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88.15% Island Ascension Online / Chapter 67: His Cards

Island Ascension Online Chapter 67 - His Cards

Chapter 67: His Cards

Within Simon's Island Core:

"I'm sure everyone is aware of the situation outside, and you all must be wondering how I am planning on resolving it." said Simon, gazing towards the rest of the figures around the table.

They all silently nodded.

In the past, Simon had proven to be quite a capable leader. No matter the situation, he seemed to keep everything well within his grasp. As a result, few doubted that he had a plan.

The only exceptions were Luxuria's group, who were present along with Simon's crew in the meeting room. After all, this was their first visit to his island. As a result, they were quite exasperated at his carefreeness.

"Alright," Simon nodded and continued with a slight smile, "Take a look at this."

He then waved his hands, and a jar of black powder appeared in one hand, while a mouse which was hiding within the castle walls just a moment ago flew onto his other.

The tiny creature displayed alarm within its eyes, but found itself unable to move an inch.

Afterwards, amidst everyone's curious gazes, Simon expressionlessly took a black particle from the jar, before placing it under the mouse's nose.

Just a moment later, the rodent's eyes widened and it began showing signs of decay, its fur thinning, and its body stiffening.


Shortly after, its flesh abruptly began dissolving into black dust, which dissipated in the air.

By the time that the process was finished, only the creature's skeleton remained.

"Sh*t!" Jack cursed and hurriedly backed away, part jokingly, and part in seriousness.

Everyone else present was also quite alarmed.

"What the hell is that?"


"How did you obtain such a substance?"

At the reactions of his colleagues, Simon chuckled as he put the jar away with a flick of his wrist, which visibly eased the expressions of everyone around.

"Rest assured, there is no need to fear that it will target the wrong people, or that it will fail to get the job done." said Simon in a 'reassuring' tone.

"However, the source of this I cannot disclose. Suffice it to say that I have enough to complete this task." he concluded solemnly.

These words which Simon uttered were the truth.

After all, he could finally access the innumerable plant species of his past life which he had poured his blood and sweat into studying… Of course the benefits were pronounced!

And it was all thanks to his avatar's ability to synthesize biological matter.

The cure to the plague was just the tip of the iceberg - a fraction of what lay within the profound subject of agriculture. And though he currently lacked the means to produce most of the plants which he once knew, the few which he could produce... were more than enough to be earth-shattering.

In total, there were four species which Simon had recently paid attention to: The Golden Blazeroot, the Body Refinement Grass, the Abyssal Wither Bush, and the Elemental Tree.

Not one of these four species were ordinary.

The Golden Blazeroot, for instance, possessed medicinal properties potent enough to drive out most ailments capable of killing those below the third star core. This also happened to be the plant which he had used in curing his island's residents.

As such, the value of this species did not need to be stated.

The Body Refinement Grass had a similarly powerful effect; after long periods of consumption of the plant, one would find their body strengthening rapidly. When utilized on a regular person, its effects were on par with granting one the physique of a basic mage!

This was monumental, as his population would not only be less susceptible to biological attacks and make for much better soldiers, but the productivity of all residents would increase as well.

Unfortunately, such a change would not happen overnight.

Meanwhile, the Elemental Tree was even more impressive. It was more like a money printing machine than a plant.

An elemental tree sapling was capable of absorbing many types of energies to supplement its growth. After a long enough period of time, it would then reach adulthood using the energy as nourishment.

Most importantly… it could produce fruits, wood, leaves, and roots of different kinds, depending on what was given to it in its adolescence.

For instance, if a sapling was fed darkness attributed mana for eons, there was no question that the resulting resources from the tree would contain powerful properties of darkness.

This ability was not to be underestimated. After all, rare elemental woods, fruits, roots, and leaves sold for absurd prices, as they were practically required to make powerful airships and other important constructions. And though resources produced using an Elemental Tree were not quite as potent as the real articles, they were nonetheless extremely valuable.

And lastly, there was the Abyssal Wither Bush.

This infamous plant bore berries, which the word 'lethal' would not be sufficient to describe. In his past world, even a mage with eight star cores would unquestionably perish if they ate such a berry unprepared!

Only, the version of the crop which Simon had produced was not as powerful as the real thing. Even so, it was more than enough to kill mages with five star cores.

And these horrifying berries... were of course what the black powder was made of!

These four species were the primary source of Simon's confidence, and he had already built up a sizable stock of all four at that. With them, he had the necessary tools to thrive in the short term: Stability, Prosperity, and Strength.

Not only that, he had made other preparations as well...

Thus, no matter if it were the Flamelight Organization or their backers, he did not fear whatever they had to throw against him.


When the meeting finally ended, Simon left the castle with his entourage of allies and into the streets of Oakengulch.

And around the paved stone grounds of the village center, a large crowd was gathered, anxiously awaiting Simon's emergence while shooting nervous glances to the airships above. They were terrified.

After emerging from the castle, anxious, yet hopeful voices constantly greeted them.


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"Sir mayor! How will you deal with this situation?"

Simon inwardly chuckled at these remarks. Did they really still think him to be unreliable, after all that he had done? However, he remained expressionless as he walked forwards.

When they finally reached the center of the town square and onto a raised platform, the entourage filed onto the stage orderly. They had clearly planned this beforehand.

After everyone was arranged, Simon then gazed upward towards the fleet of ships in the distance, his eyes containing a hint of sharpness.

Normal people could not see what was going on. But a ferocious looking old man was now staring right back at Simon, from the head of the flagship in the distant sky.

They could now see into the depths of the other's eyes from over a kilometer apart.

When their gazes collided, it felt as if time slowed. For a moment both men could sense the hidden strength of the other, and they both represented their own opposing forces.

'Hmph. He must be at least as strong as a Master Mage.' Simon thought, nodding inwardly. Just by looking into the man's deep eyes, he could tell that he was not some nobody.

At that moment, a deep, booming voice suddenly emanated from this very figure, his solemn voice reverberated throughout the sky.

"Pro Farmer 69! You are admittedly a capable figure, and I trust that you will know what must be done. You have two options. Either you surrender… or your island falls with you."

"The choice is yours." concluded the man solemnly from afar.

At these words - which caused thousands of island residents to hold their breaths - Simon expressionlessly looked to him, and surprisingly, his only response was signaling with his arm.


After his signal, the low sound of earth splitting could be heard throughout the entire island, and suddenly, dozens of uniform slits appeared on the surface of the landmass.

If looked at from above, it would appear as if two rings of holes formed on his island. Following which, large, cylindrical objects gradually emerged from each of these holes, aimed towards the fleet in the distance.

At the same time, energized towers which contained reservoirs of glowing energy jutted out and shot towards the sky from specific points of the island.


Beacons of energy then emerged from these towers, and a web of multicolored energy rapidly connected every component of the massive array - cannons, towers, and all.

In total, there were almost a hundred of these weapons!

When they were finally unveiled in their entirety, it could also be seen that an aura of dense energy gathered at each cannon, which were each over twenty meters in length and five meters in width. As for their appearances, they were pitch black, with mysterious inscriptions covering the length of their barrels, and they were all exuding an overbearing sense of power.

While everyone was still gaping at the scene, hardly believing what they were seeing, Simon then snapped his fingers.

One of the many cannons then turned to a different direction and began glowing brightly. Soon, its aura spiked and its glow brightened to the point of becoming blinding!


Just a moment later, a ball of flames shot from the cannon like a meteor, towards an empty stretch of the sky. Leaving a trail of violent energy behind its rapidly disappearing outline, it almost looked like a beam of light was launched from the weapon, rather than a ball of flames.

Of course, that meant that the speed of the projectile was by no means slow; it had already disappeared from sight after a few mere seconds, and even though it had not collided with anything, everyone could tell that it was a powerful shot.

"Crap! When did our island have all of these impressive cannons?"

"What the hell?"

"Mayor is too impressive! He actually had the foresight to put such powerful defensive measures in place!"

All of a sudden, the heavy, grim mood of the island grew lighter, and everyone was incomparably shocked, save for the few figures of authority standing in the middle of the town square. Even so, despite not being stupefied, they were still caught somewhat off guard.

Simon did indeed fill them in on the plan, but he never elaborated on just how domineering the actual defencss were…

"F*ck! And he called these some "light defenses?"? My *ss!"

After inspecting the weapons which had popped up, as well as the test fire, Simon inwardly nodded.

'It seems that my efforts have paid off. Everything is working properly.'

He then expressionlessly turned to the leader of the attacking force.

The old man standing atop the front of the airship scowled, and he solemnly opened his mouth.

"Fine. It seems that you really do possess the strength to talk." he admitted, his voice once again booming throughout the sky.

"But don't think that this will change anything. The ultimatum stays the same, only the specifics can be changed."

An island with heavy defenses was indeed extremely difficult to raid. However, it did not change things too much for him. After all, as the last raid on Simon's island was a direct one, they couldn't actually attack it in the first place; they were there to suppress the island instead, or wait for him to get randomly raided.

On the other hand, his lack of worry stemmed from the fact that an island could not attack lightly. After all, an island would enter a "wartime" state for 72 hours if they did so, and the system would then permit any force to attack the island without reservations. The drawbacks of receiving this penalty… were obviously something to be avoided at all costs.

Thus, he was confident that Simon would be helpless in the face of his fleet, despite the island containing strong defenses.

This logic was sound. No matter how many explosives one had, it would still all be useless if one couldn't leave the range of the blast…

Simon then smiled lightly. It wasn't hard to predict what his opponent's line of thought was. Unfortunately for him, he had made a grave miscalculation...

He then spoke up for the first time to the enemy general.

"I will give you one last chance. Submit, or be annihilated!" he said solemnly in a booming voice of his own, which resounded like thunder within the ears of the thousands of individuals present..

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