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83.33% Jenny the lost girl / Chapter 5: The String of Truth

The String of Truth - Jenny the lost girl - Chapter 5 by le_adroit_queen full book limited free

Chapter 5: The String of Truth

It was the next day.

Bella got up and found two people next to her Jenny and Edward.

Jenny told her how Edward took her care the last night.

Then the trio had mugs of coffees.

After some time Jenny decided to plan a picnic in the woods, everyone was excited about it.

She decided to call James and Edward too.

Then Jenny took Bella to rest and then she left with Edward towards his clinic.

On the way she told all she came to know through the diary and the mystery happened last night.

Edward told her that it is not a good news, and she must be careful.

He told her that James was doing better and wanted to meet her, Jenny was in a mess.

She said not to mention anything to James. She had a lot of questions in her mind, but she was not in the mood to disturb Edward at that time.

So she went to the clinic and met James there, he was in a way better condition but the therapy of drinking blood was required to be continued till 3 days as he was very weak.

Then she went to the woods and sat under a tree , collecting her thoughts.

The wind was blowing, birds were chirping and the trees were shedding; everything was perfect.

She even didn't come to know when she started dreaming, 'she saw a young girl playing with her. Both of them were very happy together and then one day she was lying dead on her bed the blood was all over the room and there was a man in a corner with white dress and there was blood on his shirt. After watching the man Jenny took out a ring from her finger and spelled something that made the man caged. ' then she heard a voice which made her up.

She got up and screamed loudly.

Then she found a wolf standing near her, and gazing at her. Jenny looked directly into her eyes and wolf reflected the same too. After a minute the silence was broke. The wolf was screaming as if someone was forcibly without the wolf's wish ordering it to harm her.

Then a girl appeared with a wand in her hand and stopped the wolf and protected Jenny.

Jenny was very grateful to the girl.

She asked her who she is and from where she is.

The girl told her name Ahona.

She told her that they are friends. Jenny was in a hurry so she left after thanking her.

Ahona gave her a locket and told her that whenever she needs help she just have to touch the locket and call her.

Jenny thanked her and she left.

She straight away went to Edward's clinic to tell him about her dream, but when she reached there she remembered nothing ,she was clueless about why she went there.

Jenny told Edward about her problem and she also mentioned that there was something important which she saw in her dreams.

Jenny tried a lot to remember what she saw, but all the effort was a waste. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then Edward finally found a way to know everything , he asked Jenny to take up HYPNOSIS THERAPHY.

Jenny agreed to it and then they decided to start the next day.

Jenny didn't tell anyone about the therapy.

She went home and made a dinner. She called James and Edward for the dinner. Bella was surprised too with the preparations.

On the table Edward introduced James to Bella.

Jenny told them that there was a special guest.

Everyone was curious to know who that person was.

Then the door bell ring's and a girl enters.

Ahona introduces her as Jessica.

Everyone seemed very happy to see her except Edward.

They all spent a good time together. Edward was not really comfy with Ahona.

He tried to reach out Jenny but Ahona came to his path.

Everyone was busy in the party tune.

When the party ended Edward and Ahona was seen nowhere.

Everyone thought that they left towards their homes but this thing was something too much to digest for Jenny.

Jenny tried to contact both but none of them responded.

Everyone was too tired so they went home. It was too late so she asked James to spend the night there.

They spent the night talking.

Early morning both of them went to visit Edward. There they didn't found Edward but there was letter for them. It was addressed to James and Jenny. It said

" the circle has no ends

water is endless,

a place to reach

where we are lifeless,

a boost of powers

which is endless,

its hard to reach

but be fearless,

after life

will be speechless and questionless.

I know u have a lot of questions but believe me u will get all the answers there.

It is the greatest secret of both of your life.

I cant come with u ahead make your own moves.

Always remember love needs believe.

My blessings are with both of u. I'll meet you at the end now.

Remember love is the most powerful magic which can disable any spells and magic.

Be together and remember to be each others strength not weakness.



Both of them stood in a puzzled situation.

They were not understanding what is going on, what is going to happen and how are they supposed to react.

They were completely confused about everything.

The only thing they wanted was a meet with Edward.

The only family they had was him and they were not ready to loose him at any cost.

Both of them decided to spend the day at the forest house.

They spent the day thinking about the letter. They were too tired and hungry so James James went back to the village to get something to eat. Jenny thought of taking a nap.

As she slept she heard a voice calling her. She heard splash of water.

She got disturbed and woke up. She immediately ran to James. She told him what she saw.

James then took out the letter and read the letter again. He tried to relate both the things.

He asked Jenny to go back home and not to follow him.

He told her that he will be back at night. He without saying a word gave a necklace to Jenny which had a magical stone. He said don't ever take it off. Then he left.

It was difficult for Jenny to swallow his words but she had no other option than counting on him at last she was in love.

Jenny went inside the house and tried to revise everything happened till then from starting.

She realized that she is a daughter of a witch and she must be having her powers just like her mother did.

She was all alone and she knew that she have to learn to use and enhance her power all on her own.

Jenny went to the woods next morning and meditated hours.

She found that she was able to feel the nature. She could hear the sound of butterflies flapping their wings. All this was new to her. She was able to feel the energy running inside her , but she didn't how to control it.

Then she went to the house in the woods back.

She prepared the dinner.

Then the doorbell rang and expecting James Jenny ran to open the door ,but what she actually saw was unexpected. There was James but without consciousness

He was having a book in his hand named "THE BLACK HEART".

There was a letter also in his pocket it said

"Hey girl,

Don't worry I am not dead. I am always with you. I have just kept my soul as collateral in the' WITCHIOUS JUNGLE'. I have got the whole world of witch for you. You don't know what is upcoming so its better to be prepared. You are a daughter of a vampire and and a witch so you have all three powers of Witch, Vampire and a Human. You have to explore all your powers and learn to control them. You alone are equal to an army. I have given u all my powers too. Whenever you want to learn the vampire powers just go to an isolated place and remember me the pendent I gave you will guide you. After you complete your last lesson you will get a chance to ask one question to your Godmother and in return of the answer you will be asked to do a task.

Once you acquire all the lessons in the book it will vanish and my soul will be freed.

I am always standing by your side.

All the best

Your love , James."

le_adroit_queen le_adroit_queen

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