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Chapter 1: Chapter 1


"I'll have my riflemen on Z17,Z18,Z19,and Z20, attack your outpost on ZA1 and conquer them!" shouted Michel in excitement as he knew in his heart that his enemy is a goner already.

The pieces moved on their own and did what Michel said. After they completed it a loud horn sounded announcing Michel as the winner of the 69,420th Heavenly war games that lasted for a thousand millennia and consists of trillions of participants.

The shoutcaster of the game officially announced to everyone on Heaven that Michel just won the games. The people were happy and ecstatic as they just witnessed such a magnificent display of strategic prowess. Michel was currently standing on a platform as it suddenly moved and brought him to the highest point of the Heaven to get his reward.

On the highest point of heaven there stood a man on beige trench coat with a wite suit.He was holding a wine glass filled with exquisite heavenly wine. Michel took the moment ro observe the famous Heaven of Heaven. He saw a magnificent throne like no other with blinding light coming from it. There seems to be someone sitting on it while the other man who was on trench coat and suit was beside the light looking at Michel with a smile. The man slowly walked towards Michel and offered a hand shake as he introduced himself.

"Good day Michel, my name is Almighty,you may call me whatever you want. The one on the throne is my true body. This body is just a vessel of me.To avoid confusion just don't mind my true body and focus solely on this body." introduced Almighty with smile and laughs. Hearing his name Michel instinctively kneeled but was stopped by Almighty saying that it wasn't necessary.Michel just went with it and stood there silently.

'He's the mist powerful being in the entire multiverse,I can't offend him' thought Michel as he showed Almighty a smile.

"Hahahaha, just make yourself comfortable, and you don't need to fear of you offending me, I don't get offended" laughed Almighty as he patted Michel's shoulder. Michel was stunned by this comment but he quickly regained his composure as he remembered that Almighty is literally an all-knowing individual.

"Cough*I think that we strayed a way too far from the topic we should be talking about. So based on this identity file.... Your full name is Michel Gerardson,28 years old, half Korean-quarter American-quarter German.Hobbies are playing rts games, and was considered a god at any rts he plays, cooking, blah-blah.Cause of death is explosion from the gas tank you while cooking.Blah-blah." said Almighty as a folder suddenly appeared out of thin air and he started to read it quickly.

"Wait... I thought you're all-knowing, why do you need a ln identity file?" suddenly asked Michel, the sentence was supposed to be a thought but he figured out that Almi8could just read his mind so he didn't bother.

"No reason, I just did it for formalities, this is how interviews progress back on your world right?" said Almighty as he made the folder vanish into thin air once again.

"I suppose you mkae sense." nodded Michel in realization.

"Cough* So now tell me, what is it you truly desire?" said Almighty as he slowly walked towards Michel and looked him directly in the eyes. Michel froze and was dazed by Almighty as he unconsciously said his deepest desire.

"I want to reincarnate on a war-torn world with weak units with a system from an rts game" said Michel still dazed.

"Great, that will be your reward!" Almighty suddenly said as he broke his eye contact making Michel snap out of his daze and look at Almighty with confusion.

"H-how?" asked Michel with a fear in his voice.

"Some tricks I developed for instances like this." answered Almighty with a slight laugh.

"So,what system will it be?" asked Michel with a tone of hesitation.

"Hmmmm because you defeated more than a trillion participants including people such as Alexander, Napoleon, Bismarck, etc. and emerged victorious with little sweat, then I guess I'll give you a Red Alert system!" said Almighty with a chuckle.

"Great!" Michel suddenly shouted in excitement.Which he quickly realized and apologized for his sudden outburt.

"Sorry for that" said Michel with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Hahhahah, no problem,then to fulfill your world request, I would be reincarnating you to the world of iron Harvest." said Almighty as he willed a portal to appear nearby.

"Huh? Iron Harvest? What is that? Is that a game or something?"asked with Michel with a curious tone.

"Yup, you didn't lived long enough to play it,but It's basically Company of Heroes but set in your Ww1 era with mechs" answered Almighty to feed Michel's curiosity.

"Oh, then that sounds easy, I may conquer that world easily!" shouted Michel in excitement as he quickly ran towards the portal and he didn't gave Almighty any goodbyes.

Seeing this Almighty just laughed and waved at Michel's back. But before Michel entered the portal he stopped and turned towards Almighty and gave his thanks.

"Thank you! I'm sorry for being disrespectful but I just can't really wait to enter that world! shouted Michel as he also waved his hand towards Almighty and finally entered the portal.

"Hahahaha, goodluck young man, enjoy your reward!" said Almighty as Michel's figure entered the portal and disappeared completely together with the portal. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Michel was teleported to a vast darkness, his only light is his glowing soul. Inside this void a sound suddenly entered Michel's ears.

"Do you want to design your own body?"



Michel choosed yes and he then saw a body and the interface is just like those mmorpg games where they let you customize anything. Michel spent a lot of time customizing his body, he want it perfect for this new life of his. His new appearance was considered handsome.His hair is colored black, sides are shaved and the top was pretty long and definitely looks good when tied to a ponytail. His body is toned with muscles and abs, which added to his overall charisma and hotness. His height is 6'2 and has blue colored eyes. Overall, his appearance is totally hot and charismatic, like a smile from him can cause earthquakes and tsunamis to happen.

"Great now were set to go to this world" shouted Michel as his shout echoes all throughout the void.

"Appearance set, your new appearance will take form as you grow older, and will fully manifest once you turned 16"

"Goodluck on you trip and please enjoy your reward"

That was the last words he heard as he slowly fell unconscious and once he woken up he began crying and soundes like a baby.

1905 A.D The Republic of Sardinia

"El Presidente, it's a boy" said the nurse to the man on a military uniform filled with medals and ornaments.The man was happy with him having a boy. His primary concern since he became the dictator of Sardinia is the one who will be his heir and now that his beloved wife has birthed a boy, his concerns vanished in an instant.He approached his wife who was on the bed and kissed her, telling her how much he loved her.

"My love Alesandra we have a son! Thank you!" said the El Presidente as he continued to kiss his wife everywhere on her face. Her wife was also happy that she delivered her baby safely.

"Can I hold him?" asked Alesandra as the nurse slowly handed her the baby with care. Alesandra looked at the baby who was peacefully sleeping while wrapped in white towel.

"He looks just like you Albertu, he will surely grow to be a fine leader to lead our people." said Alesandra while carefully holding the baby and gently kissing his forehead, fearing she might disturb him from sleep.

"No my love Alesandra, he looks just like his beautiful and strong mother." disagreed Albertu as he caressed Alesandra back.

"Haha, I think he inherited both our great traits" said Alesandra with a chuckle as the baby started to cry.

"Hahahaha,you're right" Albertu just agreed with his wife regarding this matter.

"My love, don't you think you shouls tell your loyal subjects about this great event?" asked Alesandra as she started to breastfees her baby, which made the baby stop crying.

"Yes, you're right, I'll be back, you wait for me." said Albertu as he made his way out of the delivery room. Outside the room there stood guards with submachine guns equipped.They wore a uniform with the combination of blue and red just like the Sardinian flag. As they saw their El Presidente they saluted with their guns. Albertu made his wya towards the waiting room and inside the waiting room, his cabinet officials,generals and close associates all sat, waiting for his announcement.As they saw Albertu walked towards them they immediately stood up and saluted. Albertu just dismissed their formalities and went directly to the point.

"My loyal subjects, your El Presidente's wife, the First Lady gave a birth to a healthy baby boy!" announced Albertu. This made his subjects happy, they hugged each other and gave praises to the lord.

"We now have our own little El Presidente" said a minister as she took a champagne glass from a nearby waiter.

"Hahaha, Glory to God! Long live Sardinia!" shouted a general as he hugged everyone near him. Hearing his shout everyone also shouted the same phrase.

"Glory to God! Long live Sardinia!" shouted everyone.Albertu just signalled for the waiters and watresses to bring in the wine and champagne.The servants slowly brought wine and champagne and everyone got a glass. Albertu raised his glass and shouted.

"Glory to God! Long live Sardinia!" everyone else followed and shouted the phrase and they drank the liquid inside the glasses.

Inside the delivery room the baby was currently breastfeeding on his mother, he just took it as he needs to do it to survive but a thought was constantly ringing all throughout his mind.

"Man I wish this will end and I grow up really quick."

SomeGuyOnDarkArmor SomeGuyOnDarkArmor

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Keep safe everyone :-)

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