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Episode 6 - The Other Towns - Isekai Minecraft - Chapter 6 by Scriptel_SA full book limited free

Chapter 6: Episode 6 - The Other Towns

25 days are remaining before the Blood Moon rises, and as it turns out there are more villages like this, where the blood moon will rise and cause anarchy. But before that can happen I have to save them, I have to save them from this because I am the only one who do it. But I don't know how to save them?

I tried to think of ways to save them but every plan of mine will take more than 25 days so I can't execute it. So It will be useless nonetheless. But after hours of scratching my head I finally had a plan, but this plan still may take some time but it can be finished before Blood Moon.

I said to gather all the villagers in the town centre as I was going to make an announcement, about it. "Citizens of this town, this town will be saved from the Blood Moon because of the wall we built. But as it turns out there are more towns like this which also need a wall to save them from blood moon." I spoke confidentiality in front of the crowd to show them I was serious about this.

"the other villages"

"yeah I was wondering about that"

"so does it mean they won't survive"

Noise from the crowds gets louder.

"Worry not people, I will save every single villagers from all the town's, I won't let anyone to die. But I can't build the same wall I built here in every town. So my plan is to bring every single villagers from those town to our town"

"Every single villagers?"

"but we don't have enough space"

"How does he plan to do that?"

Questions from the crowds began to flood.

"Yes I know very well, we can't fit everyone in the town, so my plan is to create an underground area where they will live temporarily and leave when the blood moon sets. We will dig under our town whole 100x7x100 area with 5 floors which will be enough to hold everyone with ease"

"If we all work on it together the underground base will be done in 5 days, so I'm requesting your help in this"

The villagers were very eager to help out,

"Yes! we will help you to dig the area underground"

"We will help"

"We will save everyone"

"Ofcourse we will help out"

If we dig out an underground area we will be able to save everyone. And to bring everyone here I will set up rail tracks so everyone can easily come here. I tasked some villagers with building of the rail track.

Few days have passed since that day.... and the digging of the underground base has been finally finished. The entrance of the base is from the town centre using staircase to go up and down. The walls, ceilings and the floor is made out of stone, as I don't have much time to decorate it. Every floor has 400 beds so every floor can hold up to 400 villagers so in total in can hold upto 2000 people. Now the only thing reaming is to bring them here.

As I was planning to bring the villagers here, the villagers in other town were doubting it, they didn't believed us that we managed to build up a wall to protect from mobs. So to convince them I will personally meet the town chief and first bring them here to show the wall which will protect us. And prove we will actually be albe to survive Blood Moon.

So I went in the other towns, using the mine track we build and meet with them, the old man was also tagging along as he is a chief of the town and maybe other town chief will trust him.

The first town we went too was called The Emerald Town, as it turns out all the Towns have a name and the town I'm living in is called The Copper Town, why did it take me so long to find out that town's have a name.

As we walked into the town we a hear a crumbling voice. "He's really here, Steve is actually real, I see" it was the Emerald Town's chief named Herinz. This town's chief look exactly the same as the old man with me, who is also a chief of a town, the same white beard, face looking old and carrying around a walking cane but he seemed more old to me. "So you've really build a wall around your town to protect it from mobs?" The chief asked.

"Yes! indeed the wall was build by the villagers by the help of this young man here, Steve" The old man replied with a proud and smug looking face. "Ha ha ha... I see so you're Steve, so you are actually real and not a mythology" The Emerald chief spoke with a friendly and a joyful voice. And he kindly agreed to come to our village for safety. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So after going around every town we were able to convince them to come to our village. It will take some time to bring all the villagers here but we can pull it off.

- 15 days remaining before the Blood Moon.

Finally every villagers have been brought here without any casualties, now everyone will survive the dawn. But incase something goes wrong and the mobs do destroy the wall I will have to make a backup plan. Which I already have thought of, I will put dispensers facing the opposite direction from the Town in every single walls and fill it will arrows and connect it with redstone switch, so I can fire it when needed.

The days went by peacefully as the other towns people were adjusting in this town and making it their home for now they were settling in without any problems. There were not much to worry about even in the nights the hostile mobs stopped spawning. And that might be a problem for later. But in the meantime instead of waiting and not doing anything I trained some guards for this town which are now able to use bow and arrows and swords they might be a big help. They can be of help even after the Blood Moon ends.

I also prepared a 100 mob army of iron golems which will be released outside the walls to fight off entities. And also an army of 400 snow golems which will be on top of the walls defending it. I don't have the ability to craft any potions, because there is no nether Portal build here and I don't have any obsidian and I don't know what is the nether like, but maybe it will be more dangerous than usual as all things are here so it's not a good idea to go in there now.

The BLOOD MOON rises tomorrow evening and we have everything prepared to deal with it. This doomsday we will survive it with ease. But it's late at night right now so I should get to sleep.

But that night right after when I fall asleep I had a very unusual dream, in the dream I saw, I was walking in the middle of Tokyo or some kind of big city, alone at night, going somewhere, I saw a bright blue light infront of me, it was like a flying mosquito I tried catching it but it flew away, I chased after it as I was getting closer it increased in size it was getting bigger and bigger. But as I tried to touch it, it become blank and I woke up not remembering a thing I saw.

Scriptel_SA Scriptel_SA

The Next episode is going to be The Blood Moon Night.

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