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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Author: LazySageDao

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After being reincarnated in a world of Gods, Demons, and Great Emperors, Wang Wei embarks on a journey to bear Heaven Mandate, proves the Dao, and proclaims himself a Great Emperor--a Supreme Being that overlooked Myriad World and Races. However, his Dao involves despising fate and its encompassing glory. So what awaits our protagonist on his journey full of vicissitudes to defy and even control fate? While he controls the fate of countless races and worlds, is fate playing with him? Can he escape the very shackles of fate that he controls?

Better Synopsys:
After an unknown cosmic accident that enveloped the Earth, Wang Wei was reincarnated into a magical world of spiritual cultivation. This world was composed of powerful Demons, cunning and brutal Devils, ruthless and indifferent Gods, detached and ethereal Immortals. More Importantly, Great Emperors--Supreme Beings that stand above everyone and everything, even life and death itself.

Despite being born in one of the most powerful sects in the world, Wang Wei was placed under tremendous pressure when so many expectations were placed on him by his sect due to the fact they have not cultivated a Great Emperor for countless millennia--an act which threatened the fundamental status of his family, friends, and sect.

On top of that, Wang Wei was not one of the chosen few of this world that was granted special gifts by Heaven, thus further aggravating his circumstances.

However, he did not retreat in the face of adversity.

With the mindset that “If Heaven does not give me, I shall take it for myself”, Wang Wei begins to plan his rise to the top with a brilliant tactical mind and the help of his mysterious soul so that one day he will become a Great Emperor that not only control his fate but the fate of all lives in existence.

This story has a similar setting as Emperor Dominion, I am a True Villain, and Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go. If you enjoy this type of story, then you will enjoy my story.

The first 30 chapters or so have many problems story-wise, so please bear with it as I was just beginning as a writer. However, I promise the story gets better afterward.

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Or just go into the site and search for my author name (LazySageDao). So, go and support me if you can.

Warnings: No Young Master and Face Slapping.
Disclaimer: The image on the cover does not belong to me. If the original author wants me to take it down, just leave a comment in one of the new chapters of the book.

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    LV 12 Badge

    I don't generally write reviews, but for this book, I thought I should. I have read many, many novels. I started out with MGA (couple of years ago) and have read WMW, LOTM, RI, DE, ATG, Soul Land, Coiling Dragon, Martial World, Supreme Magus and many more till date. So believe me when I say this- This is a HIDDEN GEM through and through. The BEST part of this novel is that there is almost nothing that one can label as cliché. The best parts of an Eastern Novel can be seen here. Do try it if you like xuanhuan/xianxia. You won't be disappointed.

    View 27 Replies

    This is the type of cultivation novel I wish to read. It has very unique characters and the most important about this is that mc is not a perverted skirt chasing guy instead he is cautious, smart and hard working which is very rare in cultivation novel. I also don’t understand why Cliche’ cultivation story are famous than these unique rare novels. I will recommend it to all who want a non cliche Cultivation novel. I hope the author doesn’t give up on this novel and countinue to write. Thank you for writing this novel.

    View 9 Replies

    It feels like the author took the good parts of every mediocre novel and mashed it together ....not that I'm complaining though . The story is very interesting and protagonist is the correct amount of OP

    View 5 Replies

    Nice story.. 👍🏼 Definitely would recommend to anyone who enjoys the story with strong world background and character development . Go for it. 👍🏼

    View 1 Replies

    One of the best novels with Op mc and background just to my liking. Just hope the story won’t develop like those cliche novels. MC right now is not bad, I mean he ain’t like those arrogant fools who go around offending everyone though this mc’s background is op tis not invicible after all and his backing can’t fight against the world alone, he is rational not like those trash who lose themselves out of a little provacation, not like those prideful or face valued fools that don’t know how to take a step back leading to a disaster, at least now he ain’t like those pathectic and rightheous or evil mcs who would go around causing unecessary troubles and being chased like someone who deflowered the heavenly emperor’s favorite daughter which shoulda never happened b/c things aint got nothing to do with them , not lustful like those harem seeking idiots etc. Hey, i just hope that after The Dao heart trails he get sublimated in hist mental state and mood, become calm like ancient well and restrained. In the cultivation world benefit is paramount, i don’t even know why 99.9% of transmigrators always neglect this fact. It is not like they don’t know, they read countless novels and knows almost everything they should be the calmest and low key people out of all in the cultivation world. Although sometimes things are not controllable, many troubles can still be avoided, most of them be face slapping, short tempered, proud, domineering to the point of stupidity, after money, woman and immediate power saying “ I wanna pretend like my fellow transmigrators” This is absurd, why should you be like them just because you have the same origins and do brainless things without getting any benefits, later they get angered full of resentment by being betrayed by their so called woman or the one they trusted the most at critical moments when they already know ‘trust’ don’t exist in cultivation world ofc their good parents is an exception but cannot even be absolute trust in them; the human heart is unpredictable as long the benefit is worth the loss even the so called bottom line can be broken, the holy saint can become the devil. Only few of the MCs put their knowledge from earth to use and Use the heaven and earth as the chess board, sentients beings as chess pieces and making use of those fools who can’t control the greed in their hearts, calculating the heavens and playing a game of chess with heavenly dao and the opponents. In short MC can’t get too emotional and let emotions affect his mood and decions otherwise he should go be a mortal and live some life under the threat of death at anytime since mortals are ants.Anyways, this novel starting is good, just hope that it won’t develop in a disappointIng direction. More chapters need.

    View 8 Replies

    Honest review here. There are alot of errors in this novel. The story itself may be good, sadly its glory has yet to show due to this issue. Every time I open a new chapter i get bombarded by mistake after mistake. I suggest getting someone to proof read chapters or edit them. The potential is there. Sadly basic understanding of the English language is letting this novel down.

    View 1 Replies

    It’s hard to put into words how much I enjoy this story. wang wei as a main character is phenomenal him understanding himself while acknowledging his faults as a person to grow is done so well. he’s op yet not to the point where there is no one to challenge him from getting stomped by di tian or the fella born from two great emperors in the most recent chapters whos as of now more powerful than him while being in the same generation gives his strength more depth along with the fact that he has to go through hundreds to thousands of years of cultivation despite his overwhelming talent compared to some mcs who in their own verse are 20 year olds fighting old monsters millions of years old like no big deal. His confidence in himself is somthing I also enjoy. The world building is the thing I enjoy the most by far. The way you crafted the universe to allow uncountable numbers of power systems each to their own heavenwill world is marvelous. The lore of the myriad emperor world is also somthing I love. When they talk about the past eras and the truth of how they played out its makes me want to know more. The way you’ve combined basically every eastern fantasy cultivation system into this story without it seeming forced but the natural order of things is great. If there’s anything lacking about them is that there seems to be a lack of soul cultivators considering it’s one of the three principles that make up cultivation systems it seems strange we haven’t encountered any or a sect that focuses on the souls and ways to attack and utilize it to a extreme. The romance and side characters are a strong suit. everyone in this great generation competing to become the next eternal emperor they all have their own motives and goals there own dreams and families counting on them to live up to their expectations. It’s funny seeing how you characterize someone like Lin Fan being a classic cultivation main character coming from a lower world with great talent and a harem. wang weis relationship with wu Hong is also something I enjoy her mystery and his insecurities in the relationship while still loving her and having to deal with them. Li Jun is also the goat fr. Now after praising the story to the high heavens to mention the only glaring fault I have with the story. The grammar, while by no means bad or unreadable there are moments where it has broke me out of my immersion because I have to check if I read somthing wrong only to find the wrong word. This isn’t something common and has only happened to me a couple times in the story and in the last 50 chapters hasn’t happened at all or at least that I’ve noticed. Overall 10/10 cant wait for the next chapters.

    View 4 Replies

    Great Novel The character design was amazing and loved the way author did it The writing quality and characters were done amazingly and characters expressions are vivid and distinct The story development is normal paced no crossing realms every 5 chapters Well the world background is also diverse and good MC doesn't have mercy towards enemies doesn't matter if it is a female or not he wont show mercy and also his Dao heart is unshakable which means beauty traps and bs that i hate wont happen to mc and that alone make it worth a read He isn't hesitant to kill innocents for his own benefits but that doesn't mean he is a demon or something He also has a bottom line

    View 0 Replies

    Due to me reading scoring ancient body from the get-go I can see a lot of similarities but it doesn't affect me reading the actual story that much. Grammar could be improved since there are some obvious grammatical errors but hopefully, this will improve over time. But there are plenty of good things for example straying away from the cliche of being able to kill without batting an eye also him having a big background rather than being wastewood. the battles are amazing as you can see the development. Can't really comment on romance since I haven't really seen it from what I have read so far. But overall good novel just try and stray away from the same setting as SABFGG and improve grammar and this book will jump in quality.

    View 4 Replies
    LV 13 Badge

    This "you know" writing style is not good. The story lacks of excitement cause the spoiler in the early chapters ruin it all, it was as if the MC is destined to stand at the peak no matter what tragedy befall the MC.

    View 1 Replies

    this is an awesome novel, awesome word settings and background...I feel bad about it having such low collections, idk if author can, but he should re-upload it to gain more readers... It would be a shame if this novel is dropped due to low support.

    View 0 Replies

    A very good eastern novel... everything is well thought and written... i love it and hope that you will not drop this story in middle.......

    View 0 Replies

    its good MC has strong background MC is not so op that he can defeat an elder of sect characters are not idiot the reason i rate it is because its good

    View 1 Replies

    i tried reading but could not get past the first 10 chapters. Story itself is good, but bad English ruins experience. I could barely get into the story, every other paragraph, i had to re-read a sentence and correct it in my mind to make sense of it. Tenses are all over the places, sentence structures feel unnatural and painful to read.

    View 5 Replies

    Author, please get a new cover! I started reading this book when you were at chapter 30ish and its been the same cover for a year now. I think that this book is popular enough for you to commission a cover for yourself-and if you decide to, get a good one! A good cover helps new readers read your book.

    View 1 Replies

    Love the story, in general, the planning out of the world and the intricate design and character development is amazing. The protagonist has actual useful people who help him rather than needing to save them all the time, unlike other CN Protagonists. The best part is that Wang Wei doesn't think with his bottom half. So thank you for bringing this amazing novel and cant wait to see more

    View 0 Replies

    Super read, the MC is likeable, the world is well built and we want to see the MC change it for the better, lots of good mystery also. Cant recommend it enough

    View 0 Replies

    I am no novice when it comes to the Xianxia genre. I have read so many novels in the genre and consider myself a connoisseur. And believe me when I say this novel can compete with the best of them. What the author has done is phenomenal the world and the characters and the lore are so enriched. Wang Wei is up there with the best of the best (the only bad character trait he has that boarders on juvenile is his grudge against his grandfather on his mother’s side, for how intelligent he is it comes across as ridiculous). This novel is darn near flawless and is Leagues above your favourite Xianxia novel if you are reading this review then it means you are curious trust me when I say invest your time in this amazing novel and you will be well rewarded. just a shame I didn’t discover this after it had been completed as waiting for the next chapter is agonising. Oh another point of contention I want to raise is that this novel should be number 1 in the power rankings and all other rankings on here. I have read all the other top 10’s and this novel is far superior to them and should be higher.

    View 13 Replies

    Hey bro, you are one great author if I have ever seen one (though I've never seen you 😁😁). Since you have gone for 9th is extreme and 12th is perfection, you could let wang wei cross the ten supremacy foundation. 11th hegemony and 12th autarchy foundation. Names if you do plan on adding those.

    View 3 Replies
    LV 13 Badge

    TLDR: Good book. Read it. So far, this book is really good. The writing quality is pretty good, there are no major problems that I've noticed with it. The story development is also going well, there seems to be some sort of plot. The MCs motivation is the classic be free and unfettered or whatever. Pretty standard, but I like it. The character design is also nice, there seems to be good character development on the MC, would be nice to see some more character development on the other characters too, though. Something like Ji Song, who has suffered too much from the schemes of the MC, has a sort of change of heart and becomes more scheming and makes the MC suffer a blow or something. (this is just something I. thought of, but any sort of development on the part of allies and enemies is interesting. What wrote is just an example). Author also updates a lot, which is nice. Finally, the world background is good as well. Seems like author has thought it out quite a bit. Overall, I'd recommend reading it. Also, one last thing, I think it would be interesting to see some sort of plot where MC's sect suffers an attack of some sort, a close relative dies, and mc wants to get revenge. Some sort of additional character motivation for MC. Doesn't have to be what I wrote here.

    View 6 Replies

    Author LazySageDao