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100% Jack sheppard Skitzophrenia / Chapter 3: murder plan one

murder plan one - Jack sheppard Skitzophrenia - Chapter 3 by Jack_Sheppard full book limited free

Chapter 3: murder plan one

three hours had passed by and Jack awoke in a cold sweat slowly he sat himself up placing his left hand on the scar he grew from the brick,

Jack's glossy brown eye's adjusted to the lightness of his room, the wall's were all cream with a sun and moon wall devider running to and from the hard glossy white bedroom door

Jack looked at the door as he slowly made himself stand up before turning around and looking out of his bedroom window which was at least as big as any living room window of the Victorian age, Jack noticed that the window had been opened a slight bit but left on the hach as if to say that who ever opened it didn't want anyone to notice unphased by this Jack walked closer to the open window reaching his hand out and barely touching the clasp Jack noticed something standing in the center of the 5 meter green just outside of his house

it was a tall shadow with glowing red eye's standing still while watching Jack for a brief moment before vanishing into thin air unnoticed by Jack's Friend's who ran around playing basketball

Jack closed his window and turned around before he headed to the hallway where Jason stood

"Hey Jack, want to go to a poison filled pond? I know where there is one, plus I think that given the whole ghost mum incident a walk would do us some good besides I already know what everyone else is doing and I myself find it well boring, so what you do say Jack?" Jason said to Jack planting a dangerous seed inside Jack's fragile head

"poisoned?" Jack asked as he looked at his empty bag and his science set that he got for Christmas

"Yeah, poisoned" Jason said handing Jack a grabarm

"Well what's mum and Stan doing?" Jack asked Jason as he walked back into his room getting his equipment ready and packed for his new adventure into a cereal killer's plot of land unaware of the danger which layed ahead

"she's cooking and he's playing darksiders, both argued because your mum she's you and she doesn't want you but He thinks that they can look after you" Jason answered as he picked up Jack's sharpest pocket knife Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Okay so they won't notice me slipping out then will they?" Jack asked sarcastically as he threw his bag on and jumped out of his bedroom window grabbing onto a thick oak branch and dropping down as he followed Jason's lead

fifteen minutes passed and Jack was getting restless he lifted his head up and was in front of a wooden fence with hundreds of tree's behind it

"What now?" Jack asked Jason who looked back at Jack with a demonic smile

"Punch it, Kick it, Stab it, climb it, dig under it because it really doesn't matter what you do as long as you go through this small gap over here Jack" Jason said as he moved one of the loose plane's of wood

Jack looked at him and then looked at the gap he walked up slowly as he checked his surrounding's making sure that he wasn't followed by one of his friend's known to be lewis,

Jack walked through the gap and Jason stopped him before he could walk any thurther

"Jack we're getting followed and watched and their going to kill us, we need to be quick and you need to hurry, although to be honest with you I think that you should just slit their throat's and kill them all but I'm a ghost that no one can see now let's go get you a vile of poisen or two" Jason said as the snuck all the way around the abandoned house and walking across empty poison bottle's left there when bill got arrested for the brutal horrifying murder's of 50 people

"Hey Jack what do you want the poisen for anyways?" Jason asked Jack curious as to why he wanted the poisen in the first place Jack looked at him blankly before he spoke in a manner that was so void of emotion that even Stephen King would shit himself just by hearing his response,

"To kill my family and then my friends and enemy's before I kill my self" Jack said as he clenched his fist before he filled up every single test tube he had carefully closing each vile and placing them in his pinned carry case

"well if murder is what you want to do then we're going there need a few test subjects aren't we?" Jason asked Jack as he pointed to the abandoned house

"yeah I think that if we get my bullie to chase me into here and when he finds me I'll have my spare bottle of juice out mixed with the poisoned water, he will nick my drink and I get to watch as his insides melt away and the color drain from his face as he collapses onto the floor, I mean I already have D.H looking for me and well the whole world is out to kill and destroy me so I may as well have some fun before it all end's" Jack said as he put a drop of the water into his spare bottle and as he put the case into his backpack

Jason stood there looking at him anxiously as this was a whole new side of Jack that not even he had ever seen before Jason and Jack then started to head back when there was a shouting coming from behind them, Jack and Jason turned around and saw the same red eyed figure charging at them at full speed the pair of them Jumped around and started sprinting until Jack heard another voice telling him to throw a rock at the creature and without hesitation Jack span around dropped to the ground and lobbed a rock the size of his hand at the figure only for it to vanish again but for an alarm to sound off

panicked Jack looked up and sprant home as fast as he could avoiding all police patrol car's that drove past him

"Quick Jack get home they're going to know that it was you and if your not home they're going to take us away and we won't ever be able to get our revenge on D.H GO NOW!!!" A unfamiliar Voice whispered in Jack's ear which made him black out only to awaken in his room with everything how it was before Jack went out

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