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45.94% Jaden Yuki's Story / Chapter 17: Chapter 17 Oh my GOD

Chapter 17 Oh my GOD - Jaden Yuki's Story - Chapter 17 by My_Anime_World_2311 full book limited free

Chapter 17: Chapter 17 Oh my GOD


      Alexis was falling and with only 10 metres away to her death,

" Lex! " Jaden screamed and jumped out to rescue Alexis without thinking. He grabbed hold of the rail with his left hand and held Alexis's right hand with his other hand.

" Pull me up Jay! " Alexis shouted as the propeller was just millimetres away from her feet

" Arr.. " Jaden groaned as he pulled Alexis up

After some struggles, Jaden finally managed to bring Alexis to safety.

" Thank you Jay! " Alexis said and hugged Jaden so sudden which made Jaden fell on the ground

" I'm sorry Lex, you were in danger because of me " Jaden replied

" Its ok now Jay! You saved me! That's all that matters now " Alexis whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek

" Let's get out of here now " Jaden said " I want to meet Kaiba and dicuss this matter "

" Ok Lex " Alexis replied and they left together to KaibaCorp

( In Kaiba's office )

" Kaiba, I just dueled the guy you told me about " Jaden said as he entered Kaiba's office with Alexis

" I know, I witnessed the duel " Kaiba replied

" How did you know? " Jaden asked wiwith curiousity

" I own the theme park and I had cameras all over the place " Kaiba answered " Now, what do you think about the cards he used? "

" They were awesome! " Jaden replied " I couldn't have defeated him if I hadn't drawn Damage Interest "

" True, but that's wasn't the full power of his deck yet " Kaiba said

" What? You mean he was holding back? " Jaden asked suprisedly

" No, I think he's just a mere puppet " Kaiba answered " That wasn't the full extend of the Guardian Forces! "

" So who's the puppeteer? " Alexis asked

" That's an excellent question but I'm sorry I can't answer that yet " Kaiba answered staring at Alexis amazed " You're extremely lucky to be alive "

" Kaibai, will he return? " Jaden asked

" I think he will and soon " Kaiba answered " So you better be careful "

" I will Kaiba, thanks " said Jaden

" Wait Jaden " Kaiba said and he went to his drawer and took out a box " Here take it! "

" What's in it? " Jaden asked

" Inside contains the last card which completes the Guardian Forces set " Kaiba answered " I hope you'll protect with your life "

" Why is that? " Alexis interrupted and asked

" Because that is the final and strongest monster in the Guardian Forces set " Kaiba answered

" Are you saying that this card is stronger than Odin? " Jaden asked

" Yes, very much powerful " Kaiba answered and Jaden gulped " You better be going now, I have a meeting to attend to "

Then, Alexis and Jaden left KaibaCorp back to their hotel suite.

" What card is it Jay? " Alexis asked

" I don't know " Jaden answered

" Well, open it! " Alexis said

" Ok Lex " Jaden replied and opened the box. Inside was a card name ' Master Odin ' ( Made this card up, never existed! )

Master Odin

Star Level : 12

Effect : Tribute Odin to special summon Master Odin. When Master Odin is successfully summoned, the opponent loses LP equal to the LP lost used to special summon Odin

ATK : 5000

DEF : 5000

" This card is unbelievable! " Alexis was shocked to see such a card

" No wonder Kaiba told me to guard this with my life " Jaden said " With this card, Seifer can flatten everyone in his path "

" We better hide it Jay! " Alexis suggested

" Where? " Jaden asked

" With the Sacred Beast cards at Duel Academy? " Alexis answered

" Great idea Lex! " Jaden said " You're the smartest! "

" Thanks Jay " Alexis replied " So what are we doing tomorrow? "

" I think we should return to Duel Academy tomorrow, I'm worried of everyone " Jaden said " Seifer had been there and I hope no one was hurt "

" So fast? " Alexis thought " Why can't we have more time alone without all this saving the world thing? "

" You look unhappy Lex " Jaden said " Is something wrong? "

" Nothing " Alexis replied

" Tell me Lex " said Jaden " I can tell by the looks on your face "

" Its just that... " Alexis replied " We don't get much time together and now we have to go back so fast! We didn't get to have a date without any disturbance! "

" I'm sorry Lex " Jaden apologized " I know I promised you that I would make this day your happiest day but I end up putting you in danger "

" I'm very sorry Lex " Jaden kept apologizing

" Its not true! I had the best first date anyone could asked for! " Alexis replied

" But you were in danger? " Jaden asked

" How many girls would end up being saved by their boyfriend in a date hmm? " Alexis answered " I'm fine now, I'm sorry I overreacted a bit earlier "

" Its ok Lex " Jaden said " Its my fault anyway "

" Don't say that Jay " Alexis replied " You had nothing to do with all this "

" Yes, I did for bringing you to the stupid theme park " Jaden said

" Look Jay! I had fun at the theme park today except being a hostage " Alexis replied and gradually decreased her voice towards the end "

" But.. " Jaden

" BUT WHAT JADEN?! YOU'RE REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES NOW! " Alexis suddenly shouted very furiously irritated by Jaden

Jaden backed away a bit by Alexis's sudden outraged. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-17-oh-my-god_56802513994697282">;s-story_21157995905368105/chapter-17-oh-my-god_56802513994697282</a> for visiting.

" I'm sorry Jay, I didn't mean to.. " Alexis said softly

" I think I'll go out for a while for some fresh air " Jaden said and left the suite leaving Alexis alone

" RARR! " Alexis screamed in her mind " How can I be angry at my own boyfriend who just saved my life? "

" How stubborn I am! " Alexis scolded herself and crying in a pillow

Meanwhile with Jaden,

" Kaiba? What are you doing out here? " Jaden asked glaring at Kaiba who just exitted a limo

" I just wanted to give you something " said Kaiba while reaching his pocket " Here "

" What's this? " Jaden looked at it

" Its a new Elemental Hero Monster Card, I'm sure it can help " said Kaiba

Elemental Hero Ultima

Type : Fusion

Fusion Material : Burstinatrix + Avian + Sparkman + Clayman + Bubbleman

Star Level : 10

Effect : This card gains 300 attack points for each card in both player's field and hand. When this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the graveyard, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the sum of the attack and defense points of the destroyed monster.

ATK : 3500

DEF : 3000

" This card is COOL! " Jaden yelled

" Glad you like it, you wanna try it out? " Kaiba asked

" A duel with you? " asked Jaden " Sure "

" Not here, I'll bring you to my mansion and we'll duel there " Kaiba answered " Where's your girlfriend? "

" She's sleeping " Jaden lied " let's go then "

After a while at Kaiba's mansion,

" Here's the duel arena! " said Kaiba

" Let's duel " both shouted and Jaden drew a card

" I'll start with Clayman in defense mode! " Jaden shouted " Next, I place 2 card face down and end my turn "

" I play White Dragon Ritual! By tributing Spear Dragon, I can summon Paladin of White Dragon! " Kaiba shouted " Next, I tribute Paladin of White Dragon to special summon Blue Eyes White Dragon from my deck! "

" I place 1 card face down and end my turn " Kaiba said

" DRAW! " Jaden shouted " I play Jar Of Greed to draw 1 card! And I play Polymerization to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix to summon Flare Wingman! "

" Next, I play Skyscraper! " Jaden shouted " Flare Wingman attack Blue Eyes White Dragon now! "

Flare Wingman 3100, Blue Eyes White Dragon 3000

" Not bad, but not good enough! " Kaiba shouted " I play Mythical Space Typhoon! Your Skyscraper is destroyed! "

Flare Wingman ATK 2100, Blue Eyes White Dragon ATK 3000

" NO! " Jaden shouted as he lost 900 LP " I end my turn "

" Now I draw a card and summon X-Head Cannon! " Kaiba shouted " First Blue Eyes White Dragon destroy Clayman! "

Blue Eye White Dragon ATK 3000, Clayman DEF 2000

" Now X-Head Cannon, attack Jaden directly! " Kaiba shouted

Jaden's LP reduced from 3000 to 1200

" I place 1 card face down and end my turn " Kaiba said " Come on Jaden! I'm sure you're better than this! "

" DRAW! " Jaden shouted " I summon Dandylion in defense mode and end my turn "

" There must be something up his sleeves " Kaiba thought and drew a card

" I play Monster Reborn and summon Spear Dragon but he won't be here for long! " Kaiba shouted

" What?! " Jaden yelled

" Because I'm sacrificing all 3 of my monsters to summon my GOD card, Obelisk The Tormentor! " Kaiba shouted


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