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Chapter 46: Chapter 46: Training

With Sissa's determined eyes. Nile could not say 'no'. Of course, he will not say 'no' either.

On Nile's mind, he thought of this as a form of payment for killing Sissa's son. Although the one he killed is already a zombie, he could still not help but to feel guilty.

Nile planned to explain to Sissa the things she should know. Like the various Levels of Zombie, how to identify them. What to avoid and etc.

But before that, they need to bury Sissa's husband first.

Nile wrapped the body of Sissa's husband with a black trash-bag. After sealing it completely, he carried it over his shoulder.

Sissa expressed her thanks many times over.

On the way out of Kanor Department Store, Nile told Sissa to pick a weapon that she preferred.

After a few minutes of searching, Sissa decided to take the light-weight bolo as her weapon.

The bolo's blade is colored silver with some orange because of rust, while its handle is colored orange. It was half a meter in height and 2.5 inches in width.

After that, they continued towards the Acacia Tree where he buried the kid.

Arriving at the Acacia Tree, Nile digs another rectangular pit beside the kid's grave.

This time, he used a shovel to dig; the shovel is from the Department Store. He picks it up earlier when Sissa is also searching for a weapon.

After digging, Nile lay the body of Sissa's husband over. He then proceeded to cover the pit with the same soil he dug earlier. Just like the before, the covered area formed a little mound.

Sissa brought a flower over and put it on the mound. She then scribbled some characters on the ground.

Nile nodded his head and unsheathed his Katana. He then wrote something on the Acacia Tree, just below the epitaph of the kid.

"The greatest husband and Father. He loves his family dearly."


Surprisingly, Sissa no longer cried this time. Instead, one could see in her eyes the determination and resoluteness of an avenger.


"First things first, you need to note that the zombies are evolving. Your son is already a Level One° zombie, a strong one, when I killed him."

"As far as I know, there are already zombies that had already evolve into Level Three°. You must note that every level difference of a zombie is a huge leap on their power. As to how you determine their level..."

Nile then explained what he knew about the zombies so far.

He thought for a bit and decided to warn Sissa about the disappearance of the animals.

Maybe he was overly cautious, but referring to the Apocalypse Novel's he read before, and the reactions of the metals. The animals must have also mutated in a strange way or another.

There is nothing wrong with being cautious. He's at an Apocalypse World after all.

It was already noon when Nile finished explaining.

Nile told Sissa that they should eat first.

As he could not retrieve the food inside his inventory, Nile decided to go back in the Department Store and search for some.

He is a little lazy going over the Department Store though, so after walking for a moment, he hid on a corner and retrieve some food and water.

It is not that he did not trust Sissa, but since the System and its function are his trump-card, he is not willing to expose it if not necessary.

Sissa is surprise at first, Nile did come back a little faster. But after Nile explained that he runs all the way, Sissa thought that it is believable, so she put the matter at back of her head.

After eating, Nile brought Sissa and search for some Level-Zero° or Half-Step Level One° zombie for Sissa to kill and gain experience.

The spoils will also be harvested by Sissa.

As the Kanor Department Store is already barren of zombies, Nile and Sissa walked and search in the opposite direction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Right now, they are at the South-West location from the Barangay Hall as the center.

Level Zero° zombies are already scarce.

After a few minutes of searching on this area, Nile finally spotted a lone zombie. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was a Half-Step Level One° zombie.

It is crouching on the ground. It was munching on something.

The zombie's right side is facing them, on a closer look, they realize that the zombie is having its lunch. The zombie is having a feast on the victim's brain. One could see some juices streaming in the corner of the zombie's mouth.

Seeing the scene, Sissa almost vomited the lunch she ate earlier. Her eyes teared up because of this.

Nile patted her back. This gesture made Sisa calm a little.

She wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes and nodded to Nile as thanks.

"Sister, get ready!" Nile whispered.

Sissa nodded and grip the bolo tightly with both of her hands.

Nile approach the zombie leisurely. Sissa followed closely behind him. Half-Step Level One° zombies are no longer a threat for Nile.

As they got closer, the zombie also noticed them.


The zombie produces a low, beastly roar. It pounce towards Nile with speed compared to an adult. But for Nile, it was slow.

Nile kicks the zombie on its stomach squarely, causing it to stagger backwards. After it stabilize itself, it pounce again towards Nile.

Nile realizes that the zombie is already on the verge of breaking through to Level One°, it will only be a matter of time.

Sissa will not be able to handle this.

Nile made a little sweep using his feet and directly broke the knee of the pouncing zombie. With this handicap, Sissa should now be able to handle this zombie.

Nile glance at Sissa and said, "The center of the brain is where the Apocalypse Virus is located, the head shall be your primary target. The Apocalypse Virus is the one controlling the body. Killing the Virus means killing zombie."

Nile could tell that Sissa is shaking a little because of nervousness.

After a while, a glint flash on Sissa's eyes as she resolutely moves closer towards the handicap zombie.

The zombie is always pouncing on Nile, while Nile is also sending it back with a kick.

Maybe the zombie realized that he is not a match for Nile and seeing the incoming Sissa, it switches target and pounce on Sissa instead.

Sissa readied herself. Holding the bolo on both of her hand tightly, her right foot in front of the other. Her resolute eyes stared at the zombie.

Sissa lifted the bolo above her head. Her right foot is also lifted a little. When the zombie is close enough, Sissa stomp her right foot ahead along with the not-so-sharp blade of the bolo descending towards the zombie's head.


The zombie's head was hit by the descending bolo.

It may look like a great strike, but that force could only open a little wound on the zombie's head.

That strike only caused the zombie to stop momentarily, its body then continued to pounce towards Sissa.

Sissa planned on dodging, but with that distance, she will surely fall short.

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