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It All Started With Hatred It All Started With Hatred original

It All Started With Hatred

Author: Cornflower

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Author note.

For the confused readers who are wondering how is Patel can communicate with the people around her when she is doesn't hear or talk, well she is using the ASL language, it's a language that people who can't talk use it, also she can read and write, so if she isn't able to say what she wants she can write it.

This note is to clarify for the confused readers.


Petal stared outside the closed window, looking at the green space in front of her. She wished that she could go out for a walk there but she knew that her father wouldn't allow her to. 

She moved away from the window when she saw her father walking towards the house entrances knowing that he would be very angry if saw her, she closed the curtains and walked back towards her bed and climbed it before she covered herself with the blanket.

she lay down on the bed, waiting, she fell asleep while she was waiting for the maid to bring her the food and just like every time she fell asleep, she had the same dream, it was like her mind didn't want her to forget that memory. 

not able to speak or hear, Petal didn't hear the door being opened, the maid placed the tray on the bed before she woke her up.

"Your breakfast is ready." The maid said before she bowed her head and left.

Petal stood up from her place and walked towards the table to eat her breakfast, after that she changed her clothes and went downstairs.

She saw her father and some man in the meeting room, when her father noticed her, Patel quickly moved from there and walked towards the living room. That's when she found her mother.

"Petal, good morning." Her mother said using the ASL language.

Petal was her firstborn after a long time of waiting, to her parents, she was the joy of their life, but unfortunately, she was born with a weak body and disabilities, she can't speak or hear, that's why she had to learn the ASL language so she can communicate with people and so her parents.

"I just wanted to be alone." Petal replied, as much as her parents love and dote on her but she doesn't like the fact of what they do and it bothered her that her mother accepted what her father was doing.

Tugging her daughter's hair behind her ear, she kissed her forehead.

"I love you, I just want to know that." Her mother said to her.

Petal nodded her head and left her mother standing there.

Olivia sighed as she watched her daughter walk away, the gap between them had started to get bigger and she was scared that she might lose her daughter in the process.

"Don't worry my lady, all the kids are like this at this age, lady Patel is only eighteen, she understands when she grows up." Petal nanny said.

"I hope so, but I'm only feeling that she becomes more stubborn the more she grows up." Her mother replied.

The nanny laughed before she said.

"I believe that she took after her father in this one."

Petal walked to the end of the hallway, this place is always empty. That's why she enjoys staying here most of the day. She looked outside the big glass windows and noticed that the weather is good today.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Patel turned around to see who, It was Jacob, her guard.

"You don't have to protect me when I'm inside." Patel said using the ASL language.

Jacob chuckled and patted the girl's head gently.

"Come." He said to her, offering his hand to her.

Petal placed her hand in his and both of them walked outside the house towards the garden, only if Jacob was around that her father allowed her to go outside the house.

Petal took a deep breath as she stared up at the sky, she looked down at the bird who was standing at the tree branch and she turned to look at Jacob and asked.

"I read in a book that hearing a bird is relaxing?" 

Jacob smiled and nodded his head

Petal turned to look at the bored but he was no longer there, she smiled and walked forward with Jacob behind her.

Jacob is five years older than her, he was her guard for as long as he could remember, having been able to stay around for a long time, he can say that he is the one who knows Petal the best, and to her he was the good friend that she never had.

Jacob is aware of Petal opinion about her father's dirty business, but he always made sure that she keeps her thoughts to herself because her father won't be happy if find out, especially after the incident that happened two years ago.

Petal stopped walking and sat down under the tree and asked Jacob to join her, she placed her head on his shoulder as she stared at the beautiful view in Infront of her.


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