearing the monster was not something they have encountered you remembered your conversation with Jungkook before coming into the place.

'Wait… do you those monster that was banished after the whole war,' you looked up at Jungkook as his eyes widen,' The monsters you told me, they were not from here, do you think it's them?' you asked

Seokjin then frowns and slumps even more into the wall.


'If that is true y/n, then it's something, not even us demigod had the power to do I mean –'Seokjin pointed at Hoseok' he was slashed and I don't know how to handle that thing outside.'

'We have to do something hyung… anything.'

There isn't any place for negative thinking Hoseok's life might be endangered.

'Hy-hyung…' turning all of your heads into the direction of the voice you look at Hoseok who was struggling to speak,' If I wasn't bedridden, I would have slapped your face for giving up, your Kim Seokjin firstborn of Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty, has she never taught you that no matter who is it but if you love those people, you don't give up your love because your discourage, you fight for them.'


'You always said that even as a demigod of love you'll do anything for your loved one… will you just let us perish, Seokjin?'

One thing, anything that comes out from Aphrodite's was full on nothing important in this kind of endangered situation but one thing Seokjin had interpreted with love himself is that love will never prevail, as long as you love that person you fight for them, so you do it.

'What's the plan?'


So you form a plan, it had 50-50 chances it will fail, but they fight, die trying or live like a hero for the rest of your life.

As for right now, the plan is to run away and get medical attention for Hoseok because clearly none of you can, Jungkook will be a distraction while you and Seokjin will bring Hoseok out of this situation and in hope that Yoongi can come back.

So you had Hoseok on the other side and Seokjin on the other side while Jungkook will create a distraction, off all of you, you see Jungkook summoning pretty loud winds as you saw Holly at the middle of the streets.

Seokjin ushering you out the three of you dashed out of the place when you heard something laughing maniacally and see a tall figure had emerged and was staring at you three with a creepy smile as it walks its way to you three.

'Y/n I know this is scary but it's not the right time to be stopping love…' Seokjin was grunting as he held the weight of Hoseok.

'Seokjin…' he looked at your withering figure as he saw the blob like a snake that was the same as what may have possessed Holly in the first place was slither it's way to you three and a sudden feeling of over-protectiveness had bloom inside of him as he took you behind him as he summons his shinning pink daggers.

You looked at him as his eyes were glowing bright pink as he suddenly held a dagger in his hands.

He stands in front of his feet.

'Th-the… darkness will c-come… so-soon and al-all of you wi-will crumble as he ki-king wi-will ri-ssee on-once ag-again…' it slither it's way as you looked at it in fear.

'Y/n I want you to grab Hoseok out of here in my count and you bring him as far as you can do not look back,' he said to you as he held out the dagger in your palm,' take the dagger with you and don't let go.'

'Seokjin… I'm –I can't…' you looked at the dagger.

'Look… y/n I don't know if I can hold onto the monster with you trailing and I promise myself I will protect you all, Jungkook is put there fighting and I'm not letting my younger brother fighting all of this alone, please I will be by your side later, please think about Hoseok.' You looked at Hoseok who's not doing any better than before and you nodded your head as the weight of Hoseok was put onto you, almost giving out Hoseok suddenly stood up a little and a smile appear in front of his disheveled form.

'Go!' and you both off to the forest.


You were practically dragging Hoseok as he tries to drag his body with the bleeding abdomen, he had told you the way out, but you both were a bit on behind time since Hoseok was hissing every time you both had to walk away when suddenly you heard an ear-piercing scream and see that tall figure like a slender man was catching up both of you and Hoseok looks back as he mumbled a few Greek words.

'Y/n we need to hide – no you need to hide those lost souls they will get you and will take over your body, they must have gotten lost on the way to the underworld.' as he dragged my body with him behind the tree he signal me to be quite.

You hear a bunch of screech and you hug the demigod out of purpose and you felt him hiss since you hugged his bleeding abdomen.

'I'm sorry...'

'Don't be... please let's get you out of here, they wouldn't be able to catch me but they will kill you.' hearing that you nod at him and you both started to walk faster than before.

'What are they?'

'Lost Souls, they are what used to be humans now just a soul in the lost place called the valley of death.'

'How could a lively place like that -' referring to the place before -' have an entrance as scary as the underworld.'

he chuckles and hisses at the same time,' that should not be a reference on how the underworld is, the place is much darker than this place and that should a reason why Yoongi hyung wouldn't bring you there.'

Remembering how you told the hissing demigod how you both were left by Yoongi who was searching the underworld and how he blandly refuse you to join.

'How did those souls be here then isn't Yoongi keeping a track over all of them?'

'He is but souls like this are not keeping tracked by because they are souls who are in denial and they wouldn't believe they are dead, think of the place as purgatory, if your soul is good enough to be remembered then you end up at the end of the other side of this place and if you're as bad as a criminal you'll go to the underworld, there are a lot of good people but the bad ones just wouldn't stop coming either, it's better to end up here than hell itself, so lost souls end up in this place.'

He was explaining when suddenly you heard a screech, you looked back and see that the souls were trying to gain on you two, was this the screeching sound and why Jungkook was shielding you all this time?

Hoseok took your hands and start talking in gibberish, thinking it as Greek language and you saw his eyes glowed yellow and suddenly summoned a golden spear and start stabbing the lost souls that were getting a bit close to us, I looked at him and I took the dagger Seokjin gave me and suddenly the small dagger had changed into a bigger dagger.

A sword to be in fact, it was encrusted with roses and was shining brightly, you didn't have the time to think when you see a lost soul was ready to take you on your left side when you slash your sword and the soul's screech as it vanquished into thin air.

Then Hoseok goes down as his wound was getting much more worst than before, you felt guilty that he was protecting you from the souls that his wound was much worse than before.

He collapsed as the last soul was sliced into thin air.

'Hoseok, I don't think it's a good idea for you to continue...'

'I'm alright y/n... just let me rest for a while then we'll get out of here...' he had dragged his exhausted body with yours to a nearby tree and he slumps in the trunk and he closed his eyes.

He was not in the condition to fight anymore and you know it might kill the demigod for good and you're not letting the person you've grown so attached to just to die like this.

And to be honest you kind of hope the demigod of the underworld were listening through your prayers.

Looking over to Hoseok's exhausted body, you didn't know what to do and saw that the lost souls were gaining on your feet.

'Hoseok please stay here I'm going to look for help, here – ' you place the dagger Seokjin gave you in hope that Hoseok doesn't have to summon anything wasting more energy.

'Wait... y/n…' he tries to grab your arm but you refuse.

'Hoseok… I'm going to try and distract those souls, so stay here please.'

'No... y/n don't it's not me who they are looking for it-'

'I know Hoseok but I have to try and face them, I know I sound stupid but I'm not letting you die like this.'


Off you go running, and maybe that wasn't the best idea. The souls were catching up when suddenly you were thrown off when a soul had hovered you, mentally praying it would kill you as you struggle to kick the penetrating gosh into oblivion, your prayer came throug

When suddenly a pair of arms had to swoop you as you feel the soul was screaming as its from start to vanquish you looked at the hands and looked up at the glowing eyes of the demigod of the underworld.

'Yoongi...' you were a bit relieved to see the demigod it wasn't for the glowing red eyes and the horns that had emitted in his head.

You probably would have screamed but you were in a sticky position, so you put aside the horns and solely focus on your target, you've got to be strong for Hoseok, Seokjin, and Jungkook as they are fighting for your life.

'Yoongi... Hoseok is-' stopped by the demigod you looked at him.

'I know I can feel the aura of his weakening tell me where he is right now and did you seriously run around like a maniac to get chased?' he asked you as he asked the stupid question.

'Now y/n I have no time to ask a stupid question and I want an explanation later so now hold my hands,' he looks at the front to see souls start to emitted from the ground and he cracked his head to the side and a cackling laugh emitted from him.

'Who the Hell has been messing with the god of hell's property?'

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