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Chapter 28: Chapter 28: The Broadcast

Nile also relaxed his grip and the intense gaze he gave off after seeing Marlin pacifying things. He may be cautious, but he will not attack without any reason.

With his strength right now, and after killing so many zombies, killing people might not that have a huge difference in killing zombies? Of course, he will not resort into indiscriminate killing. There is no point to that.

Only harm others if and only others want to harm you. This is Nile's current motto.

"So what's with this you all? Why are you overly cautious?" Marlin ask.

The 13 people did not answer immediately. Thier gazes landed into the black radio in the center.

They then stared at Nile, Marlin, and Froilan one by one. They then stared at each other before nodding to each other as if a confirmation.

The woman who is scribbling notes from earlier is the one who spoke.

This woman had an overlong hair. She is pretty but can only be categorized as such in the perspective of normal people. Her age must be from her late twenties or early thirties. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Cap! This is what the broadcaster had said!" She waves the note that she had been holding since earlier.

Marlin takes the note and reads it out loud for everyone to hear it.

It started with the broadcaster introducing himself. The broadcaster is a Captain from the Army. He is leading a team to rescue the survivors. He stated that the survivors must go to their respective Lungsod or Municipality Hall and wait for the arrival of the rescuers.

But at the latter part, he said that he will lead his team towards the Lungsod of Talis, far away from the location of Daan, the Lungsod where Malibo belongs to. He also said that, if ever a survivor that is not from Talis heard the broadcast, they can opt to go to their respective Municipal Hall and wait for the 'rescuers'.

They had just been lucky and reclaimed a Radio Broadcasting Station, hence their capability of the broadcasting.

Marlin swallowed a mouthful of saliva before continuing.

"Survivors must be cautious. Zombies are not the only enemy we might face. We are at an Apocalypse, crazy people will surely emerge and wreak havoc. Without the 'Law', in the Apocalypse, people will start killing and loot for food. Be wary, but do not generalize all the people. There will surely be kind-hearted people out of the many."

After the broadcaster's warning towards crazy people. He then started talking about the zombies in detail.

Base on what Marlin is reading. The broadcaster started talking about the Level of zombies. It was less descriptive than the System. But it is enough for everyone to gain a better understanding towards the zombies.

The broadcaster also stated that survivors can also become stronger. He mentioned the Apocalypse Virus and what a survivor needed to do to become stronger.

The first step would be to meditate and feel the dead Apocalypse Virus inside them.

If they could already feel it, they could then control it slowly and distribute it on their body to strengthen the body. After they distributed all the dead Apocalypse Virus, they will then be considered as a half-step into becoming Level One° Human.

To enhance further, they needed Apocalypse Virus.

The broadcaster stated that they could kill the zombies and harvest the Apocalypse Virus inside them. Using the same method, while they are holding the dead Apocalypse Virus that they have harvested, they must meditate and absorbed the dead Apocalypse Virus while doing so.

The broadcaster then encourages the listeners to become stronger.

"The zombies might be a disaster. But with this disaster comes great opportunity. Do not give up. Fight and became strong to survive. But a simple warning, do not become greedy and engage a zombie with a higher Level than you in a battle."

"I repeat, do not battle zombies that are clearly higher Level° than you."


It surprises Nile a bit because it seems that the military had already settled the zombies at the center of the Pangea Continent.

Luckily, he recovers his surprise expression immediately after. If not, the people would have seen his surprised expression, which is 'terrifying'.

Marlin and all the people are excited and at the same time nervous.

Excited as only now did they know that they can become stronger. Nervous as they now knew that this is no longer a simple zombie outbreak for them.

For them, before they knew it, this world had already grown from living normally then into a zombie apocalypse where you hide to survive. And then it develop from hiding to survive into a world where you need to kill to survive.

Now, Nile, Marlin and Froilan had already understood what had cause the 13 people to act cautiously towards Nile.

They convey their apology to Nile one by one. While doing the apology, they introduce themselves to Nile.

Froilan also introduced himself this time.

Froilan, like Nile, is also at his early twenties, he is 23 years old, older than Nile by 2 years.

Froilan had a barber cut hair, his looks is better and more matured than Nile. Froilan is the one who found the Radio yesterday while he is patrolling and searching on one of the old houses.

Clarris is the name of the woman who is taking notes while the person who broadcasted is talking. She is chubby and short. With her looks, she could be considered as an older loli. She is 29, and she is the secretary of Marlin before the Apocalypse.

The two men who are with Marlin from the start is called Romulo and Hector. Romulo is 48 years old while Hector had the same age as Marlin, 40.

The other 3 are locals of the center area of Barangay Malibo, the remaining people are like Nile, they came from the different Sitio's under Malibo.

The remaining 8 people are now having their patrol shift. While they are on patrol, if they have an opportunity, they will sneak at the supermarket that is full of zombies to bring back food supplies. The Barangay Hall is out on their options.


Nile nodded to each and everyone of them, telling them that he understands. He could not blame them either. What they're doing is the best course of action they should show towards strangers, even more so after hearing the broadcast.

Marlin then asks Nile on what kind of information does he need.

"Nile, what kind of information do you want? As long as we have them, we can give it to you."

"Thank you, I want the information of all the strong zombies here at Barrio Malibo. As you already knew based on the broadcast, I will not hide my intention. I want to kill the strong zombies to improve my strength."


Fifteen people gasp at the same time. Clarris's mouth is wide open in an 'O' shape.

Marlin is the one who always recovers fast, and he did not disappoint everyone this time.

"Nile, don't be reckless. 'Even if' you are strong, you could not underestimate the zombies either. You heard the content of the broadcast that I read, right? It says that there are various Level of zombies that is so much stronger than humans. You could even be killed without even knowing why." Marlin knitted his eyebrow in protest. He may have only known Nile for a few hours, but as a human. He felt oblique to at least warn Nile of the danger.

Knowing that Nile might be acting on impulse because of what he heard from the content of the broadcast, Marlin did his best to explain to Nile the danger of what he is planning.

"Thank you, but it is all right. I know what I'm doing." Nile nodded his head as he answered Marlin.

Seeing this, Marlin did not speak any longer and just released a sigh.

"Froilan, you brief Nile the details on where the strong zombies of Barangay Malibo lurk. I will fetch the others to come back for lunch." Marlin said to Froilan before he walks out of the base to fetch the other members of his group.

Froilan nodded in understanding. He looks at Nile and wave his hand as a signal to follow him.

Arriving at one of the room. Nile could see a white board with the size of 2x4 meters. The board has the drawing of a map on the right side and a list or some legend at the other side.

The map is colored mainly by black, red, orange, green and blue.

Froilan pointed at the whiteboard and said.

"This is the map of 'Barrio' Malibo, not including the Sitio's under it. This map is only the center area, this is where we are at."

Froilan then proceeded on explaining the legend on the side.

According to Froilan, the legend of the map is as follows.

Black is for those areas that are extremely dangerous. This kind of place must be avoided and can only be monitored from afar.

Red is for those areas that have zombies that are likely to be Level One°.

Orange is for those areas that have many low leveled zombies loitering around.

Green is for those areas that are believed to be safe, areas that have the potential of having food supplies on them.

Blue is considered as the safe zone.

For now, only the location of the base is labeled with a Blue, the safe zone.

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