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First Game (Part 2) - Isekai Online - Chapter 3 by Sach_Official full book limited free

Chapter 3: First Game (Part 2)

Two men who patrolled the round disc-shaped ceramic submerged slightly in the grey-colored water. They patrolled that place strictly, making sure that nobody would steal their spot.

Beneath the bush located in the northeast close to the disc, there was a man named Aloysius who stayed hidden. He was the man who challenged the entire heavenly realm by doing the [Solo Mode] in the MOBA VR game, called [Isekai Online].

Thus, this was the trial for him to prove that he could solo the game. Of course, with a rule that he had read before. That rule itself had suggested that he had to bring the goddess into the game in exchange.

So, it may be technically solo-playing. But it wasn't playing in solo entirely after all.

Thus, Aloysius observed their movement, reading their every single act before he started to act. But, he needs to make sure over his weaponry first before he was deciding to move. So he decided to look at it.

He was looking at the sheathe that residing in his left hip. He was checking up on his sword at his left hip by pulling its sword-hilt upwards as he grabbed that hilt by using his right hand.

He heard the collision voice between his sword's ricasso and his sheathe as he pulled it gently.

He gently moved his right thumb finger towards the sword's forte, sensing its sharpness by using his finger as soon as he pulled his sword slightly from the sheathing while looking at it. Thus, he remarked it with a proud as he muttered in his mind,

'What a beautiful craved sword. It is like Koenigsegg*** but in a sword. Sharp yet durable. As expected, the sword that had a name*** resembling the computer parts that daddy liked.'

He placed the sword back to the sheathe, making it shut in temporarily until he pulled that sword out again for the fight someday.

Then, he pulled his HUD**

'The First rule, during on this round-robin match. Nobody will get themselves killed after the match like what she had said. Except that it is on the quarter-final or above. That's what Askardia had missed out!'

He smiled as he muttered again while he stared on his screen, 'Askardia lacks the knowledge in MOBA. We can revive infinitely in this game as long as there is no winner or loser announced yet. That's how MOBA works. In other means, there may be at least one healer tasked to revive them in the midway of battle. Or either they could teleport back to the base for the recovery in the fountain.'

Thus, he looked at each positioning through the map located in the top left of his screen. He looked at Askardia's position dotted in red that walked around the opponent's bases, waiting for the time to reach zero. He typed some texts through his on-screen keyboard.

Thus, he clicked the [Enter] Button in the virtual QWERTY* keyboard that showing on his screen; A message popped out in their team chat,

[Aloysius: Aska, look at the timing in our playtime.]

Askardia, the goddess of war who Aloysius dragged along into the game, noticed a popup message in her heads-up display located on her left side. Thus, she slid her HUD from left to right by using her left hand.

She looked at the chat that Aloysius had sent to her. She replied to him by typing at the screen in front of her. Thus, she pressed the [Enter] button on the screen, which popped up a message,

[Askardia: We have thirty seconds to go]

[Aloysius: got it.]

Aloysius was only playing along with her for that. He knew that the goddess was incredibly clueless about what he wanted to convey. So, he decided to make it clear.

He started to type as his fingers were dancing in the screen in front of him, typing as he muttered,

'I'm not telling you to look at the playtime. But, I'm telling you about the plan.'

Then, he pressed the [Enter] button, which led the system in his HUD to pop up the message.

Another message from Askardia had popped out again, written as,

[Askardia: Plan? Alright, pulling the creeps out from the lane. Am I right?]

[Aloysius: Correct! Remember, don't overdo it. Let some creeps in and out and then pull them to the neutral creeps nearby.]

[Aloysius: Don't use your spells, use your physical attack from your grimoire. Maybe, by throwing it?]

"DUMB! NO ONE IN A CORRECT MIND WILL THROW THEIR GRIMOIRE TO ATTACK THE CREEPS!" Askardia yelled as she had read those. It led her to reply to the chat as she muttered,

'You are seriously dumb, Aloysius. No one will throw their grimoire to the creeps! As the grimoire user, there is no way that we could do it. So, we will use some magical elemental attack instead. There is no mana cost during the attack, don't worry about it.'

[Aloysius: Alright, sorry for being dumb, Aska. Now, look at the time!]

He slid his HUD back to the left, pulling his sword out from the sheathing.

He pointed his sword into his target while muttered,





In the top lane, Askardia was roaming randomly. She was making sure that she did not make something wrong.

Thus, the time started, battle start!


Before she started to use her [Intimidation]. The male voiced voice had come out from nowhere. Yelling,

[First Blood! For Aloysius!]

[Double Kill! For Aloysius!]

'He is doing it for real!' Askardia muttered in her mind in her excitement. It boosted her morale immediately after the male voice out of nowhere had said,

[Rune of gold given to the red team!]

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*QWERTY = keyboard layout. It's a keyboard layout standard in many countries. Most keyboards worldwide will be using this format (look at your Q W E R T Y button on your keyboard to understand this).

** HUD = Heads Up Display, do google this for deeper understanding.

***No endorsements intended here.

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