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Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Two months have passed since Xavier learned of Skyler's unfortunate circumstances. He had ended up gathering his backbone and contacting her dad about her whereabouts but as expected was brushed off in a careless manner. Skyler's father had never liked him for reasons he could not figure out and Xavier had a feeling he knew where Skyler was, but was unwilling to tell him.

Xavier sighed as he looked at the crowd around him. He wasn't one for crowds and would much rather be home watching dance videos in the comfort of his own bed. Alas, his crew wasn't going to take a no from him any longer. Thus, he was dragged out of bed all grouchy by Rudy (that betrayer) and brought here.

It was a grand sized theater that could fit about a thousand people. A bit much for a debutting crew he thinks but when he saw the queue he took back his thought. Apparently this crew by the name of 'SYNC' had been doing dance videos for 4 years now and after many requests, decided to hold their first live performance. They were even being sponsored by a foreign dance company.

"This is dope!" One of his crew mates exclaimed upon seeing the queue.

Slowly, the crowd settled down in anticipation of the performance. Xavier sits with his crew in boredom. Usually when he came, he made sure to drag Skyler (who hates crowds more than he did. In fact, she might have influenced his dislike of crowds.) along with him and they would make fun of every little thing together. Childish? Yea, it was something they did since childhood so it got into a habit. She just made everything much more fun than it was, didn't even need to try.

'I miss her.' The realization of how much he missed her made him look back on what they had been doing before she left the crew.

They had been preparing for an upcoming competition that was a few months away. They were working on a choreography together for their crew for days on end after her school and after his part time job. They had not hung out together outside of practice since a month ago when he got together with Rudy. He had not even thought about hanging out with her thinking she'd always be there to hang out. His concentration singled down to his first boyfriend and spending time with him.

Now, he could only regret taking her time for granted.

Without warning, the theater blacked out and the crowd's murmurings came to a sudden halt. A spotlight comes on, showing the lean figures of a male and female dancer posed still in the center of the stage.

The music 'Fix You' by Coldplay comes on and they melt into a slow contemporary dance moving gracefully across the stage like their body weighed nothing. Telling a story, about a girl losing her loved ones and a guy trying to fix her, baring their hearts with their whole bodies that had the audience in awe. Xavier stared at the female dancer feeling a familiarity with the way she moved. He was unable to see her eyes clearly as they were covered by a mask, as were her partner's, but he was certain he knew her.

'Skyler?' Xavier thought. Could it be?

The slow contemporary sped up into an emotional modern dance that got the audience captivated and Xavier on the edge of his seat with curiosity.

Then, the masks came off and everyone roared with excitement upon seeing who was beneath the masks. Unlike the others, Xavier and his crew mates could only stare in disbelief at their now apparent ex-crewmate. The pair of dancers was 'Well-Balance's only female dancer Skyler, and the leader of 'SYNC', Jose. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";scomplicated_14254563505769105/chapter-3_38776994741154627">;scomplicated_14254563505769105/chapter-3_38776994741154627</a> for visiting.

The pair were then taken over by a 5 man sub team with a sexy jazz hip hop item followed by a break dance item. An all out hip-hop dance brings the crew of ten together on stage that got the audience cheering and clapping. SYNC built an insane amount of adrenaline with their sleek moves and synchronized energy that got the audience standing and wanting to join in.

At the finale, Jose takes Skyler's hand and leads her to the front of the stage. She is introduced as a new member of SYNC. The piece of news shocks and excites everyone. Eyes roam the theatre and falls on the Well-Balance crew. Seeing the crew's shocked faces, rumors began to brew that Skyler had betrayed her old crew. Skyler merely stared expressionlessly out at the crowd, almost like she did not care what was going on around her.

With a thank you and grateful faces of SYNC, just like the starting the curtains falls abruptly over them. Xavier raced through the crowd to the backstage but he wasn't the only one with that idea. Fans of the crew were already there making a ruckus at the backstage entryway. He barely made it to the front of the crowd when a deep clear voice cut through the noise. Jose now dressed in a black pull over sweater with the dance crew's logo stood at the entrance of the backstage, behind the security guards that were preventing the raving crowd from entering.

"Please make way." He demanded, his tone of authority gave no room for arguments.

The crowd parted, giving way to the man but went crazy when they spotted the person he had an arm around.

"SKY!!!" They cheered.

She too now wore a black hoodie with the crew's logo and had the hood pulled over her head. She didn't seem to care about the crowd around her, like an emotionless doll she was led towards a black van with the rest of the crew flanking them and following behind. The crowd followed snapping pictures of the crew as they did.

Xavier watched on as his childhood friend got further and further away from him as he surfed the crowd like he was going against the current. No... He couldn't let her go just like that. After all these months of searching. He needed to know how she was, so Xavier did the next best thing he could think of at that moment.

"SKYLER!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice piercing through the noise of the crowd.

Skyler was seemingly surprised as there was a falter in her step and she looked around but before she could spot Xavier she was pulled along by her leader who still had his arm around her shoulders. The man turned slightly to find the person responsible for shouting her name. When his eyes landed on Xavier's desperate ones, he's eyes narrowed in annoyance. Xavier was startled by the look Jose gave him.

Eyes turned to Xavier and people recognized him as the leader of 'Well-Balanced'. Fans started to swarm him buying the crew of 10 time to get into their awaiting MPVs.

"Xavier! Did something happen between you and Skyler!?" Fans questioned, curiosity building and rumors running amok within the fan base.

Fans knew of how close Xavier and Skyler were as there were Youtube sensations during their younger days competitions and performances. Where there was a performance they would always be there for each other. So it was weird that Skyler had up and left Well-Balanced out of the blue.

Xavier wasn't listening to any of the fans questions though, his mind was clouded, wondering what the look Jose gave him was about. His crew came for him shortly after SYNC left and gets him out of the sticky fans situation.

-Back at SNYC 's Quarters-

Jose spots Skyler at her usual place. In the garden right in the center of the house hidden behind their umbrella tree with a book in hand. Immersed in her fiction world, again.

He thought back to the conversation they had the other day…

She was sitting in the same spot and he came up to her.

"Why do you waste your time reading these fiction books?" He asked.

"Because life… just disappoints you over and over again." She answered nonchalantly without bothering to look at him.

"So you'd rather immerse yourself in fantasies then face life?"

She sighs and looks at him with a pained expression, almost asking why he asked when he knew what was going on with her. Then she changed her mind and turned back to her book.

"Whatever it takes to forget." She replies simply.

Coming back to the present, he sighed and continued to watch her through glass paned walls from the floor above. If anything, it was merely a matter of time before she would face reality on her own again. He could not decide which side of her he should support. For his crew, he would support the side which did not want to face reality as she would continue staying with them then. The side which would face reality again was currently unpredictable for him, but she would be happy and he would be able to see that mesmerizing dance of hers again.

Then again, it was not for him to decide. As much as he would like to cage her in to be his little puppet, if she wanted to leave once she recovered… Who was he to stop her?

Returning his gaze to her, the leader of SYNC noticed the slow steady rise and fall of her chest. She had fallen asleep once again. He sighed and made his way downstairs to her. Lifting her up gently with both arms, he headed back inside.

"Jose! Have you seen... Oh." Caleb, one of his crew members came up to him wondering where the last of their crew were.

Caleb was around the same height and size as Jose just with a little more muscles. He had black hair in a messy boyish cut and a pair of charming almond shaped eyes in the shade of dark chocolate.

He is the co-leader (though it's often him leading alone) of the 10-man crew as well as their best stunt man. He has Jose's trust when it came to making sure everyone was behaving in accordance in public, well taken care of and the dance schedule is being followed. He also helps Jose with choreographing for the crew when needed.

"Is that her Narcolepsy or did she just fall asleep?" Caleb asks as he scans their latest recruit for any indications that she had fallen.

"She didn't fall but I'm not sure if it's an episode. Let's wait and see." Jose said and headed for Skyler's room to tuck her in.

Caleb watched as his leader went. He was skeptical of their new recruit though he knew she was a very good dancer. Her current condition was giving the crew pressure as she could fall asleep any time. What if she had not woken up on time to rehearse? Or worse, what if she did not wake up on time for a live performance and they would have to redo the whole performance on the day itself.

This time she was fortunate she had woken up a week and a half before the performance and had Jose to watch over her rehearsal every single day until the day of performance. It was also a miracle she had not fallen asleep half way during the performance though if she had they had been ready for her.

Caleb thought hard for a moment. With this new recruit came new challenges for the crew, and from these new challenges he had observed the crew initiating teamwork that he usually had to coordinate. It had brought crew mates, he seldom saw talking to each other, spending time together for Skyler's sake. So maybe, just maybe these challenges weren't too bad after all.

In fact, they seemed to have brought the crew even closer to each other.

Satisfied for the moment, Caleb left with a little skip in his step.

-Back at Xavier's Quarters-

"Xavier. Do you think she's happy?" Rudy asks his partner.

When they returned home, Xavier had flopped onto his bed and stared into the ceiling. All attempts at conversation from Rudy was ignored.

It has now been a few hours since then. The platinum blonde was startled out of his thoughts by the question. He had indeed been thinking about his childhood friend. The blank look she had on her face on that stage… The look that SYNC leader had given him. His brows furrowed in annoyance.

Thinking of Rudy's question, he tossed the SYNC leader out of his mind and focused on Skyler's blank expression.

He shivered just thinking about it. She was definitely not ok.

"No." He finally replied. Determination in his tone.

NemuiTeru NemuiTeru

It's been a while since I updated. Did not feel like writing but have gotten myself to sit down and finish this chapter at last.

Thank you for your continued comments Alison-san, Andy-san. Also received my first review from Alison-san. Very much appreciated!

For those who wants to know, the dance Jose and Skyler did is:

Fix You (Contemporary) - Robert and Alisson (All Star)

Search Youtube ^

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