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12.5% It's a Psycho Thing / Chapter 5: Respect is a Must

Respect is a Must - It's a Psycho Thing - Chapter 5 by MS.CHINITRIXIE full book limited free

Chapter 5: Respect is a Must

[Xianel's POV]

I am Xianel Alvarez,19 years old and a PSYCHO.

"Did you plan this?"

I sighed and scratched my ear so hard.Here we go again.

"You're so--haist, you know I cannot understand you" Mr. Choi started preaching me.

He is a lawyer and he was handling the case of my parents.

My parents died when I was a 10 years old.

I got up first and leaned on the railings and looked at the pictures that I had taken earlier on my cellphone. .

"I can't just stare while doing nothing." I said to him while I was busy looking at my cellphone

"Yes but you should be--"

"Mr.Choi." I stop him.

Once I set up my goal,It can't be changed anymore.

I must stick to my plans.I'm well-prepared for this.

He heaved a deep sighed and averted his eyes from me.

"What's your plan?" He asked.

I took my eyes off to him and stood up.

"I sheds a light of hint in that article and if someone contacted me then I will consider my next plan.I just want to remind them only." I stated.

It's time to make a move and follow my Death List rules.

"But how? You do not know who they are."He appealed.

I smiled at him.

"Trust me, Mr.Choi" I assured him.I was always holding my words.

I know that it may be going hard for me but as of now I will let them know who I am.


*Ring bells*

I put my earphones on and silently choose a music and played it on my phone.

As I walked in the hallway of our Univesity there were no almost student in the field.


I abruptly chuckled and placed my both hands inside my pocket.

I just only decided to attending my classes because of what Mr.Choi's want me to do.

He organized my documents to entered me in the University.

To return his effort,I told him to finished my studies and that's why I'm enduring my not-so-ordinary-college life.

I haul a deep yearned and continued heading to my classroom.

But in the middle of my loped someone pulled out my earphones.

What the!?

I promptly turn my gape to the person whoever dare to do that.


I instantly furrowed my brows.

What's the problem of this nerdy guy doing?

"H-h..hey" He utter and even bowed his head.

I crossed my both arms and sickening stared at him.

"H-hurry up so that you won't miss your first class" he beemed.

I crackle.


"Can I punch you right now?" I said in disgust.

He look confound after I assert and instantly moved away a little.

I leer.

"Krencio Mendez" I pronounced his name.

He was my classmate since first year.Well the quintessential boring person.

I glimpse at his ID.

"Section A. Rank 1.Holds multiple titles in Academics and a Topnotcher Student." I elucidate.

"How cool!" I added as I began to clap my hands.

I saw him stunned by my praised.He also twiddle his glasses and smiled at me.

"Thank you--" but I swiftly motioned him to stop.

I glance at him.

"Besides your credibility,can you please stop intruding someone's businesses?" I furiously said.

I know that it was so very harsh for him but I despise seeing someone who are feeble because they made evoke my past.

It wasn't my fault.

Those criminals turn me into a monster.They completely changed my life.

So what should people expect from me? Be as good as the other people? The heck!

In fact I don't have a family who I could lean on when hard times come.

I need to be brave to survive in this cruel world and besides I have a only one thing to do.

I live in a nightmare and battling the sadness alone and I hope that one day I will be able to woke up and finally forget the pain that I'd been through.

So I don't want to waste my time.

"X..xianel" and on the spur of the moment I suddenly back to vice and looked at him.

"Are you okay?" He added and offered his hanky

I frowned as I realized that I was crying right now.


I immediately wiped my tears and turned around

"Hey.." He called me once again but I didn't bothered to answer him and just left.






Sign board: Section A, Room 202

I finally reached my room and plainly entered inside.

"Okay class, In th ----" Mrs.Kim promptly stopped discussing and drawn her attention to me.

I just ignored her and heading to my proper seat.

"Oh. Ms.Alvarez was already here. You want to greet me first?" She stated in a sneering way of toned.

I chuckled and act like I wasn't know that she was talking with me.

I turned around to face my classmate.

"Ms. Alvarez, Yeri? Ms.Alvarez, Joy? Ms.Alvarez, Irene, or Ms.Alvarez, Seulgi? Oh! I almost forgot our singer in the room 202, Ms.Alvarez Wendy? who's Ms.Alvarez you're talking about Mam? " I churlish response.

The whole class began to laugh.

I leer.

"You!" She screech.

I glance at how she tried to suppress her anger.

Everyone has a little dirty secrets but some untold spiel may be leak if you don't protect it.

The fact the she shell out for teaching the students but lost sight of her son's misbehavior.

So hoax.

I crackle when I look back on what happened in the park yesterday.

How dare him!

"You should respect me as your Teacher! " She abruptly raised her voice.

I crossed my both arms.

"Yes, Respect is a Must." I assert and made the whole class rowdy.

"How dare you!" She presume and promptly came to slap me but I fend off.

"Yeah,Don't you dare." I contend before I unhitch her hand.

To be more interesting and exciting.I went to her son's chair.

He discreetly watching us and do nothing but to bowed in his desk.

I sneering as I heading towards his seat.


A sudden clatter echoed in our room.The whole class were startled.

"Hey!" I called his attention by propel his chair.

He glance drastically.

"Stand up." I ordain.

He stood up and clenching his fist while trying to hold his rage not to poured out.

Playing cool as usual.

I rolled my eyes as I took my phone out of my pocket

"Mr.Denrique Kim was one of the most well-known in our ****** University but would you imagine that he was a bully senior student after all? " I stated.

"W-what are you say---"

"He bullied the Daughter of Zin Company in the park yesterday at 10:34 pm. " I continued.

The whole class wondered.

Why? Because shedding the light of fact can ruin someone's reputation.

I turned my gaze to Mrs.Kim who currently remained in silence.

This is how a psycho revenge is.

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"Should I post it?" I catechize to mock them.

"Stop it!" I glimpse where Denrique was.

Oh! I'm scared.

"Then tell it to yourself." I utter that makes him triggered more.

"Denrique." Mrs.Kim suddenly spout and called his name.

I crackle as I detect the lies from those eyes.

Her child may be expelled from school because of what he did.

I'm done.

I took my bag and move towards at the door but I devilishly leer when an idea suddenly popped in my mind.


I secretly click the button to posted it from our University Websites.

I smirked.

I turn around again and immediately pouted my lips.

The Whole class stares at me and wondered.

"Oops! I'm sorry.I intentionally posted it. " I teased and leave the room.


10:08 am

I was tedious sitting on the couch inside the principal's office.

I sighed.

"Good Morning." I turn my gape on the door as I heard Mr.Choi's voice.

I looked at him.

"Are you Ms.Alvarez guardian?" Mrs.Lee asked him.

"Ah, Yes" He replied and sat down next to me.

"I just want you to know that something bad happened earlier in their classroom and that is because of Ms. Alvarez" She presume.

I purposely chuckled and playact faultless in front of her.

"Me?" I assert and pointing myself and wondered.

"Did I do anything wrong?" I innocently pump.

Mr. Choi instantly held my arm to make me impede from babbling.

"Shut up! Ms.Alvarez. You're in my Office now." Mrs. Lee shouted.

Mr.Choi immediately stood up to apologize.

I simper.

"Sorry Mrs.Lee--" He didn't continue what he was going to say when I intermeddling their discussion.

I stood up.

But before I commence to converse,I dropped my phone on her desk and knock the edge of it.

"See it." I decree.

I saw her ponder and immediately pick out my phone.

She check out the pictures and videos that stored in my gallery and in just a short moment she suddenly enraged.

Her reaction says it all.

I sat down and leaned my back on the couch.

"Now Tell me?" I utter and glance at my side where Mrs. Kim quietly perch.


'When I start to write I---'

"Pl..pleasee ... You can't get anything from me .L-let me go!!" I scrape my head so hard because of the commotion.

I just rolled my eyes and back my attention on my poem again.

'I feel satisfied.Every words that co----s**t!" I cursed.

"No! Ugh !! N-no p..please."

Aish! I abruptly hoed my brows and stamped my feet because of irritation.

What the!?

I took a glance where the voice came from.


"A-ahh!" She groaned.

I saw some guy circling her and one of them punched her face.

I chuckled when I recognize the poor little girl.

"Zin Co. Girl?" I whispered.

Zin company was one of the most prestigious entertainment in Asia.

I grin.


I took my phone and immediately filmed them.

The video also captured how they took her belongings.

"Nice" I mumbled and automatically saved the video on my phone.


She returned my phone back to me.

"A-ahm Ms. Alvarez, Please delete that video"Mrs. Lee suddenly changed of her tone.

I frowned.

"Hmm,Why?" I purposely exhort.

She took a deep sighed.

"I let it slide from what happened earlier but just please delete the video that you'd posted"

I leer.

Is she kidding me? I burst into laughter because of what I heard.

"Oh! C'mon! Delete the video? Mrs.Lee you're so unbelievable. "I teased.

I saw her frowned.

"Of course, let it slide Mrs.Lee but I will never delete the video.Mrs. Kim's Son should be punished. " I added.

"Ms.Alvarez, I sa---"

"I'm done." I instantly cut her words off and immediately stood up and left.

They should be in a fairly game.

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