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12.9% Isekai Online / Chapter 4: First Win

First Win - Isekai Online - Chapter 4 by Sach_Official full book limited free

Chapter 4: First Win

[Player A: Double Kill?]

[Player B: That guy is psychotic!]

'Hmm? How Psychotic this man?' A man in the shadow muttered when he looked at the chat. Thus, he replied to them as he opened the keyboard on his screen. He muttered,


And there, he received the message promptly after Player A and Player B, who were being killed by Aloysius earlier, replied.

[Player B: He kept praying and then slicing through us! As if that we are the creeps, not the players!]

[Player A: He was slicing away to me, single-shot kill like a man in the shadow who was attacking us by using the clones... I don't know what that was! It was something like an eagle soul and then.]

[XzHantu: I understand, I have seen Player B's killcam*. He is the spirit type.. Don't make direct contact with him.]

[XzHantu: Both of you, pay attention to Askardia. She is exceptionally formidable in CC**]

Thus, that man in the shadow closed the chat. He observed at Aloysius in the jungle* who were attacking the monsters together with the red-haired goddess.

He opened his window again and chatted with his teammate. His fingers were dancing at the screen in front of him rapidly to talk with his teammates through texts.

Thus, some messages had popped out to their team chatbox after the man had written his chat out,

[XzHantu: Player A, focus at the top lane pushing]

[XzHantu: Player B, go to my spot.]

[XzHantu: TheGanker, use your hook to aim at Askardia, separate them. But wait for my message before we are attacking.]

[XzHantu: CZ6969, focus at the bottom lane pushing.]

He observed at his heads-up display where all of his teammates marked as green started to move independently. It seemed that his message had successfully passed to them.

However, he observed Aloysius, who coordinated the creep attacks meticulously. He attended at his current status,


[Level: 10]

[Weapon: Sword of Aorus]

'[Sword of Aorus]? It explains everything now. Without a doubt, it's Askardia, the wind goddess of war's signature weapon. How he could use that weapon while it was only imprinted to the someone who deemed to be worthy?' XzHantu muttered when he observed the katana-looking sheathe in the [Weapon] section.

'It's not a big deal, Captain. But, he used that weapon as if that he is the owner of it.' One other Player with his head covered with the hood whispered at him.

'Player B? Alright...'


[Aloysius got Killing Spree!]

"It's too easy to guess where do you guys will head on, seriously." Aloysius complained at the corpse while he looked back, looking at Askardia, grinding at her level.

Meanwhile, in the opposing's group chat, some barrage of the conversations had popped out after some players were ranting over it.

[Player B: WTF***!]

[XzHantu: Player B sus!]

[Player B: I was on the fountain!!!]

[Player A: I do believe that I'm seeing Player B in your back, man. Did we enable the friendly fire? or,]

[XzHantu: Nah, sorry, Player B. I thought it was you, but it's Aloysius instead]

[XzHantu: He owned the goddess's weapon. Be careful with him. That weapon is formidable.]

[Player B: Roger]

[Player A: Roger]

Meanwhile, in Aloysius's chat, he had noticed something,

[Askardia: Sorry, T.T., I was killed by their Player.]

'Killed? Hmm... That must be related with the trap that I tried to dodge.' Aloysius whispered in his mind while he remembered about the spiky trap that he had barely dodged.

Thus, another hook was about to hit his head.

But, Aloysius had seen through it. He dodged the hook by maneuvering his body to the right. At the same time, he grabbed the spiky chain on it.

'Tactical Hook huh?' Aloysius muttered in his mind while he noticed the spiky chain seemingly not hurting him. Thus, he triggered a skill that led him to pull his longsword, slicing it cross-shaped,

[Skill 1: Cross Sword!]

It worked like CC** for him as the cross-shaped sword had pushed the fat man in the shadow, who grabbed the hook back, staggered him for a while.

'I can't outmatch him alone. He needs a strong super armor to block his next step!' Aloysius muttered as he ran away as quickly as he could.

He observed at his heads-up display, looking at whether he could use his other skill to recover his health as he noticed that his health was close to ten percent.

'I could get myself killed at this rate. Guide me god! Please!' Aloysius prayed in his mind, hoping that there was a God who gave him a guide.

But shoot! There was a guide for him.

He had arrived at the middle lane of his tower. At the same time, he had noticed the fatty man who looked at him from the skies.

He started to attack again by using his hook. But, Aloysius managed to dodge it, resulting in a trade blow between his life and his tower's life.

Thus, he countered the attack by using his [Sword of Aorus] Attacking him as he muttered,

'[Skill 2: Leech Slash!]'

The leech slash itself had pushed that man back again. But he managed to recover some sum of his health, from ten percent to twenty percent for now of his total health available.

At the same time, Askardia had respawned after the previous kill. She chatted at him,

[Askardia: Be careful with the hook guy. He is unpredicted!]

But, Aloysius had disregarded the chat thanks to his distraction to the opponent.

In his current condition, he had 25% of health, while the man with the nickname of TheGanker had 90% health.

It was a massive disadvantage to him which led him to mutter at his mind,

'I have to find out how to outsmart him. If I can't outmatch him, I will have to outsmart him since I'm in the deadlock now!'

He was in the forest alongside the opponents. At the same time, the players from the green team marched their creeps towards the tower of the Red Team. Thus, Aloysius chatted at him while the man was roaming around to find him.

He pressed the [Enter] button in his heads-up display. Thus, a message popped up.

[Aloysius: I have a massive health disadvantage here, I will teleport now to the bottom lane, trading our mid lane to buy my time for my recovery. And you, go to the top line.]

[Askardia: roger.]

Aloysius marched to the bottom lane while observing his inventory as he dodged the chain attack.

'I shouldn't buy [Blink Dagger] Since in the first place.' He cursed on his mind while running fast towards the bottom lane while throwing his dagger around to teleport.

However, it was a time where there was a man with a massive-sized gold gauntlet charged towards them, which in their party team, it's written.

[XzHantu: Push Aloysius to the bottom.]

[XzHantu: Player B focus on the top lane, Player A focuses on the middle road, I will go with TheGanker and CZ6969 to kill Aloysius!]

They did not reply to him. But they know what they had to do.

Thus, two players at the bottom lane, Aloysius trying to survive the fierce hook attack.

Without any more timestamp of delays, he charged quickly towards the outside of the forest. Resulting in a man with the massive gauntlet and a young lady bringing a twin of the western cowboy gun looked at him.

Thus, both of them attacked Aloysius at the same time.

'Shit! I have no choice but to do this!' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He looked at the bullet that came towards his head. Then a gauntlet fist was about to shot at his head.

But, he used those attacks as the momentum to dodge by jumping at the gauntlet and then.

[Ultimate: Aorus Mode!]

He swung his blade clockwise, pushed them back, and at the same time. Aloysius had cloaked into the armor that led him to have a body feature that looked like a knight with a long sword. But, at the same time, They were locked in the round arena that forced them to attack him.

Three of them attacked him with regular attacks while Aloysius attacked them ferociously.

'I had to done this fast! It only lasts for three seconds!' Aloysius muttered while he slashed three of them simultaneously at the highest pace he could ever achieve.

Of course, the rest were wanting his life as well. Thus, Player A and B went to the bottom lane through teleportation.

Logically to be said, it was an impossible feat to survive even with the milliseconds with that amount of ganking. But, Aloysius managed to keep maintaining his health percentage at 25% percent.

But, their health advantage combined was 385% vs. 25%. It was a massive disadvantage for Aloysius that led him to try his best to protect himself.

'Don't come, Askardia!' Aloysius muttered in his mind while he tried to survive the attacks that came from any direction. But, at the same time, he had noticed something that he wished not to.

'First Skill: Intimidation!'

'Second Skill: Ironclad Shield!'

"FUCK! I TOLD YOU NOT TO!!" Aloysius yelled at the skill while he tried to block the attack from XzHantu by using his well-trained Wing Chun and, at the same time, blocking the rest of the attacks.

However, that lady had ignored him. She continued to attack. Thus, he remembered his own words.

'Do you want to get a Rampage? Or stayed here as the errand who only know how to K.S.?'

[Askardia received Double kill!]

[Askardia received Triple Kill!]

[Askardia received Ultra Kill!!]

Thus, Aloysius's [Aorus Mode] that led them to enter the battle arena had dispersed alongside his gallant knight armor.

As per Askardia, the lady who cleaned four of them through her magical bombing attacked, the burden was lightened much better now, which led Aloysius to fall back.

But, the man was not even giving up at all!

Still, the gauntlet man was facing Askardia, who had 50% M.P. Advantage and 90% H.P. Advantage against him, who had spammed a lot of skills before.

She landed another wave of attacks from her grimoire, resulting in him to got smoked**** quickly.

Thus, the announcer announced.

[Askardia received Rampage!!*****]

Thus, they won the game with all of the members in the opposing team chatted "G.G."****** in the public chat.

The game had ended in this way. With 7 - 1 Kill scores, seven kills were coming from the Red team, where Aloysius and Askardia were teamed up together. And 1 for the opposing team who killed Askardia earlier.

Both the team congratulated each other for the game in the area of white-void. Thus, Both the team went vanished into nothingness, returned to the respective lobby hut.

"Thank you, Aloysius." Askardia thanked him by bowing her head slightly.

"Nah, no need. Rather, I should thank you instead. If you didn't came up help, then I don't think I would be survived at that time. But, you had to focus on your spot when the tower was about to break, Understand?"

She nodded timidly. Then, Aloysius opened the previous battle record while looking at her, asking her,

"Since you managed to create this room. Then I think that you could create a monitor that connects our HUD, am I right?"

"I could create that, but it may take some specific hours of time to do it." Askardia replied to him gently while smiling out of a satisfying feeling drawn on her face.

She looked at him, who observed the game while moving around with the recording. Then, he asked Askardia about the screen he had seen as she could see it as well.

"How do you think about this tactical hook?"

She placed her left thumb at her chin, scratching it gently while observing the man with a hook who was throwing the attacks randomly.

"He is formidable." She commented while Aloysius remarked,

"He is using the Cheat."

"How come?" She asked him in a severe questioning tone. Thus, Aloysius explained to her,

"looked at some frames here in the minute 09:00 and 09:15." He pointed at the time frames that he locked at the top of the video screen. Then, he moved the time slider gently, which shocked Askardia and resulting in her question.

"That's like... 300 hook throws?"

"Indeed. I'm glad that my body was trained for the martial arts. Or else, I might be ended to get killed by him."

Then, he continued to explain the incident to her,

"Look at the game's documentation. Hooks could only be done five seconds each. In other means, he could only throw hook three times with this timestamps. But, he could throw it like... 100x of it. If its not cheating then what else?"

Then, he opened the rules page by clicking at the top right of the menu, where both of them could observe it.

At the same time, he scrolled way down towards the gameplay rules that he wanted to tell her.

"Read this, Askardia."

She looked at the rules, then she read it,

"Cheats are strictly forbidden."

"I don't care about what had happened before, to be honest. But, he might do that again. And as one of the gods who initiated this game, you know what you should do, am I right?" Aloysius asked her in a stern tone that led her to say,

"I don't know about this. Who had changed all of the rules in this rules page?"

"Ask your supervisor, don't ask me." Aloysius replied to her with his unamused expression. Thus, he continued,

"You guys had to be transparent with this crap. I do believe that all-father had told all of you this, do you?"

Thus, she was vibing herself in a room where she wore sleeping drees, listening to the older man who told her the same word in the future.

"You guys had to be transparrent, so I can help you guys to resolve this." That man told the lady with his deep tone, returning to his sleep.

Then, time went back to the present as Aloysius looked at her, asking her,

"Did you listen to me?"

"Sorry, I was distracted." She replied to him timidly.

He was about to be angered. But, he thought if he should scold that goddess or not. Wasn't he sure that he would do the right thing here? Or instead, ruined their relationship for the future?

he made the right decision by saying,

"It's fine, Askardia. We had faced fifteen minutes of the tiring battle. You should go to rest now. I will watch the video and learn about it, then explain to you later when you are waking up."

She nodded after Aloysius told her so, responding to him with a smile drawn widely on her face.


*Killcam: Preview of the last time over how did you die in-game.

**CC (Crowd Control): search it yourself. You will know what it means.

***WTF: What The F* C.K.! In chat, people won't type many things too far unless when things had gone serious.

****Smoked: Killed.

*****Rampage: five kills in a row without delay.

******GG: Good game, also known as the compliment for your excellent gameplay. But in some in-game servers like SEA server in many MOBA games, G.G. tends to be used to mock someone's inability to play the game.

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