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2 - Invoking legends in another world - Chapter 2 by Nahros full book limited free

Chapter 2: 2

I woke up drowsy in the middle of the night to look for something to eat since I had not eaten since I arrived, I went to the refrigerator to find chicken with a note attached.

-This is dinner, we may come back tomorrow at the latest the day after tomorrow, I love you ♥ - Att. Your mother.

"Mo ... mom, thanks mom" I uncovered the food and put it to reheat setting the table to eat "Hmm, that smells good, let's eat ready" while eating check the system to discover its functions

[Shop (Only unlockable until getting 5 summons)]





"Status, missions, inventory, that status" I clicked eating chicken with the other hand


[Name: Tom Grandheart

Hp: 24/24 Mp: 20/16 + 4

Title / s: Summoner, Traveler between worlds, ???

Strength (11) Intelligence (8)

Vitality (12) Dexterity (5)

Wisdom (7) Luck (15)

Available points: 0

{You are currently under the blessing of the daughter of the stars (+ 25% MP total, + 25% HP regeneration)}




[Invocation of Legends lvl 1] (Mythic)

[Invocation lvl 5] (Basic)

[Low Level Analysis lvl 1] (Epic)

"So even though my favourability with her is very low, she still gave me her blessing,..... I should have learned a little more about Lore" I finished reviewing the titles and missions and I got ready to sleep again but one call I get to the phone.

I grabbed it and replied "Hello"

"Hi Tom, How are you?" I heard a woman's voice through the phone speaking English to me, I didn't know what to do until she remembered the starter pack that contained the English language.

[English language x1 (Unique) has been consumed]

The knowledge came and went as fast as it came, I put my ear to the phone to hear "Tom .... Tom are you there? Something is wrong" the voice sounded concerned.

"N-no, nothing, I was just a little asleep" the unknown language flowed from my mouth like water in a river.

"As I was telling you, we will be back on Sunday, you can buy fast food or something whenever you want, and .... your sister's condition .... is not the best, I love you Tom, bye" I quickly cut the hurried call in the Last part, so fast that I don't get to say goodbye.

I kept reflecting on the information that the other person said for a while, I guessed it was my mother or a close relative and that I apparently have a sick sister.

'A sister, a mother, it has been a long time since I saw my mother and now I am in another world' the expression on my face was wrinkled 'It does not matter, outside the old, inside the new, let's accept this new life as if it were mine'

I went back to see the missions to carry them out "Missions, missions, here it is" press missions seeing 2 of them.


[Contents: The Summoner has arrived in a new world not knowing much about him.

Learn the general history of the new world (8/100%)

Get acquainted with the lifestyle of the former Tom Grandheart (25/100%)

Penalty: None

Limit: 3 Days

Rewards: 5 stat points, 1 Summoning Skill Book (Rare)]

[Contents: The Summoner in his old life lived a boring life, have fun.

Have fun and explore the new world with summons from him (0/100%)

Penalty: If he dies he won't be able to revive or ???

Limit: None

Reward: ???]

"Well, that description doesn't help me much, what does it matter, it's late we sleep" I closed the system and went to the bathroom before going to bed "Have fun, eh, it sounds good" I whispered falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up annoyed because someone was knocking on the door for a while "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming" I opened the door and the person entered before even being able to say anything.

"Hi Tom, good morning" he seemed energetic, his black hair seemed deep, his muscles were average and his appearance was a little taller than average, in addition to his black eyes.

"Ehm, hi .... Bill?" Guess from his appearance, he looked a lot like Bill.

"Who is Bill? We didn't see each other on vacation and you already forgot your best friend's face" he accused me as if I did something wrong, I was left in the confusion of what to do, I couldn't ask his name, Ah yes, that ability .

"Low level analysis" I whispered covering my mouth so that he wouldn't hear me and I heard him speak while I watched his analysis.

[Name: Julius Silver

Hp: 25/26 Mp: ???

Title / s: Division 6 Wind Mage

Strength (14) Intelligence (???)

Vitality (13) Dexterity (???)

Wisdom (???) Luck (5)




[Wind Magic lvl 9] (Basic)

[Wind Magic lvl ???] (Rare)

"You are listening to me Tom, on Monday the holidays are over, how are you doing with your invocations" he asked sitting on the sofa.

"Invocations, yes invocations" I checked my status comparing it with the one I go down a bit but I don't know what is the average in invocations "I'm wrong, I think"

"Haaa, you're always like this, if it weren't for me, you might have already been expelled from the university, it doesn't seem like your parents are there and knowing you won't even go out to eat until it's an emergency" I sigh as I beckoned

"Go, go to change you, I'll take you to the McDanolds for something to eat "

I chose to accept his invitation to eat no matter how gay it sounds, I don't know this world and could inform me more quickly "Wait a minute, let me take a bath and get ready" I went to the shower with caution from this Julius Silver, you never know what I would do best friends.

I changed and we left the apartment, we went down the elevator to meet a young woman of our age apparently, she was a bit pretty, reddish hair, white and soft skin, her sensual curves.

"What are you looking at, Tom?" Her scathing gaze cowed me.

"Ah, sorry" I lowered my head thinking that she was just a neighbor.

"Heh, so Tommy is scared now, you don't think he got worse than before Julius" he sent a sharp look at Julius who seemed helpless.

"I think it's changing, cheer up Tom, I know you'll get better" he sent annoyed at me.

"Yes, I know I'll improve" I checked his status quickly "Vanessa" the elevator door opens "See you" I went with Tom under Vanessa's gaze

"So you're not afraid to call my name now, huh?" she said to herself with a serene expression "Will you change for better or for worse, Tommy?" If you looked closely, her gaze revealed a predator's expectations for prey.

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Who is she? Will Tom be able to complete the missions? The new world has a lot to offer, let's follow Tom's adventures

Nahros Nahros

Tom doesn't speak English, he speaks another language, which one? Idk (:

Other chapter the friday, why? idk (:

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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