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25% Izuka / Chapter 23: A stifling Anomaly; doesn't know whether to cry or laugh...

A stifling Anomaly; doesn't know whether to cry or laugh... - Izuka - Chapter 23 by Anotoki full book limited free

Chapter 23: A stifling Anomaly; doesn't know whether to cry or laugh...

"Simple Gesture: Snap," he said as he watched a girl getting electrocuted. The guy was speechless and his skin was shivering.

As though the child in front of him was a powerful beast, he can't move a single muscle! 

His presence was overwhelming as his spiritual energy lingered in the air. It was like there was a black fog of death covering Narukami's figure except for his eyes. It glowed under the moonless night.

It was both stifling and terrifying.

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His body heavily trembled.

For the sake of his life, he must lay low, was what his instinct told him to. 

Like hell, he could do that! His captain was being zapped to death! As her subordinate, it was his responsibility to help her!

"Please stop!" The guy shouted as he assumed a fighting stance.

His shadow soon wiggled as it spread in the next moment.

Like a snake, they slithered on the ground, rushing Narukami's way from every direction. Nonchalantly, he stopped his doings to Furasa and raised his hand. Furasa collapsed with a light plop.

A small light soon formed on top of his raised palm. Electricity snakes began to gather there and a few breaths later, a lightning bolt, the size of a volleyball was formed.

Because of the light, it exuded, so bright that the guy had to cover his face with his hands.

The shadows quickly dissipated without a trace.

At this point, the guy's fighting spirit would rapidly reduce to atoms. His techniques mostly relied on shadows.

Now It was gone, what could he do, exactly?

And adding the bolt in front of him was stronger than his captain's beam, what more decision could he make besides giving up?

Later, Narukami gradually lowered his palm, and the bolt was aimed at the guy. The latter's mind quickly spammed his body for the upcoming danger. It ordered him to run.

Just as he was about to flee, something fast and fierce flew past the guy. His hair swayed as the force caused a strong wind.


Perhaps this was just his feeling but he saw that the boy faintly smiled before a strange figure out of the blue appeared between them.

This figure blocked the lightning bolt coming in his way.

When it did, the guy saw its back, pale skin with a wide back.

Its back's muscle mass was spectacular and stiff, perhaps like rock should he try to punch it.

It would be quite strange for a human to have a back like that as it also exuded a thick Anomaly foul.

"An Anomaly? But why would it..." As he was about to get killed, an Anomaly abruptly showed up in front of him! Covering his body from the lightning bolt.

He found this weird and didn't take a lot of time to realize what's up as he recalled what Narukami just said.

He swept his gaze at his captain who was lying on the ground weakly. Faint of life energy, in front of death gate.


[Author's Note: Taichou means captain."

Simultaneously, as soon as the Anomaly appeared.

"Yo!" Narukami greeted it with his free hand slightly lifted. In the next moment, the bolt of lightning flew in its direction.


The figure received it with its defense at the best level possible.

Strangely, it seemed the Anomaly wanted to be electrocuted by the bolt. Should it not, why would it come at his side in such a hurry? Or perhaps there was another reason? maybe.

The powerful output of electricity burned every cell of its body along with piercing pain, up and down its entire figure.

A few seconds later, the figure was akin to a piece of burning meat with black smoke emitted.

Charred black as it exuded a burning smell.

Afterward, the figure, or rather Anomaly, swung its clenched right fist to Narukami's left side.

He didn't expect his bolt turned out to be useless! That bolt was enough to kill even a fourth rank Anomaly without leaving anything behind!

Narukami's lips lifted.

With the upcoming punch, Narukami simply dodged it by tilting his body to the back.


The fierce punch cut the air.

Later on, Narukami made his move. Causing after images, his figure passed the Anomaly and its right arm abruptly went missing!

On its right shoulder, it let out a burning smell and the low sound of crackling thunder as lightning particles faintly flickered

"That's one." He casually appeared behind the Anomaly. He gazed back at the Anomaly in glimpse to make sure if its arm didn't regenerate back.

Aware it didn't, he lightly nodded as he diverted his attention to the guy and kicked his stomach with his right leg. The guy was in a daze and after getting that kick, his mind snapped to reality.

If he stayed here, he would be nothing but a burden.

The guy jolted backward in confusion but that wasn't the important part, he felt something strange. 

When his body met with Narukami's kick, he felt no pain.

The Anomaly was dumbstruck. The only way for sorcerers to defeat Anomaly was using techniques that heavily relied on spiritual energy.

Then what would happen if it managed to take that off of them?

Henceforth, it thought it could make this sorcerer in despair as its technique didn't scratch it.

Although it felt those pain earlier, its pain tolerance was higher than any average Anomaly and, 

"Your body slowly becomes immune to sorcerer technique. No wonder you're a brigade type. But sorry, I believe this is as far as you could go."

Narukami disappeared into the thin air as he showed up somewhere a distance away from the Anomaly with a leg in his grasp, in his right hand to be exact.

Losing its right arm and left leg, the Anomaly looked up at Narukami who floated in the air with a lofty aura and cold look.

There was a sharp glint of cold light in those slightly dead eyes.

'How did she even tame this thing?' Narukami murmured as he opened his mouth. As though he was eating chicken's thigh and wing, he munched the two limbs a few times with ease before finally gulping them.

Bones and meat went into his stomach, you could hear the cracking noises of the bones being crunched in his mouth.

How strong his teeth were to tear this Anomaly's muscles and bones effortlessly? How monstrous his stomach was to process that deadly meat like poison?

He ate it! The guy exclaimed inwardly. His jaw almost fell to the ground as his eyes were wide open.

Just who is this person? The guy added. He never saw someone eat an Anomaly!

The latter had nothing that could become nutrition to your whole being and instead would kill you! Yet this person ate it as if eating a meal.

He can't tell if the boy enjoyed it as he wore his nonchalant facial expression.

If he told this to everyone he knew, they would assume that he had lost his sanity! His perspective toward this world was slightly shaken because of today.

If he discovered a cat capable of destroying the world, he wouldn't be surprised.

"Bitter, sour, too spicy, a disgusting aftertaste. A minus million point out of ten!" Narukami informed the taste of the meat he just swallowed.

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