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100% Its ya boi, Emisyl / Chapter 117: Ya bet it is

Ya bet it is - Its ya boi, Emisyl - Chapter 117 by Vhix full book limited free

Chapter 117: Ya bet it is

This happened a week ago.

We see a man with stitched face hiding around a corner and sees Moonlin passing by.

It was Faceful.

Just right after hes behind Moonlin, he summoned 2 blades that goes out from the flesh of his arm and delivers a killing blow on Moonlin's back.

Moonlin was stabbed by the surprise attack and Faceful smiles.

He connected this attack with a slice at the side to crush the back of Moonlin's stomach and throw a powerful punch that knocked Moonlin's flesh and body away.

"Urghk..." Moonlin spits out blood as trails of more blood were created as she was knocked away.

She drops the ground lying with her chest as Purple Man and Amoxi passes by.

(Isn't that Moonlin?) Purple Man speaks on his head and turns his guard up.

Amoxi gulps yet the started approaching with battle stance on as Moonlin is perceived as enemy.

"You all planned this?" Moonlin speaks as she bleeds.

"It's a coincidence" Amoxi replied.

Purple Man raised his aura despite Amoxi telling the truth and covering them.

"Ya bet it is" Moonlin adds.

Faceful approaches and laughs.

"Can't believe you are this easy to kill, Moonlin" he says.

"I will rip your face off and add you to my collection!" he adds.

"Muahahaha!" he ends with a laugh.

He enchants the aura of the gauntlet that Aurelius gave him to taunt Moonlin more by the fact that she was killed by a light user's weapon.

"Stay back! She's the Void Mistress!" Purple Man calls.

Amoxi nervously falls back.

"I believe you. Purple" Amoxi nervously speaks.

Purple boosts his aura even further.

Music of terror starts to play as Purple Man speaks.

"Check your abilities if you obtained something. She's a God" Purple Man says.

"What?" Faceful asks then checks.

(I obtained nothing...) He speaks on his head.

Suddenly, he looks down and Moonlin's body is gone and was replaced by a tail of monstrous entity waiting for him to look up.

He looks up and sees the teeth of Moonlin's God Form.

They were sharp, huge and looks as if they are asking for flesh.

There were also dark trails that Moonlin's body is emitting.

"Amoxi, run!" Purple says.

Moonlin quickly devours Faceful leaving the gauntlet and his dismembered arm on the ground.

At high speed that only purple could see, she chases Amoxi.

The moment Moonlin moved an inch, Purple keeps up on her pace and they ran within the same level.

Finally, Moonlin reaches she is about to devour Amoxi.

Amoxi kept her calm despite being overwhelmed and delivers a crescent slash where she goes all in.

"Amoxi!" Purple shouts.


"Get off!"

Purple can't do anything about it as despite their speed being equal, he was a few inch far.

Moonlin isn't affected by Amoxi's attack and Moonlin's teeth starts to go down slow.

Amoxi is about to get half of her body devoured by the merciless Void Mistress.

As she is inside Moonlin's mouth, Amoxi has already accepted her fate.

Not until, Hecarion appears in a split second right inside Moonlin's mouth and teleports away with Amoxi.

Moonlin realized that she hasn't bitten anyone and immediately switches her attention to Purple.

Purple thought that Amoxi is eaten alive although she's safe but fainted.

(Save me and don't let me die here) Amoxi's words echoed through Purple's head.

Full of anger and emotion, Purple starts to speak.

"I should've went all out since the beginning" he says as Moonlin and Purple had a staredown.

"I thought it was a coincidence. You start to sound different" Moonlin replied.

She then quickly changes to human form and sends out dark crescent wave towards Purple.

The crescent slash quickly reaches and it looked as if he successfully dodged until a decision within a split second which feels like 5 seconds for him as he is fast, has to be done.

The crescent slash actually turns and starts to chase him like a heat seeking missile.

Suprisingly, it was faster than him.

Despite his efforts, it was...

A direct hit.


After the crescent slash hits, it went through him but there was this insane resistance called "Natural Shield" that made him resist such attack at cost of stamina.

Seeing the results of Moonlin's attack, she starts to give a closer look then speaks.

"As long as I'm not dealing with Gods, it's a prey" she says.

"You should've known your place" she adds.

We see Purple sitting like a russian with back of his arms resting by his knees.

He finds a moment as Moonlin is on pause.

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Suddenly he disappeared and then sends out multiple slash attacks that were so fast it feels like they were landed on all angles.

Moonlin starts to dodge but it was just impossible so the slashes start ripping her clothing.

"That's enough" she speaks and predicts where's the next high speed slash is going to.

She moves her arm enchanted by darkness as she grabs through nothingness.

A touch was felt and turns out.

She successfully caught Purple.

She immediately slams him on the ground, head first and caused cracks along with a crater.


Purple with scratches on face and a look of anger immediately tries to recover from defeat.

Using his legs, he spins and drags Moonlin's legs down and she dropped.

Moonlin protected herself by covering her side with her arms and prepare for the ground impact.

Just as she thought she had protected herself, Purple was prepared for a follow up of an ice blast by his palm.

It explodes like a bomb except its ice and blew Moonlin away causing her to slide.

Moonlin stops the slide by pinning her hands on the ground as it is enchanted by a shadow claw from her true form.

By there, she takes a position of lifting her body up with one hand and performs a flip to proper stance.

Purple sees it and connects with a tackle and what it only did was knock Moonlin a little bit.

He starts moving around the battle area at high speed thinking the trick would work this time as he is twice as fast compared to when he was caught.

Moonlin, slightly challenged, starts to get a bit annoyed then she speaks.

"Stop moving around and showing off your speed" she says.

"It didn't work before, no way it would work this time" she adds.

To show off as well, she decided to do the worst way to catch him.

Creating a rope made of darkness.

After that, she quickly tosses it and tries to catch Purple with it.

It was a success and she immediately drags Purple by the neck as an attempt to rip his head off.

However, Purple managed to resist such attack causing him to only take small neck cuts.

With this fact, Moonlin decided to smash him on the ground once again.

Purple retaliates by summoning three images of him around Moonlin.

They were made of ice.

Right as they were created, the illusions starts to land a downward slash in alternate manner.

Moonlin reacts by moving from side to side just to dodge the slashes.

She even had to spin backflip at a 90 degree angle and do a superhero landing on the last attack she had received.

This illusions were an attempt to keep Moonlin busy and basically stall her as he tries to recover from the slam.

Moonlin feels like she's done with it so she had decided to landed a shadow claw slash on every illusion and disappears in the air.

Finally recovered, Purple starts to look for Moonlin and realized she disappeared.

He felt an energy above him and he immediately looks.

It was a giant holy sword that is about to crush him if it lands right where he is.

Not so long, it lands followed by a dark explosion right after it unleashed light energy during the landing.

Purple successfully dodged but he can't escape the dual elemental shockwaves.

We see Moonlin at the top of the sword's handle while looking down at Purple.

"You tried" Moonlin teases.

"Anyways, why did your team ever thought of killing me?" she asks.

"You ate Amoxi..." Purple replied as he is panting.

(huff... huf... huff...)

Despite being overwhelmed, he starts releasing massive amounts of energy and his aura is telling how powerful it is.

Without a doubt, he delivers an upward dash slash but it was not real as he disappeared mid air.

Moonlin looks around.

She was welcomed by 3 downward slashes causing her to be pushed and fall down.

She continues falling and before she even reaches the ground.

The scene starts to be felt as if it is in slow motion and we see Purple is about to connect another attack.

He sends out thousands of ice slashes within a second while Moonlin is mid air.

Moonlin completely drops and she's on her knees.

We could clearly see that it affected her as she had cuts and she's panting.

"Huff... Huff..." Moonlin is breathing rapidly.

Seeing the pitiful Moonlin, Purple had a confidence to approach.

"It's done" he says while close and looking down.

He then decides to cut Moonlin's head off as it is the right time to do so.

The blade slowly lands aiming for Moonlin's neck.

All of a sudden, the tables were turned out of nowhere.

Moonlin's human mouth was replaced by her wide true form mouth with fangs along with sudden surge of powerful dark energy and gold holy aura.

Before the blade even lands, she took a bite on it causing it to break.

She tosses the blade on the side and turns her normal mouth back once again and speaks.

"You're coming with me" she says but her voice starts to sounds way different.

It's like a creepy deep male voice.

She quickly tackles as Purple is stunned of what he just heard.

She then picks up Purple by the colar and slams him to the ground and lands a downward kick by her other leg as an icing to the cake.

She starts to look down on Purple and sees that he's completely defeated.

Suddenly, a familiar aura starts to be felt by her.

It was cosmic and it feels like she's travelling space.

It's Loulliette.

Without looking, Moonlin immediately slides and locks Purple by the neck as Loulliette watches from a distance.

We see Loulliette's eyes glowing and shes sorrounded by cosmic aura and asteroids.

"Put him down" she commands.

"Make me" Moonlin disobeys.

Loulliette grunts.

"I like this guy, he's pretty strong" Moonlin had a time to leave a positive comment as she chokes Purple harder.

"Urk..." Purple felt it.

Not liking what she sees, Louliette immediately sends out her asteroids right after she hears Purple getting choked.

"See ya!" Moonlin tells as she disappears in the air leaving a dark trail and the asteroids failed to strike her.

Another giant holy sword suddenly starts to appear and fall down from the sky and released holy aura as it lands and is followed by a dark explosion within the sword itself.

This surprise attack caused caused Loulliette to cover herself with asteroids for protection.

Not so long, the defense was successful and she starts shattering the rocks that covers her.

A dust smoke welcomed her and as it settles, she realized that Moonlin is gone.

She turned her aura off immediately.

Right after this, she starts calling Hecarion.

"She took Purple" she immediately said.

"Shit" Hecarion replied.

"Just tell Chronos about it. I seriously don't mind though I'm sure you do" Louliette says.

"Purple is a big loss for Unit Order" she adds.

"It is" Hecarion says as we see Amoxi resting on a bed covered by a blanket.

"So far, Amoxi is stable. We need Purple back" Hecarion adds.

"Good luck with that. Moonlin is hard to deal with" Louliette replied though she sounds very calm.

"I actually do wish that someday, she joins Celestial Order" she adds.

"I wish too. But Unit Order is what we have right now so its better to treat them as priority" Hecarion says.

"They are loyal companions" he adds.

"I know" Louliette replied.

A sound of strong wind passes by the scene.

"I guess that's it" Louliette adds then drops the call.

She starts staring at the empty area as she still have no plans for her next move.

Not so long, she teleports away as there is nothing else to do.

Lancer and Mariver saw the entire thing from a distance as they are on top of a tree.

"We better off not to deal with those people" Mariver says then climbs down and walks away.

"Yeah. I wanna drink milk with you" Lancer follows up and puts his arms on Mariver's shoulders.

"Why's your arms on my shoulder?" Mariver asks.

Now we move to another scene.

Emisyl is still rolling hotdogs and peacefully living his life.


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