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27.02% Jaden Yuki's Story / Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Alexis vs Blair

Chapter 10 Alexis vs Blair - Jaden Yuki's Story - Chapter 10 by My_Anime_World_2311 full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Alexis vs Blair


" Why are you holding hands with Alexis, Jadey? " Blair asked in jealousy

" Simple, I'm his new girlfriend " Alexis answered " And don't ever call Jay Jadey "

" No fair! I can call him whatever I want Alexis " Blair replied and held Jaden's other hand

" Let go of my hand Blair! " said Jaden

" Why should I? " Blair replied

" I can be your girlfriend too " said Blair

" No, you can't " Alexis yelled

" Nobody asked you Alexis, right Jadey? " Blair quarreled with Alexis

" Blair, I already have Alexis, i don't need another girl in my life " said Jaden " Would you please let go of my hand? "

" I can be better than Alexis, Jadey " said Blair " I'm sure i'm a better wife than Alexis

" How dare you say that?! " Alexis shouted at Blair

Everyone else just stood there and looked at Jaden, Alexis and Blair.

" Why not? I think its true " Blair replied

" Would you stop it Blair? I'm not interested in you " said Jaden

" Jay, if she doesn't go, then i'll go! " Alexis screamed and release her hand from Jaden and ran off

" LEX! " Jaden shouted but Alexis ignored him

" Jaden! How could you do this to my sister? " Atticus grunted and chased after Alexis with Chazz behind him

" Way to go slacker " said Chazz

" Look at what you've done Blair! " Jaden said angrily

" You're mine now " Blair replied without noticing his anger

Jaden's brown eyes turned green and gold as his anger emerged

" Release me NOW! " Jaden scolded Blair and she let go after seeing his terrifying eyes and Jaden chased after Alexis immediately but he couldn't find her.

Then, Alexis and Blair bumped into each other in the forest.

" Hey, watch where you're going! " Blair shouted " Oh.. Its you, get lost! Jadey's mine "

" Look, he's my fiance alright? I won't let you take him away from me! " Alexis replied

" How about we settle this in a duel? Winner gets Jaden " Blair offered a duel to Alexis

" Ok, the loser has to stay away from Jaden " Alexis said and she activated her duel disk

" Let's duel " both shouted and Blair drew a card

" I summon Mystic Baby Dragon in defense mode and I place 1 card face down " Blair shouted and she ended her turn

Mystic Baby Dragon DEF 800

" I summon Cyber Tutu " Alexis shouted " I can attack you directly since your monster has higher attack points than Cyber Tutu "

Cyber Tutu ATK 1000

" Ah! " Blair shouted as her LP decreased by 1000

" Next, i play 2 cards face down and end my turn " Alexis said

" My turn, I play Pot Of Greed and draw 2 cards " Blair shouted " Now, i can summon my strongest monster! I play Mystic Revolution! By sacrificing Mystic Baby Dragon, i can special summon Mystic Dragon in attack mode! "

Mystic Dragon ATK 3600

" Now Mystic Dragon attack Cyber Tutu! " Blair shouted

Mystic Dragon 3600, Cyber Tutu 1000

" AH! " Alexis screamed as her LP reduced from 4000 to 1400

" Now i summon 1 monster face down and end my turn " Blair said

" How am i going to destroy a monster with 3600 attack points? " Alexis thought

" Draw! First i play Jar Of Greed( given to her by Jaden which he got from his travels ) to draw a card, next I play my Pot Of Greed and draw 2 more cards " Alexis shouted " Now I activate Polymerization to fuse Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to summon Cyber Blader and since you have 2 monster on your field, her attack is doubled! "

" No way! A monster with 4200 attack points?! " Blair shriek in terror

" Next I summon Cyber Petit Angel in defense mode and its effect allows me to put a ' Machine Angel Ritual ' spell card from my deck to my hand " Alexis replied " Now Cyber Blader attack Mystic Dragon! "

Cyber Blader 4200, Mystic Dragon 3600

" Err.. " Blar groaned as she lost 600 LP

" I place 1 card face down and end my turn " Alexis said while finishing her turn

" I play Monster Reborn to summon Mystic Dragon from the graveyard! Next I play Stray Lambs to summon to Lamb Tokens on my field " Blair shouted " And since my field has 4 monsters, your Cyber Blader attack is back to normal, now Mystic Dragon attack Cyber Blader! "

" Not so fast! I play Negate Attack! It cancels your attack and ends your battle phase " Alexis said

" You're only delaying your loss " said Blair while ending her turn

" I can't lose to her! " Alexis thought

" Draw! Just what I needed! " Alexis shouted " I play Lightning Vortex ( another card from Jaden ), by discarding one card from my hand, I can destroy all your monsters! "

" NO! " Blair screamed as all her monsters vanished from the field

" Now I play the spell card ' The Warrior Returning Alive ' to bring back my Etoile Cyber to my hand " Alexis shouted " i summon Etoile Cyber and play Miracle Fusion!( from Jaden ) "

" Isn't that card Jaden's? " Blair asked

" Jaden gave it to me when he became my boyfriend! " Alexis answered " I fuse Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to summon my second Cyber Blader! "

" OH NO! " Blair shouted " I have nothing on my field to defend myself! " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-10-alexis-vs-blair_56796345364696053">;s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-10-alexis-vs-blair_56796345364696053</a> for visiting.

" So I win Blair! " Alexis shouted " Cyber Bladers attack Blair directly and win this duel! "

" NO! " Blair screamed and her LP dropped to 0

" Jaden's mine! " Alexis said before walking away



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