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51.35% Jaden Yuki's Story / Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Fire rescue

Chapter 19 Fire rescue - Jaden Yuki's Story - Chapter 19 by My_Anime_World_2311 full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 19 Fire rescue

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" LEX! " Jaden yelled and rushed into the hotel only to be stopped by the cops and fire brigade.

" Let me through! My girlfriend's still up there! " Jaden shouted at cops who blocked his away

" I'm sorry, its too dangerous, we'll handle this " the cops said

But Jaden didn't trust their work so he hid himself and summon out Neos

" Neos, bring me up to the suite " Jaden orderer and Neos flew him up to the suite now covered in sea of fire

" Lex! Where are you? " Jaden shouted looking for Alexis as soon as he reached

Then, he saw Alexis's hand under a fallen closet.

" Lex! Are you ok? " Jaden yelled as he lifted the closet and pushed it aside

" Jay? " Alexis whispered softly as she could hardly breath and she laid unconscious

Jaden ignored all the fire which burnt him and carried Alexis in his arms. He then searched for the card given to him by Kaiba. However, he couldn't find it where he last left it. Then, he gave up searching as the fire grew much intense and Neos carried them away to the nearest hospital. Alexis mumbled a bit on the way but Jaden couldn't make out what she was babbling about.

When they reached the hospital, Neos immediately disappeared to avoid unwanted attention. Jaden left her with the doctors then called Chancellor Sheppard.

" Chancellor, its me Jaden, can you call Atticus now? Its urgent! " Jaden shouted on his phone

" Hold up Jaden, what's the matter? " the chancellor asked

" Just call Atticus would you? And tell him to come to Domino Hospital immediately! " Jaden yelled and hung up the phone

" Jaden? JADEN?! " Chancellor shouted back on the phone but no reply

" I can't believe Jaden hung up on me " Chancellor thought

Then, Chancellor Sheppard ran out of his office and searched for Atticus in the school clinic. And found him with Blair and Syrus watching over the unconcious( Chazz, Zane, Bastion and Hassleberry ).

" Atticus, Its.. " Chancellor Sheppard said while panting when he entered the clinic

" Yo, what's up chancellor? " Atticus replied

" Its Jaden, he just called me " Chancellor Sheppard said

" Jaden? Is he ok? Did he beat the guy who did all this? " Syrus asked while pointing at the unconscious

" He didn't say anything about that " the chancellor answered " But he wanted Atticus to go to Domino Hospital right away and he said its urgent "

" Is it Alexis? " Atticus asked panickedly while shaking the chancellor

" He didn't say anything! " Chancellor answered " Stop shaking me and go! "

Atticus sprinted out of the clinic followed by Syrus and Blair. They went to the helipad at the dock and flew to Domino City.

" I knew Alexis would be in trouble " Atticus thought to himself in the helicopter

" I'm sure she'll be fine Atticus " Syrus said

" I hope Jaden's fine too " Blair said

Meanwhile at the hospital,

" How is she, doctor? " Jaden asked the doctor who just came out of the emergency room

" She's in a fatal condition now " the doctor answered

" Will she be ok? " Jaden asked

" We did our best and all we can do now is hope for the best " the doctor answered

" Can i see her now? " Jaden asked

" Wait till the other doctors are finished with their work " the doctor answered and left

" Didn't I tell you to return to the hotel sooner?! " Yubel scolded Jaden as soon as she appeared as a duel spirit " Look what happened to Alexis?! "

" How would you explain this to Atticus? " Neos asked as he appeared beside Jaden

" Jaden, think about it, don't you think Atticus will kill you? " Yubel asked

" Yeah, i'm sure he will " Jaden answered

" Why did you call him then? " Yubel asked

" She's his sister! He has the right to be here! Plus i deserve it " Jaden answered " I didn't keep my promise of protecting her "

" You did your best Jaden, I'm sure she won't blame you! " Neos said

" Maybe she doesn't but I do! " Jaden replied

" You have to learn to forgive yourself Jaden! " Yubel said " Not everything's your fault "

" But it's my fault that Alexis is in there now " said Jaden pointing into the emergency ward

" I'm sure she'll be ok " Neos said " Don't worry too much "

" Alright, where's Winged Kuriboh anyway? " Jaden asked

" He's not here " Neos answered " He stayed at the suite to look for the ' Master Odin ' card "

" Look, the doctor's are out " Yubel yelled

" I can see that Yubel " said Jaden and walked up to the doctor

" Are you with her? " the doctor asked while pointing at Alexis

" Yeah, how is she? " Jaden asked

" That depends whether she wakes up before midnight " the doctor answered

" What if she doesn't? " Jaden asked looking at Alexis worriedly

" There's nothing else we can do " the doctor answer " Even if she does wake up, she has a dislocated left knee and her right hand was badly burnt so she won't be able to use them for a while "

" Ok, thanks doc " Jaden said then went in to see Alexis

Jaden sat beside Alexis and held her left hand close to him as her right hand was burnt.

" Lex, I'm so sorry " Jaden apologized and tears came out from his eyes " Please forgive me "

" Come on Yubel, let's go look for Kuriboh, I'm getting worried " said Neos and both duel spirits disappeared

" I wonder if Jaden will be ok " Yubel told Neos

" I hope he will be " said Neos " The chances are very slim for Alexis "

" I really hope they could last forever " said Yubel

" Me too, hey! There's Kuriboh " Neos replied and yelled and pointed at Winged Kuriboh

" So did you find it? " Yubel asked

" No, it's gone " Winged Kuriboh answered " How's Alexis? "

" She might not survive the night " Neos replied

" What about Jaden? " Winged Kuriboh asked

" He blames himself as usual " Yubel answered



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